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CBS’ The Talk Beats ABC’s The Chew

January 12, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 103 Comments
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Veteran The View on ABC, as always, was the highest rated of the trio of network daytime talk shows with 2.81 million viewers, a 1.2 rating/7 share in women 25-54, and a 0.8/ 5 among women 18-49 for the week of January 2, according to Nielsen.  But CBS is reporting season high ratings for The Talk in total viewers (2.26 million), with its largest audience since the week of July 16, 2011.  The Talk matched its season high in women 25-54 (1.1 rating/6 share) and women 18-49 (0.8/ 5), and it outdelivered recent entry The Chew on ABC as follows:

The Talk (CBS)
Viewers: 2.26 million, W25-54: 1.1/ 6, Women 18-49: 0.8/ 5

The Chew (ABC)
Viewers: 2.12 million, W25-54: 0.9/ 5, Women 18-49: 0.6/ 4

Year-to-year, The Chew slipped from former time period occupant All My Children by 350,000 viewers (2.47 to 2.12 million), and 25 percent in both women 25-54 (1.2/ 7 to 0.9/ 5) and women 18-49   (0.8/ 5 to 0.6/ 4).

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

Ball Boys on ABC
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  • Addie

    Delighted to hear that the Chew doesn’t deliver!

  • http://swan-standingwithagnesnixon DIANNE BLACKMON


    • Laura

      Oh Diane, CBS already DID do what ABC is doing. They are the ones that started cancelling soaps…..As the World Turns and Guiding Light. Les Moonves wanted to give his untalented (and phony) wife a show so The Talk was spawned.

    • vik

      REMEMBER cbs cancelled thier long running soaps of 50 plus yrs. As the world turns, and Guilding light, to have The talk! NOT HAPPY ABOUT THEM EITHER> and DONT WATCH. daytime dramas left because Les Moonves is married to JULIE CHEN and gave her a show over our soaps.

      • janice

        yep….cbs DID do the same thing. I don’t watch any of the daytime ‘talk’ shows. I’ve always been an abc soaps girl but now watch Y&L and B&B to fill the time until GH comes on. I pray that someone wakes up at abc and keeps gh alive. We don’t need Katie Couric on daytime. ugh

  • Patie Parker

    ABC/D will regret their choice of cancelling the afternoon stories.

  • Michelle

    I am not surprised that The Chew is losing ABC viewer’s. The show is boring and nonsense. If I want to watch an overweight man in orange croc’s teach me how to cook I will search him out on you tube. Could ABC execs be any more out of touch with the consumer demand? Leave One Life to Live on the air and replace The Chew with The Revolution and do a test run before axing long standing successful shows. Sounds more logical than ABC’s approach. It is not too late ABC. FIX IT!

  • http://Facebook Tiffany Hermann

    I have watched One Life To Live my entire life! I started watching when I was too young to even understand what was going on! It breaks my heart to hear people say that the Soap Opera Genre is dieing!! It is not!! Look at the posts on fan sites….so many are from young people, or people who only started watching in the last few years! Take into consideration dvr recordings, online viewing, and not just the tracking of when these shows air on abc!! Listen to the fans here!! We will be heard!! We won’t give up!! <3

  • Kristen Howe

    Go The Talk on CBS! Let’s bring down the Spew and get it cancelled.Let’s show ABCD who’s boss. And when the Revoltion appears next week, let’s do the same thing. Let’s tank it and make ABCD reconsider, like uncancelling them. They won’t have us viewers back nor garner high ratings like our soaps did.

  • ToldyaSo

    My “name” says it all. Today’s woman still wants what yesterday’s woman wanted; a quality scripted program that allows them to relax and escape from their day to day troubles, not a bunch of people talking over themselves, while “cooking” recipes that don’t even come close to those on Food Network (which, incidentally are better quality and the hosts don’t drag their hair through it, chew with their mouths open, etc) Will ABC ever see their error in dropping 3 shows that worked well for 40+ years for a reality nightmare? Maybe when the sponsors start seeing a drop in returns…In the meantime, their viewers are flocking to other networks. “Chew” on this “Revolution”, ABC…. (PS…better start checking the age groups 50+; that’s where most of the revenue is coming from!)

