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General Hospital Consistent to One Year Earlier

September 27, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 60 Comments
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General Hospital on ABC has settled in comfortably weekdays at 2 p.m., building from lead-in The Chew across the board and maintaining audience levels from one year earlier (when it aired at 3 p.m.). Based on the Live Plus Same Day data from Nielsen for the week of Sept. 17, General Hospital versus The Chew increased by 350,000 total viewers (2.23 to 2.58 million), 45 percent in women 18-49 (419,000 to 609,000), 43 percent in women 25-54 (564,000 to 808,000) and 34 percent among women 18-34 (149,000 to 200,000). And General Hospital compared to one year earlier was on par in total viewers and women 18-34, with erosion of just nine percent and eight percent, respectively, among women 18-49 and 25-54. The Chew, in contrast, continues to trail All My Children from one year earlier by double-digit percentages.

The View on ABC led the week, of course, with 3.22 million viewers (a nine-week high), ranking first overall in daytime among women 18-34 (205,000) and followed closely by General Hospital. The View also rose to its largest audience in 11 weeks in women 18-49 (630,000) and women 25-54 (777,000). The Talk on CBS, meanwhile, averaged 1.99 million viewers (+11 percent from the year-ago week), with minor losses in the three key female demos.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

TV Land Eyes Kirstie Alley
TNT Renews Major Crimes

  • Debbie Joyce

    Soap fans will follow their shows to any time slot, will tape, dvr, watch on SOAPnet, or online. TPTB refuse to realize that no one will be as loyal to a talk show in the afternoon when there are other serial dramas to turn to on other networks.

    • Pat


      If “no one will be as loyal to a talk show in the afternoon” than a soap opera, then please explain how The Chew and The Talk have established themselves. Also, please explain how Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and Ellen (syndicated talkers airing mostly in afternoon slots) continue to soldier on and grow. What about the decent sampling for Katie and Steve Harvey? How did Oprah, Phil Donahue, and Geraldo Rivera last and thrive for so many years? How does Judge Judy manage to consistently pull 6.0’s and 8 million viewers? There seems to be a disconnect here between what certain bitter soap fans watch and what the vast majority of daytime viewers watch, if you ask me.

      I’m not sure what you’re looking at, but it sure does not appear that most former viewers of the recently cancelled soaps have moved over to the remaining ones. The reality is that many more daytime viewers these days are watching talk and courtroom shows than soaps. Nice try.

      • Debbie Joyce

        Do you know anyone that will go out of their way to watch any of these talk shows? People I know my watch some of them if they are home, but will never dvr them to watch later on a daily basis.

        The majority of my friends have switched to watching cable shows in the timeslots that soaps once occupied if they are not interested in the other offerings on network.

        Once again soap fans are loyal and for years would attend soap events that ABC sponsored like Super Soap Weekend. Fan events are selling out to see the actors all across the country. I highly doubt that people would travel to see the hosts of The Chew in person. The Revolution was so awful they put out casting calls for actors to play audience members and paid them to sit thru a taping.

        And as for your comment “if you ask me”, I don’t believe I did. I stated my opinion and if you don’t like it that’s your option.

        • Richard_G

          I know plenty of people that DVR the talk shows. My brother and his wife are big fans of Jerry Springer and Judge Judy. They both work days so they DVR them everyday.

          My sister DVR’d Oprah for years. And still DVR’s Dr. Phil.

          My aunt DVR’s The Chew so that she can back and write down the recipes even though she watches it live. The last 2 soaps she watched were GL and ATWT. Since they have been gone she watches the talk shows instead of the 4 remaining soaps.

          Just because you can’t fathom that anyone would doesn’t mean that they don’t.

          I personally hate the talk shows, but I also hate the 4 soaps that are remaining. I have tried to give GH chances, but this week with the Liz stuff so out of character. My patience with the show is running out. Add to that Ron C.’s clear unprofessional behavior on Twitter just leaves me with a bad taste. I don’t want to support a show that pays someone like him to work for it.

