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More Erosion for The Revolution on ABC in Week Two

February 1, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 48 Comments
Showtime Renews Three
Don Cornelius Dead of an Apparent Suicide

The next set of Live Plus Same Day data from Nielsen (which includes total viewers) will not be available until Thursday.  But based on the metered markets to-date in week two (through Tuesday, Jan. 31), critically panned new ABC daytime talker The Revolution has sunk further.  Using the weighted household averages, the Monday and Tuesday telecasts of The Revolution this week is averaging a mere 1.3 rating/4 share in the 56-metered markets.  Compared to the week one average (1.5/ 5, Jan. 23-27), this is a loss of 13 percent.

Keep in mind that the week one total viewer average for The Revolution was already a subpar 1.68 million viewers (which was off by 37 percent from One Life to Live one year earlier).  So, unless there is an uptick, week two will be lower.

This week to-date, The Revolution is down by 28 percent from the lead-in average (1.8/ 6), and 43 percent from the time period average in January 2011 (2.3/ 6).  Next up at TVMI: the week two total viewer results for The Revolution.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

Showtime Renews Three
Don Cornelius Dead of an Apparent Suicide

  • Debbie Joyce

    ABC really missed the mark with this show. They refused to listen to soap viewers and in turn we are refusing to tune in to this show. The Revolutions ratings are revolting, and I LOVE it!

    • abasey2

      I love it too. Bring back our soaps!!

  • carolc

    More good news for soap viewers and more bad news for ABC. It’s difficult to believe that this Network thought such a sub-par program could ever replace One Life To Live. Their choice of new programming should be an embarrassment to Disney/ABC. I want my soaps to return but NOT on ABC since they wouldn’t know a quality show if they fell over it.

  • devotedtodaytimeSOAPS

    We all knew this would happen and the Chew is not much better contrary to what the people on the show say. I think both of these shows are way below expected average and the whole channel is going down the tubes very fast. There are millions of people boycotting ABC/Disney and will continue to do so until our soaps are released to another network who will bring them back. WE WANT OUR SOAPS BACK!!!!!!

  • Jessa

    I wonder if a show can have a rating of 0 because that’s where this is headed. ABC/D is probably kicking themselves for the first time since April 14, 2011 wondering where the heck they went wrong…still not realizing that they underestimated what their daytime audience wanted. It’s a shame that by the time they actually see it there numbers won’t even show up anymore.

  • camille

    I wonder how low can they go….. before they go off the chart…. lol ABC you failed You are a failure. Listen to your fans they told you from the start what people watch in the afternoon…. Finally, do the right thing and give Agnes Nixon her rights back I am a Swan and I stand along Agnes Nixon and will continue to fight until justice is served.

  • talisyn

    Apparently Tim Gunn’s celibacy reveal failed to get a “rise” out of the audience as well. We want our soaps back.

  • Lisa Rexrode

    The writing is on the wall. Bring back our soaps, bring back your ratings

  • norasusan

    Millions of ABC soap fans could have told them that cancelling our stories was a mistake, and some of us did write, call, and email to tell them not to do it. However, ABC and Brian Frons said they could “train” viewers to watch the replacement shows. I find remarks like Frons’ insulting to my intelligence. ABC, you now know that you can’t train your viewers. We know what we want, and we want OLTL back. I hope this is costing you a lot of money.

  • TikiBarb

    This is not a surprise. ABC/DISNEY does NOT listen to it’s viewers.Bring back our soaps !!! We do not want this revolting program The Revolution.! Reality TV is GARBAGE !!! We want intelligent,thoughtful scripted programming. I live in reality (unlike ABC/DISNEY exec’s) !!! I WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED !!!! ABC/DISNEY IS BANNED IN MY HOME with the exception of General Hospital !!! Give the rights to Agnes Nixon.If you’re not going to produce OLTL and AMC let them go to someone who can. ABC is so off the mark with the decision to stop production of the soaps. There is a reason they were on 40 plus years —THEY WERE GOOD !!!! BOYCOTT ABC/DISNEY UNTIL THEY DO THE RIGHT THING !!!!