    • Espy Blair

      You could not have said it better. The Chew makes me ill to watch. One time the large guy stuck his fingers into a sauce then without washing his hands went on to fix some other dish with his dirty hands. That was the first and only time I watched the show. I wanted to see what ABC had replaced a fine soap opera with and I was repulsed by this tacky new show.

  • Stephen Parker

    A diet rich in the fiber of creative storytelling and imaginatively scripted drama may just prove to be healthier than the artificial ingredients in yet another force fed TV cooking/food program.

    • Bonnie

      so agree!

  • Kari

    The Chew may be cheaper to produce than All My Children but the ratings are now showing what daytime viewers have been saying all along–it is not what the viewers want. I never have nor will I ever watch The Chew. Sponsors would be wise to move their advertising to other networks. They’re now reaching 25% fewer customers.

  • Curtis MD

    The Chew is still on the air? I’m surprised they have any viewers at all. After loyal viewership for 36 years, ABC has lost me forever.

  • Diane

    I am glad for the talk, as far as abc the chew stinks and I hope the revolution ratings are low,”crud in the afternoon”.

  • Jason

    Not surprised that its failing now. And once they see that that the other one will fail, along with this one, they’ll see the big mistake that they made. and hopefully put it right.

  • Patricia Pryor

    I tried it, but couldn’t get in to it. Does not appeal to me. The concept or the hosts. BORING!!!

  • Trapper

    I’m gratified to see that “The Chew” (unappetizing name for a cooking show) is losing the ratings race and has lost viewers. When will networks like ABC learn that people don’t want another cooking/lifestyle show? We have plenty to pick from, with far more charismatic hosts, if we choose to watch such. But the fact is, that with the lousy economy and day to day living, what we really want is the escape of scripted drama.

    Thank you to CBS, who actually puts a value on their viewers by continuing their daytime lineup.

  • AmeliaCambias

    I will never watch ABC daytime after tomorrow sorry but they lost me as a GH viewer when they became the mob.As for the talk shows The Chew and this revolution I will never watch them.

  • Flo DiBona

    Perhaps these statistics can alert Disney stockholders to how poorly their investments are being managed.

  • Camille

    Im happy the chew isnt doing so well serves abc right but the talk replaced a soap to my favorite one so Im not happy about it sucess, although I read their ratings aren’t that much of an improvement from atwt

  • TJ

    Go CBS! Boycott The View! viewers!

  • Michellemarie


  • Cindyc1951

    I will never watch The Chew here is some reasons.Normal intellect,great cook,educated,DirecTV customer with cooking self help channels and most of all except GH ABC,Disney and ESPN will never be watched in my home.

  • JoAnn

    All of the loyal daytime viewers of AMC and OLTL told ABC/Disney they would not watch these new shows but Corporate greed has taken over. Wonder what will happen when ABC continues to lose more and more of the daytime share of viewers as OLTL ends on 1/13. I for one will only be turning ABC in the afternoon to see General Hospital.

  • Christopher John

    I can only hope that the creative crossover of OLTL characters to GH will infuse GH, increase GH ratings, and preserve some of the base characters of OLTL for revival. This will only make it easier for these two shows to reclaim the time slots temporarily occupied by Chew and Revolution.;)

    • annbonari

      I’m hoping that too….gh writing hasn’t been the best for a little bit….Don’t ruin Todds character!!

    • Jerry’s Girl

      I totally agree! I beg everyone who is angry ( like me) over the cancellation of OLTL to give GH another look. With the best characters of OLTL moving to Port Chuck, and the successful leadership team from OLTL starting to write the show, this could be just great! In any event do not watch the Chew. Do not watch the Revolution because Katie Couric was officially given the GH 3PM time slot last week. This added sooo much insult to injury I can not put it into words. GH’s time clock is ticking. In the end we all need to watch the remaining soap operas in order to save what we have left.

  • Mary

    We want our soaps back! I will not watch The Chew or any of the other shows that are replacing the soaps. We have enough talk shows, reality shows on tv. Hopefully ABC will learn as they lose there viewers and the rating drop for there new show. That you don’t mess with over 40 yrs of history with the soaps

  • Dawn

    Terrific news to hear, I hope it completely fails. The Commercials for the Chew are boring, and I refuse to watch anything ABC/Disney because they have poor entertainment, with the exception of General Hospital after Friday Jan 13.

