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Day One Ratings Snapshot: Katie Couric on GMA

April 3, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 23 Comments
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ABC and CBS Share Monday Dominance


One day of overnight data does not a hit or miss make. But based on the Monday metered market results from Nielsen for April 2, Good Morning America on ABC featuring the return of Katie Couric to her morning show roots inched past her former home, The Today Show on NBC, by one-tenth of a rating point and one share point in households (3.7 rating/13 share vs. 3.6/12). One week earlier, both magazines tied at a 3.6/12 in the overnights. CBS This Morning on CBS (from 7:30-9 a.m. vs. 7-9 a.m. for GMA and Today) increased from a 1.6/ 5 to a 1.9/ 6 (but remained marred in the distant No. 3 spot).

Compared to April 2011, Katie on GMA increased by six percent in households, eight percent in women 18-49 and 11 percent among women 25-54. Based on the fast nationals, however, Today topped GMA by 333,000 viewers (5.113 vs. 4.780 million) and 20 percent among key adults 25-54 (1.8 vs. 1.5 rating).

Given the hype, Katie’s initial performance on GMA could have rated higher. Stay tuned for more rating results for the morning magazines as the week progresses.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

Spike TV to Launch Fighting Championship Reality Series
ABC and CBS Share Monday Dominance

  • Debbie Joyce

    I an NOT watching Katie on GMA, and it seems like other’s weren’t rushing to tune in either. My own ABC affiliate posted a question on their Facebook page asking if everyone was excited and the overwhelming response was no.

    Hopefully the ratings will not increase and serve as a barometer for Katie and ABC that her new $20 million dollar talk show will not be well received either. Unless ABC moves GH to the 2pm slot so that Katie has a strong lead in I think her show will be doomed also.

  • OwensboroSteve

    I watch The Today Show and will not watch Katie on GMA. I only watch General Hospital on ABC because of ABC’s disrespect to the fans of daytime drama.

    General Hospital must remain on ABC and become a lead-in for Katie or her show will not be successful. People have talk show fatigue because all of the major networks have jumped on that particular bandwagon much to the chagrin of the viewers.

    I know I am not watching any talk show on any network. Furthermore, I will not watch any show which has taken the place of a daytime drama.

  • carolc

    As you pointed out, one day does not a hit or miss make but with all of the Katie hype I would have expected the show to do better. If I was a regular GMA viewer (which I’m not) I would have tuned in anyway and for those who do not watch this show on a regular basis, many might have been curious and checked it out. I think ABC is doing everything they can to put Ms. Couric in a positive light to help her new show in the fall. If it replaces General Hospital, no amount of hype will help. There is no show that can replace GH – especially the Katie Couric show.

  • sjmarcipan

    ABC/Disney probably wanted to test the ratings waters with this guest host spot. I for one have NO intention of watching Katie’s show or any other ABC/Disney production. My reason? Simple: Cancellation of my SOAPS

  • Mindachsiefan

    Did not and will not watch Katie on GMA because I no longer watch since ABC cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live. Did not watch NBC today since Sarah Palin was guest hosting.

  • soapaddict12

    I do not watch anything ABC anymore except for General Hospital. I watch fox in the morning or soapnet.

  • mary22

    Not watching Katie on GMA and I will not watch her new talk show coming in Sept…I will continue to support GH on ABC but that is it.

  • Colleen1770

    I will not watch ABC except for General Hospital. I will not support ABC/Disney in anyway until ABC renews GH and returns OLTL. Start listening to your viewers. I don’t know what the heck ABC is waiting for, but Katie’s show will not make it without the soap fans. Oprah is seeing the results of not listening. Don’t let this happen to you.

  • susanmz

    I think ABC grossly overpaid Katie Couric for her talk show based on these morning ratings. I was watching CNBC and not GMA. Like others, I have boycotted ABC except for GH due to the cancellation of AMC and OLTL. Katie Couric is soooo 1998.

  • bcoleman13

    I have no desire to watch Katie Couric on GMA or any other place! I have never cared for her and I care even less due to ABC not caring about their viewers! I will only support GH and nothing else shown on ABC until there are major changes! I will continue to boycott all of ABC’s programming for as long as it takes! I do appreciate Katie Couric stating she wants her new show that will air in September to follow GH instead of The Revolution but that is strickly for her benefit. I expect her ratings will be as bad, if not worse, than that of the other replacement shows. You really do not care about anything except for yourselves! We always cared about ABC until you showed your true colors by cancelling our Soaps. I am still devastated over losing OLTL! Katies ratings will not even come close to those of OLTL! Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this article but I doubt ABC cares what we write and I doubt they even read as all they care about is the $$$ in their own personal pockets – doesn’t seem like they really care about the Network either as it will not succeed at this pace. Cancel GH and ABC is totally cancelled in this household!