  • KristenH

    Since this is February Sweeps, they can bring me big stars, big stories, the big guns! But it won’t bring us back! We told you so ABCD! Cancel the Chew and the Revolution, bring our soaps back, we’ll come back.

  • Sandra

    ABC is out of touch with what people want. If I want information I go to the internet. I used to get my entertainment from soaps on ABC. First they cancelled All My Children for The Chew. Then they cancelled One Life To Live for The Revolution. My tv stays off now during those times OR it’s on other programming. I watched AMC & OLTL for over 40 years. I will never even watch 40 seconds of the other shows. My 40 yrs of loyalty to ABC & their sponsors has left the building!

  • grsacc

    Looks like Sweeny and Frons were wrong. We want OLTL not the Revolution. People want to escape with drama, people that they have been watching for years. I work during the day and used DVR AMC & OLTL, will never waste my evenings with reality shows.

  • devotedtodaytimeSOAPS

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation? I didn’t say anything bad or what wasn’t true!! Go figure. I agree with the rest of the comments!

  • club425

    It would seem that the viewers have spoken. We will continue to fight for our shows. We will fight with respect and dignity until our shows are returned to us. Thank you Marc Berman for bringing this information to our attention, and validating what we have been trying to explain to ABC for the last ten months.

  • susie

    Wow, ABC just right this and bring OLTL & AMC back, already boycotting Disney & ABC ( except GH) and cancled my movie club & family fun magizine. and trip to Disney is unplaned till this is fixed. They keep shoving “the new shows “in our face, insulting us fans by playing comericales during our shows for months. No way would I ever watch this show and by the ratings I hope it is gone soon.

  • Deeves58

    ABC and Disney ignored us when they decided to cancel our soaps, now let them go down with the mess they made. Keep sinking until you decide to bring back out soaps!!! Even with their night time shows…they always remove the good stuff and keep giving us the trash. I guess the other networks will be seeing a surge with their soaps while ABC and Disney continue to flounder with their Revolution & Chew. CHEW ON THIS!!!

  • ShannonB

    This is the best news I’ve seen…replacing a wonderful, scripted drama that had millions of loyal viewers with garbage like this is big time karma for ABC. I hope someone, somewhere realizes the huge mistake that has been made and is trying to fix it. I want my shows–both of them–back on the air…until then I am not watching anything on ABC–not even the Oscars.

  • HowlingWolfLeather

    When a network chooses to cancel programming that viewers have watched for 40+ years, when they choose to put almost 1000 people out of work in an already bad economy, spend MILLIONS to promote new “cheaper” television programs and show promotion for those shows numerous times during every airing of the cancelled shows showing repeatedly that they do not respect the viewers programming wants it is of NO surprise the ratings are falling.
    Fans everywhere are boycotting the network as a whole (other than General Hospital) so not only will they in my opinion continue to see their daytime programming fail but also will see the primetime, overnight and weekend programming falter.
    I am a SWAN, I Stand With Agnes Nixon and the millions of other soap fans that have and will continue to boycott all ABC programming except General Hospital. Until the network changes it’s policies, Listens the the viewers and either reinstates AMC and OLTL or releases the rights to them back to Agnes Nixon and GH is safe from cancellation.
    A network must support their viewers in order to get their viewership.

  • georgann515

    OLTL fans are creating their own revolution! I hope the ratings continue to plummet! Bring back our soaps!

  • divastyle

    Why am I NOT suprised?? Soap fans across the country already knew that The Revolution was doomed to fail, ABC & Brian Frons were so arrogant to even think that mindless drivel like The Chew & Revolution could ever replace iconic legendary shows like All My Children & One Life To Live and now the ratings are showing that it was a HUGE mistake on their part. I want my soaps back, but not on ABC. They have clearly demonstrated that they have no respect for over 50 years of history, or their viewers.

  • cottle

    Week 3 should be even funnier. Why didn’t you listen to the soap fans
    ABC? Now we have all gone over to NBC for Days or to other networks to watch Law and Order reruns. You could save some face ABC by releasing the rights of the iconic AMC and OLTL back to their creator, Agnes Nixon. Ms. Nixon would treat the soaps fan right and more importantly the fans. I am Standing With Agnes Nixon.