  • peggy thomas

    We all knew The SPEW would tank. ABC is so stupid for pre-judging soap fans.

    • annbonari

      Losing all these viewers means money…when the wallet gets lighter they listen

  • Chrissy Piccolo

    This just proves what the audience wants to see…it is NOT The Chew, The Revolution and more talk shows. The fact is, we want our soaps and ABC ratings in both daytime and primetime will continue to plummet as over 3 million viewers migrate to NBC and CBS. In addition, any company that supports Disney will be affected. The only way ABC/Disney can redeem themselves, is to release the rights to One Live To Live, All My Children and General Hospital so they can continue elsewhere. To hold these shows hostage, shelve them over greed is despiciable! Robert Iger, President and CEO of Disney, please release the rights to One Life To Live and All MY Children to Agnes Nixon so she can decide what she wants to do with HER LEGACIES!!! Make the call Mr. Iger, do the right thing and redeem yourself in the eyes of all soap fans around the world. It’s time for you to do something your predecessor Mr. Walt Disney would do…I’m sure he is sickened at what his vision has become. Mr. Disney created Disneyworld as a place where families could bring their children to escape their lives for a little while. That’s what soaps do Mr. Iger, they allow us to escape reality if only for an hour a day. We WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED! Please release all 3 ABC soaps and save face! Make a decision based on the right thing to do for a change, INSTEAD of ‘business’ a decision!

  • Dr Don

    Great to see that “The Spew” comes up short in the ratings for ABC. Will we be watching “The Revulsion” when it airs next week after cancelling “One Life to Live”. NOT in your lifetime. Bring back “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” and we’ll bring back your ratings ABC. It is now time to realize that Disney’s Robert Iger and ABC’s Anne Sweeney and Brain Frons have a long overdue appointment with KARMA! They are individually and cumulatively a disgrace to the entertainment conglomerate that Walt Disney birthed and a disgrace to the ethical standards of the American broadcasting industry in having contributed through these cancellation actions to further debasing the television medium in contemporary America fomenting the dummying down and cheapening, for the “Snookying” of American television. In doing so, aside from conducting a wrecking operation on scripted programming storytelling mediums, their actions are moreover powerfully contributing to advancing ageism, genderism, and yes sexism in our culture with their, ABC/Disney’s antiquated and reactionary reality television programming. The finest historical traditions of the Disney Company and those of the AMERICAN Broadcasting Corporation deserve far better by restoring time tested programs such as writer Agnes Nixon’s iconic masterpieces “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” to their proper placement in American culture.

  • Carla

    I am more than stunned the Chew has as many viewers as it does. I enjoy food network, however have never watched this show on principle. ABC obviously does not understand the loyalty and devotion of the daytime soap fan. We are committed and invested. I have watched my shows for over 40 years. The characters and stories are an extension of my own life. In short, I care. I cry. I laugh. I wonder and worry and wish. Waiting for a consumer savvy business person to revive our shows and in doing so create legions of happy tv consumers! It’s all about the bucks, right? Too bad….

  • Veronica M.

    ABC is dead in my house after tomorrow when I have to painfully say goodbye to One Life To Live. Bad enough they lost my viewing at 1pm because I will not watch The Spew. I want All My Children back!! I hope The Revolution tanks as well as The Chew. We do not need another cooking show or reality show. Enough already! I guess I will now be watching soaps on CBS.

  • amc25yrfn

    In reality, no one should be happy to see any of these show succeed. The Talk replaced ATWT last year, while The Guiding Light was lost to a game show. CBS, though still currently hosting two soaps on their network, is just as bad as ABC. They don’t care about tradition, history, or viewers, not really, because if they did, then our shows would still be around.

    As for the reality of reality TV. Scripted dramas have been successful over 75 years dating back to radio programs. People love reading, seeing and hearing dramas. Scripted dramas are what I tune into day in/day out. Therefore, when scripted dramas leave the airwaves so will I. There are plenty of WEBSERIES out there, willing to fill my appetite for good scripted drama. Too bad the people up at the top can’t see that.

