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The Revolution on ABC Spirals Downward

January 20, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 196 Comments
George Stephanopoulos Ignites ABC’s This Week
American Idol Down, but Not Out

It keeps getting worse.  With weaker lead-in support, day four of new ABC daytime talker The Revolution dropped to a 1.3 rating/4 share in the metered markets, according to Nielsen.  Comparably, that was a loss of 28 percent from the lead-in average, with erosion from year-ago occupant One Life to Live of an extensive 43 percent.  Versus its already sluggish debut on Monday, The Revolution declined by 32 percent.  Also alarming yesterday, meanwhile, was immediate growth of 38 percent for lead-out General Hospital (1.8/ 6).  Word of advice to ABC: don’t make the same mistake with General Hospital that you made with All My Children and One Life to Live.

Keep in mind that total viewer tallies for The Revolution should be available by next Tuesday.  Here is the four-day overnight breakdown:

January 2011 time period average: 2.3/ 6

Monday 1/16/12
Lead-in: 2.3/ 6
The Revolution: 1.9/ 5

Tuesday 1/17/12
Lead-in: 1.9/ 6
The Revolution: 1.5/ 5

Wednesday 1/18/12
Lead-in: 2.0/ 6
The Revolution: 1.5/ 5

Thursday 1/19/12
Lead-in: 1.8/ 6
The Revolution: 1.3/ 4

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

George Stephanopoulos Ignites ABC’s This Week
American Idol Down, but Not Out

  • Debbie

    ABC’s recent decision making seems to be lacking. Supposedly this is what viewers are wanting to watch? I guess the ratings speak for themselves!

    • Francine

      This is music to my ears 😉 I hope that they go down the tubes with any show they try and put on. As far as I am concerned If they take of GH I will never watch ABC Daytime

      • http://FACEBOOK DIANE

        as GREEDY as you are why take off soaps that are making you money, the rating on our soaps were higher before you took them off to the most unintresting shows that i hear that are on now.the ratings for ABC will continue going down, if GH goes off it won’t because of ratings because we know they will be high it will be because KATIE C. wants to try and be a talk show host,and why i’m at it “katie go home a take care of your grandkids”, and sit and watch our soaps or get a hobbie, but LEAVE OUR SOAPS ALONE.

        • landview lover

          They won’t make any more money from OLTL fans. abc thought we would forget about it by now. To much good stuff on cable. After GH I turn them off. Botcott abc am & pm.

        • landview lover

          They won’t make any more money from OLTL fans. They thought we would forget about it by now.



  • Donna

    We told you so!!! Right the wrong and either put AMC and OLTL back on the air at ABC, or sell the rights back to their creator, Agnes Nixon!!!

    • Bonnie Stone

      It seems to me that ABC should admit how much money and popularity Agnes Nixon accomplished for them…now ABC how about repaying Agnes? Don’t you think this is the right thing to do?

  • moshane58

    Thank you marc for keeping us updated.Several facebook wanna know can you post the ratings for The chew ratings for this week and how it is doing against amc this time last year since oltl has been canceeled and abc cannot bleed it in oltl for ratings.We all our dyin to see

  • Tricia Callahan

    I’m so glad to see that both shows that replaced our beloved Soaps are FAILING … That is what ABC deserves .

  • Pam

    I hope ABC is getting the message loud and clear. Thanks for the update.

  • Jamie

    lol. how low can we go?

    • Terri

      I agree with all these posts! I was a faithful viewer of ABC daytime for 43 years. Sorry ABC/Disney, you have lost me and millions of others because of your greed! Either shit or get off the pot and bring back our soaps or sell them to someone who will do the right thing with them. Not hoard them like you are knowing that you made a big mistake in cancelling them and now you won’t let anyone profit from your loss so you are hanging on to them. Why??? What use are they to you? You obviously don’t want them so why are you hanging onto them? You are fools for doing this. Give the viewers what they want: You have two options or you will be losing money and most likely your network ABC (Almost Broadcasting Company) will no longer be. The two options are bring back our soaps or sell them to someone who will!!!!!

    • marcberman

      Can’t slide much lower than this!

      • gayle

        I’m liking the idea of ZERO!!!!

      •!/groups/200709853303867/ Debbie

        0.0 is still a possibility!!

        • Renee

          I would love to see them at least go below a 1.0 how awesome would that be. I would love to see the chew’s numbers fall some more too.

        • Debbie

          Like what you said Debbie 0.0 is a possibility! love the thought. Bring back our soaps.

    • Rosie


  • BringBackOLTL

    Monday’s low ratings were most likely due to the soap fans who are now tuning in to other networks. As for the consistent drop in ratings since then, it can be none other than Monday’s Revolution viewers who had seen all they wanted to see. If ABC would have just listened to their many life-long loyal viewers from the beginning, they would’ve known that we did not want this change. We did not want these shows. We wanted to keep our soaps. Regardless, they cancelled our soaps with no regard for our feelings. Now we have moved on to networks that haven’t stomped on our hearts. Sorry ABC, but you deserve this. Now, please do the right thing and stop holding Agnes Nixon’s rights to her shows hostage. We want these shows to have a chance to be picked up by another network. You wouldn’t listen to us before; listen to us now.

  • Carole

    LOL….LOL…LOL…..Brain Frons…..I guess you really can’t train your viewers like dogs….to watch what you put on daytime tv…….ABC shame on you for not giving Agnes Nixon the rights to her soaps back!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cathy

    This is what you wanted ABC! Will never watch ABC again!!!
    Give the rights of the soaps back to Agnes Nixon,
    ABC. Save a little face with the soap fans!!!!

  • krogers

    Wonderful news! ABC thinks they can replace good programing with garbage and we are all suppose to take it……..I don’t think so! Keep GH where it is in the afternoon and give Agnes Nixon back the rights to her shows ABC/Disney!!!

  • Carole

    I will never tune into either “The Spew” or “The devolution.” Boo hiss ABC for cancelling our beloved soaps, AMC and OLTL.

    • Bozena

      I love what you wrote,ABC gets what they deserve,and its gonna be even worse,trust me !!!

    • Bonnie Stone

      Not only have AMC and OLTL been cancelled, other favorite programs of ours such as Brothers and Sisters, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, and Desperate Housewives are as well.

  • Jason

    How does it feel ABC, that you were wrong about what you thought people were really wanting? lol

  • Tima

    Looks like The Chew is having dips as well. That’s a very good thing IMO it shows it was only the holidays that gave that show the “good” ratings it had.

