A short review of the Fintech Limited

Fintech Limited is an established name in the world of binary options, and thus there is no need for an extensive review of the same. We still wanted to check whether it performs as it did several years ago.

We checked other reviews as well as user comments and found that the majority of those are positive. This didn’t mean that we would just accept what others were written. No, we took 250 dollars from our vault and opened a new account on this free software.

Our experience in using Fintech Limited

First of all, we have to admit that Fintech Ltd is a beautiful looking trading robot. The overall design, as well as the focus on small details, tells us that the company keeps on improving this robot. They also increased the number of options that we used to set various settings that changed the type of binary options that the robot should go  It performed quite well, and it followed our instructions and adapted to the changes we made.

In our case, the return rate was around 85 percent which is commendable for a trading robot that has been in service for more than five years.

Our impression of the Fintech Ltd

Some people avoid this trading robot because it has less than one hundred assets on its list. We didn’t find any fault with this as it contained all significant assets you will want to trade with. We always emphasized trading with a limited number of assets and eighty is quite enough for everyone to choose the best trades.

We weren’t surprised by the fact that the number of options for setting the robot has increased over the years. Some might say that it has too many settings, but we didn’t find that it affected the return rate. We are always looking for settings that have a meaningful impact on the way the trading robot will operate, and we found a lot of them in Fintech Limited.

Open free demo is also an excellent addition this robot didn’t have several years ago. It’s as refined as the full product, and it will help you learn how to use it on an everyday basis. We only couldn’t find any negative things about this software. It’s entirely executed, and it does what it is supposed to do, and that is to make a profit with a small assistance of the trader.