  • Gill

    The Stupid Chew need to keep their mouths shut. I always grew up learning that ladies should be seen and not heard. The women on this crap are like yard fowls shouting and talking loud all over the place. The men put them to shame with behavior and all that talking over each others food. i won’t be surprised if part of the menu consists of a lot of spit. Get the hell off of the tv. Food Network is enough if I want to learn how to cook. Stop pretending that people want you. Stop paying people to pretend to listen. You’ll are just a load of S***!

  • Michelle C

    I hope everyone stops watching ABC, I have been watching All My Children and One Life to Live since I was a child. My mother would record them on VHS and I would come home from school and watch them. I am so upset over the cancelling of the shows and will not watch ANY show ABC decides to air. I will always stand behind AMC and OLTL!

  • Andrea Dawson


  • el

    suck on that abc!!! Keep ths genre alive LONG LIVE THE SOAPS!!!

  • Barbara Coleman

    I am glad the ratings are dropping and find it hard to believe that they really have that many viewers! Pretty positive the Revolution will have even less! I will never forgive ABC/Disney for taking away my OLTL! I have watched this Soap religiously for over 40 years! Thanks ABC/Disney, ya just killed off my family and I will never forgive you EVER! PUT OLTL BACK ON! OR YOU WILL BE SHUT OFF FOREVER! After tomorrow, you will only be in my living room for 3-4 for GH and that is it until you kill that Soap too! You have lost millions of viewers! Every one makes mistakes, MAN UP AND REINSTATE OUR SOAPS! GET RID OF THE RATS YOU HAVE IN YOUR HOUSE AND HIRE ONES THAT CARE ABOUT THEIR EMPLOYEES AND THEIR VIEWERS! I RECOMMENT THAT ABC/DISNEY TAKE THIS SERIOUS AND DO SOME SERIOUS PR WORK AS IT WILL TAKE US A LONG TIME TO FORGIVE YOU OR TRUST YOU AGAIN! FANS ON FIRE!

    • Kay Turner

      ABC IS THE NEW TALK SHOW NETWORK PLEASE COME AND HELP US GET THESE SHOWS BACK ON THE AIR SOMEWHERE I hope you will join this group, it now stands with over 7,100 members that continue to fight for lost soaps. Several soap stars have shared the link to this group within the past 30 days such as Kassie DePavia, Jerry VerDorn, Tonja Walker, Cat Hickland, along with many others soap stars. Don’t lose hope!!! Please click the blue, ask to join, & help us show demand. https://ww­w.facebook­.com/group­s/20070985­3303867
      Please people ABC does not look at the wants of their viewers, Lets show them we matter. If you have not already PLEASE JOIN!!! Let’s show them some numbers all in one place.

  • Debra

    If the ratings for The Chew are down from AMC, I shudder to think how the ratings for The Revolution will compare to the strong demos for OLTL.

  • Tiffany

    I am absolutely thrilled to see The Chew’s ratings drop. Even a cheaply made horrible reality tv show is not a deal if it can’t be a success. I began watching soaps as a child and continued to watch them daily through college. I have been away from them for a few years as I started working full time, but started DVRing them again when I started hearing rumblings of AMC and OLTL being cancelled. I DVR them daily and watch them every night. I will NOT DVR some ridiculous reality tv show when they’re a dime a dozen on all network and cable channels. ABC has made some really poor business decisions as of late, and it won’t be long before they’re relegated to the margins of television watching.

  • Barbara Mathiews

    I am so happy the Chew is going down and hope it tanks..If we wanted a cooking show we would go to the Food Network..ABC/DIS made a big mistake cancelling our soaps…We will not watch any replacement shows.
    Soapers never give up ..we want ABC/DIS to sell the rights to a network or cable company so we can see them on TV where they belong…

  • http://facebook Mer

    The CHEW is an absolute joke with people who are boring…& cook very very unhealthy food. I don’t watch it at home, but when i’m at a clients house, she JUST HAS to watch it….makes me mad & she knows it.
    But its my job, so watch it & just gag.
    They cook very unhealthy & are alllll boring…even Dr. Oz’s daughter…
    Hope it falls clear to hell & the Revolution as well

  • Gina

    Yay for CBS!! It’s nice to know a network cares…We can see that the other network ABC/D doesn’t and as the peoples Choice awards showed CBS is winning in primetime also! Keep up the good work CBS us soap fan’s are a loyal bunch….ABC you screwed up bigtime by cancelling AMC and OLTL..ABC no longer exist to me!