  • Thea Sheridan

    Please, please, please continue to let us see these ratings on a daily basis. It warms the heart and makes us smile. It also is a great motivator for those of us out here fighting the good fight.


  • MaryAnne Robertson

    MUSIC to my EARS !!!! Awesome News !! I will never watch the chew or revolution period the end !! Karma coming to bite you ABC/Disney right where it counts !!!!

  • Elizabeth

    This show is gonna get canceled soon good I’m glad it’s doing bad that’s what ABC gets for canceling One Life To Live!

  • Beth

    Stupid Stupid Stupid. They take off a show that hits all of today’s important subject, Aids, Gay Marriage, bullying, interracial marriage, teen sex, abuse, mental illness, and much more. They dealt with these topics in a way that family’s could open up and talk to each other about them. Opening up not only a line of communication, but a way for parents and teens to discuss what is on their minds without fear or embarrassment. To replace it with what…. high heels make your legs look longer? Well i am sure glad i learned that………….. Wake up ABC you are suppose to be a family channel, and you took away a vital tool for family’s.

  • Lettie

    I only watch General Hospital on ABC now….they have NOTHING else I have any interest in watching day or night since they cancelled OLTL and AMC. Guess ABC is being cancelled by their EX-audience!

  • Katie

    I have a Certificate from a Trades School, though I am currently going for my Associate’s. I have no business skills and only know television as a viewer but even I knew this was going to be a disaster.

  • Jan in Greater Houston TX

    Admit it ABC, you stabbed generations of loyal daytime drama fans in the BACK. Take your CHEW and Revolution and SHOVE it. There are nearly 500 channels to find ANYTHING ELSE to watch just to boycott your terrible copycat watered down shows. There should have been room for keeping the soaps AND adding your crummy too familiar, copy cat shows. I WONT watch these shows (and 11 of my closest friends are also boycotting)…….you blew it ABC/Disney.

    • Debbie


    • Dinah

      Amen. ABC cancelled my favorite TV show of all time when they cancelled OLTL. Other than watching GH when the OLTL characters cross over I will never watch any ABC or Disney again.

  • Elayne

    “People want information, not entertainment” says Brian Frons…..”I think that’s bullsh*t” says Erika Slezak….looks like Erika was right! LOL Chew on that revolution ABC! The daytime fans have spoken!!!

  • Shari

    I know that I have totally removed all ABC television shows from my DVR and personal viewing library. I will never watch anything on ABC or any of the other Disney/ABC channels again. This includes children’s programming fr my 3 year old. Nickelodeon is now the channel of choice.

  • Heberdeze

    Erode away ABC and “Revulsion”… we will watch in amusement.

  • Lisa

    Music to my ears..I hope your ratings continue to plummet. I will only watch GH and that is it for abc. The only thing you had going for your network with me is off the air.. Now it is CBS

  • Cindy

    Soap fans knew this all along. We are making an impact and we will never stop our fight. Bring back the soaps ABC and admit your mistake! This show is a complete failure!!!

  • Jay

    Word to the wise, ABC don’t ever do this again to daytime viewers, because we do and will always find a way to bite back, also I think it’s time to pull the plug on that stupid show and bring back OLTL !

    • Laurie

      Well said Jay! No one in my family watches ABC anymore! If ABC wants to continue to be dense and let their ratings plummet then that’s their problem!

  • Martha

    I am so surprised that this show is tanking…………….NOT. Bring back AMC and OLTL!



  • Paula Kate Prince-Meserole

    Look ABC…there is a simple solution to all this ad revenue and ratings hemorrhaging you are experiencing:

    First: Cancel “The Revolution” immediately.

    Second: Get “One Life To Live” back into production immediately and get it back on the air at its regular time, stop threatening General Hospital with cancellation and realize that our soaps are sacrosanct to us…who are the several million loyal viewers that have for the last four decades made up the bulk of your ABC Daytime viewers and have demonstrated our loyalty and support of our shows by having spent billions of dollars in sponsor product purchases.

    Third: Get All My Children back into production and back on the air.

    Restore the “ABC Daytime Triple Crown of One Life to Live, All My Children and General Hospital” and never try to pull these cancellation shenanigans on us ever again.

    We the viewers represent significant advertising/sponsor product purchase amounts and as long as you keep our soaps off the air the longer you lose our support.

  • Mary

    I am so sad very sad for all the fans of that show it tanked so fast such a shame NOT! Now they know how all the fans of OLTL feel and we have such a long history with our show. Bye Bye! Now it is time to bring back real daytime tv our shows!

  • Cat

    Bring back our soaps! ABC you made a bad decision. Please fix it!

  • Lisa

    Love, Love, LOVE! ABC ditched OLTL – which was doing well in the daytime ratings and trending very strongly over the last year – all in the name of greed. Reality shows and talkers may cost less to air, yes, but what if nobody watches? Here’s a hint: commercials don’t get seen and corporate sponsors drop like flies. It’s time we urge companies advertising during The Spew and The Revolting to pull their spots. Oh, and the increase in GH numbers? We soap fans have united. I was a loyal viewer of OLTL and had never watched a single episode of GH, but I am now. ABC, I want my soaps!!!

    • Judy B

      Love to know who the sponsors are. I will not watch to find out. But will definitely boycott any who sponsor The Chew or The Revolution. Sponsors need to put the pressure on ABC to right the wrong they have done and bring back our soaps….ESP. OLTL which had great ratings and was produced under budget. Made NO sense to cancel that show and we are ANGRY!!

    • http://mediainsights Denise

      I copied and pasted the above ratings at the top of this page, for M-Th, in a letter to six corporate offices of sponsors and cited my source as TV Media Insights. The same 4-day ratings span was sent to Iger, Lee, and Dummer in e-mails. They’re definitely aware that we are gleeful about the ratings being in the toilet.

      Those ratings are a superbly useful tool. Viewers, please use them to send to all sponsors of ABC/Disney before the March 13th meeting.

    • Bonnie Stone

      I started watching GH again, after having left it about 2 years ago. I’m watching it to support the OLTL stars moving to the program and also Anna DeVane and Tristen Rogers who will be coming shortly.

