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More Erosion for Good Afternoon America

July 12, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 27 Comments
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Good Morning America’s current momentum in the AM has not translated to the PM, no doubt. Based on the third day of weighted metered market (overnight) results from Nielsen, Good Afternoon America, hosted by Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott, dipped to a 1.5 rating/4 share in households. Comparably, that is down by 12 percent in just two days (1.7/ 5 – 1.6/ 5 – 1.5/ 4), with erosion out of the lead-in average on Wednesday (1.9/ 6) of 21 percent. One year earlier, former occupant One Life to Live was averaging a 2.0/ 6.

The key female demo losses are considerable as follows:

Women 18-49:
July 2011: 1.0/ 7, Lead-in: 0.6/ 4, Good Afternoon America: 0.3/ 3

Women 25-54:

July 2011: 1.2/ 8, Lead-in: 0.9/ 6, Good Afternoon America: 0.6/ 4

Women 18-34:

July 2011: 0.6/ 4, Lead-in: 0.4/ 3, Good Afternoon America: 0.2/ 2

The morale of the story: Never “fix” something if it is not broken.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

Updated Results in Network Daytime Talk
Wednesday Ratings Scorecard

  • Debbie Joyce

    My moral to the story…If you want viewers give them something they want to watch.


    ABC WAKE UP.. You need to listen to the viewers. We won’t watch GAA we won’t watch Katie Couric, We won’t watch The Chew, bring back All My Children and One Life To Live, this is what the viewers want.

  • Marji

    I am certain this is not at all what they expected. They assumed the Revolution did poorly solely because it was not a well thought out, tolerable show. The reality from this appears to be the time slot and that the lesson here is that when GH moves to 2 PM there only option is to keep it there.

    • nmelman

      Every comment you make is exactly right on the money. I knew that the OLTL time slot could only be replaced with GH. Thank you for your perfect comments.

  • slj730

    It does not seem to matter what is placed at 2pm EST, so long as it is not serial drama, ABC cannot catch a break. Sadly it canceled One Life to Live which produced far better for it. Hopefully they will not repeat their mistake and make sure that General Hospital remains a permanent fixture in the daytime lineup. These talkers are NOT what viewers at this hour of the day want to watch.

  • mary22

    It is just so sad for these new shows that just don’t have a chance. Why is ABC setting these shows up to fail. Why not just bring back the soaps and all will be good again.. Wake up ABC

  • Chevycola

    Most people know it’s just a filler show until Couric is on in the fall. Who wants to watch a lame duck show that’s just a retread of the morning version?? ABC has thoroughly messed up their afternoons. IMO – Couric will – in the long run – fail too. She’ll start off hot and have quick and steep erosion – imo.

  • Jason

    The only option they should consider is to put our two shows back on the air.

  • Seahawkmom

    Thank you Marc. Love to see those numbers go down down down ABC needs to wake up, if they would bring back AMC and OLTL the boycott would end and they would see there ratings go back up but I don’t see ABC as being very smart.

  • carolc

    If tptb had listened to soap fans in the first place, things would be so different. ABC would still have a huge daytime audience and their ratings would not be suffering. Nothing will replace our soaps and General Hospital belongs in the fall daytime lineup, NOT GAA.

  • kerry

    i realize its only been 3 days but im happy to see that GAA is trendiing downwards. wonder when abc will get the message we want quality scripted programs please give us back amc/oltl

  • nmelman

    Surprise Surprise. Did anyone really think it would be a great show. More talk, news, reality. How much fun does ABC make happy broadcasting. ABC brings down everyone. They do not care about getting viewers back. They will never admit that they decimated daytime. When will this stop? Don’t they know a good show from more of their crap? GH is the only actual great show that they have on the air and it is constantly getting threatened to be replaced with “Celebrity Boob Jobs Gone Wrong”. Sell ABC to normal people.

  • Troy Turner

    Marc, well said-The lineup was not broken. Unfortunately, it was one man’s twisted vision of what he wanted to see on daytime TV that broke the lineup. Three days do not a final decision make, but it certainly appears that ABC’s apparent goal to replace GH with GAA come fall 13 would be an unwise one

  • phxcwgrl2002

    JUST BRING BACK OUR SOAPS AND THE RATINGS WILL SKY ROCKET…We have GMA in the AM that is where it needs to stay!!!! I am so sick of all these talk shows we have enough of them all over the networks. LEAVE OUR SOAPS BRING BACK OLTL ALREADY!!!!!

  • PaulaKate

    To ABC Disney:
    Excerpt from my article below:
    “Every successful business knows that the customer is always right.
    Give your audience what they want to see….and stop trying to tell them what they are going to watch.”

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  • phxcwgrl2002



  • FloDiBona

    Thank you Marc as always for your coverage! The moral of the story is that Disney/ABC does not know what viewers want! Until they begin to listen to what viewers are telling them they want, millions of Disney/ABC dollars will continue to be poured into the black hole called Disney/ABC afternoon programming. If it weren’t for General Hospital at the moment there would be no viewers at all!

  • crazyforpugs

    Great article. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Words to live by ABC. It’s the same thing that happened to JCPenney.

  • Theresa48

    TY Marc 4 keeping us informed..much appreciated! So happy for the news..=)

  • MistyV76

    Hmm, we have tried in every way to let ABC know what we want and they refuse to listen. You can’t put talk shows on where scripted drama is craved. It will continue to fail, whatever ABC puts there at that timeslot. We want what we want and we will not give up or go away. Thank you Marc, you are our soldier on the frontlines, we appreciate you so much 😀

  • soapaddict12

    This is no surprise to me, even if I wasn’t so mad at ABC, I wouldn’t watch this boring CRAP they call tv, right now I watch DOOL and when it’s not on because of the Olympics I will be watching the people’s court or some other cable station. Anything is better than more news/talk shows in the afternoon don’t we get enough in the morning. ABC you need to wake up and smell the coffee unless you put the soaps back on you will never win back your daytime audience!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barb Herman

    Bring back One Life to Life and All My Children. Watch the viewer ratings SKYROCKET!!!!!

  • LindseyH

    They cancelled AMC and OLTL because the ratings were slipping, is that correct? How do they explain the Revulsion, the Spew and now GMAA with far lower numbers? Makes no sense to me. I will continue to boycott ABC except the General Hospital hour.

  • wmzraz

    I am not surprised. I will not contribute to the destruction of Soaps. We need to keep up our efforts because ABC will continue to find a replacement for GH. I am not sure if ABC will ever admit their mistake and bring back AMC or OLTL but maybe another network will take advantage. This fan will not watch anything replacing Soaps not even Katie Couric!

  • camille

    Seriously, What did they expect a miracle. That will never happen, daytime fans know what they want and it certainly isn’t all these replacement shows. Foolish ABC!

  • club425

    Thanks again Marc for telling it like it is. The only question left is when will ABC/Disney listen to it’s viewership that reality and news are not what viewers want. Bring back “Love in the Afternoon”!

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