  • hobbynut

    Yea!!!!! Bring back the soaps!!!!! I am so happy to see this show is doing badly. Now if people would just see what a health hazard the Chew is. Their recipes are so unhealthy. Give Agnes Nixon back her rights so we can bring these soaps back. :-)

  • ljohn367

    Bring Back AMC and OLTL.You will se the ratings go back up!!!!!!!!!!
    WE DON’T NEED ANYMORE shows like the chew and revolution. Thats why we have the Food Chanel and TLC!!!!!!!

  • Lizzie212

    The Revolution will get canceled good I’m happy it’s doing bad goes to show you that NO one is watching this show. It was dumb of ABC to cancel two soaps. I want them back!

  • krogers

    The video says change is a choice. With these low ratings the viewers are sending a message that there choice is not to change! They want OLTL not a Revolution!

  • mary22

    I wish I could say that I am sorry to see this show flop but I can’t! We never wanted a daytime tv changed we wanted our soaps. But we fans were never given that chance..ABC put many of people out of work for what? To put more people out of work when The Revolution truly goes down the drain. They should be smart while there is time and the actors are crew are still available and get OLTL back on the air ASAP!!! We are a unite group of loyal soap fans and will continue to fight for our soaps and that the rights of the shows go back to Agnes Nixon were they belong..They are her legacy not ABC!!!

  • lkmason

    well ABC/D thought they were soooo smart. They said people didnt want to watch soaps. They wanted reality shows. Reeeeaaallly? well I guess this proves them wrong. We don’t want to watch makeover shows (or whatever the Revolution is) I mean really? is it a makeover show? then why is Ty Pennington on it? So now with OLTL gone, I have one more free hour on my dvr. I tape my soap because I work during the day. I have no desire to dvr a makeover show to watch later at night. Now I am down to one, GH. If they take that away, then there will be no more ABC daytime for me.

  • http://facebook Tanya Smith

    Well that is too bad. If ABC would have listened to their viewers they wouldn’t be having this problem. We told you in advance that you can’t “train” us and that we would NOT watch a minute of these shows. When you wake up ABC you will get your viewers back, not until then.

  • scorpioinaustin

    AAH, I am crying as I type this! NOT!!! I think this is hilarious that this ridiculous show is going down the tube! Go figure!!! No one wants to spend their lunch hour watching two boring talk shows such as THE CHEW and THE REVOLUTION! ABC should have listened to the hundreds of thousands of views when we begged to leave our soaps on the air. But, NOOOOOOO! They would not listen! So, with these current ratings I hope ABC has learned a lesson and BRING BACK OUR SOAPS! I refuse to watch anything on ABC until our SOAPS are back on the air! So, people at ABC/DISNEY… can choose to listen or not!

  • kprsmom

    ABC is getting exactly what it deserves. ABC chose not to listen to the millions of soap fans and canceled AMC and OLTL. These iconic shows were replaced with a low budget shows…..hmmm, guess it’s true…you get what you pay for!

  • soapaddict12

    This is not a surprise. People that watched ABC didn’t watch it because it was ABC they watched it because they had some quality shows on in the afternoon. If people really wanted to watch cooking and makeover shows they would have been turning on cable stations NOT ABC. To make matters worse in this situation is the way Brian Frons said their viewers could be trained like dogs to watch new programming. I for one found that very offensive and may have over looked it as one jerks opinion ,but ABC/Disney never even gave a apology for that comment. So I have found other soaps to watch on CBS and NBC the only time I acknowledge that ABC exists is when General Hospital airs and if that is cancelled I will have no reason to tune that channel in. I think ABC needs to do some big time damage control before it is way to late. Their ratings have even fallen in prime time over all this. Are they really making more money producing those cheaper shows or in the long run have they cost themselves big time.

