Debuting Today: Daytime Talker “Serch” from CBS Television Distribution

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CBS Television Distribution is testing the waters effective today with a New York-based daytime talk show hosted by rapper and former radio personality MC Serch (a.k.a. Michael Berrin) called “Serch.” Scheduled exclusively on Tribune Broadcasting stations in eight markets for four weeks and described as conflict talk, “Serch” will feature real people with real issues, relying on the rapper to use his street smarts and unconventional background to help guests solve their problems.

The eight test markets are WPIX/New York, KTLA/Los Angeles, WPHL/Philadelphia, KDAF/Dallas, WDCW/Washington, D.C., WSFL/Miami, WXIN/Indianapolis and KSWB/San Diego. And the executive producer of “Serch” is ABC News veteran Ethan Nelson.