      • Troy Turner

        Once again, you are telling half-truths, if not outright lies to push your anti-soap agenda. At best, you are deliberately trying to compare apples and oranges. The Chew and The Talk HAVE NOT and WILL NEVER establish themselves as soap replacement shows. And the other shows you mentioned are just common syndicated fare. The tide is turning-noone will EVER watch a soap replacement show on a major network, simple as that

        • Pat


          Yeah, “no one will ever watch a soap replacement show on a major network, simple as that.” And you represent “millions of soap fans”. LOL, HAHAHA!! You should really be a stand-up comedian.

          What a stubborn crybaby you are. WAA!! You’re so delusional, it’s downright pathetic and sad. If you’re going to type bogus, false propaganda/nonsense on this site, expect to be called out in your face for the asinine fool that you are. No matter what garbage you type, you’re nothing more than an infinitely tiny, pea-sized MINORITY, period/case closed.

          Whether you like it or not, The Chew and The Talk DO NOT have to get ratings as high as the soaps for them to be considered successful, and they’ve each cultivated an audience that likes them. Regardless of what you say, they HAVE established themselves on ABC and CBS respectively, which seem happy with their performances. So they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. You can moan, whine, and throw a tantrum all you want about that, but that’s REALITY and it’s NOT changing any time soon. Get over yourself already, you idiot. If you read aloud to executives at ABC/Disney and CBS the things you typed here, they’d laugh so hard in your face and tell you to go back to your home planet. You must be wearing a “Kick Me” sign and should also put on a dunce cap on while you’re at it.

          You are nothing more than a bitter, delusional, stubborn fool who refuses to see the clear reality in this situation when any sane person (which accounts for, oh, roughly 99.9% of us in the country) can tell you that you’re so far outnumbered with this soap obsession that it’s comical, simple as that. Have fun pushing that boulder way up the mile-high mountain.

          Just wondering, Do you live your own real life ignoring everything that really exists just to suit your own twisted agenda? Do you actually have a life? Judging by your comments here, I suggest you get one.

          • Pat


            All you’re typing here is a load of sour grapes that’s as fresh as rotten eggs. Not one normal person anywhere reading your tired garbage feels one ounce of sympathy for you and is buying your total B.S. You’re not fooling anyone, end of story. It’s long past time to get over yourself already!. And you have the gall to wonder aloud why no one will take you “soapers” (all 5 of you-LOL) seriously. Gee, I wonder why.

          • Troy Turner


            You doth protest too much-the numbers don’t lie here, but you keep saying they do for no other reason but to further your own anti-soap agenda-What’s that, you don’t have one. Sorry, pal, there’s just too much evidence too the contrary. We don’t hear ANYTHING from you or your anti-soap brigade for months, but then you-and others-decide to chase us all over the Internet spouting half truths, if not outright lies for no other reason than to cause trouble and division. We’re on to you, and we will NOT stand for it.

            Back to the matter at hand-By YOUR own twisted logic, why aren’t The Chew and The Talk beating GH in the ratings… And I’m sure they’re both THRILLED with their paltry ratings.

            Bottom line-we soapers have scoreboard, and you can’t handle it…

          • Pat


            Just curious, are you on crack? If not, what is it that you’re smoking?

            I speak for the masses who read this board when I say this- Do yourself a favor and get over your pathetic self, grow up already, and get an actual life- you clueless buffoon. You’re a whining crybaby throwing a temper tantrum because you’re in the tiny minority not getting your way. And I’ve got news for you- you NEVER will. WAA!!

            Your mommy should be alerted that you badly need your pacifier and a diaper change in your crib before you play in the sandbox.

          • marcberman

            The next time you call someone a name, Pat, it is off you go.

  • nmelman

    Every day the news about the Chew is dumb and dumber. ABC will never learn. Everyone knows why they are at the bottom of everything. Katie from what I have read is even worse. I have spoken to people that watch her and they are bored and unhappy. When will all of this end? GH is the only really great show on ABC and now they are interrupting all my cable networks with their crappy advertising. Today I was watching TNT and it was advertising 2 shows on ABC. I was confused and did not even know what I was watching. All the other network and cable advertising that they do is because no one watches their shows. I for one cannot stand them and if it wasn’t for GH they would be permanently out of my life.