  • Christy Hitchings

    Once oltl ends i will be watching DOOL. i watch it now but i recorded well starting Monday i will watch it @ 1. I will never ever watch the replacement shows. I will not even turn on ABC until 2 when Gh comes on and if that goes off ABC will not be on in my house, i will not help with ratings ever

  • Firefly5555

    I would rather watch the stories when I have lunch and then knit. The chew is a really bad show with some halfway okay ideas that I could find on the internet and as far as the Revolution goes, didn’t ABC cancel it’s prototype “EMTREME MAKEOVER”? Yeah, I can see where that trainwreck of a tired idea is going. Same show, different people. Won’t take people long to get bored with that. Unless they are going to give me a make over, I really don’t care. I guess I will shut the TV off and work on my sewing in the afternoon.

  • Richard

    The Chew is not very interesting, and the hosts seem very insincere. It also doesn’t make sense to put a food show on right before you plan to air a weight loss show.

  • Linda

    Did anyone really think that the viewers would watch the CHEW? Honestly? If we want recipes, we go to our mothers or the internet. Nobody will be watching THE REVOULTION, either. When people are ready to reinvent themselves, they have the knowledge to do so. They also have online support from many websites. They don’t need people on television telling them how to do it. What people do need is an escape from their day to day stresses. They need to see real life families coming together in crises. They need to seem romances that do work. They need to see unrealistic dramas that are unrelated to their worlds. They need soaps. We need OLTL and AMC. Soon ABC will need ratings and money because the soapers will not forgive them. Hope CBS is enjoying the fruits of ABC’s demise.

  • Gina

    Starting Monday CBS here i come,i hope The Chew and The Revolution fail big time!!!!!!Big Mistake cancelling our soaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K. Teall

    So glad The Chew is doing so badly. Where ABC/D thought it would draw an audience at all is beyond me. There are so many show on now like it.
    Like all business these days all they thought of was profit.

  • emtk

    We don’t need any more talk shows!! Soon there won’t be anything left to talk about. One Life To Live is what we need – for entertainment and escape! Please, there must be someone intelligent in the TV business who realizes how much profit could be made from the millions of loyal fans of One Life To Live. Where are you?!

  • Nina

    After OLTL is over The Chew rating will drop much more!!!Cant wait 2 see that!!

  • Joanna

    Just because something is cheaper to make does not make it better. And my question as a business person is why would I buy ad space on a program that pulls in 400,000 less viewers than the show it replaced. The biggest issue to me is this show is failing big time in the key demo’s which makes it less likely that I would want to buy any time during that show. Cooking and weight loss shows are a dime a dozen and whats happening right now is the market is over saturated with them and most people are starting to get bored with them hence the lower ratings.

  • Karen

    How awesome that ABC/Disney is CHOKING on the spew! Words of delight. This so is a horrible hot mess that is unwatchable. So long ABC…enjoy choking on Repulsion too. Don’t tell smart educated people what they will like and will watch. I don’t need remedial cooking 101 and I don’t need my life improved. Go suck it mouse house.

  • Lisa A

    I agree with all previous posts, The Chew is absolutely boring and I’m confident the Revolution will be as well. However, I am woman enough to admit that it doesn’t really matter what shows you put into that timelsot, WE WANT AMC AND OLTL back!if Abc wants to gain favor with viewers it will do it before its too late!
    Brian Frons and ABC way under-estimated soap fans and thought we just would cry and wimper a bit then start watching their 2 new shows. Well as you’ve seen this didnt happen. Come on Abc…do the right thing.

  • Betty

    Hope it falls flat on its face and the new one at 2:00 will do even worse!

  • Margo

    The ratings are low? Who knew this would happen? Duh!! We told you that ever since you broke the news on murdering off our soaps! Like everyone else says, it’s not to late to get forgiveness from your loyal millions of viewers of our beloved stories GIVE THEM BACK!!!!!