  • Kelly Crews

    Well you want to know what your viewers want? Why don’t you open your deaf ears and listen!!! We want our soaps back bring back OLTL and AMC !!! Are you in the business of putting a long time running network out of business or are you wanting viewers to watch your programming? Your ratings are showing you what we want!!! From the looks of this you could loose all that money you spent getting Katie too. If you would only put the soaps back on and put Katie on at 4pm you could have had the numbers. But you let that arrogant Brian Frons convince you that veiwers would just eat any Sh** that you fed us. Well now you see he was wrong and if you keep going this way you will loose. Or are your viewers just unimportant to you. It took alot of time to build the fans that abc had and so far since September, then to January to tear it all down. Maybe the president of abc should read the story of Humpty Dumpty because if you continue on the path you are on nothing will be able to put abc back together again!!!!

  • Janice Ashton

    There’s nothing new under the sun on The Revolution. I have seen it all before. Even Tim Gunn won’t be able to make THIS turkey work…

  • Steven delattre

    Here’s a revolution for ya…. Bring back One life to Live !!!

  • Tom

    Glad to see the revolting “Revolution” is tanking! Bring back OLTL!!!

  • Michelle

    Please put One Life To Live back on the air. The Revolution is not what your viewers want. Reconsider and begin production ASAP.

  • gayle

    Let’s not forget that Disney is as responsible for this debacle as ABC….the Mouse must go too!…I’ve boycotted the hell out of Disney before the holidays….with 4 grandkids in my house, not one of them got a Disney related gift this year …NEVER happened before…now they only watch PBS and Nick Jr….This was a move Dumber than Dumbo, Goofier than Goofy and Dopier than Dopey!!!…Give your devoted 4 decade long fans what they want back or as you can see, we’ll turn on you in large numbers and your sponsers won’t see a dime of my money….ALL of them!!….tuck your tail between your legs “Mickey” and admit you chewed…oops, sorry, meant screwed up!!!

  • Shana

    I wonder when it comes down to it if righting a wrong which is costing the Disney Company ALOT is at all possible? Abc we promise not to say “we told you so” if you’ll admit you’ve made mistakes and rectify them ASAP :(

  • carolyn

    I am thrilled to hear these shows are tanking! I miss my OLTL greatly and I will only watch GH on abc now. I work in a hospital and I turn all the tvs off of ABC because I want these shows to FAIL! So much for catering to what your viewers want ABC!

  • Donna

    Ha! Ha! Bring back One Life to Live!!!!!!

  • Colleen Kaleta

    I totaly agree..Big mistake ABC is this a Revolution to you..LOL! You should have forseen it.. Bring back our soaps..

  • Brandi

    HAHA!! i love this!! You made your bed ABC and now you have to lye in it!! lol the numbers don’t lie! I Will NEVER watch The Spew or The REVOLTING Revolution, Bring BACK OLTL!!

  • Christina

    I hate to say it but I am SO glad that these shows that replaced our soaps is tanking and tanking fast. I want my OLTL back!!!

  • David

    Marc, how are The Chew numbers with respect to the trend after the holidays and compared to AMC? Looks like both shows are tanking.

  • Laura

    You should have never taken the soaps off. As a dedicated 40 year viewer of AMC I am happy to say you get what you deserve. You were wrong about the ratings and we will happily boycott your stations.

  • James Shade

    I remember Paul Lee saying they had “no good slot” for General Hospital once 3pm went back to the affiliates for that Katie Couric show. Maybe they just found a good slot…

  • Jewell

    Does ABC still want to tell viewers what we want to watch? We want our SOAPS. They need to be put back on like yesterday.

  • Stephen Parker

    Question: Since when is scripted drama/storytelling not a therapeutic tool for change and self-help? Prescription formula pop psychology, faux fashion advice, and mediocre makeovers are apparently not in vogue after all…

  • Judy B

    The only thing that would make me any happier is to hear it was cancelled and OLTL is returning.

  • Michele Carlin

    The fact that they are sooooooooo much lower than OLTL was at this time last year speaks volumes. Even though it costs less to produce, Frank Valentini always brought OLTL in way under budget. Not sure how low they have to go before sponsors pull out, but if I was a sponsor, I would pull out like Hoover did. I would sell more products to grateful, loyal soap fans! ABC/Disney needs to do the right thing and release the rights to AMC and OLTL and return them to Agnes Nixon. I am a proud SWAN, I Stand With Agnes Nixon!:)

    • Bonnie Stone

      This reminds me of an expression I’ve heard all my life….you get what you pay for. Produce low income programs and that’s what you get…low quality programs.

  • Linda A. Stradella

    ABC soap fans are united and will not watch either replacement show….give the rights for her soaps back to Agnes Nixon….

  • Chris Fleck

    ABC really needs to pee or get off the pot! Either put our shows back on the air or give the rights back to Agnes so someone who wants to make money off of them can since you are obviously not wanting to make a profit.

  • http://ABC Diane Allison

    Bring back the soaps. These lifestyle and reality are putting us in overdose mode. Your made a big boo-boo.

  • Renee

    I wonder if ABC is strong enough to stand up and admit they made a mistake by cancelling AMC and OLTL and put them back on the air? or are they too proud and will just cancel the current shows and try to move on to something else that is more ridiculous than what they are “trying to train us to watch”… I mean really, never has a more ignorant statement been made.

  • jeanette

    the revolution sucks

  • Jess

    Week 1 and they have beyond tanked. Do you think ABC has finally realized they’ve bitten off more than they can Chew (pun intended)

  • ann

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people. :)

  • Christi

    Can’t wait for the 2 replcement shows to crash and burn!

  • Maura

    Please stop being so stubborn and bring back One life to Live…We are all suffering from withdrawal!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    ABC only cares about one CHEAP can they make a show for. But eventually having no viewers is going to annoy advertisers and they will pull out. And Katie Couric will be the next to have lousy ratings..she’s no Oprah!

  • Monica

    The Spew and Revulsion – I will not watch this drivel.

    I miss AMC and OLTL!

    Brian Frons killed daytime!

  • http://Facebook Paula

    ABC should have left well enough alone.PUT THE SOAPS BACK ON TV!!!!!There are enough of FOOD AND FASHION SHOWS ALREADY!!!!!THESOAPS ARE WANTED NOT THE NEW PROGRAMS!!!!

  • Susan

    I cannot imagine that they thought that anyone would watch their redundant crap. I have recorded my soaps since high school, and, would never even think of setting the dvr for the replacement shows. As you can see from the responses here, I’m not the only one. Give the rights to these shows back to their rightful owner, so they can continue to live on elsewhere.

  • Rosie

    Sorry, thought it said how LONG can we go (without watching ABC/Disney)!!

    • Mwoda

      Forever! I haven’t watched NBC since they canceled Another World in 1999. (Now I can view their prime-time hits on cable, and they’re all new to me.)