  • carolc

    Just as GH is “consistent”, so are soap fans. We have not wavered in our belief that the soaps should be included in our daily television lineups. Too many have been cancelled and we will keep speaking out until there is a dedicated channel to honoring all soaps – past and present. With so many talk shows on the air right now, GH is a breath of fresh air.

  • krism

    With so many talk/reality shows on the air right now, you would think that a Network executive would want their channel to stand out from the rest. GH is a unique show with many loyal followers and deserves to remain on the air for many years. The Network may be saving money in production costs but, if it’s losing viewers (ratings), than the advertisers may choose to spend their money elsewhere.

  • camille

    This is another example of how Soaps are still in such great demand. General Hospital is consistant and now just behind The View and that has always been ABC’s Pride and Joy in daytime, Soap fans are a loyal bunch and they will follow their soaps no matter where or what time they might be playing. I hope someone realizes that once and for all because they would have millions of viewers.

  • Pat


    The truth is that The Chew does not need to equal or surpass AMC’s ratings from last year to make money because it’s much cheaper to produce. In fact, ABC does not even expect it to do that. ABC seems to be happy with how The Chew is performing. Too often, you seem to only consider the raw numbers and don’t factor in the large production cost difference between talk shows and soaps. That surely matters a great deal to ABC in terms of calculating the profitability of their shows. It’s largely what ABC will use when it comes time to make their ultimate decision on whether or not GH will survive past its 50th anniversary next spring, most likely.

    I appreciate the ratings info that you provide here. But in reading your analysis of those ratings, it clearly seems that you have a negative bias against ABC for the daytime decisions they’ve made in the last two years, but not against CBS for making similar decisions in the two years before that.

    You’re certainly entitled to your opinions. But you need to understand that no matter how loud and ill-mannered they come across or how they claim (falsely) to speak for “millions of soap fans”, these bitter online ABC soap fans making boycott threats make up, in reality, an extremely tiny minority of the dwindling pool of daytime soap viewers and even less than that of the general population. They just refuse to accept the clear reality that they’re far outnumbered. I feel I speak for many when I say that the silent vast majority reading your site (neither pro-soaps/ABC nor anti-soapsABC) wishes that you would show more objectivity in your daytime ratings commentary.

    • Duncey

      Are you employed by ABC or something?

      • Rob

        Are you employed at Soap Opera Digest or something?

      • Richard_G

        I love how when folks have nothing logical or intelligent to say they pull out the old “you must work for” crap.

        I guess the idea that someone out there might be thinking intelligently for themselves is out of the question.

      • Pat

        No, I’m not an ABC/Disney executive, employee, shareholder, etc. I’m merely being honest.

      • moshane58

        If you follow Marc he watching ABC.So get facts before you make a comment.He also tell what he thinks of other network shows so does that make him bias on them to.Good grief.Everyone knows we are pissed soap and Katie cost 80 million before the first week even started.Doesn’t cost that much for two soaps a year.Her pay alone is enough to fund a soap for a year.Mario cost 6000 a day just for him and thats not the rest of his other’s on there and production its just Anne Sweeney is really just a soap hater.Really look at overll ABC now and what place there in.Looks like they lost alot of veiwers at night to.So where are they saving.

    • KathyMarshall

      Ratings are monitored strictly to set advertising rates, it makes no difference if a show cost 40% less to produce if the numbers that are coming in via the Neilsen’s are below the show it replaced. The 40% only applies if the ratings are at least the same. Lower ratings mean lower ad revenue for the entire daytime block. So while ABC may spend less on a show, it’s ratings can affect the entire lineup. Why do you think The Chew is featuring GH stars? It is an attempt to bring in more viewers.

      • Richard_G

        But ABC’s daytime lineup has been increasing on a whole for the last few weeks.

