The introduction to the world of stocks

The first thing everyone thinks when they hear a word “stocks” is the Wall Street. The connection between those two is evident as the Wall Street has been the most important stock market for more than a century. Other markets popped-up as well, but they never managed to reach the size and the importance of the Wall Street.

The introduction of the online stock market system changed the way people view stock market. It brought this type of trading to the masses, and it became apparent that shares aren’t only toys for wealthy. People came to the understanding that small investments were enough for an individual to enter the stock market and succeed in making money through it.

Research and strategy in stock market trading

Buying and selling stocks is the result of a long research process, and that is what makes this trading hard. The sheer number of factors that can affect a share is enormous, and a trader has to go through the majority of them to reach a decision on whether it is smart to buy it or not.

Due to the already mention number of factors that affect shares people tend to focus on one type of elements rather than trying to cover all of them.  Three types of research exist, and the difference between them is the reliance on different sources of info about stocks. Some rely on charts while others look at macroeconomic factors and then there is a third group that mixes these two.

Practice makes perfect in the world of online trading

In the present, it’s unimaginable to enter a trading market without at least several dozens of hours spent on practice. Some paid, and some free software allows you to trade stocks without investments of real money. Some of those are quite excellent as they copy the exact price movement of the shares found in the stock market.

Software that allows you free practice of stock trading is also excellent for testing third-party software that assists in trading. We are talking about software like QProfit System. This one doesn’t work on the stock market, but it’s a good representation of what you want. The lack of any risk will make it easy to try out software you wouldn’t want to use without any practice. Find free software, install a demo version of the software that assists in trading and try it out. If it fails then repeat everything with another software.


Based on the Live Plus Same Day ratings from Nielsen for the week of August 20, The View on ABC slipped to second behind The Chew, also on the alphabet net, among women 18-34. And the gap between the four occupants was considerably narrower. But keep in mind that both The View and The Talk on CBS were in repeats. As always, The Chew and recent short-term entry Good Afternoon America on ABC continue to underperform year-ago occupants All My Children and One Life to Live by double-digit percentages.

For a closer look, here are the results for each show (with change versus the comparable year-ago time period in parentheses).

-Total Viewers:

The View (ABC): 2.14 million (-14), The Chew (ABC): 1.95 (-22 from All My Children), The Talk (CBS): 1.85 (+ 6), Good Afternoon America (ABC): 1.64 (-40 from One Life to Live)

-Women 25-54:
The View (ABC): 459,000 (-25), The Chew (ABC): 486,000 (-33), Good Afternoon America (ABC): 440,000 (-48), The Talk (CBS): 433,000 (- 4)

-Women 18-49:
The View (ABC): 390,000 (-19), The Chew (ABC): 355,000 (-40), The Talk (CBS): 316,000 (-16), Good Afternoon America (ABC): 315,000 (-56)

-Women 18-34:

The Chew (ABC): 154,000 (-29), The View (ABC): 139,000 (-12), Good Afternoon America (ABC): 133,000 (-41), The Talk (CBS): 91,000 (-13)