  • Angie

    OLTL fans are smart enough to not watch this crap that like a slap in the face to viewers. ABC should have had half the loyalty to their fans that OLTL fans had for their soap. Keep GH & right the wrong done to other soaps or lose all those viewers.

  • carolc

    I’m waiting for the Disney/ABC PR “spin” department to address this issue. They are very good at deceiving. Millions of soap opera fans told them that this new replacement show would bomb but what do they care? We are only the viewers who have been loyal to their network for years. We don’t matter to them at all. Guess what Disney? We are leaving in droves and soon your daytime lineup programming will tank to the bottom of the ratings – if it isn’t there already.


    Seems ABC/DISNEY dont know jack about what ppl want to watch maybe they will get the hint now and undo the huge mistake they did by putting our soaps back on-

  • Fran

    Ok, ABC. I hope your ratings continue to drop faster than Titanic. I am boycotting your station. I will not watch anything on your station except GH. Bring back OLTL and AMC as soon as possible or sell the rights to Agnes Nixon.

  • danielle

    The message is loud and clear that ABC has lost many viewers during the AMC and OLTL time slots. The have lost longtime, loyal viewers, and eventually will lose some big sponsors/advertisers because viewership is down. Makes no sense to me! I’d rather spend a little more money on a show that I know will have millions of loyal viewers for many, many years to come, than to spend less on shows that no one will watch! It’s not too late for them to make things right. I hope they will wake up and smell the coffee!

  • emtk

    Dear ABC, You’ve pulled a “New Coke”. Take a lesson from Coca-Cola and recognize your mistake. Bring back One Life To Live and make TV history!

  • Char

    Even if they like to fantasize that soap fans have nothing valid to say AS IF their “professional” choices aren’t as ridiculous as their shows are INFOTAINMENT, more mindless than a fictional story which at least has universal truths that can be shared and discussed… their inability to recognize how RELEVANT SOAPS are, will ultimately CRUSH ABC. DISNEY will NOT HAVE THEIR PRECIOUS FAMILY CHANNEL on NETWORK TV anymore, because we will NEVER FORGET, and ONLY IF they brought the shows back, would they recover at some point in the future and finally forget. As long as we can’t turn on our shows, it will always be something that we can’t stomach watching ABC over.

  • Joe

    I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE IT!!! And “The SPEW”s ratings are dipping as well because they can’t barge into ONE LIFE’s timeslot anymore! Not only that, but it’s plain to see that the only reason THE SPEW got a slight bump on Wed. is because they somehow canoodled Paula Dean to have the show be one of the first places she divulged her medical condition. Next day, POOF! back down we go! SHAME ON YOU, BRIAN FRONS! SHAME ON ALL THE OTHER “SUITS” AT ABC/DISNEY!!!! Bring back the soaps NOW.

  • http://facebook terri

    just hoping abcd will reconsider their decisions to take off amc and oltl; and pending decision to end gh; the handwriting is on the wall…..or are you guys going to go down with the sinking ship……you need US……WE have other alternatives(CHANNELS).

  • Colleen

    I am glad to see these low ratings on the show “American’s” wanted. Not! I to wish that ABC would bring back our shows even though I know in my heart it will never happen. But they could do the right thing and give Agnes Nixon the rights to her shows back so that maybe we could watch them somewhere else. ABC does not give a hoot about their fans and never will. I will never again visit a Disney park or have anything to do with ABC/Disney. Brian Frons got what he deserved when he was axed by ABC but that is not enough, I would be happy if ABC went bankrupt except for all the other people that would loose their jobs.

  • Yvette

    Boo freakin’ hoooooo!!!

  • Sam

    See ABC nobody wants to watch stupid talk shows all day long, instead of people watching soaps on your network you forced them to go to other networks, I bet the ratings for cbs and nbcs soaps are way up. GHs ratings show be enough to tell you that we want to watch soaps not garbage talk shows. Do the right think and bring back the soaps.

  • http://BoycottABCAcrossAmerica Nathan Brookshire

    Thank you for the article, I hope the Crapolution and The Spew keep tanking, We at Boycott ABC Across America are over 5000 members and growing strong and do not plan on backing down from ABC or Disney any time soon. Bring us back our soaps as we know them.

  • amy b

    Please do the right thing & bring AMC & OLTL back. Make America people happy again!

  • DuMont

    I did watch the first half of the first episode of ‘The Revolution’, which was “brought to you by Aleve”.

    It was awful, an obvious attempt to pastiche together a bit of ‘The Doctors’ with ‘Extreme Makeover’ and other fix yourself up type shows.

    As Miss Whoopi Goldberg remarked last Friday, “I pity the fool who cancelled ‘One Life to Live'”.

    And, no matter what ails me, I shall never reach for Aleve, the prime sponsor of the show that killed ‘One Life to Live’.

  • Dolly


  • Martha

    You forget that this show is helping people….

  • ang

    Yes! Now, bring back the soaps!!!!

  • Rachael

    We warned ABC that nobody would want to watch ” The Revolution “. Too bad they didn’t listen to what the fans wanted. You better put our Soaps back on ABC…. You’re losing your audience

  • fred

    Heads should roll at ABC…meanwhile somebody could make some money with a new production of OLTL!

  • Kel

    I hope ABC is happy now. They made a terrible mistake. We need soaps, not more information! There are other channels and real life doctors and holistic practitioners offering information. We need our soaps back as they were our only escape during the day. I can’t believe they think that we’ll just forgive and forget watch these replacement programs. Not gonna happen. Not in my household. So if The Revolution is tanking, ABC brought it on themselves. Bring back AMC and OLTL and watch the numbers go back up.

  • Nancy

    Great news! Smarten up ABC & bring back AMC & OLTL or at the very least turn over the rights to these fine shows to their creator, Agnes Nixon. Looks like it would be a wise business decision to keep General Hospital going strong and on your daytime line-up. Until such time that ABC remedies this situation, I will only be watching ABC for General Hospital at 3 PM Eastern. No ABC Family, Disney Channel or ESPN for my household too!

  • Trapper

    The ratings speak for themselves. Fans of One Life to Live have no use for these idiotic “lifestyle” shows that try to tell us we’re simply not good enough the way we are.

    Viewers are smart and savvy enough to know when someone is ignoring their intelligence and talking down to them as to how they need to “improve” themselves.

    We’re taking our money and viewing preferences to networks that don’t take us for granted, and don’t treat us as sheep that will watch anything in the time slot.

