Binary Options – A new way to succeed through trading

Online trading is an extension of the regular trade business, and thus all markets gained their virtual counterparts. Both Forex and Stock market had a powerful connection to virtual trading, and their massive success was expected. The only thing that changed was the size of those markets as hundreds of thousands of people flocked to try their luck in the world of trading.

On the other, binary options trading didn’t exist before the advancements that brought internet to average people. This form of the trade is loosely based on assets traded on other two online markets. This, however, doesn’t mean that these markets are similar to the way the trader invests is entirely different.

Binary Options – The prediction game

Many people who don’t have an insight into the world of binary options consider it a prediction game and, in a sense, they are partially right. Binary options are a trading option for those that aren’t knowledgeable about macroeconomic and microeconomic factors that affect the value of various assets. Those factors do play a part in binary options but the knowledge traders require for trading on the stock market, and Forex isn’t essential for success in the binary options market.

This form of trading is based on fixed risk and fixed reward, and this is the core difference that sets binary options apart from other types of trading. Every trade has two fixed outcomes, the win where the trader retrieves their investment and gets a fixed profit and the loss where they lose the investment.

The investment, in binary options, is placed on whether the price of the stock will reach a specific figure in a predetermined amount of time. Several variations of the investment exist, but the goal of a trader is to predict the range and the movement of the price. If the value of an asset stays above or below the predetermined value they chose, then they reap a profit. If that isn’t the case, then their investment is lost.

Starting a binary options trading career

It’s hard to have a successful start in a new industry, and this applies to binary options as well. But the advantage of binary options over other types of trading is the availability of third-party software that assists in the process of placing trades.

QProfit System is software that does this job splendidly. It scans the charts and analyses the price movement, and it uses the data to come up with trades that have an enormous chance of bringing profit.


Based on the first eight nights of the London Olympics, NBC is averaging 34.5 million viewers, the most of any non-U.S. Summer Olympics since the Montreal Games in 1976, according to the fast affiliate results from Nielsen. The 34.5 million, to-date, is 4.4 million more than Beijing (30.1 million) and 7.9 million more than Athens (26.6 million). What follows is the breakdown by night:

Friday, July 27: 40.7 million (opening)
Saturday, July 28: 28.7 million
Sunday, July 29: 36.0 million
Monday, July 30: 31.6 million
Tuesday, July 31: 38.7 million
Wednesday, August 1: 30.8 million
Thursday, August 2: 36.8 million
Friday, August 3: 28.5 million

The London Olympics concludes on Sunday, August 12.