  • Annette

    Of course!!! Crap dressed up is still crap. It doesnt matter how loud they tell the hosts to talk, how much they tell them to jump and and down, to dance, to laugh like hyenas, crap is crap. Such a crap show.
    ABC lost their minds canceling high rated shows like AMC and OLTL just to save a few pennies. They don’t care that it’s crap. They make MORE profit with reality shows. There is a huge boycott going on right now against ABC and it’s going to hurt more of their shows. Such stupidity.

  • ang

    Bring back One Life to Live. Nobody wants to watch the Chew or the Revolution. Boring!!!!

  • Lois Lang

    I am not surprised at the low ratings for The Chew. All My Children and One Life to Live have 41 and 43 years respectfully of a built up audience. Taking them away for yet another reality piece of fluff television x2 is bad marketing. ABC Daytime has ailienated a whole demographic of viewers. STUPID MOVE.

  • e johnson

    just not interesting…you can go to the FOOD NETWORK and get better shows….

  • Carole

    I am still mourning the loss of AMC. I am happy to hear that “The Spew” is a miserable flop.

  • alison

    Glad to see the Chew has lost 25% of the female audience they once had with Amc. Abc shouldn’t have axed Amc or Oltl. Hope Disney and Abc are happy they killed the soaps off.

  • Shannon

    No one should be surprised at this…viewers have left ABC by the millions (just watch what happens during OLTL’s time slot on Monday). I personally hope ABC chokes on The Chew and feels daytime fans’ own Revolution–BRING BACK OUR STORIES! @SWANS4Nixon

    • annbonari

      woo hoo…I’m loving this Shannon….Stand together Stand strong!! no more abc

  • susan

    abc bring back amc and oltl!

  • Kristie

    I will say the Spew sucks! The revultion is revolting! I cannot believe ABC would be so dumb to piss of millions of viewers over a few bucks. And when the Spew tanks for good, I will be dancing on it’s grave!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait. Long live OLTL, GH and AMC!!!!

  • theresa

    I will not watch ABC except for GH after tomorrow I will watch the TALK ,ABC doesn’t care about the viewers,the Chew and the revolution don’t belong on abc they belong on food network or health network,abc will realize there mistake and hopefully give us our soaps back…if they cancel GH ABC goes black on my tvs I will delete abc

  • Donna

    Screw The Chew and ABC. I’ll never forgive ABC for what they have done.

  • Latisha

    Save Our Soaps!!!! Boycott ABC!!!

  • Tina

    Damn ABC/Disney! You still don’t get it. You’re tanking. You may think we’re dumb enough to believe that you’ve fired Brian Frons. BULL! We don’t buy it! You may think you have a hit or two now at night. But it won’t last. You’re tanking. Even Disneyland and Disneyworld isn’t doing well. You have cut your own throats by what you have done to All My Children and One Life to Live and their fans. GIVE THEM BACK TO AGNES NIXON AND LET HER FIND THEM A NEW HOME! What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that they’ll succeed and you’ll have to answer for it? Good! LET ALL MY CHILDREN AND ONE LIFE TO LIVE GO. GIVE THEM BACK TO AGNES NIXON! The Spew won’t work! The Revolting won’t work! Katie Couric won’t work! The fans will fight you! You will fail! LET ALL MY CHILDREN AND ONE LIFE TO LIVE GO. GIVE THEM BACK TO AGNES NIXON NOW!

  • ktbob

    Don’t forget that The Talk replaced a long-running soap opera, too – As The World Turns. So while I’m thrilled that The Chew is doing poorly, I don’t think CBS deserves the praise and viewership of soap fans either.

  • Tracey

    The Spew and Talk aren’t on at the same times though right? My husband laughs at me now…..he works from home and doesn’t care what’s on TV just likes background noise. So I go in and program the DVR to change to Price is Right and CBS all afternoon long except at 2 for OLTL. I guess it won’t change channels at all after Friday. God this is going to suck.

