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ABC’s The Revolution Continues to Spiral Downward

February 9, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 81 Comments
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The scenario continues to worsen.  Based on the Live Plus Same Day ratings from Nielsen for the week of January 30, week three of ABC daytime talk show The Revolution dipped to 1.44 million viewers, which is now half the audience of year-ago occupant One Life to Live (2.85 million viewers for the week of 1/31/11).  Erosion in the three key demos — women 25-54, women 18-49 and women 18-34 — is also 50 percent as illustrated.

One Life to Live – Week of 1/24/11
Viewers: 2.85 million, Women 25-54: 1.4/ 8, Women 18-49: 1.0/ 6, Women 18-34: 0.6/ 3

The Revolution – Week of 1/23/12
Viewers: 1.44 million, Women 25-54: 0.7/ 4, Women 18-49: 0.5/ 3, Women 18-34: 0.3/ 2

The Revolution continues to trail The Talk on CBS and recent entry The Chew on ABC by considerable percentages as follows:

-Total Viewers:
The Talk (CBS): 2.31 million, The Chew (ABC): 2.23, The Revolution (ABC): 1.44

-Women 25-54:
The Talk (CBS): 1.1/ 7, The Chew (ABC): 1.0/ 6, The Revolution (ABC): 0.7/ 4

-Women 18-49:
The Talk (CBS): 0.9/ 6, The Chew (ABC): 0.8/ 5, The Revolution (ABC): 0.5/ 3

-Women 18-34:
The Talk (CBS): 0.6/ 4, The Chew (ABC): 0.5/ 4, The Revolution (ABC): 0.3/ 2

And The Revolution is down from its already DOA week one delivery as follows:

The Revolution (ABC)

Week of 01/16/12
Total Viewers: 1.68 million, Women 25-54: 0.8/ 4, Women 18-49: 0.6/ 3, Women 18-34: 0.3/ 2

Week of 01/30/12
Total Viewers: 1.44 million, Women 25-54: 0.7/ 4, Women 18-49: 0.5/ 3, Women 18-34: 0.3/ 2

Percent Change:
Total Viewers: -14, Women 25-54: -12, Women 18-49: -17, Women 18-34: no change

Three weeks to-date and The Revolution on ABC is turning into one of the biggest failures in the history of daytime.  As for The Chew versus year-ago occupant All My Children, the losses this week are 16 percent in total viewers (2.65 to 2.23 million), 23 percent in women 25-54 (1.3/ 7 to 1.0/ 6) and 11 percent in women 18-49 (0.9/ 5 to 0.8/ 5).  Results among women 18-34 are flat.

This week’s moral of the story: talk is cheap, but the audience is more valuable.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

America’s Next Top Model Returns on The CW
Smallville The Comic Book Series

  • Debbie Joyce

    As demonstrated, ABC has alienated it’s former daytime audience. Congratulations to Mr. Fronz’s focus group who were so off base. How low can they go before ABC realizes they must find a way to get our former soaps sold to a competent production company that can and will put them back on the air? Until that happens I only see the ship sinking further.

    • okicarol

      Does anyone know where Mr Fronz went to work?– Where ever that is , I feel sorry for them : ( Just how many talk shows can ABC try to cram down or throats?

      • susanmz

        I think he’s on the unemployment line. I keep seeing these stupid ads for the Revolution during GH. It appears they are becoming the new “Queen for a Day” if anyone remembers that old show.

        I hope ABC is happy with its choices. Losers.

    • kdbarr

      Viewers base their comments as if ABC OLTL and AMC producers really care what we (daytime viewers) think. It is very obvious they do not care what we think or want. Therefore, their ratings may go down-down-down as far as I am concerned. It is fitting that they receive what they deserve. I’ve been a loyal fan for years but I am done…

  • cottle

    LOL. I can’t believe ABC thought they would even get viewers after cancelling one of their best shows. ABC wanted less costs but that goes along with less viewers. I would think they should just do info commercials. Would be cheaper and less embarassing. But I won’t watch ABC. Even if I only had one channel I would just watch dvds all day.

