INSP Hosts Richard Thomas in a Nine-Hour “Waltons” Marathon

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Richard Thomas will reminisce about his Emmy Award-winning role as eldest sibling John Boy on classic family drama “The Waltons” in a nine-episode (nine hour) marathon on Sunday, Nov. 9th on INSP. Beginning at 11 a.m. ET, Thomas will share personal memories, humorous anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories of his favorite episodes.

Airing from 1972-81 on CBS, “The Waltons” beat the odds, besting initial hefty competitors “The Mod Squad” on ABC and “The Flip Wilson Show” on NBC (rising to No. 2 overall in all of primetime – behind “All in the Family” – in the 1973-74 season). It aired for nine seasons (and 221 episodes), and won 13 Primetime Emmy Awards (including Outstanding Drama Series in season one) and a Peabody Award. Six follow-up made for television movies, to-date, have aired, with the most recent…”A Walton Easter”…on CBS in 1997. Created by Earl Hamner, Jr., “The Waltons” is based on Hamner’s book (and subsequent movie) “Spencer’s Mountain.”