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Lackluster The Chew on ABC

September 28, 2011 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 79 Comments
Continued Erosion for ABC’s The Chew
Fox Gives New Girl Full Season Pick-Up

More Disappointing Results for the New ABC Daytime Talker

New ABC daytime talk show The Chew, which replaced long-running serial All My Children, dipped on Tuesday after its already lackluster start one day earlier.  Based on the 56 metered markets where it airs, The Chew averaged a 1.8 rating/6 share on Tuesday, which declined by14 in households and one share point from Monday’s 2.1/ 7, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Two days to-date, The Chew (1.9/ 6) is down by 32 percent from its lead-in average (2.8/ 9), and 10 percent from the year-ago (Sept. 2010) time period average (2.1/ 7).  Considering recent ratings for All My Children were at an historical low, this is a very disappointing week one to-date for The Chew.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

Continued Erosion for ABC’s The Chew
Fox Gives New Girl Full Season Pick-Up

  • Rob

    Not surprising…with Rachael Ray, Food Network, Paula Deen, the local cooking lady on the noon news in many markets….really, do we need The Chew??

    • marcberman

      No…it is total overkill. And off to a slow start.

  • Brunette

    These ratings are way under where their supposed to be. There’s a good chance that they could get below The Talk territory which might also be cancellation territory.

    • marcberman

      I think ABC will stick with The Chew for awhile, but this was no replacement for All My Children. Big mistake.

      • Steve

        Not really – you’re letting your preferences skew your analysis. AMC wasn’t doing a 2.1 in its final weeks on the air – much lower, actually. I believe it hit a 1.6 at one point. And “The Chew” costs about one third of what it cost to produce AMC.

        Pronouncing this a disappointment after two days is just silly, especially when the first two days exceeded what AMC has gotten in the slot lately. You need to wait for a few weeks of results before you can really tell anything. Also, ABC is not expecting a huge hit; same ratings as AMC with lower budget is a big win for them.

        • misty janssen

          Yeah but alot of people watched all my children on soapnet in the evening and alot record it and watch it later! Idont see too many people recording the chew!!!!!

        • Mike

          You are right about giving it time of course but everyone just assumes it’s so much cheaper for ABC to do this. What about the costs to start this thing up? The pre-production costs and advertising? Test audiences didn’t like the show months ago so they had to get rid of every host except for Daphne Oz. They sunk so much more money in the year they’ve spent working on it. I saw ads on ESPN, ABC and who knows where else. It had to cost a fortune. The soaps cost almost nothing to advertise. I never saw a soap commercial before. Maybe years ago but not recently. If you add all that up, unless The Chew lasts a few years, it’s cheaper to keep the soaps on or just put on a court show.

  • JB

    Good thing the ratings are low. It’s definitely no replacement of All My Children. Network totally jumped the gun.. It will stay an all time low.. You can’t replace a show that’s been on the air over 50 years. Good luck ABC. I can’t wait to see you tank :)

  • Kim

    I think if they wanted to save money, they should show an “off the air” signal. They probably would get more viewers than the Phew and it wouldn’t cost them a cent!

    • Kayleigh

      Stay with this guys, you’re helping a lot of pelpoe.

    • Fleta

      Gee wlilekirs, that’s such a great post!

  • Carol Graham

    They should have left All My Children on. How stupid are they to take a show that has been on over 40 years and take it off the air?
    Then they will take off One Life to Live and General Hospital? I hope their station folds. They don’t care what the people want to watch.

  • Dorothy

    ABC made a mistake. We don’t need ANOTHER talk show! Not that they canceled All MY CHILDREN, I am choosing to boycott all shows from ABC. Not a big loss now that all they put on the air is junk without a plot. I would rather read a book than the junk they are airing now. There is a lot of anger coming from loyal viewers who ABC shafted who are now boycotting the station. Today people have more choices and we choose not to watch junk like THE CHEW. Blech!

    • Deb

      I too will watch nothing on ABC except One Life to Live and General Hospital. I too am boycotting the rest of the network shows. I also have never and will never watch OWN since she too did not want to save All My Children

  • AMC Fan!

    HAHAHAHAAHA! Take off another soap and let it drop more. Might has that have been better off to leave soaps on. But ABC is too stupid. Might be a lesson learned for other station that has the thought. All you hear is about how fat this country is and then we put on another food show. How stupid can it get, They can’t even find a good name. The View and The chew! How intelligent!!!!!!

