‘The Voice’ on iTunes (November 11, 2014)

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Unlike its singing competition counterpart “American Idol”, NBC’s “The Voice” also factors in votes via downloaded songs from Apple’s iTunes.

An “iTunes Bonus” will be implemented if any of the artists’ eligible songs (which were performed live on November 11) are in the top 10 of the iTunes “Top 200 Singles Chart” at the close of the episode’s applicable voting window (from 5 minutes prior to the conclusion of the live performance episode until 12 noon Eastern the following day). If an artist should achieve such an accomplishment, their iTunes votes that evening will be multiplied by ten (10).

Here are how the performances from “The Voice” ranked on the All-Genres chart on iTunes, as of November 12, 2014 at 12:45 p.m. EST:

57 Gwen Anita Antoinette “All About That Bass”
63 Gwen Taylor John Williams “Stuck in the Middle with You”
66 Pharrell Luke Wade “Let’s Get It On”
85 Pharrell Sugar Joans “I Say A Little Prayer”
103 Pharrell Elyjuh René “Latch”
119 Pharrell DaNica Shirley “Help Me”
127 Gwen Bryana Salaz “Amnesia”
131 Gwen Ricky Manning “Lay Me Down”

Chart note:

  • Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill’s version of “I Lived” and Team Pharrell’s Jean Kelley’s version of “Piano in the Dark” failed to reach the iTunes Top 150
  • Songs from previous episodes of “The Voice” that were still on the iTunes Top 150 included: Taylor John Williams “Mad World” (Gwen, #117).

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