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Broadcast Final Nationals for Thursday, August 30, 2012

Broadcast Final Nationals for Thursday, August 30, 2012

September 1, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 0 Comments


Big Brother

By Douglas Pucci

You might’ve noticed inflated numbers for some of the regularly scheduled programs upon reading the preliminary national prime time ratings for Thursday, August 30, 2012 at the TV Media Insights forum. This was because there were preemptions due to NFL preseason football games in several local markets on all major networks.

Here are the final national ratings, in half-hour increments, for the five broadcast networks:

 CBS  5.504 million
 ABC  3.936 million
 NBC  2.834 million
 FOX  2.066 million
 CW  0.725 million

Adults 18-49
 CBS  1.7/5
 ABC  1.0/3
 FOX  0.8/2
 NBC  0.6/2
 CW  0.3/1


8:00PM – Wipeout
Viewers: 3.395 million, A18-49: 1.0/3

8:30PM – Wipeout
Viewers: 3.592 million, A18-49: 1.2/4

9:00PM – Rookie Blue
Viewers: 3.751 million, A18-49: 0.9/3

9:30PM – Rookie Blue
Viewers: 3.855 million, A18-49: 0.9/3

10:00PM – ABC News: 2012 Republican National Convention
Viewers: 4.208 million, A18-49: 1.0/3

10:30PM – ABC News: 2012 Republican National Convention
Viewers: 3.973 million, A18-49: 0.9/3



8:00PM – Big Bang Theory (R)
Viewers: 6.172 million, A18-49: 1.6/6

8:31PM – Two and a Half Men (R)
Viewers: 4.908 million, A18-49: 1.3/4

9:00PM – Big Brother 14
Viewers: 5.618 million, A18-49: 2.0/6

9:30PM – Big Brother 14
Viewers: 5.275 million, A18-49: 1.8/5

10:00PM – CBS News: 2012 Republican National Convention
Data unavailable

10:30PM – CBS News: 2012 Republican National Convention
Data unavailable



8:00PM – The Office (R)
Viewers: 1.969 million, A18-49: 0.6/2

8:30PM – Parks and Recreation (R)
Viewers: 1.568 million, A18-49: 0.5/2

9:00PM – Saving Hope
Viewers: 2.456 million, A18-49: 0.5/1

9:30PM – Saving Hope
Viewers: 2.617 million, A18-49: 0.5/1

10:00PM – NBC News: 2012 Republican National Convention
Viewers: 3.680 million, A18-49: 0.9/3

10:30PM – NBC News: 2012 Republican National Convention
Viewers: 3.620 million, A18-49: 0.9/3



8:00PM – Raising Hope (R)
Viewers: 2.087 million, A18-49: 0.7/2

8:30PM – New Girl (R)
Viewers: 1.975 million, A18-49: 0.8/2

9:00PM – Glee (R)
Viewers: 2.052 million, A18-49: 0.8/2

9:30PM – Glee (R)
Viewers: 2.151 million, A18-49: 0.8/2



8:00PM – The Vampire Diaries (R)
Viewers: 0.755 million, A18-49: 0.3/1

8:30PM – The Vampire Diaries (R)
Viewers: 0.613 million, A18-49: 0.2/1

9:00PM – The Next
Viewers: 0.785 million, A18-49: 0.3/1

9:30PM – The Next
Viewers: 0.752 million, A18-49: 0.3/1

Source: Nielsen Media Research
(R) indicates repeat.

Marc Berman
by Marc Berman

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