Fox Cancels “Animation Domination High-Def” Block

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Fox is pulling the plug on its experimental “Animation Domination High-Def” (“ADHD”) block, which will exit from Saturday in late night on June 18 after just 11 months on the air. But the initiative featuring 12-minute adult-themed cartoons with mature content will remain active on digital platforms and will be used to develop new programming for primetime on the network.

“ADHD” debuted in the Saturday 11 p.m. hour last summer, but the most interest it drew was complaints due to the envelope-pushing content. The last Saturday airdate for the current “ADHD” series will be on June 28, which will then transition to online and digital platforms like Hulu. Repeat programming is expected to populate the Saturday 11 p.m. ET hour until further notice.

“We are pleased that Fox has canceled the broadcast component of “ADHD,” said Parents Television Council President Tim Winter in a statement. “This decision, albeit just a big first step, is a clear victory for parents and families. We will continue to hold Fox Broadcasting, and its advertisers, publicly accountable for any continued breach of the public trust.”