    • okicarol

      LOL LOL I thought the same thing – ABC should just fill their morning and afternoon lineup with INFO COMMERICALS — info commerical would get more viewers then the Revolution — and ABC wouldn’t have to pay people to watch the taping of the commerical– I don’t know but it seems like KARMA getting even with ABC LOL LOL

  • TikiBarb

    LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE !!! Soap Opera fans will NEVER WATCH the replacement shows. We will not watch cheap reality garbage !!! We want well written scripted programming. AMC and OLTL lasted 40 plus years for a reason….THEY WERE GOOD !!!! Give the rights back to Agnes Nixon so she can bring back OLTL and AMC. THE ONLY PROGRAM I WILL WATCH ON ABC/DISNEY IS GENERAL HOSPITAL !!!!

  • Martha

    Absolutely pitiful, and so richly deserved. Please return the rights of All My Children and One Life To Live to Agnes Nixon before you go bankrupt.

    • Anne

      I agree. Agnes Nixon could market the soaps to other networks, or platforms, and continue two popular programs. AMC and OLTL have fans that have watched for DECADES. Only a handful of primetime programs can boast even 2 decades. DisneyCheap has alienated alot of formerly loyal fans. I now watch only the local news outlet (they have more accurate weather forecasts), GH and Castle (Nathan Fillion is a OLTL alum). The Disney family of networks is banned on all four of the TVs in our house. ABC–you lose.

  • KristenH

    This may be February Sweeps month. And I’ll say this again: they can bring in the big topics, the big stars to stop by, the big guns to raise the ratings. It WON’T ever bring us back. The only way they would win us back is to sell the rights to another network or to Agnes Nixon. They’re a sinking ship, while the Chew stays afloat. Shame on you ABCD! Shame on you!

  • Christina G.

    Well have you learned your lesson yet? My guess is no! Get a clue soap fans aren’t watching your replacement shows!! Give Agnes Nixon the rights to her shows back!! She created these shows so she deserves to have the rights back since you aren’t doing anything with them. It’s the right thing to do. Although I’m not sure you know what the right thing to do is anymore!!

  • Jason

    Those two show will keep going down and down until ABC will see that no one wants them at all.

  • okicarol

    ABC wants the soap fans to shut up and go away– well, we are not goint to shut up BUT we sure are going away as ABC viewers

  • carolc

    I don’t believe Disney/ABC will ever admit they made a huge mistake by replacing One Life To Live with this terrible show. They said our soaps were decreasing in ratings according to the Nielsens (which is horribly outdated) but this is the criteria they use so why not listen to the Nielsens now when it’s saying your replacement show is failing miserably? Yes, cheaper to produce and that’s very evident by the quality of this show. You’ve cancelled Primetime shows that have shown low viewership quicker than this (example – Work It) but you’re holding onto the Revolution for dear life. I don’t want my soaps back on your network, but if you would just admit you made a horrible mistake in cancelling them and release the rights to another production company, your credibility might be restored. Millions of soap fans are waiting for you to do the right thing.

    • okicarol

      Carol , You have hit the nail on the head ( as we old timers would say LOL)

  • michelec8916

    How low does a show have to go in the 18-49 rating (where they get their advertising dollars) to be cancelled? OLTL came in way under budget, so this is a MAJOR loss in ratings and potential ad revenue for ABC/Disney. They want out of the soap business. They should release the rights to AMC and OLTL. There are people who want them.

  • soapaddict12

    LOL…..This is no surprise, When are the sponsors of theses shows going to get fed up and pull there ads?, I can’t imagine they are getting a return on there investments with ratings like these!!!!! ABC wake up and hear the VIEWERS….if you think in a couple months we will learn to watch these shows you are WRONG. ABC is boycotted in this house and will continue to be until there is quality programming on ABC. You could start by giving Agnes Nixon the rights back to her legacies. Until then so long ABC.

  • IreneNJ

    I will not watch any new shows on ABC until they put our soaps back on. The Chew and The Revolution can dry up. I have never turned them on and never plan to. Take GH off and you’ll have an entire afternoon with no viewers. Have fun going bankrupt cause your sponsors won’t give you business for shows with no viewers. Time to just eat crow and put our shows back.