        The week before GH moved to a new time slot, The Chew was up. It had it’s highest rating since April. And GAA was up that week too. It got it’s highest ratings since the first week it aired.

        The View has been doing better too.

        Despite what is reported here, The Chew was actually up this week.

        From ABC’s press release where they praised all of their daytime lineup:

        Surging by double-digit percentages week to week in core measures, “The Chew” spiked to a 21-week high in Total Viewers (2.23 million – since week of 4/2312) and to 17-week highs in Women 18-49 (419,000) and Women 25-54 (564,000) – since week of 5/21/12.

        That was before the GH stars were brought on.

        Many weeks The Chew actually beats The Talk.

        With The Chew building an audience, an effective partnership of the shows like CBS is doing with The Talk and it’s soaps can be good not just for The Chew but also for GH.

        Right now GH can use any promotion it can get. And increasing the whole lineup’s ratings is best for GH too. Appearances on other ABC daytime shows is a great way to promote it and bring in more viewers for each show.

    • marcberman

      I do not have a negative bias towards ABC in daytime, Pat. In fact, I have been accused of being too nice to Katie. I just call it like I see it and canceling two daytime institution within a short time of each other was the wrong decision. That is my opinion.

      • Richard_G

        But again you totally ignore that ABC was not the only one that did this. CBS did it first. They cancelled 2 even longer institutions in a short time.

        The way you report your daytime ratings, you totally ignore the fans of those 2 shows and act as if the loss of their shows was in no way as important to them.

        Despite what so many think ABC is not the first network to cancel long-running shows. Or long-running soaps. And replaced them with talk shows or game shows or other shows. And I can guarantee you that they will not be the last.

        • moshane58

          Did you ever ask Marc for ratings at the time?He was ask to keep us updated.So don’t blame it on him.He will help out anyone who ask.

          • Richard_G

            Do you suddenly feel you have to defend Marc Berman? From his videos it looks like he is an adult. I think he can defend himself.

            Again the site is called TV Media Insights. It is not called “Ask Me For What You Want And I’ll Give It To You Insights” or “ABC Soaps Insights”.

            He is not supposed to just keep some of his readers informed. From the description over on the side it says: “one stop shop for television and media”. If he is only going to report on part of the story, then he needs to change the name. Or if he is only going to report what people want then he needs to change the name and description of the site.

            There are more people who come here than just ABC soap opera fans.

            He brought up The Chew in the post. I just added information that was reported on another site that was not reflected in another post. I already had that information so didn’t need to ask for it. I passed it on for others might want to know the full picture.

            Sorry you have such a problem with that. And sorry that you evidently can’t handle that.

  • Duncey

    It’s amazing how fast GH fans have settled into this new timeslot putting up the same ratings OLTL was putting up when it started getting hot in that timeslot a couple of years ago.

    • Richard_G

      OLTL did not start getting hot in this timeslot until last year. The year before was when they had the declining ratings that lead to the big mass firings. Which then led to it’s low sweeps in Feb 2011 and led to it’s being cancelled. The ratings did not start going up for OLTL until last year after it was announced it would be cancelled. Then they peaked during the fall, dropped some and came back up in the last few weeks.

      If you compare the ratings esp. the 18-49, GH is under what OLTL was doing this time last year. In fact from the GH numbers that were posted on another site so far for the same week, GH is under OLTL in 18-49 viewers and Total Viewers. The only thing they are equal to OLTL in is in the 18-34. In fact GH is even lower in the 18-49 viewers than they were last year at this time.

      The good news is that the drops are not significant drops. Which works well in GH’s favor but whether it will still be enough to save them is the question that only ABC will be able to answer.

      My biggest fear is that ABC soap fans are going to be too stubborn to help ABC.

      CBS soap fans seem to be more forgiving and CBS is using The Talk to help promote both Y&R and B&B. CBS soap fans are tuning in and CBS is eating it up and continuing.

