Solid Sampling for “Modern Family” in Off-Net

A new trading robot that packs a punch

We decided to test the CarbonFX and see whether it is a reputable and fair trading robot or just shady software that drains your account. The lack of any reviews and user comments was something that worried us because we didn’t have a grasp on the general opinion of reviewers and traders.

The lack of other reviews was because the trading robot was released just a few weeks ago. It had many signs of being just another waste of 250 dollars (as every new trading robot usually is), but we decided to go through with our plan to bring you first-hand experience of using it.

General info about CarbonFX

Attracting traders is something that all trading robot developers find hard due to the sheer number of scams you can find on the market. The overemphasized speech by the creator of this robot was positive for us as he went into detail on the principles on which his creation works. You can’t see a detailed explanation of the mechanics, behind robots, very often and we were pleased with that.

Like any other software creator, the person behind this creation later went on to claim that his robot would create enormous profit and this also was something you can see in every software review. We found that numbers don’t match, but we still made a profit from this venture, so we were willing to forget about the false promise.

The number of assets (just above sixty) made us worry about the availability of some of the assets that are regarded as excellent for trading, but we worried for nothing. Those sixty or so assets are the most popular ones you will find on every binary options market.

This software lacks the elegant design of some of its competition and the complexity of some trading robots, but that doesn’t affect it in any negative way.

How was it to trade with this robot?

The whole trading process was OK. It achieved just above 85 percent of return which we found satisfactory. The interface wasn’t easy to navigate, but we adapted to it in a matter of several minutes. If you choose this robot, then you will have to adjust to a minimalistic interface that doesn’t work as others do. But once you figure it out you will find that this software does everything as it should do. We had a positive experience while testing this robot and we believe you will have the same kind of success as we did.

Based on the metered market (overnight) data from Nielsen for Monday, Sept. 23, the off-network debut of “Modern Family” from Twentieth Television scored an average 1.5 rating in households, which places it second (behind “The Big Bang Theory” from Warner Bros.) overall among all off-net sitcom debuts since 2009. The list appears as follows:

“The Big Bang Theory” (debut date 9/19/11): 1.7
“Modern Family” (9/23/13): 1.5
“House of Payne” (9/22/08) and “The Office” (9/21/09): 1.1 each
“How I Met Your Mother” (9/13/10) and “Meet the Browns” (9/20/10): 0.9 each
“My Name is Earl” (9/21/09) and “30 Rock” (9/19/11): 0.8 each
“Rules of Engagement” (9/10/12): 0.7
“The Middle” (9/16/13), “Old Christine” (9/17/12) and “Are We There Yet” (9/17/12): 0.6/ each
“Everybody Hates Chris” (9/17/09): 0.5
“The Cleveland Show” (9/16/13) and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (9/19/11): 0.4 each
“Community” (9/16/13) and “’Til Death” (9/12/11): 0.3 each

Overnight results for “Modern Family” in adults 18-49 (0.8 rating – tied with “The Big Bang Theory”) and adults 25-54 (1.0) ranked No. 1 among these off-net comedy entries.