‘Addams Family’ Actor Ken Weatherwax Dead at 59

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Former child star Ken Weatherwax, who played Pugsley Addams in 1960s ABC sitcom “The Addams Family,” died on Sunday, Dec. 7 after suffering a heart attack at his Box Canyon home in California. He was 59.

Born on Sept. 29, 1955 in Los Angeles, Weatherwax was nine years old at the time of the debut of “The Addams Family” in 1964, which aired for just two seasons. He reprised his iconic role, voice only, in the animated 1973 version of “The Addams Family” and returned on camera in TV movie “Halloween With the New Addams Family” in 1977. Weatherwax remained in show business as an adult, but behind the camera as a grip on the sets of several Hollywood productions. And his only other known role as a child was in an episode of western “Wagon Train” in 1964.

He is survived by a brother, neice and nephew.

With the passing of Ken Weatherwax, there are now only three surviving cast-members from the original “Addams Family”: John Astin (Gomez), 84; Felix Silla (Cousin Itt), 77; and and Lisa Loring (Wednesday), 56.