      ABC is trying to promote GH more and even using it’s present line-up to do so, but ABC soap fans are so bitter that they are attacking ABC for even trying. IN the end ABC might just say to heck with it. In the end boycotting might end up biting them.

      I applaud ABC for trying to promote GH and for trying to make the lineup work. There are rumors that ABC is thinking of giving all the time slots to the affiliates and program nothing after GMA in the mornings. As part of the rumor they would syndicate The View and some say The Chew but GH would not be syndicated. Likely it would be cancelled as part of this plan.

      I don’t watch The Chew ever but not because it replaced a soap opera. I just don’t like talk shows or that type of show. But I say if ABC can use it and it helps both The Chew and GH go for it. It is definitely working for CBS right now.

      • Troy Turner

        If you are/were just a fan of GH, then this week’s Chew cross-promotion works out just fine. But for those of us that were fans of any combination, or all three ABC soaps-we WILL NOT be held responsible for any success The Chew may have. If GH picks up viewers from The Chew’s so-called audience, we’ll take them in-but the bottom line is that The Chew must go down, and it must go down HARD

        • Pat


          Get over yourself, you crybaby.

        • Pat

          Yeah, The Chew “must go down HARD”. LOL-HAHAHA!! Dream on.

        • Richard_G

          Troy, As Pat said get over yourself. And quit the whining and the cry baby routine.

          And good luck with The Chew going down hard. Funny GH only increased by a little bit in some areas this week. The Chew has increased by double digit percentages and setting 17 and 21 week highs. Sounds like it is really going down hard.

          The numbers that have been reported on other sites for GH show it keeping the same number in 18-34 it has had for a few weeks now (.6). It gained 22,000 viewers in 18-49 but last week it lost 21,000 and is gained a little in total viewers but doesn’t even make up for all the viewers it has lost in the last few weeks. Sounds like a lot of hoopla over nothing.

  • Richard_G

    This will probably get deleted as Marc loves to delete my comments. But here goes for now. Hopefully some will see the truth.

    All this is great news but here’s the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say.

    From ABC’s press release where they praised all of their daytime lineup:

    Surging by double-digit percentages week to week in core measures, “The Chew” spiked to a 21-week high in Total Viewers (2.23 million – since week of 4/2312) and to 17-week highs in Women 18-49 (419,000) and Women 25-54 (564,000) – since week of 5/21/12.

    And as to the comparison with The Chew from last years AMC — that was the week of AMC’s finale when ratings were big for the show. Compared to previous weeks of the shows ratings the final week was definitely not a normal week for the show. If all those viewers had been watching AMC all along, the show might not have been cancelled. But all those folks tuned in to say goodbye. The show was up 157,000 viewers in 18-49 that final week.

    • marcberman

      I will not delete your comments if you act like a professional.

      • Richard_G

        Wow and you wonder why some of us think you have a bias. You are worried about professional when it comes to some things. But you allow the posts to stay that attack us. Or are just simple nuisance posts like “Looks like The Chew trolls are back”. Yep those posts are very professional.

        Sorry not trying to be rude just trying to point out why some of us think you have an agenda and a bias.

        I guess as long as a rude, sarcastic, or attacking comment sticks with that agenda then it is deemed professional and can stay.

    • moshane58

      Richard G we know there is more to ratings but Marc is posting the part we want.How it doing in ratings now.We know AMC ended last year.We knowthat only Neilsen box holders which is 25,000 people determine this.We also no noone over 54 is not even allowed to be counted.So really millions are not counted everyday.The soaps are alot higher but we got to take Neilsen ratings only.As far as Marc he post the ratings for his veiwers to understand and doesn’t try to complicate it more.So leave Marc out of it.We know The whole ratings is outdated to when there was no cable and only 4 networks.So whats your point.Outdated ratings?Even the networks know it so let them get scewed to.As I see it CBS is very much loved by Neilsen.Everyone notices it.Is there an even amount of Neilsen boxes disturbed to soap fans.No.We have done read enough from people who had boxes and how it works and how you can boost your favorite show and some that said no matter what they watch it never made it in the top ten.So why is there age discremination and outdated Neilsen controlling what we watch?tell me how 25.000 box can tell whats on 100,000.000 million Tv’s.And why did Neilsen decide Okay higher ratings at the end of soaps.Seems to me these Neilsen box holders wouldn’t change there veiwing habit for a show they didn’t watch.Alot of unexplained going on in Neilsen and lay off Marc he only reports what we ask.He is trying to give everyone there ratings without having to get down to the finale date.what happen last week,and oh it was the end.He wouldn’t be reporting this if we hadn’t ask him to.So for all the grippers about all the talkers that is a zillion isn’t it he does what people ask.We ask for these certain get off him.