  • Jamie

    lol to hear the chew lost viewers does not surprise me abc made a bad move sucks to be them

  • Kay Turner

    ABC IS THE NEW TALK SHOW NETWORK PLEASE COME AND HELP US GET THESE SHOWS BACK ON THE AIR SOMEWHERE I hope you will join this group, it now stands with over 7,100 members that continue to fight for lost soaps. Several soap stars have shared the link to this group within the past 30 days such as Kassie DePavia, Jerry VerDorn, Tonja Walker, Cat Hickland, along with many others soap stars. Don’t lose hope!!! Please click the blue, ask to join, & help us show demand. https://ww­w.facebook­.com/group­s/20070985­3303867
    Please people ABC does not look at the wants of their viewers, Lets show them we matter. PLEASE JOIN!!!

  • PP

    abc is imploding from inside out. It is tanking and disney is going down with it. It should have listened to its viewers and not listen to some stupid idiots with agendas who used false crap that Neilsen spits out to justify their ignorant behavior. They did not listen to the soap fans who number in the millions when they told them that this would happen,they instead called us dogs needing training and now Pennington calls us hamsters that he is there to get us off our wheels. Disney did not listen when the advertisers were unhappy about loosing consumers due to the cancellations, case in point, the great company Hoover who had the integrity to step up. abc is going down and so is disney due to this mess and a whole list of others. The progammimg that they are putting on is all garbage, daytime and nightime. Their ethics,decency, morals,and any family values, they had, they have all trashed in their greed and stupidity. If it was not so sad it would be funny..the house of cards is coming down as they loose more and more. The only people that are believing their excuses and propoganda is them. We are not dogs or hamsters but intelligent,loyal,honest, and will NEVER give up on our soaps. But know this, we have watched our shows, All My Children and One Life To Live and General Hospital,for decades over forty years and over many generations…but now we will have NOTHING to do with abc or disney for decades and for generations in the FUTURE. That abc is the reality that you are so in love with!

  • debbie t.

    Outta the box, even the name of the show was not appealing! Then they put together the most obnoxious crew! One more arrogant than the other….made veggie chili with chicken stock the first week!WHAT? Other one cooks with hair hanging over the food, yyeck. Other one calls soap fans idoits and morons and other compares bankers to Nazis. SAY WHAT? It should be no surprise that the ratings tanked. After Friday…no reason to have ABC on til 3 PM here. After September, when GH goes off the air, they can remove that channel from my TVs!!!

  • Dee

    I will not be watching ABC after tomorrow – I quit watching GH a long time ago and am still debating on whether or not I will start up again. That being said, I’m so glad that “The Chew” has poor ratings and I really doubt “The Revolution” will do any better.

  • PMR

    While I am glad that ABC is imploding with The Chew let us not forget that the awful The Talk on CBS was the replacement for the 54 year old veteran and beloved soap As The World Turns. I still miss that one and hope everyday for a cancellation notice for The Talk. However I at least admire CBS in being upfront on their cancelling of GL and ATWT and it seems that they are committed in keeping Y&R and B&B.

  • jen

    I am glad to hear The Spew lost viewers. I am just so upset and furious with ABC/D and have been since April 14, 2011 ‘Soaps Darkest Day’. To cancel such beloved shows with a history and fanbase that is irreplaceable is beyond fathomable.
    As for CBS, I am not jumping out of my chair because The Talk is doing well. CBS cancelled another beloved soap, As The World Turns because The President of CBS’ wife wanted a talk show. I am glad to hear they are doing better than the Spew but it is by no means a victory.

  • Kay Turner

    I hope NBC and CBS heck I hope cartoon network beats ABC ratings, but in all honesty I am not trading in one talk show for another one. I AM FEDUP WITH TALK SHOWS. CAN YOU HEAR ME!!!! THAT IS A CALL TO ALL NETWORKS!!!!

  • Joan Brigham

    Like ABC wasn’t warned by the viewers that they enraged by cancelling the soaps? How could they possibly not expect this? For 41 years I faithfully watched All My Children, and started watching One Life to Live when Bianca’s baby was switched. Our family of 28 has booked our yearly cruise on Royal Caribbean, NOT DISNEY! Figuring about $2500 per cruise, and then more for ancillary charges, we will not spend around $70,000 on Disney’s Cruise Ship. ABC has not been turned on once since April. I tape One Life to Live, and then starting Monday, nothing. Circle the toilet ABC. All your shows are not worth watching.

