Hulu Renews “The Awesomes”

A review of the QProfit System trading robot

This trading robot got some mixed reviews across dozens of review sites, and thus it drew our attention. Mixed reviews mean nothing to us and they shouldn’t mean anything to you too. If you are looking at reviews, then don’t read every one of them, but focus on those posted by sites that are well-known for being objective in their work.

Our review might not be as detailed as some of you would like, but we did take it on the test run, and the results are the only thing we are interested in. The results are here, and they are unexpected for such a new addition to the world of binary options robots.

General info about this trading robot

The first impression of the QProfit System is mixed. The number of available assets is excellent as it is over one hundred. It offers half a dozen of payment methods, and that is something every robot should provide to its users.

The first thing that caused some negative thoughts is the minimum deposit which is 250 dollars. This is a bit more than some other reputable robots that require around 100 dollars for the first deposit. But this downside becomes nothing as we saw that this robot had a free demo version. The free version allowed us to test the robot before investing any real money and it performed well.

The positive experience didn’t change once we deposited the minimum amount of money. The robot performed without any hickups or crashes. The return percentage wasn’t at the level we were promised, but it never went below 80 percent, which is an excellent thing.

Lack of additional settings does matter

The only major downfall of this trading robot is the lack of settings that would allow us to tweak its trading system. We aren’t looking for sophisticated options, but this robot doesn’t have anything. It only has the opportunity to determine the investment per trade.

A minor downside of this software is the minimum amount one can invest in a single trade. The range is 25 to 100 dollars. This means that we had a maximum of ten trades that had to work to generate profit. The robot performed well in our case, and we managed to make some money from our trading adventure. We waited for three days for the withdrawal process to end which is excellent in comparison to the competition.

Hulu has picked-up animated superhero comedy “The Awesomes” for a second season, with an order for 10 additional episodes. Created by Seth Meyers (“Saturday Night Live”) and Mike Shoemaker (“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”) and debuting on Hulu on August 1, “The Awesomes” follows a group of superheroes that step in and replace the members of a legendary but disbanding superhero team. The voice cast includes Meyers, Ike Barinholtz, Rashida Jones, Kenan Thompson, Paula Pell, Bobby Lee, Taran Killam, Emily Spivey, Bill Hader, Josh Meyers, and Rachel Dratch.

“The Awesomes” is a Hulu co-production with Lorne Michaels’ production company, Broadway Video.