      • jay

        Nielsen counts and dissects viewers in every imaginable way…gender, age, income level, etc. It’s not that people over 54 aren’t “allowed to be counted”, it’s that they do not have as much value to advertisers as younger people. Since it is advertisers that supply a network with the bulk of their revenue, the networks want to keep them happy. Hence the obsession with viewers between the ages of 18 and 49. People over the age of 54 are included in the total viewer counts.

      • Richard_G

        Have you ever heard of a space button.

        And I guess you can answer for what everyone else wants. Marc Berman runs a site for everyone — not just soap fans and not just ABC soap fans.

        I come here to get full ratings reports — not just the ABC soaps and how the shows relate to the cancelled ABC soaps.

        The site is called TV Media Insights — not ABC Soaps Insight. If it was called that I would not ask for the full ratings picture.

        As to your other complaints, the old tired Nielsen is outdated excuse is just that an excuse. Funny when GH ratings are up everyone ignores that because the ratings are true then. When GH or a show that someone likes goes down, then it is always brought up that Nielsen is outdated.

        As Jay said it is not Nielsen that puts an emphasis on the 18-49 — it is advertisers. They want the 18-49 viewers and are willing to pay higher advertising rates for shows that can deliver them. In daytime the advertisers want the 18-49 female viewers. Nielsen only reports the numbers. The advertisers set what they want. And they want the 18-49 viewers. And the networks have to put on shows that will deliver them in order to get the advertising bucks.

  • susanmz

    I am so glad GH is doing well. I couldn’t take it if it were cancelled.
    Thank you so much, Marc, for keeping us faithfully updated.

  • Rob

    Moshane 58,

    Mr.Berman started to post the ratings of The Talk only in September 2011 when The Chew premiered. So prior to September 2011, there was no reason for people to know that Mr.Berman had access to the ratings of The Talk, let along asking him about these ratings.

    The reason why people are so angry with Mr.Berman is that he puts down The Chew while applauding The Talk, when both talk shows replaced soap operas in their respective network. Even when The Talk has lower ratings than The Chew, Mr.Berman finds a way to make The Talk look good and The Chew look bad. If Mr.Berman had bashed The Talk has equally as he does to The Chew, chances are that people wouldn’t have been so upset with him . But the way Mr.Berman does things right now by trashing the ABC replacement shows while praising The Talk gives the impression that he is pursuing an anti-ABC agenda.

    If you look at the avatar of Richard G, you will see that it is actually a character from As The World Turns, indicating that Richard G was probably a fan of that soap opera. Richard G even admitted in one of his posts above that he does not watch The Chew and that he’s not particularly a fan of talk shows. But you can understand Richard’s frustration of seeing Mr.Berman constantly bashing The Chew while hypocritically giving thumbs-ups to the CBS talk show that replaced his soap opera.

    • marcberman

      Just wondering…when am I applauding The Talk? Where is this “thumbs up?” And what is it exactly that I am supposed to be saying about The Chew?

