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Four Month High for General Hospital on ABC

March 8, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 35 Comments
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Veteran General Hospital, the sole remaining show in the serialized daytime genre on ABC, rose to an 18-week high for the week of February 27 in women 18-49 (657,000) and women 25-54 (871,000), according to Nielsen. Results in women 18-34 (172,000) was a three-month high, with total viewership (2.40 million) its best since the week of Jan. 9, 2012.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

Updated Results in Network Daytime
Tommy Hilfiger on American Idol

  • susanmz

    Good to hear. Thanks for reporting, Marc Berman!!!

  • Debbie Joyce

    GH is doing much better in the ratings than The Revolution. Now will Anne Sweeney keep her word and cancel the show with the least viewers?

  • cottle

    ABC/D you had better pay attention! Don’t take our 1 soap and hope you notice too that viewership increased because of the crossover. Don’t blow it ABC!!!!! By the way, I don’t want the chew or the revolution and sure won’t watch Katie Couric or nothing else on ABC except GH!!!!

  • Deb

    This is GREAT….thank you Marc! There is no doubt GH is beating the socks off of the Revolution, so keep your word Anne Sweeney!!!

    And thank you Ron for your excellent work!!!!!

  • michelec8916

    With Cartini at the helm of GH, they will skyrocket in ratings. I’m sure Katie Couric wants a good lead in, and the Revolution is not a good lead in. Thank you Marc for reporting:)

  • MaryAnne

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Marc !!! Woo Hoo !!! Great News !! Loving my GH !!! ABC/Disney are you watching THIS !!! Anne Sweeney better keep her word !! GH has the best eyeballs !!

  • novelgirl22

    Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It can only get better . The Revulsion needs to go!!!!

  • divastyle

    This is WONDERFUL news, now we must stay on Anne Sweeney and make sure she honors her word!

  • carolc

    Thank you, Marc, for another factual article. The ratings for General Hospital are definitely going to be higher that those of the Revolution when the time comes for another cancellation notice. If ABC/Disney is to retain any of its already tarnished image, I hope Anne Sweeney keeps her word and cancels The Revolution – the show with the “least eyeballs”. I’m also sure that Katie Couric would prefer her lead-in show to be General Hospital. We’re watching you, ABC/Disney to see what you do.

  • bcoleman13

    I am so happy to read this and it is well deserved! Frank and Ron are doing a wonderful job with General Hospital as they did for One Life to Live. I am thankful that I have something to look forward to in the afternoon! Still missing One Life to Live but appeased with Todd, Blair and Starr on GH and next week John McBain!! I am loving General Hospital the past couple of weeks and expect it will soon be on fire as OLTL was! Really hoping the Ms. Sweeney will honor her word! Hoping ABC/Disney comes to their senses and reinstates the cancelled soaps! Thank you Marc!

  • wmzraz

    I am happy that GH is rising in ratings. I think it will continue with great writing and all the Vets set to come back. I just hope abc realizes what a mistake they would be making canceling GH.

  • shanamadel

    Can TPTB totally miss this as well? Wise up ABC and remove the sunglasses!

  • slj730

    These ratings prove several things that I hope ABC understands and comprehends: 1) The soap genre still is in demand, as viewers are tuning IN, not out; 2) The writing changes at General Hospital have made a positive difference; and 3) the complement of some of OLTL to this soap is a positive for the show. ABC will certainly cook its goose if these numbers continue to either rise or keep viable. General Hospital clearly is showing it has staying power. I am sure affiliates and sponsors are pleased with this rise in ratings.

  • TikiBarb

    I’m glad GH is doing better and is certainly beating the ”Revolting Revolution. I’m sorry but I do NOT believe the revolutions numbers are up I think it’s being manipulated and are pulling some of GH ratings from people turning it on a minute or so earlier. Thank You Marc Berman for keeping us updated.You ARE appreciated.

  • OwensboroSteve

    General Hospital is, in the immortal words of a famous TV theme song from another show, “movin’ on up.” The quality of the show has improved immensely since the first of February and the ratings are proving that more “eyeballs” are supporting this great show under its new leadership. I sincerely hope that Anne Sweeney and everyone at ABC is taking note that this great daytime drama is far outpacing its extremely weak lead-in, “The Revolution.” We want our soaps to continue! ABC must not continue to disrespect its viewers. Congratulations, GH!

  • Camk1959

    Happy to hear it ,, Go GH and bring Back OLTL too ..soaps are not dead..they are amazing..

  • Frankie

    I am loving me some General Hospital right now especially with some of One Life To Live’s cast on there, but I miss OLTL so very, very much. Anne Sweeney please cancel the Revolution and put OLTL back on. We love those soaps and there are a lot of us who won’t be watching the Revolution or the Chew EVER!!!! I’m glad to see GH’s ratings have come up and I pray they will continue to rise!!!!! Way to go GH…..Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  • SSW71

    This is GREAT news that GH numbers are up . My fellow SOAPERS lets keep it up! I think RC & FV are doing a terrifice job with GH! Thanks RC & FV for such great writing the show is mpre enjoyable now !

  • PaulaKate

    The Revolution, amounts to nothing more than absolute “tripe” that is a travesty which is and has been driving away viewers in droves.

    Currently on ABC Daytime, all “eyeballs” are on General Hospital.