  • jackie

    Bring back all my children and dump the chew!!!!

    • Amory

      That’s not just logic. That’s ralley sensible.

    • Jenay

      All of these atricles have saved me a lot of headaches.

  • lisa

    Serves them right for killing a soap for a show type that we can see 24/7 on at least 3 other channels! Perhaps they will change their mind about killing One Life once they see how bad “The Spew” is

  • http://Facebook Shirley Miller

    If ABC wanted to get a better show and rating than All My Children, it looks like they didn’t pick the right one. We need something with a good storyline – say perhaps something like a Soap Opera!!!

    • Tilly

      Time to face the music armed with this great informtaoin.

    • Jalene

      I aatcully found this more entertaining than James Joyce.

  • Belinda

    The chew is worse than when I was a kid and tried a chew of my daddy’s beech nut made sick then and sicker now. What is the world coming to? I miss All my Children I had to change the channel to Days of our Lives!

  • Sheila

    We have enough food shows as it is.No wonder The Chew is getting low ratings.People are tuning into the food shows they have been watching
    for quite some time,like Paula Deen and Rachel Ray.And let’s not forget
    Martha Stewart.

  • Penny

    They should have left All My Children on…… 40 years of television history can’t be wrong. The ratings may have been down for it, but the number of working moms who taped it to watch after the kids went to bed or on the weekend would shock you!
    Most AMC fans will never watch the new show that replaced it or the show that is going to replace OLTL in the new year! Sorry ABC, but it looks good on you!
    Guess what: women do still enjoy something besides cooking and health shows- sometimes we just like to be entertained by old friends!

  • Sonya Everett

    There are way too many cooking talk shows. People enjoyed having All My Children to just enjoy a story. ABC made a big mistake by cancelling AMC!!!

  • avellina

    What a waste of television time.

  • PAIGE Slatter

    What a disappointment! I was really looking forward to the premier week of the chew :) Sad 2 say it was much 2 do about nothing.

  • C.M.

    Not surprising at all!!!!!!!! Big mistake ABC!! Time to bring back AMC! I bet now AMC’s ratings will sky rocket if it comes back. If you are dumb enough to keep The Chew than oh well. I don’t know one person who watched The Chew and liked it. I hope Brian Frons is haunted with AMC nightmares every night for the rest of his life because it was the biggest mistake of his life…

  • EdgeandJay

    ABC should have tried to develop a telenovela type of program. They could have revolutionized soaps by airing a 13 week show that aired 3 times a week. They could have used former soap actors, or even base these short stories on soap characters from canceled soap operas. Most studies seem to indicate that younger viewers like character driven shows that have a continuous storyline. Having a soap air five days a week all year is no longer profitable, but that doesn’t mean that people no longer like dramatic programming that features good storytelling.

    • Adelphia

      HHIS I should have tuhoght of that!

  • Tara Andersen

    Guess ABC Daytime shouldn’t have been so quick to pull the cancellation button on AMC. Could the network have been that dense to think this umpteenth cooking show could replace an iconic TV show?? Neilsen rating boxes are an outdated way to keep track of viewership. ABC Daytime Execs really blew it on this one!!!!

  • adrianne

    All my children was my favorite show. Glad the chew is doing bad and hope it gets cancelled. The only people watching abc in that time slot were loyal amc viewers. I guess abc thought they could cancel a show we loved that was on for 41 years, and we would embrace the chew with open arms. Think again abc and bring back all my children!

  • Carol Ehrgott

    There are more of All My Children fans than there are The Chew fans. ABC will keep it on regardless of low ratings — they want to save face and not admit they made a huge mistake. ABC had an bloated headed exec who wanted something new and now has to eat crow. Hope it taste good. There’s that old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” AMC wasn’t broken, just a bit low in the ratings, but it and other soaps dipped in ratings from time to time.

  • kwright

    The Chew is no replacement for original scripted programming. Not only is it more of the same that is already shown on the Food Network but how many viewers will ABC lost who previously taped, DVR, etc AMC. Who would record a food show to watch when you came home from work?? You missed The Chew that day……oh well, turn on the Food Network it’s the same thing.