      • moshane58

        The talk was on a year ago and he’s comparing how it is doing now compare to a year ago.Us ABC soap fans where not happy when NBC cancelled them.I didn’t have internet then.So didn’t have a chance to back up NBC lost soaps.Why didn’t people get on facebooks and start a revolution on lost soaps on NBC.What we are doing trying to save the genre.I don’t understad why the networks can’t put up for one week a number for people to call in if there watching and get the real total.I’d call even if I had to pay for the call.We know millions are being lefted out on the total.They know it to.Its just all what’s easy to produce.If you notice NBC has went down alot to after they cancelled soaps.These networks are not making great decisions on loyal fans.As for as the Talk don’t know any fans of it to.We are not watching talkers on any channel to support the soap genre.At least alot are.I’m burned out on the stupid things.

      • Richard_G

        I personally don’t want you to say anything about The Chew or any show. I come here to get the ratings information.

        If you are writing an editorial article add your comments and I’ll skip that article. But when you are reporting the numbers, that is what I want the numbers. Not your bias.

        And considering that other shows advertise on your site as I see those ads, I am sure they would appreciate that too.

        As said your bias was clear when you ignored The Talk ratings for so long, and then started covering them on your site when The Chew started.

        And I’ve noticed that as GAA went off, and the final weeks of AMC played out — suddenly the network talk show ratings quit being reported. Why is that?

        Sorry if folks notice an agenda. Not everyone that comes to your site is blinded by hate for ABC. Some of us do think logically and look for intelligent unbiased reporting. That is all I ask for.

        Give me the numbers and let me make up my own mind.

  • Troy Turner


    Thanks again for more positive news on GH. As I stated earlier in the week, it certainly looks like people checked it out around the time change-but are sticking around because they like what they see…

    • marcberman

      My pleasure, Troy.

  • susanmz

    The Chew trolls are back.

    • Rob

      Do you have anything constructive to say? Or you just came here to kill time in your otherwise boring life?

    • Richard_G

      Right along with the soap opera cry babies.

      Looks like Ron Carlavati wrote your script. Same old conversation and looks about like the level of what his writing could come up with.

  • Pat

    This page should really be retitled “ABC Soap Shill Insights”.

    • Richard_G

      I totally agree Pat. Maybe when Berman only has the ABC soap fans here maybe he can still fund his website.

      Makes me wonder what his advertisers would think. Because I notice it is other shows that advertise here and not the ABC soap operas.

  • moshane58

    One day a week he gives all soap ratings and your all throwing temper tamtrums.You don’t like soaps don’t read that part.He give all the ratings all day long.Think I like hearing if the chew is doing good?Don’t get on here and throw a fit about it.TV by numbers does it weekly to are you over there posting against them to for doing it.If you look at the weekly soap ratings they usually won’t give all until Friday or saturday.Its not like you can’t get them all.Its up to Neilsen when they come out.Why does it bother you that we ask him for the ABC ratings?Marc watches Shark Tank.DWTS,He’s not boycotting ABC.He just gave his opinion on The Chew in the beginning with alot of critics saying the same thing.Go back and check there’s out.There where alot harsher.He gets to see show before we do and like others gives his opinion.He’s gave bad opinions on shows I like but I don’t make it a big deal.He’s a critic its his job.He suppose to feel us n on what he thinks.He goes to all the critic tours.So why are you all gripping for him doing his damn job.Not everyone that comes to his site hate ABC.He knows we don’t like aBC but if he likes something on there he tells its good.Can’t figure out what the hell your all raising hell about for doing his job and listening to his poster.Other sites doesn’t even give a damn about your feedback.

    • Richard_G

      And why does it bother you so bad that other people have an opinion. You act as if you and Marc Berman have the exclusive rights to have an opinion. Get over it opinions are had by all. And we all have the right to voice those opinions.

      And we have the right not to have to listen to you whine and cry about it.

      There’s a movie moshane called A Few Good Men and Jack Nicholson has a great line in it. He says “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”. That line fits you so well.

      Why does it bother you to hear the truth so much or to hear other folks opinions.

      This is a public message board. You do not have to pay to join it.

      You ask why are we on here griping. Well I could ask you this why are you on here whining and crying all the time because someone is complaining about the reporting.