  • bcoleman13

    I just can’t help but feel that those who work at ABC just do not care about anything anymore except for their own greed! We want our Soaps back and that is it! No matter what is put into our Soap time slots will fail and we as Fans will never give up! We know what we enjoy! Until ABC either puts the Soaps back on or sells to another network or releases the rights to AMC and OLTL we will continue to boycott ABC except for GH! That is it! Hopefully ABC’s sponsors are starting to lose money too! GIVE US BACK OUR SOAPS!

  • CTwildheart

    I understand that ABC/D is a business. But this should prove to them that just because something cost less to produce – does not mean people will watch it! I believe they just wanted out of the soap opera business altogether and didn’t care about any of their viewers, who (like me) have been loyal to them for 40+ years. Bad business in my opinion. Either way, I just don’t think they care.

  • MaryAnne

    Hello Hello Hello ABC/Disney can you HEAR US YET ???? I hope so, you have messed up daytime, BIG TIME !!!

  • oltlfan

    that’s because they took off great show like one life to live for boring shows

    • okicarol

      Isn’t boring to nice of a word for those two “time wasting shows” I did watch 15 min of the Chew once –Hey, ABC you owe me 15 of my life back !!

  • camille

    “Three weeks to-date and The Revolution on ABC is turning into one of the biggest failures in the history of daytime. ” I just love this line ABCD DO YOU UNDERSTAND IT YET? You pissed on your viewers and your network is failing. Give the rights back to where they belong BACK TO AGNES NIXON We aren’t backiing away from this fight You have aready lost…

  • divastyle

    Looks like ABC is reaping what they have sown, they could not wait to cancel OLTL to put this horrible show on the air which have proven to be a ratings nightmare! It is time for them to admit that they made a horrible mistake and put OLTL back on the air or help PP or whoever else get it back on our TV or computer screens ASAP!!!!

    I have since turned to CBS for Y&R and B&B, very entertaining shows and even went to CBS’ online comment board and they even wrote me back to thank me for watching! Are you listening ABC? Seems you can learn alot from CBS about appreciating your viewers.

    • okicarol

      I have been holding out on turning on Y&R or B&B but if I am not happy with the OLTL cross over this month —Then I will start watching Y&R. I think NBC andCBS should to send ABC a thank you card for sending so many new viewers their way. Once the soaps left –so did ABC viewers.

  • Moondog

    No surprise here. ABC made a very big mistake by taking OLTL off the air. It was a great soap and we fans miss it sorely. ABC, turn over the rights so it can be produced elsewhere. If you either put it back on or release it, you will gain your former viewers back. If not, you’ve lost a great deal.

  • slj730

    Not only is this article correct in saying that this show is one of the biggest failures of daytime history, but the biggest MISTAKE of daytime history was to cancel One Life to Live in the first place. I truly hope that ABC will rectify the mistake by selling its rights to the show to a company/network that will give it the respect that it deserves.

  • trs

    Can ABC really be surprised by these numbers? We the soap fans told them for months we would not be watching there replacements. I gues they really did think they would win us over and we would decide to watch. They were wrong we are not watching now and we will not start watching. Guiding light has been off for a couple years and I still won’t watch Let’s Make a Deal on CBS because it replaced that soap. ABC really needs to give us our soaps back.

  • oltlluver

    This article was spot on. I was a loyal ABC fan for 2 and a half decades due to the fact that OLTL was on ABC. The televisions in my house have not tuned into ABC since the last episode of OLTL aired on Jan. 13th. ABC has alienated its fans and lost loyal viewers. I have taken to watching old episodes of OLTL that I have recorded instead of watching anything that comes on ABC.

  • okicarol

    I love the last statement:
    This week’s moral of the story: talk is cheap, but the audience is more valuable

  • Seahawkmom

    Karma!!!!!! You cant take two 40 year old show with a huge fan base of millions and put crap in there place and think that they are going to be a success. Wake up ABC/D the soap fans of millions just want our soaps back I think as I tell my 5 year old grandson to clean out his ear maybe you should get the hint. There is only 1 show that I will watch on ABC is GH other than that I turn my channel and watch another network.