  • Soap fan

    I guess ABC and Disney is learning that viewers can’t be trained like they were hoping and that soaps still do matter. No way will the Spew or The Revulsion last 48 years. Those crappy shows will be lucky if they last a month. Nobody will fight to keep them on air. The only show I watch on ABC is General Hospital. If ABC was smart, they would sell the rights to AMC and OLTL and for once do right by the fans because we won’t stop fighting for these shows. Long live the soaps!!!!

  • Julie

    ABC made a BIG MISTAKE taking our beloved Soaps off of the air….I for one am making a huge effort to not watch ABC in the mornings or in the afternoons!! I am still so sad and mad at ABC…..I feel a huge loss losing my daytime families!!!
    Shame on you ABC!!!

  • Lori

    This is great news for soap fans & not surprising at all!! There was no reason to cancel our soaps, you were warned what would happen & it has come true. Do the right thing now & bring back OLTL & give all rights for AMC & OLTL back to Agnes Nixon!

  • Lindseu

    Looks like time to bring All My Children and One Life To Live back! Woohooo!

  • Katrina

    Bring back AMC and OLTL or your ratings will continue to drop and you will lose even more money… We will fight till the end, lets just hope your smart and wave the little white flag and give us viewers what we want, our Soaps!

  • kerryg

    this is what we lost our beloved soaps for give me a breadk 1.3 i cant wait to see how low, wonder if the genious’s at abc realized yet what a mistake they made and we are serious about not wathcing abc for anything,its reallly not that hard to do the right thing but i guess for some greed takes over but like ive thought what good is cheap if no watches the netowrid at all i want this show as lkow as it can be.

  • Eileen

    Gee ABC, How much longer will Advertisers support these embarrassing shows? Are you taking Notes as to what your Loyal Viewers Wanted? Scripted Quality Soaps! Not these dime a dozen food and feel better about you shows. Now give Ms. Nixon back her rights to HER shows before you do Further damage. 1.0 by the end of next week anyone?

    • Bonnie Stone

      Eileen, by the end of next week sounds great!

  • Kathy

    Bring back All My Children and One Life to Life. Glad to see people realize how horrible The Chew and The Revolution are. The only reason The Chew has any ratings is because people are not turning it off fast enough from the previous show. The Chew is going down in viewership because they can not pick up OLTL viewers any longer. I hope these shows continue to drop. The ratings for The Revolution will drop again when GH goes off the air. There is no ABC shows in my house.

  • brenda

    Love it …..big mistake abc/disney

    • http://mediainsights Denise

      How soon will the Friday ratings come in for The Revolution? 1.3 yesterday (Thursday). Anyone taking bets for Friday’s ratings?

  • Diane

    I cannot be TRAINED to watch a new daytime show. I didn’t watch these shows because of WHEN they were on but because of the ongoing plots and characters. They were not cancelled because they weren’t making money but because the powers that be didn’t understand their audience. We are not slovenly, bon-bon eating, lazy women sitting in front of the TV all day. We are discriminating, intellegent PEOPLE of both genders who appreciate the value of tradition and good story telling. SHAME ON YOU ABC AND DISNEY!

  • AVMasala

    Hey…abc/Disney…Want viewers? Give us something worth watching! Bring back One Life to Live!!

  • Kristinna

    I really miss All My Children and One Life to Live. I tried watching some of the other soaps, and it just isn’t the same. I am 33 and have spent my entire life watching these two soaps because my Grandmother watched them, then my Mother, and I was introduced as a child. My friends and I would use our VCR’s while were in school and now I use DVRs. Loosing these two shows is like loosing a part of our souls. I know it is just TV and I have a real life. I am finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree and am married with 5 children. I really was looking forward to starting my oldest daughter when she hits her teenage years because thanks to watching these two soaps, I saw what drugs, drinking, and sex did to young people and I believe they teach valuable lessons to young adults. Please bring back these shows, these new shows are terrible! Thanks!

  • Yeti5

    Horrible decision ABC!!! Bring back OLTL now and restore your ratings

  • Patty

    You FOOLS at ABC, you thought we would accept your pathetic replacement shows, instead of our “SOAPS” which by the way, not only has excellent stories/writing and superb actors, ( many who have gone onto hollywood and launched their careers on a soap) but have given us the fans what we wanted- escape from all the other reality shows, escape from our problems thru 43 years and have provided us with an hour each day to laugh, to cry, to be informed of social issues that effect a nation and a world. I dont want another food show, or a show that tells me how to be prettier or thinner. I want romance, family stories, and laughter. YOU WILL BE SO SORRY YOU DID THIS TO YOUR NETWORK AND OUR SHOWS. Give Agnes Nixon her rights, they belong to her to do what she wants with them, and to bring them into our homes and hearts once again!

  • Mary

    Oh, that is just too bad that The Revolutions ratings are bad…ABC made a HUGE mistake in cancelling both All My Children and One Life to Live and now they are paying for it. I actually like Ty but refuse to watch ANYTHING in those time slots or ABC since cancelling the two shows. Put them back on the air or give Agnes Nixon back the rights to the shows!

  • Ricky

    ABC, You are MORONS !!! You should have left AMC on the Air, You should have left OLTL on the Air. GH is dying, and Oprah left. You could have introduced your crappy show at 4pm when Oprah vacated. You should have cancelled GH and Katie there. The FANS would have adopted the new show at 4 since Oprah left and they would not have hated the show. Everyone knows GH is dying and that show should have been the one cancelled. Do I have to run the show around here !!!!! You people are very poor business folks. What schools did you go to ???

  • Ricky

    Then you could have sent half the cast of GH to AMC and the other half to OLTL. That would have been cool. The FANS would have accepted it and you could have gradually skinned some of the fat and took away all the production costs of GH since it was not doing well in the ratings anyway. ABC . your a bunch of nincompoops !!!!

  • Loretta Jamar

    Definitely music to my ears, i will never watch that show

  • Barbara Schuima

    Not surprised. It will NOT get better.Bring back the soaps.”The Spew” (chew) and the revolting Revolution are not entertaining. WE WILL NEVER STOP FIGHTING FOR OUR SOAPS and we NOT ever watch a replacement show !!!!!

  • Michelle

    Is there any awards for the least viewed program ever on TV cause I think this shows may actually win it.

  • Peggy

    Uhh…did we not warn ABC this would happen?? I would rather poke my eyes out than watch those two shows! Bring back AMC and OLTL!!