      You guys say you are tired of hearing the complaining. Well I am so tired of whiny cry babies who can’t handle someone having an opinion contrary to theirs. Good grief folks AMC and OLTL were just TV shows. They were not the first to be cancelled. Guiding Light and As The World Turns were on a whole lot longer than they were and their fans did whine and cry as much as you have.

      Maybe if soap opera fans would quit whining and crying about stupid stuff like this and the replacement shows and start focusing on what really matters — maybe soaps could be saved. What really matters is the bad writing, the bad production values, the stupid stunts, the bad dialogue, etc.

      As long as these hacks like Ellen Wheeler, Ron Carlavati, Frank Valentini, GAry Tomlin, Ken Corday, Brian Frons, Jill Phelps, Maria Arena Bell, Chris Goutman, etc. continue to be given free reign to ruin the soaps with their stupid stunts, their bad writing, they mysogynistic writing, etc. things will never change.

      Thousands of viewers each year tune out and these hacks behind the shows don’t care one bit. And they don’t have to because they know soap fans are so scared another show will be cancelled that they will tune in and watch. Ron Carlavati doesn’t care at all. He goes on Twitter and even attacks fans who have an opinion about what he writes for the characters they have loved for years. Just shows how much of a hack he is and how much he cares about GH. What a way to win your fans over.

      I used to have hope for the final 4 soaps but when the folks behind them keep making the same old mistakes over and over and over again there is no hope for them. Not when viewers just keep tuning out. And sure some might tune back in for a stunt every now and then but even that gets less and less all the time. Look how few tuned back in to GH for the latest stunt.

      All these hacks keep doing is driving fans further and further away. And the whiners on the message boards sure have the answer to the problem. They tell people to shut up and quit watching and quit complaining. Because they can’t handle folks having an opinion or just like moshane here they just can’t handle the truth.

      Keep whining and crying and keep your focus on the little stuff. Your missing the big picture folks. Sure OLTL and AMC got big numbers at the end. But those folks were just tuning in to say goodbye. If they had truly wanted to save the shows they would have been there everyday. But sadly most of those fans are like so many, they miss what the shows were not what they have become. And what they have become are poor shells of what they could be if the folks behind them were held accountable for the stupid stuff they put on screen.

      • marcberman

        Is it possible, Richard G, that you can post here without insulting me? The more you do it, the more foolish you sound.

      • Troy Turner


        There is an old saying that says: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, everyone is not entitled to their own facts” But, yet, you (and other people on this board) continue to dispute the very numbers that you come here claiming to want. And we soapers, who want and need these numbers just as badly because we recognize the true Big Picture here-are only left to assume that there is an anti-soap agenda to your posting. You would do us all a favor, just admit it, and move on…

        • Pat


          Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You and your pea-sized group of “soapers” (LOL) are the ones who need to move on with your lives already.

          This should a public board, not a soap opera fan board, where people with dissenting viewpoints than youself should be allowed to express themselves freely. If you actually took the time to read Richard’s comments above, he makes many valid points about GH, the state of soaps in general, etc that are very obvious. If you can’t accept truthful remarks about this situation or opinions different than the (mostly false) ones you have, then go somewhere else already.

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  • cottle

    I just have to say that the comments on these ratings articles are becoming too negative. Even the people that claim to be soapers make nasty comments and make all us soapers look stupid! I made read these articles but I probably won’t make anymore comments.

    • Troy Turner


      I apologize on behalf of all of us soapers. But, when people with agendas continue to attack not only us, but people attached to this site (and have been called out for it) over factual info-something is horribly wrong. Unlike others here, I have attempted not to make things personal. We can have differences of opinion from now until Doomsday, but let’s at least start any argument from positions of fact-not agenda

      • marcberman

        I point the finger of blame, Troy, on that trip who likes to attack. We are all entitled to our opinions here. There is nothing wrong with a good debate. But they took it too far. And I am hoping this ends before I have to take action.

        I will continue to report on General Hospital fairly.

        • Troy Turner


          I know and appreciate where you’re coming from. Thanks again for what you’re doing. Detractors aside, many of us do appreciate it…

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