  • filmkr27

    Why do you blame katie couric for ABC’s decision to cancel the soaps — one does not have to do with the other.

  • susanmz

    Katie Couric wanted the 3pm slot–GH’s slot, and as far as I know, she’s getting it. THAT’S why we blame Katie Couric. She was part of the scheme to decimate the daytime lineup.

  • LindseyH

    Good luck to her. I don’t watch ABC except for General Hospital so have no opinion.

  • Anne

    I do not watch Good Morning America anymore, nor any other program on ABC except General Hospital. I will not watch Katie Couric’s new show, either.
    The Revolution is bombing, and should be cancelled. Leave General Hospital where it is, bring back One Life to Live, and put Katie in the 4pmCT time slot.

  • ShannonB

    Katie Couric’s appearance on GMA had nothing to do with her; it had everything to do with the fact that Sarah Palin was on the Today Show…and given the choice…well that speaks for itself. As far as ABC/D is concerned, the ONLY time my set is on their network is to watch the wonderful General Hospital. Everything else on there is noise and garbage…

  • PaulaKate

    While ABC continues to hemorrhage viewers the execs at ABC are not looking at the facts.

    Fact 1: “The Revolution ” and “The Chew” are a travesty that are driving away viewers in droves.

    Fact 2: Katie Couric is not a bandage that can cover the gaping hole you ABC, have left in your daytime audience. She is in no way going to draw viewers back.

    However…. if ABC wants its Daytime as well as a goodly portion of their Primetime audience back… the solution is quite simple:

    Get One Life To Live and All My Children back into production immediately.
    Restore the ABC afternoon triple crown of: One Life To Live, All My Children and General Hospital.

    Put Katie Couric on at four o’clock after the soaps and your advertisers will thank you ABC, because in doing so you will have brought back the most viable market in Daytime television history, namely; the Soap Viewers, who will once again resume our part in the generation of billions of dollars in Sponsor Product support just as we have always done for nearly fifty years.

    Disney… you will win too, because with our Soap Operas back on the air then Disney vacations and Disney movies will once again be enjoyed by millions of soap fans and their families again just like it was before this mess.

  • TikiBarb

    I did and will not watch GMA on ABC. The only show I watch on ABC is General Hospital and with Katie Couric taking General Hospital’s time slot I will not watch ANYTHING SHE IS ON !!! I no longer watch anything prime time on ABC either and the sad part is some of the shows look like they might be interesting BUT I WILL NOT BE GIVE IN . Sorry Katie but I will never watch a soap replacement show…..EVER. Thank you Marc Berman for the story.

  • krogers

    Didn’t watch GMA or Katy, Won’t be watching GMA or Katy. Won’t watch anything ABC except for GH. Won’t watch or purchase anything Disney.

  • camille

    Sorry will not be watching Katy on GMA ABC you will not get the 3 million soap viewers to help improve your ratings…… But if you do want to improve your ratings Keep GH on The Air and give the rights back to Agnes Nixon for AMC & OLTL

  • ELW

    I have never understood the hype surrounding this twit! Most people here are complaining because GH is being replaced, which is a legitimate gripe but what really kills me is the obscene over compensation package of $20 million dollars? Really? Who is worth that kind of money? Our country is in a sambles, we’ve been in 2 undeclared wars for over 10 years, all of our 401k’s have been reduced by half due to Wall Street greed and bank misconduct,price of gas and food is out of control – yet here is ABC oohing and ahhing over this pinhead and paying her $20 million. WTF? PS – I don’t watch anything on ABC because they insist on using that awful canned laughter that steps on the lines. ABC I do not need to be prompted to laugh. Get with the program!

  • kerry

    im still wondering when abc will get thier heads out of the sand and cancel those god awful replacement shows and keep a proven show like gh. if the spew and revultion is any indication of the powere of soap fans katie will be in for a bumpy ride as will abc w/ the large investment to her.we want scrpted drama n nothing else will surfice.

  • slj730

    Interesting that what I think may have been perceived for ABC as a bearer of daytime “salvation” is not doing much for ratings. I hope this “test” gives them pause about the future of ABC Daytime. Ms. Couric’s talker will not get off of the ground if its lead in remains the current 2pm show – Revolution.

  • shari1074

    I will not watch any of these replacement shows ! I am boycotting ABC except GH . I continue to fight for my soaps and will not ever give up !Bring back AMC & OLTL !!!

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