  • Stephen Parker

    Looks like THE REVOLUTION has stopped revolving altogether (failure born of greed and blind ambition). Junk food has long been peddled in mini-marts and vending machines and opinions have become the new, illiterate media guidelines…however, it should never have been assumed that soap opera fans dieted on junk or subscribed to temporary TV trends. We are educated, savvy, loyal viewers who have an instinctive comprehension of quality storytelling and an intuitively familial bond via One Life to Live and All My Children. Losing those programs at the bidding of corporate tyrants has been equivalent to having loved ones abducted during a home invasion! ABC needs to end the hostage crisis by releasing One Life to Live and All My Children to their creator Agnes Nixon so that competent, caring, visionary producers may restore them to full function!

    • kimmybgood

      Well said, Mr. Parker!

  • dreamin

    I ditto this remark completely! Well said!!! ……LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE !!! Soap Opera fans will NEVER WATCH the replacement shows. We will not watch cheap reality garbage !!! We want well written scripted programming. AMC and OLTL lasted 40 plus years for a reason….THEY WERE GOOD !!!! Give the rights back to Agnes Nixon so she can bring back OLTL and AMC. THE ONLY PROGRAM I WILL WATCH ON ABC/DISNEY IS GENERAL HOSPITAL !!!!

  • iluvssw

    ABC/Disney, I am sick of sending you the same “I told you so” message but “I told you so”. Now give us back our soaps!!! Thank you Marc for your continued support, your articles are fantastic!

    • okicarol

      You are right== great article — At least someone is keeping us up to date on what is happening —–a great big THANK YOU Marc hugs coming your way

  • club425

    Another week, and more dollars lost for ABC. It would seem that their choice to get out of the soap business continues to be a colossal failure. I respect that ABC made a business decision, all decisions have consequences. The consequence of this decision is how ABC/Disney is going to explain this complete and utter miscalculation to their shareholders. If I were a shareholder I would be VERY concerned about these decisions and how ABC intends to fix this problem. The fans of these shows are loyal and dedicated and 11 months later are still fighting. The Chew and the Revolution will NEVER pull in the ratings that their predecessors did. Shame on you ABC/Disney for not trusting in or respecting your viewers, and shareholders you would be remiss not to be questioning these decisions and how they affect your bottom line.

  • Johanna

    ABC needs to right the wrong, set things back and put OLTL back into production. Help PP get OLL/AMC back into production or let them go so someone can treat them with the respect they deserve. SWAN…HONK! HONK! HONK! Whatever will get them back on my screen!

    • Jody

      Hello Johanna. Actually, I think that it is the Goose that goes Honk Honk Honk. ABC, Let the Ugly Duckling Become the Beautiful SWAN. Jody

  • krogers

    I LOVE IT! ABC/Disney made a big mistake replacing OLTL with this garbage. I won’t watch this show or any other show on ABC except for General Hospital. ABC/D will never admit their mistake. Give the rights back to Agnes Nixon so we can become loyal viewers somewhere else.

    • karendoll321

      I only watch General Hospital also. I do not watch any of they daytime programs. There are hundreds of other channels that get my viewership.

  • dayle2

    I can’t stand stupidity and it just boggles my mind that ABC actually thought that we’d buy into this crap?!? ABC has been – and forever will be – OFF of my tv since September 26, 2011 – the last episode of ALL MY CHILDREN – and I’m not missing a thing. Did they REALLY think it was a good idea to cancel shows that have been running for over 40 years and have a GUARANTEED AUDIENCE OF MILLIONS?

    ABC cancelled our shows – we’re cancelling ABC! It only seems fair!

    • okicarol

      Why doesn’t ABC/D just say —-

      Hey, that would work for me

    • Jody

      Hey Dayle. I Also Can Not Stand Stupidity. I Hate how Everybody Giggles on The Chew. At least, that is what They did on Those Commercials. I said that because I do not watch The Chew so it is possible that they do not Giggle on the Show. I would think if ABC was going to put on other shows that at least They would try to put on Good Shows like the way Martha Stewart or even Dinah Shore had A Cooking Show on or at least The View instead of The Chew. I didn’t think Anything could be Worse than the Chew, but It seems like The Revolution is and I didn’t think that was Possible, but It is. Jody

  • dayle2

    Sorry! Had my dates wrong – I meant Sept 23.