  • angie

    Put One Life to Live back on. I want to be entertained!!!!

  • Linde Bally

    So did you really think ABC i would set my DVR and watch your replacement shows when the soaps have been in my life since i was a kid.I was a very faithful viewer of ABC.My DVR does not set to record garbage.I am 37 and i hate reality T.V. i always will.You have made the biggest mistake ever.I have made it my personal goal to get people away from your network i have told everyone about what your network is about and how you care less about your viewers.You really need to bring our soaps back.I will continue to get viewers away from your network

  • Chrisann D

    The Revolution is tanking but I bet for Friday the ratings increase not much and not enough to matter but from what I have heard the whole week they makeover some pathetic woman and transform her into someone we should all want to be like. Then on Friday they reveal their CREATION….man is that what they think of the average women. They are telling us look we can make you better because right now you shouldn’t be out in public. Well ABC you should have thought before you told us we weren’t good enough. I do believe now we are saying “We are TOO GOOD and TOO SMART for you. If you want to dummy down thats fine but you won’t be taking us with you!

  • Barbara Schuima

    I know these shows will tank.Who are they to say “we need their help” ??? They need OUR help and they’re Not going to get it !!!! BRING BACK OLTL and AMC !!!!

  • Robert Lee

    Oh this is great news and so glad to see The Crap failing too. It’s funny reading the spin doctors ABC hires to try and fool the public that the shows that replaced our beloved AMC and OLTL are what viewers were wanting to see. I wanna know where there are basing that information?? It’s obvious someone is lying because clearly NO ONE wants to see these shows because they offer absolutely nothing new or of value.

    ABC swallow your pride and bring back our SOAPS!!

  • Kimber

    I’m interested in these ratings vs. The Talk. Prior to these programming shifts, The Talk was rated very low, I believe very near cancellation numbers. Are the ratings for the 2 new shows even lower than the current ratings for The Talk? Surely, that must mean something to the network. Incredibly poor business decisions, obviously. And here remain the loyal soap fans, who were notified way back in April that their shows were going, and yet their voices remain strong, and their viewing choices are making an impact. Hmmm.

  • annie

    WINNING!! look at the power this group of viewers has made…I love every second of it and I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure that you are going to continue to boycott as I am….Wow nice work everyone! I’m proud to be in a group like you all…..Alone we are one but, but together we are millions and can make the changes that you see….=)

  • Ripples

    I guess ABC is going for the nursing home/doctor’s office captive audience crowd. You know, those places where channel changing isn’t an option and the tv is just background noise? Why not just give up on the network altogether and sell the timeslots as infomercials? I only watch television to be entertained.

  • Diane

    we want our stories back abc, I am glad your shows are not catching on,enough reality,,,crud in the afternoon,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Stacey Edwards

    Igers, Sweeny and Frons have no business sense. They are an EPIC FAIL at understanding basic rules of business: Keep your customer happy and coming back! They are out of touch with contemporary research tools. And they think they are untouchable. Frons found out how quickly he could be replaced. But firing Frons isn’t going to appease loyal soap fans. We aren’t going to forgive and we aren’t going to forget. We stuck by our stories through thick and thin for 40+ years. I now dedicate my next 40+ years to bankrupting ABC. OLTL once occupied my time. Now I don’t have anything better to do than to call ABC/Disney studios (along with their numerous sponsors), and write letters and emails, and boycott . You said you wanted a “Revolution”! You should be careful what you ask for.

  • Holly

    Hope both shows crash and burn. I tape OLTL and GH and watch them when I get home from work. Wouldn’t waste my time, electricity, vhs tape or wear and tear on my VCR for another stupid talk show. Why do you think most talk shows are in syndication now? DUH! And as for Katie Couric replacing GH. Nobody liked her on CBS or NBC and since nobody likes ABC right now, doesn’t look like she will fare any better there either! Be smart advertisers, pull your ads. Pull your head out ABC, give back our soaps!

  • Lisa Fehn


  • kathleen

    I’m not even a soap watcher and still found Revolution shockingly bad!!
    What was Tim Gunn thinking to sign up for this turkey. Not to mention listening to Ty Pennington shout through the whole thing is beyond awful!!

  • Liz

    I am glad to see that the ratings for ABC’s new daytime talk shows are not so good. Facts speak for themselves. Accept defeat and give us back AMC and OLTL or…. give the rights back to its creator. We will not stop and we will not go away until we get our soaps back. Have a heart and care about your viewship. You can fix this or continue to lose in ratings. We love our soaps!!!!!

  • julieinstl

    Did ABC think we would watch those shows just because they were on? Is that why they think we watched our beloved soaps? Just because they were on? Hopefully they are getting their rude awakening and realizing what a loyal bunch we soap fans are. We loved our shows, that is why we watched them, and we will not watch any old piece of junk they air in their place. Bring back our soaps, ABC, and you will get your viewers back!

  • Mary

    We don’t want more of these shows! We want AMC & OLTL !!!!

  • Carrolyn

    That just goes to show you ABC–don’t mess with soap fans–we can make you or break you! Bring back OLTL, and bring back your ratings! Otherwise, until you cancel GH that is the only show you have me for, then I’m gone for good!

    • Bonnie Stone

      Carrolyn, do you really want GH cancelled? I don’t because the OLTL staff has been hurt enough and gone thru enough trauma as it is. 4 of them are moving to GH in February, also Anna DeVane and Tristen Rogers who used to star on GH.

  • Amanda

    Stick that in your juice box and suck it ABC/Disney!!! BRING BACK OLTL or lose a loyal viewer of your station–as well as of Lifetime, ABC Family, and ESPN, and a loyal Disney World patron! Soap fans have a voice, and we have been screaming since April 2011! Can you hear us yet??? #dotherightthing Disney/ABC and bring back #OLTL NOW!!!!

  • Scott

    Please bring back OLTL. I watched it begrudgingly with my wife when I went into the hospital a few years ago with a heart issue, but I got into it much to my surprise. I actually miss it now. It was a good show, with good storylines, and great talent. Also, my wife canceled ESPN because it too is Disney owned. But I do miss OLTL.