  • Kay Turner

    If you want to know ratings just wait for the Views ratings on friday. Then you will know how many SOAP FANS there really are.

    • marcberman

      The View will be well above average on Friday. I totally agree.

  • Lauren


  • Kay Turner

    The View what a disappointment. Where was the surprise. It’s not a surprise ABC once again lied with all their promo’s Just to lure us all in to watch the View. Just to let us down again. I HATE EVERYTHING ABC

  • Kay Turner

    Call ABC 818-460-7477

  • Judith Cottrill

    I hope the morons at ABC are stewing in their own juices. Millions of dedicated fans are making a point of changing channels to avoid The Chew and will do the same for the upcoming Revolution.

    You stole from us, ABC. You took genuine enjoyment from our lives, a wonderful escape from our daily grind, and characters we thought of as extended family. In your greed, you thought you would reap a greater green harvest, and all you’ll end up wih is waste.

    What ABC genius thuoght we weren’t getting enough recipes on the Food Network? I love Clinton Kellly and will continue to watch him on What Not To Wear, but NOT on The Chew. I love Tim Gunn and will continue to watch him, but NOT on The Revolution. You short-sighted idiots think you can take a personality and throw them, scatter-shot at an audience that you have just deeply wounded, and we will lap it up. What a bunch of asses.

    We loved All My Children. We loved One Life To Live. We hate you ABC.
    Chew on that!

  • Jane

    If they think the ratings are bad now, they haven’t seen the worst of it! Now that two ( and soon to be three ) soaps have been cancelled, fans are more outraged than ever! I think millions will boycott ABC/ Disney and they will suffer for the horrible decisions they have made. Hopefully, they’ll get smart and put our soaps back on! I will never watch this crap taking OLTL’s and AMC’s place. I’ll find a new vacation spot for my family rather than spending thousands of dollars at Disneyland. Until OLTL is back on, ABC and Disney don’t exist.

  • Heather McDougall

    I saw about half of the first episode of the chew (forgot to change my VCR settings). I must say I’m shocked they have that many viewers. The show is pure drivel, delivered by a “cast” that is utterly boring at best and extremely annoying at worst. I did not believe it was possible to make a show that was worse than the commercials made it look, but they did it! The sad part is that The Revolution looks even worse. One can only hope that ABC will pull their heads out sometime soon.

  • Allison

    ABC can kiss my ass. If GH gets cancelled then ABC Daytime will die in my house. No more GMA, View or Dr. Oz. They have already thoroughly pissed me off by cancelling AMC and OLTL and putting on shows replacing them that we can get on any other station anytime. It’s crap. You have ‘drama’ serials at night, why can’t you have them during the day too? You think we’re nothing but a bunch of housewives sitting around trying to learn to cook, decorate, get healthy, get style, etc. WRONG! Sometimes we just want something besides what we already get crammed down our throats all the time. Plus, we had 25 yrs of Oprah for all that. She taught alot of people a ton of information by herself! so get those stupid shows with all those “professional” (high-salaried) chefs and doctors, stylists, decorators, etc. OFF and put some daytime drama back on!

  • Maya

    I am so happy to hear that.

  • Mary

    I want stories back! I will not watch The Chew or The Revolution ever!

  • Kathy

    I want the soaps back. No reality shows for me. They are just commercials. No Abc Disney watching for me.

  • Katrina

    Words can not express how pissed off i am…. Just know ABC/Disney, you no longer have my support and i have started venturing off the path i have followed for so long. I am starting to see that there are some other good shows out there that are NOT on your network. I have even banned the Disney Channel for my children… Soon you will see, just how dedicated we are to our Soaps… and i hope by then its not too late for you. If you were smart, you will bring back the shows we love so dear…

  • Chris

    The only way to REALLY get their attention is to TURN OFF the tv! As long as we are still watching something they think they can get you to change the channel. Disappear off the radar!

  • tammy

    I heard they were doing the ratings on the chew because people were turning on a little early to watch oltl so when u watch gh make sure its the exactly the same time it comes on or they will count ratings for the other show that replaced oltl so hopefully doing this both shows will go off and they bring back our soaps

  • diana t

    i NEVER watch ABC when 1pm comes around. i watch millionaire now

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