    Under the incredible team of Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati who brought some of the OLTL characters to the fictional town of Port Charles, have the ratings skyrocketing as “new life” is breathed into General Hospital through new direction and great, great scripted story.

    And because General Hospital is so good that we just can’t wait for the next day’s episode, one can only feel that the great Gloria Monty must be smiling down from heaven.

    Believe it or not, Television networks and Broadcasters are in the people business, as their viewers are the people who generate millions of dollars monthly in sponsor product support and so… anyone would think that Networks and Broadcasters like ABC would care about the programming their audience want to invest their time in.
    So far, ABC seems to have looked away when it come to that, yet I am sure that they are not looking the other way at the ad revenue losses that have ensued since January 16, 2012 when with the exception of the hour that General Hospital airs, a massive tune out against ABC commenced.

    ABC should remember that Soap Viewers have represented the bulk of their daytime audience for nearly fifty years and if ABC wants its Daytime audience back, give us what we want to watch; Our soaps.

  • PaulaKate

    General Hospital: Great scripted drama, incredible direction, gifted actors that play these stories out in such fluidity the hour is up way too soon.

    I love General Hospital. I have seen this show show through all of its changes and incarnations through the years and it has never looked better! Bravo GH!

  • LindseyH

    I’m a OLTL fan and I’ve been watching GH to show my support. I am boycotting ABC/D otherwise. I think it’s a neat idea that the Mannings and John McBain are on GH even for a short time.

  • Casey Costello

    Anne Sweeney is going to have some serious s’plaining to do if GH is cancelled next month, even as its ratings rise, and The Revolution’s remains far below them. The “eyeballs” she is so keen about are in fact watching GH–and they are also watching her like a hawk, because we WILL call her out on her lies if she cancels GH.

  • Troy Turner

    GH is cookin-no doubt about it. Three or four “must see” storylines-with surprises still to come. ABC, you’ve been warned-DO NOT jerk with GH-if you think we’re a bunch of PITA’s now…just wait

  • numb3rs

    GH’s ggrowth out of The Revolution has been impressive and now with it being a completely different show thanks to Frankie V. and Ron C. GH is looking like the next OLTL except this one won’t be cancelled and it could land in OLTL’s old timeslot. The Talk better watch out if GH moves in that slot.

  • Barbara

    Great news! Sure hope this keeps the show alive and kicking until its 50th anniversary next year.

  • club425

    There aren’t enough thank you’s in the world for this great news!!! I am proud to be a GH fan again. The stories, characters, and just everything has been amazing since Frank and Ron have taken over the “ship”. Hope Ms. Sweeney is counting the “eyeballs” on GH and that Katie Couric is realizing that soap fans are the lead in that she wants. If GH stays I’ll give Katie a shot. If GH goes won’t watch her.

  • camille

    Thank you Marc for your article. Actually though it comes as no surprise Frank and Ron are brilliant at their craft. They are going back to basics the roots of the show and bringing back fan favorites At the same time they are bringing 4 core Characters from OLTL over and including them in the storyline…. it would be impossible for this show to miss. Bravo Frank and Ron…. so enjoying the show and the hour just flys bye.

  • iluvssw

    There really isn’t any justification for ABC/Disney, at this point, to cancel GH! The rating are only going to continue to climb, as I am confident that GH is going to become much more appealing to long time viewers and to newbies. Ron and Frank rock and so do my fellow Soapers!

  • tinafg

    Thanks so much for your support, Marc! I miss AMC and One Life sooooo much, so I’m grateful that I still have my GH! Heaven help you, ABC/Disney if you do the wrong thing!

    • marcberman

      Happy to help out. General Hospital needs to stay on the air!

  • Amanda83347

    I’m glad to read that General Hospital’s ratings are on the way up. If General Hospital is cancelled it’s pretty much a sure thing that the soap fans that ABC/Disney had the support from all these years will be done with tuning into them. If any show should be cancelled it needs to be the Revolution. Obviously with their horrible ratings that show gets, people just aren’t interested in that garbage!

  • ShannonB

    I am so happy that GH is on the rise again. This, along with OLTL have been mainstays in my home for decades and I am thrilled to be able to keep watching in whatever form it takes. I think that Ron & Frank are doing a great job and love the possibilities of a Sonny/Carly vs. Todd/Blair tussel. I know there are some fans on both sides of the stories who are upset about the “merge” of stories; to them I say that in a perfect world we’d all have our shows back be it Pine Valley, Llanview or Port Charles. This is definitely not a perfect world; I would really like all the soap fans to remember that we should all try to work together to save not only GH, but the entire genre as well. Soaps are NOT a dead genre, we all know that. Our job as fans should not be to spread hate & negativity about each other’s stories but to support each other’s stories in whatever form we can get them in.

  • Barbara

    Comment still awaiting moderation??? It’s still good news.

  • Jason

    Glad to hear that, and maybe soon ABC can see that we want our soaps, and not those stupid shows that they replaced AMC and OLTL with.

  • MistyV76

    These ratings could happen every week day if ABC would bring back the same lineup they had this time a year and a half ago. Stop the talk shows and bring back scripted drama for the afternoon. I am loving GH, it’s the best daytime drama on today, in my opinion. New characters from One Life To Live are making this soap so much more interesting. This is daytime drama at it’s best.

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