  • http://none Rosemary

    The so called power of the “little people” is being shown. When everyday citizens unite to fight for a cause they believe in, there is no stopping them. Forgive another cliche’ but, ‘You CAN fight City Hall”, or in this case ABC/Disney, Bob Iger, Victoria Dummer,, & other executives of the TV network. The fans of One Life to Live, and of all Soaps, are making their voices heard Their lack of desire in any so named “replacement” show that ABC put into their favorite shows place in the Daytime lineup was known by ABC, But now it is being “felt” by ABC! Admit it Mr. Iger, you made a bad call. But since, you were so sure that “One Life To Live” wasn’t what people wanted (obviously they DO want it & more than “The Revolution”!), and couldn’t afford financially to continue the soap, why are you then refusing to return the “rights” of the story to Head Author, Ms. Agnes Nixon. You seem to be saying loud & clear that it IS financially worth quite a bit, because you don’t want anyone else (another network, online or otherwise) to “profit” from “One Life To Live” & indeed they certainly would. So, the reasons you gave for ending all ABC soaps appear to be a sham. When will your sponsors realize this?

  • May

    Bring my OLTL back….otherwise I will never watch anything other than GH on ABC or any Disney. They will be pretty much as good as gone on my televisions!

  • http://facebook Camille

    I wonder how long it is going to take before ABC/Disney wakes up and realizes even though these stupid reality shows are cheaper to produce in the long run they are losing money big time… Admit it YOU HAVE MADE A MISTAKE AND CAN FIX IT…. NOW.. do the right thing and save face with everyone. for the world is watching your mistakes…..

  • Alicia

    Please bring back ONE LIFE TO LIVE………I miss this show sooooo much! I refuse to watch The Revolution……I am tired of talk shows! The Chew belongs on the food network…not ABC

  • john

    I’m wondering what ever possessed Nixon to give up her rights to these shows to start with? Even if the Rev tanks OLTL is over. The producer, head writer and some of the actors have already moved on to other projects.

  • Lindsey

    Wow .. AMC and OLTL never got ratings that low, did they? Hmm .. I think the soap fans are on to something!

  • Chrisann D

    I am looking forward to see the ratings posted for all of last week. I imagine other networks will see an increase in their viewership. Expecially the Soaps like DOOL and GH. I ahve started watching both and will tune in to BB and YR just to see if I can catch on to them and like them. I hope everyone keeps up the boycott on ABC. They are counting on us forgetting and forgiving. Really they are. They think people have a short memory. They are thinking well…. The Chew started out bad but picked up, the same will happen with The Revolution. LETS PROVE THEM WRONG! Well, hell hath no fury like a soap fan scorned.

  • Tina

    Payback ABC/Disney! What will your investors say in March?

  • LISA

    I loved daytime soaps and recorded them on my dvd-r daily. This is the sooo many talented actors, actresses and crew members have lost their job…. so sad. Bring back soaps! I’m thirlled to know this show is not making it!

  • Char

    Even if they fixed it at this point, I think ABC is going to tank. A million or so disgruntled viewers who can’t stomach watching their network will be the end of the network.

  • Kay Turner

    Oh Yea, This is really what the viewers wanted. GIVE US BACK OUR SHOWS

  • Mary

    We don’t need any more talk shows and reality tv there is enough of it.
    Bring back the soaps!

  • Lee

    ABC better realize soon that they NEED US!!! They need to put “OUR” shows back on!! Maybe we need to train them like DOGS & teach them what needs to be on TV! If we don’t watch “THEY” don’t EAT!

  • danielle

    I am not surprised at this news. No one needs or wants another reality show! Our soaps were our escape from reality. OLTL and AMC are what we want….and we’re making it loud and clear with these plummeting ratings!
    ABCD…it’s not too late to fix your mistake! Bring back OLTL and AMC or give Agnes back the rights to her shows!

  • Sharon

    Your crappy talk shows belong on other cable networks. Bring back OLTL and OMC. I miss them terribly. Or, simply give Ms. Nixon her rights to the story so we can continue to watch the shows elsewhere. Then they can to cable and your ratings will continue to drop.

  • Soap fan

    Hahahahahahaha… funny! In your face ABC/Disney! You get what you deserve!! Now, bring back our soaps so we can all be happy again!!

  • Diana

    So much for Frons knowing what the “VIEWERS” want !!! LOL…… ABCD your doomed!

  • juanita

    did they really think they could replace our soaps with this trash and still have viewers i only watch abc for GH now and when it goes off i will no longer view abc nor do i allow my grandchildren to watch the disney channels nor do i purchase the products sponsoring this trash if i want a dose of reality i will check out the nightly news on cnn

  • el

    if it was bout me…they would know i want to watch my soaps…im so sick to death with this country tryng to shove change down my throat!!!

    I dont want change!!!
    I never asked for change!!!
    I want to sit back 2-3 hours a day when im home alone and enjoy my soaps!!!
    I want my Tad and Dixie, I want my John and Natalie…
    I want to know how Victor Jr is still alive and I want to know who Jr shot!!!
    You can take your crappy new shows and shove them up your a$$!!!
    I will never watch anything on abc ever again!!!

    • Brenda

      everything you said and more…

    • Bonnie Stone

      El, you may find out who shot J R…I heard last week that Dallas is coming back and if I’m not mistaken with the original stars.

  • Rebecca

    ABC why have you killed our families we have grown up with and watched for years? You think we would rather have you tell us how we are supposed to cook, act, look and dress your nothing but Communist! This is supposed to be a FREE America where we can be our individual selves. You’ve taken away an American Family Tradition. Watching our SOAP families has helped us in our dreams, hopes, gave us comfort and an escape for problems we all deal with everyday in this world. I believe people need help in dealing with everyday problems that arise in this world and we have recieved it watching these SOAPS. They do more to help us survive our own lives then you ever will with your do what we want you to do new programs. SAVE THE AMERICAN FAMILY TRADITION – RETURN OUR SOAPS!!!

  • http://tvmediainsights pam black

    the shows that replaced our soaps are the most moronic silliest garbage ever. occupy abc till we get our soaps back……..

  • kb

    we need a RESOLUTION to the REVOLUTION…and I think it is OLTL

  • Barbara

    RIP ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Burn Baby Burn……………..

  • Sonya

    Per Perez Hilton and his website…….

    The Revolution is a brand-new ABC talk show hosted by Ty Pennington, Tim Gunn, Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.

    Aimed toward a broad range of personalities, they take lifestyle topics and discuss them from every angle to help audiences make positive choices in their own lives.

    Unfortunately, the show had a weak premiere. Nielsen reports a 1.9 rating… which is far below the 2.4 rating One Life To Live maintained in the same time slot.

    We’re betting there’s a lot of intentional avoidance since many of those at home ’round that time were watching OLTL… and we all know how loyal soap fans can be!!