  • pebby16

    Hmmm…same crap, different week. When is ABC/Disney going to give up and admit they made a mistake? Will not watch those shows. I want my soaps back.

  • TikiBarb

    Enormous Miscalculation on ABC/DISNEY’S part. CHEAP IS CHEAP !!! REALITY TV IS GARBAGE !!!!!

  • SSW71

    LOL… this is NOT a shock to me ABC/D ….. AGAIN maybe you should have listen to the SOAP FANS ! OH WE SOAP FANS DON’T TRAIN VERY EASY NOW DO WE ? Please do the right thing and give AN her rights back !

  • AMCOLTLGH4ever

    Talk shows, primetime comedies and dramas, they come & go, but since the beginning of television, the soap opera was always the cornerstone of the networks. ABC ignored its fans by replacing AMC with a show that is nothing more than a Rachael Ray/The View hybrid, and in the process, created a redundancy in its daytime programming…no one is going to stick around to watch at 1pm what they’ve already seen at 10 & 11am. Shows like The Chew are a dime a dozen…why not put it on the Food network WHERE IT BELONGS. The Revolution is also a show that should have been put on cable….Brian Frons is a known soap-killer, and whoever put him in charge needs to stop smoking the peace pipe and bring back my shows.

    • okicarol

      Everywhere Brian Froms lives he should have to post a sign in his yard that reads “A SOAP KILLER LIVES HERE “

  • kejujah

    OLTL and AMC need to return! I’ll never forgive ABC!

  • TikiBarb

    How low can these shows go……I think they WILL FIND OUT !!!!

  • Audrey

    Yes, talk is cheap, but the audience is more valuable. I just hope that ABC/Disney will come to their senses and fix the huge mistake that they have made. Yeah right! I don’t think they will because they are greedy and selfish. They have no interest in our beautiful Soap Operas but in cheap junk! Just like Prospect Park is a complete joke and waste of our time. It is very simple—sell the rights back to AGNES NIXON or to some one else. The spew and revoltion cannot compare to AMC & OLTL!

  • susieinnm1

    I think it’s time for what has become to me as that nameless network to start eating some serious crow, and undo what can only be described as just plain b***s***. If not then the nameless network as a whole deserves to tank!!!

  • Marji

    Perhaps one day ABCD will realize without shows to draw in an audience there will be no audience. Without listening to their audience there will be no audience. When a consumer becomes unhappy with a brand they stop buying the brand and instead support the competition. If ABCD wants viewers to support their brand they need to stop discounting the audience in favor of discounted products. If they want viewers to give any program a chance they need only give the soaps a chance by turning over the rights to a party who wants them and is capable of producing them.

    • okicarol

      I have been supporting the competition— ABC/D your views are leaving you for other networks !!

  • Gwamma

    So soap viewers will not be hearded like cattle into watching the garbage you keep telling us we want to see? Surprise! The soap viewers are intelligent, thinking viewers, that want to be entertained, not told what to eat, what to wear, & what to like. Enough already ABC! Admit you screwed up, & give the viewers back our soaps, or at the very least, give them back to Agnes Nixon so they can be produced somewhere else.
    Currently, the only shows I will watch on ABC are General Hospital, Castle & Greys Anatomy, all scripted shows. I will not watch even 1 reality show, talk show, information show, or self help show on ABC, as long as my soaps are not available to the viewers.
    I am also asking all of my friends & family to turn off ABC, and surprisingly, not one of them has said no.

  • Dottie

    Thank you Mr. Berman for providing the ratings, ABC is longer issuing Press releases since the Revolution is a disaster and the Chew’s ratings are falling.
    Disney recently released earings and operating income for its broastcast division (vs. Cable, which is ESPN, Disney and ABC Family) was down 69%. They mentioned higher ad costs, which I wonder if it related to the heavy promotional costs for the Chew and The Revolution (only in Dec) in the fouth quarter, ABC ran ads for the Chew and The Revolution in primetime plus daytime. If ABC gave OLTL and AMC one half the ad time they gave The Revolution and the Chew, just think what it might have done for the soaps ratings.

