The Voice on iTunes (December 9-10, 2013)

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Unlike its singing competition counterparts, “American Idol” and “The X Factor”, NBC’s “The Voice” also factors in votes via downloaded songs from Apple’s iTunes.

An “iTunes Bonus” will be implemented if any of the artists’ eligible songs (which were performed live on December 9) are in the top 10 of the iTunes “Top 200 Singles Chart” at the close of the episode’s applicable voting window (from 5 minutes prior to the conclusion of the live performance episode until 11:00 am Eastern the following day). If an artist should achieve such an accomplishment, their iTunes votes that evening will be multiplied by five (5).

Here are how the performances from “The Voice” ranked on the All-Genres chart on iTunes, as of December 10, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. EST:

1 * Adam Tessanne Chin “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
7 * Christina Jacquie Lee “Angel”
10 * Adam Will Champlin “Carry On”
12 Blake Cole Vosbury “Shameless”
14 Adam James Wolpert “With or Without You”

Other chart notes:

  • * Because of their renditions of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, “Angel” and “Carry On” reached into the iTunes Top Ten, Tessanne Chin, Jacquie Lee and Will Champlin are the only contestants of the five (5) who performed on Dec. 9 to have his or her votes (for that song alone) via iTunes downloads multiplied by five (5). Tessanne Chin became the first contestant this season to achieve a No. 1 song on iTunes.
  • On the iTunes Pop chart: Tessanne Chin “Bridge Over Troubled Water” #1, Jacquie Lee “Angel” #6, Matthew Schuler “Hallelujah” #28, Will Champlin “At Last” #44, Jacquie Lee “Cry Baby” #45, James Wolpert “Without You” #48, Tessanne Chin “Unconditionally” #67, Cole Vosbury “Better Man” #90, Will Champlin “A Change Is Gonna Come” #94, Cole Vosbury “Let Her Go” #100
  • On the iTunes Alternative chart: Will Champlin “Carry On” #1, James Wolpert “With or Without You” #3, James Wolpert “Love Interruption” #93
  • On the iTunes Country chart: Cole Vosbury “Shameless” #1, Cole Vosbury “I Still Believe in You” #55
  • On the iTunes Rock chart: Cole Vosbury “Rich Girl” #5, James Wolpert “Somebody to Love” #8, Cole Vosbury “To Be With You” #18, James Wolpert “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” #19, Cole Vosbury “Maggie May” #24, James Wolpert “Fell in Love wuth a Girl” #29,
  • On the iTunes Reggae chart: Tessanne Chin “Redemption Song” #1, Tessanne Chin “Underneath It All” #2
  • Songs from previous episodes of “The Voice” that were still on the iTunes Top 300 included: Matthew Schuler “Hallelujah” (Christina, #83), Tessanne Chin “Redemption Song” (Adam, #128), Will Champlin “At Last” (Adam, #150), Jacquie Lee “Cry Baby” (Christina, #157), James Wolpert “Without You” (Adam, #167), Cole Vosbury “Rich Girl” (Blake, #214), Tessanne Chin “Unconditionally” (Adam, #236), Tessanne Chin “Underneath It All” (Adam, #282), James Wolpert “Somebody To Love” (Adam, #284), Cole Vosbury “I Still Believe In You” (Blake, #294), Cole Vosbury “Better Man” (Blake, #302), Will Champlin “A Change Is Gonna Come” (Adam, #316), Cole Vosbury “Let Her Go” (Blake, #339), Jacquie Lee “The Voice Within” (Christina, #344), Tessanne Chin “Many Rivers to Cross” (Adam, #359)

Information from © 2013 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.