    We hope they can pick it up, though. Otherwise ABC might consider rebuilding Llanview after all!!!

    I hate Perez Hilton and his star wanna be self!!! Just thought I would share what he thinks about our ABC boycott!!!

  • Diane

    The Revolution is actually painfull to watch and might be the worst show ABC has ever aired. Tried a few episodes and literally cringed through the segments!!! Bring back the soaps !

  • Roxanne Crane

    I don’t even watch soaps and I hate this show. For real it’s just another live your best life show. Not the least bit interesting. Another chew or doctors ask the experts etc etc. no one cares. This is a tired format..ABC used to be my fav network all in for CBS now.

  • hummm

    abc is to dumb to admit they made a horrible mistake I miss It
    stuff coats suppose to have all the sense rightt

  • tammy

    I feel the reason that abc didn’t give Agnes the right back is because if those two stupid new shows flopped and hopefully they are then maybe they will listen to all the loyal fans of our soaps and put them back on so glad to hear the ratings r bad lol

  • http://ABC Kelsie

    I am soooo happy to see these failing ratings. After AMC was cancelled I started watching Y&R and B&B, turning the station on to ABC to watch OLTL. I could not understand why the Chew was still on, until I found out that ABC Execs. had the Chew running from 1:00-2:01 EST, thus giving the Chew the “extra” rating by turning it on for a min. Now, I don’t turn GH on until 3:01—I will not give these shows or any other they put in in this time slot any ratings. I would rather watch the Weather Channel, then give them what they want. Let these shows tank!

  • Robin Humphrey

    I love Ty Pennington and I am sorry he signed on to a sinking ship. I would have watched any show he went to under different circumstances, but not in place of a show, OLTL, that I have watched since the Karen Wolack days. I have watched AMC since Phil Brent left for the Vietnam War. ABC/Disney what were you thinking. Where is your loyalty to your viewers. I am hurt and bitter. I will NEVER watch anything you put in the time slots of my soaps. You might not be loyal… But I am.

  • Brenda

    I think there is a simple solution, put OLTL on ABC at 4pm. We don’t need 3 hours of the same news over and over. I mean, really?? 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 and again at 7:00. How much news can there be to report?? (NOT THAT MUCH). So do us all a favor and put OLTL back on the air.

  • Angie Liscano

    I am glad that is it not doing very well. I am very disappointed that they cancelled One Life To Live and I hope they see that cancelling it was one of the biggest mistakes they have made. Please please ABC bring it back…

  • Irma

    Abc you suck!! Take off that boring show the revolution and BRING BACK ONE LIFE TO LIVE America loves oltl and we can’t stand the stupid revolution it’s the dumbest show on tv ever.AMERICA HATES IT NOW AND ALWAYS.put ONE LIFE TO LIVE BACK ON and admit you were wrong ABC stop being such a lousy network and make AMERICA happy.THE REVOLUTION SUCKS BIG TIME.shame on you ABC

  • Joyce

    This is great news!! We soap fans knew the crappy show replacing AMC and OLTL would tank!!! ABC is not on my TV anymore. They screwed us big time and now we will screw them. Get rid of the crap and bring back out soaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Facebook Angela

    ABC definitely made a huge mistake.And there ratings will not get any better it never does for garbage.I hate the Chew/Revolution and will never watch it.And if they take General Hospital off I will never watch ABC ever again.The only time I do now is to watch General Hospital.You should either give the soap rights back to Agnes Nixon or at least wise up and get our soap’s back where they belong.Right now I hate ABC/Disney for putting the screw’s to us all.Your greediness for more money is going to ruin your company a lot more than you think.You have pissed off way too many fan’s.And there is no way you will get us back to watching your station unless you do what you know is right and let us have our soap’s back!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BLT

    There are millions of us out there who will no longer be watching the ABC Daytime Lineup due to the cancellation of All My Children and One Life To Live.

    Now General Hospital too????

    Mistake, Mistake, Mistake…..You obviously don’t know the loyalty and outspoken power of Daytime Soap Fans. Sad

  • http://facebook Tanya Smith

    awwwwww too bad!!! ( i need that sarcasm font)

  • Patricia

    I am so happy this show is tanking !! I love OLTL and miss it dearly. I saved the last 7 episodes on my dvr and watch them from time to time. I never did watch AMC but it should have NEVER been taken off the air. I will never watch abc again!!! The whole thing just makes me sick : ( I will forever miss my One life to live.

  • Laurie

    ABC is banned in my home! That goes for Disney as well…. If neither wants to listen to the viewers then they are welcome to suffer the consequences of tanked ratings! Bring back AMC and OLTL and then the fans may just forgive you!

  • Vlstat99

    Well, Jeez, I gues we didn’t see that one coming….!!!@!! DUH :0( Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of EXECUTIVES, THE NEW COKE THEORY, retraining loyal COKE FANS to drink another ENTIRELY different product… WITH DISASTROUS RESULTS, at least coke had the intelligence to REVERSE that stupid, foolhardy decision, before it cost them all of their loyal CUSTOMERS!!!@!! For a fact, there will be nobody in my house ever watching THE SPEW or the sickening, disgusting, “revolting” DEVOLUTION!!!@!! I started watching ONE LIFE TO LIVE whenever I was home sick from school, and every summer vacation until I graduated High School, an throughout college,( God bless the sonyBETA MAX!!!@!!) I loved the show, and continued to watch it until the day it went off, and Ericka Sleazak, Jerry Ver Dorn and all of the superb class of players were nothing short of spectacular right down to the very last scene!!! ABC has given itself the proverbial “KISS of DEATH”!!!@!! Once the “Cheaper to Produce” and Brian Frons stating that viewers can be trained to watch these tasteless and boring shows is I knew the writting was on the wall for ABC, I only DVR GENERAL HOSPITAL and go to the soapnet website to watch GENERAL HOSPITAL. Everything else ABC is never again to be watched in my household. I am only GLAD that Brian Frons’s so called resignation…@.. (yeah, right) also comes with a mighty trianing lesson for him…@.. that is, may he truly learn the meaning of ” You will never work in this town…EVER AGAIN” let him choke on these words while he is trained on what we the viewers and LOYAL SOAP FANS of the former ABC daytime television lineup, (all my children , one life to live, and General Hospital ) have to suffer from due to his riegn of incompetency at ABC DAYTIME…If ABC thinks I or anyone else will ever tune in to the crappy cheaper to produce replacements, he’s going to have to be the one going back to school!!!@!!

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