    The Talk is starting to beat the Chew, on my NBC affiliate (NYC) there is the Nate Berkus show at 2pm which is a synidcated show which has been cancelled. I wonder how bad the ratings are for Nate Berkus vs. The Revolution.

    The Revolution is supposed to be the lead in for Katie Couric, if I were Katie, I would tell ABC there is no way, I am going to have this disaster as my lead in.

  • okicarol

    I hope someone at the stockholders meeting tells us if anything is said about the low ratings of the Chew and the Revolution. I would love to know if there discussion about AMC and OLTL being cancelled. I know Disney believe they lost views because Ms. O. left but that is not the case. Soap fans left and are still leaving ABC –WAKE UP ABC — either bring back the daytime dramas or sell them to some one that will air them

  • Jrep77

    I don’t think ABC/Disney can admit the fact that they were wrong to take off those much loved shows. If they’d just admit they messed up & bring back our shows I believe their ratings would skyrocket.

  • HowlingWolfLeather

    I believe that the sponsors and stockholders working with the ABC network need to look at the numbers and know that not only is the daytime ratings faltering but they are also losing viewers in primetime as many have walked away from the network as a whole due to the cancellation of All My Children and One Life To Live.
    In order to gain or keep viewers a network, just as any other BUSINESS should work at making the viewers happy and it is obvious ABC has chosen to no longer do this.

  • karendoll321

    I am not watching either The Revolution or The Chew. The only show I watch on ABC during the day is General Hospital. I was a huge fan of AMC and was very upset at the cancellation. Been a GH fan for a long time and will continue to watch. All those that do not watch ABC at all is hurting General Hospital’s chances of being saved.

    I do not watch much network TV anyway. ABC needs to have a variety of programs instead of the same garbage. No one is going to be able to replace Oprah and they need to get over it. I really do not think Katie Couric is going to save daytime.

    Daytime fans are loyal and I hope ABC does not think they can wait it out and expect us to come back especially with there being hundreds of other channels to watch. ABC needs to wake up.

  • justbereal

    A show that refers to “those people” and issues a casting call for “upscale audience members” is bound to fail. This cast alone is not appealing, and
    most “regular folk” do not need or want to listen condescending b.s talk.

  • Lisa Rexrode

    Abc put that in your pipe and smoke it…Give us our soaps back

  • a123890

    I was a loyal viewer to ABC since i was 8.I loved my soaps i miss them very much.When ABC turned there backs on what us the viewers wanted we turned our backs on them.They tell us to shut up and we will just adjust to a new show.As you can see it has not worked.I refuse to watch anything new on ABC only General Hospital i will support and that will be forever.Soapers are very passionate about our shows.It feels like we lost our friends.I have a stressful job and i looked forward to coming home making dinner and telling my husband i have to go and watch my soaps i will see you in just a bit.I am 37 years old people of many ages love these shows we hate reality.Bring us back our shows!!!!! L.B.

  • imacasey

    I’ve been an ABC daytime soap fan since the early 70’s. It has become apparent that ABC does not value its longtime, loyal viewers of this genre. Sad, because they have now lost me – and my family – day and evening. With the internet and cable – my choices are endless, but they no longer include anything remotely connected to ABC/Disney.

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  • Colleen1770

    ABC has wasted valuable time correcting the mistakes of Brian Frons. It was wrong to allow AMC and OLTL to be taken off. After ABC dropped this ego maniac they should have reversed his decisions. But now 4 weeks have gone by and no changes…sure ABC is saving money on these shows, but losing on others. I am sure DWTS will be taking a major hit in its next season. I will not be watching ABC until the powers that be go on the view and apologize to the fans by telling us that our shows are coming back!!! And always the moral to this story is to listen to what the fans are telling you!!!!

  • Martha

    It appears that we CAN’T be “trained” to watch these truly awful shows, after all.

    • susieinnm1

      Well said Martha, it appears that concerning me ‘that this old dog CAN’T and WON’T be taught a new trick”!!!