  • Nananes

    Couldn’t happen to a better show…hope it fails miserably and Brian Frons has to pay for his poor decision to cancel the soaps.

  • Kimber

    This new show is awful — and the ratings are clear. What seems to be missing in the discussion of the ratings of AMC versus this new garbage is that many, many people either recorded AMC or watched it on Soap Net. Combine THOSE viewers with the regular ratings for AMC shown in the daytime and this new show looks worse and worse. Time to pay the piper, Frons.

    • marcberman

      I do not disagree. If ABC was going to cancel All My Children…and I do not think it should have…it should have had something good to replace it with. The Chew is not it by any means.

  • Denise

    Everyone is concerned about people being over weight and they replace AMC with another cooking show…REALLY???? We have enough shows that have to do with food, so disappointed in ABC

    • marcberman

      I watched The Chew today. Very second rate.

  • imasoapfan

    I wish ABC had advertised All My Children with even 5% the effort and advertising money they spent the replacement show. A shame really.

  • Tammy

    I’m not surprised at all. The advertisements were annoying to watch, never mind wanting to watch an entire episode!

    • Kamryn

      What a neat article. I had no inkilng.

    • Mellie

      That’s really srehwd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

  • Mitchapalooza

    If any ALL MY CHILDREN fans want to continue to watch THE CHEW suffer in the ratings…throw your support behind DAYS OF OUR LIVES on NBC at 1PM. DAYS is now going head-to-head at 1PM against THE CHEW is many national television markets. Ensure that SOAPS win vs this crap and send a big message to ABC that they made a huge mistake. SUPPORT SOAPS!

  • Onelifetoknit

    Don’t mess with something that isn’t broke. We want our soaps in any form we can get them. Shame on ABC for canceling AMC and OLTL. May this decision haunt ABC execs for many a night to come.

  • misty janssen

    Bring back All My Children and DONT make the MISTAKE of cacelling OLTL!!!!!!!

  • mark heard

    THE CHEW sucks period!

  • Sharron

    This is very good news. I hope the cooking show goes down the tubes and as soon as possible. It was a stupid move on ABC’s part. All My Children and the other soaps deserve to remain on the air, as their longevity alone proves that you “don’t mess with a good thing”. Keep consistent loyal soap fans and don’t watch anything on ABC daytime. Hopefully then we can say “goodbye” to the useless cooking show once and for all. Maybe then we can “chew it up and spit it out”!!!

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  • Icedteadee

    No surprise that ABC’s attempt to cut costs by choosing to cancel their much beloved daytime serials (leaving so many fantastic actors, writers & behind the scenes production people without jobs) has come back to bite them in the ass. Their complete continued over saturation of commercials for this spew is doing nothing to endear them in the hearts of any viewers. Not only have they decided to run these commercials on all of their programming, they are also spending even more marketing dollars by running them on other networks/cable stations. Whatever numbers AMC did or did not have (likewise for OLTL & GH), ABC never promoted them in any way whatsoever. Had they launched a media blitz half as large for these 3 shows, compared to what they are doing with the Chew; their ratings would have skyrocketed. Since DVR recordings & Soap Net viewings were never taken into account, whatever number of live viewers AMC had – will continue to trounce the Chew day in & day out! After months of advertising saturation for their so called ‘budget saving savior’, anyone interested in watching would have done so. The Chew is in the frying pan, shriveled & dried up & time to toss in the trash! ABC is going down in flames!

  • Chris

    I am not quite sure how ratings are even measured. I do not watch most shows when they air. I record them, and watch them when I go home after WORK. And if shows like AMC were too “expensive” to produce, then why not create cheaper ways to produce a show. Actors salaries are better reduced than being a big fat $0, and the props and clothes do not have to be so fancy. But as for another talk show and food show……give me a break. Aren’t there WAY too many of them on these days ?

    • Danyon

      Redanig this makes my decisions easier than taking candy from a baby.

  • Barbara Gilli

    I’m so glad the Chew is doing bad. I won’t watch it ever I don’t care. I hope this teaches ABC a lesson on getting rid of good shows that have followers. I’m very mad. I watched All My Children from the beginning. And have been watching One Life To Live for about six months, but I like it.. I think its a good soap opera. Once ABC cancells One Life To Live, I’ll be done with ABC too.

    • Jady

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    • Joyce

      That’s going to make things a lot eseiar from here on out.

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