  • babslm

    The show is so redundant the premise has become old. OLTL never became old, it has always been the best of the soap genre.

  • MemaR

    Revolution! Ha! How appropriate a name for the “replacement” of our beloved soap. Problem is the real revolt is by US not them. They are just loosing more and more audience. They will never bring back our shows because it will prove how wrong they are. So they will never get their viewers back. We are a very loyal bunch – they stomped on our loyalty to ABC/Disney……..but NOT to our daytime soaps.

    I think execs are aware of this, and that is the real reason we won’t see them showing up anywhere else either. It would be like sending viewers to another network. Not that we haven’t’ picked out our own replacements already.

    ABC sucks, and the world outside of soap viewers is starting to see that for themselves. There isn’t a thing worth watching on a Friday or Saturday night anyway. I’d rather read or surf the net. It’s time that television returned to entertainment and walked away from all the reality crap!!!!!

  • shueat123

    I think it serves ABC right that their ratings are down on the revolution. They need to somehow bring all the cancelled soaps back on one channel and then maybe if they do that people would start watching their stupid talk shows and whatever the revolution is.I do not watch ABC anymore.I watch no tv period unless it’s on my computer and that’s just movies and old OLTL episodes.Bring back our soaps and then maybe ABC will get their audiaunce back.Until then I won’t even watch General hospital because their taking it off in September for another talk show,Katie Couric.

    • kdbarr

      ewwwwwwwwwwwwww…Katie Couric! Are you serious? She is worthless and useless.

    • Jody

      You need to Watch General Hospital to Help Save General Hospital AND Soap Operas in General. Hey, I made kind of like A Pun with the General Part and I wasn’t even Trying to do that. I LOVE Puns and Double Meanings and Play On Words. Maybe General Hospital will Stay past September and 4 People from One Life To Live will be Appearing on General Hospital. I wish that David Hayward from All My Children would Appear on General Hospital because David Hayward was Married to Anna Devane. Jody

  • FU

    What a bunch of sad individuals on here demanding their soaps back…what a waste of O2!

  • Brian

    It’s total BS that they canceled oltl. It was their most popular show! IMO oltl should be the last show standing!

  • nancylee

    I have been watching AMC and OLTL since the beginning. I have not missed a single show since the invention of the VCR, and not many before that. In 1999 I spent 15 days in a coma, but didn’t miss a show. My husband changed the tapes in my VCR so I would have my soaps to come home to. In fact during one of his lay-offs from the coal mines, he himself got hooked on my three soaps and we watched them together. I will not watch the replacement show. I will not watch anything new on ABCD. Had planned to take all my grandchildren to Disney World this summer, trip is off. Going to Paris instead.

    Suggestion to all soap fans. Cancel trips to Disney Land and Disney World. Turn the theme park into ghost towns. Maybe then ABCD will see the error of their ways.

    I’m also letting my fingers do the walking. I’m half way through my local phone book. Families from all over the country are sending me their phone books, so I can reach out and touch those far away. I have unlimited long distance service. After all, I do have plenty of time now, since I only watch TV one hour a day, (GH). I hope I have given all the soap fans out there a couple of good ideas.

    If anyone knows who sponsors the two replacement shows, let me know. I plan to boycott those products and tell as many people as I can to boycott them as well.

    Needless to say, I’m MAD. I have spent the better part of my life with the characters on my soaps, and now I feel that my life has come to an end.



  • nancylee

    I just watched the death of Robin. When GH is gone ABC will be history for me. I have spent more than 40 of my 64 years watching mt soaps. Since all the reality shows took over television, soaps were all that was good on tv. ABC, CONSIDER THIS MY FINAL VIEW. WILL FINISH OUT GH ON SOAPNET.

  • http://facebook Tanya Smith

    Awww too bad for the revolution. I for one don’t believe that their ratings are as high as they even say. I wish this would open ABC’s eyes and that they would cancel the revulsion and bring OLTL back. I know that is a pointless wish due to the fact that ABC doesn’t want to admit their mistakes. If they would listen to fans then maybe their ratings would go back up…

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