  • patty65

    Well we told you so. The Fans of AMC and OLTL were right, we dont need another show telling us how to dress, lose weight etc. We need our soaps that are well written, well acted and brought us ENTERTAINMENT.
    We want our Soaps back, release any and all rights to the rightful owner AGNES NIXON.

  • abasey2

    I will never watch this show

  • soapfan78

    It is 2 weeks and I am sure it has to find its legs. Besides I am sure there is another show to replace it when and if it gets cancelled. I thought I read they have a 200 show commitment to the Revolution. Even the View got bad ratings at first. It is also much cheaper to produce. Face it soaps are dead and GH would be better off being cancelled than being ruined any more.

  • Amanda83347

    I am glad to see this show fail. Instead of networks telling us what we want, how about they listen to their audience a little bit better. They decided to throw away a dedicated loyal, every day watching audience, for a cheap show that is obviously going to FAIL! If ABC want to make us happy with them again they would sell the right for a fair price to a company that is capable of doing something with them. They need to make up for their big mistake. If they don’t want them, sell them to a company that does!!

  • pebby16

    It’s not as if ABC wasn’t sufficiently warned that this would happen. Don’t mess with soaps…just sayin’.

  • Stephen Parker

    It appears that a certain network is doggedly determined to demolish its daytime division. The inmates are apparently running the asylum at ABC. Shelving two iconic serials, one of which was consistently tops in ratings, to broadcast flimsy self-help fare and indigestable food follies is utterly insane! Now we (the fans of the deposed shows) are being told by Prospect Park, the company which reportedly leased the two shows from ABC that if we don’t suspend our protest efforts that it will endanger the chances for current rounds of negotiations designed to bring the shows back from the dead. Prospect Park, whose power players are former ABC employees, already raised hopes once only to dash the internet broadcast proposal into the ground, expects outraged fans to gag themselves now? Seriously?! Of course this latest development is already fracturing unity amongst soap opera fans, some of whom are advising that we all should comply with the condescending pressure from Prospect Park, while others (the majority) are understandably distrusting and fed up. Just release the two dethroned soaps (One Life to Live and All My Children) to their originator, Agnes Nixon, and see how quickly a competent production company revives them!

  • Colleen

    This program is insulting. I believe Abc made two huge mistakes by canceling Amc and Oltl. I am looking forward to the press release that they are canceling this garbage.

  • iluvssw

    This really comes as no surprise, ABC/Disney made the worst business move ever when they decided what WE wanted to watch. I wish they would take their heads out of the sand and give us back our Soaps. While I love seeing the replacement shows fail, I still loose a lot of sleep and quality time with my family in this battle to Save Our Soaps. I miss my time during the day and sometimes evenings via DVR when I could escape to Pine Valley and Llanview to see my tv families. I am aware that they are not real people, I am not a delusional person but I love those characters, I have spent most of my 46 years of life with them and now I am lost without them.

  • Merry Joy

    Taking off two shows that thousands of viewers have/had been watching for years and years and years….how can you replace these? Us poor women, please tell us how to act, look, and feel. Disney needs to give Agnes Nixon the rights to HER shows BACK. We SWANS (Stand With Agnes Nixon) are not puppets and will not just go away. Greedy Corporates have gone way to far with this one.

  • mistyw127

    So the Revolting is failing miserably? Karma, baby! ABC screwed up royally with cancelling AMC and OLTL. They insulted their life-long loyal daytime viewers and thumbed their noses at us. Guess what–we didn’t fall for it and won’t fall for it. ABC needs to admit their screw up and bring these iconic shows back.

  • Colleen1770

    ABC/Disney obviously has the wrong people in charge. With all the comments and boycotts you would think that they would be firing these people and turning this around. ABC has become a wannabe copycat recycling losers network with little to please viewers. ABC needs to either say they were wrong and bring back our soaps or relaese the rights and continue to fail miserably with these horrible shows. To you ABC we may only be upset soap fans, but we are the ones not watching your network, and look what’s happening. We are the ones not buying the advertisers products and we are sticking together to boycott these lack luster shows.

  • slj730

    I hope that the severe erosion of ratings, a loss of half, if not more of daytime viewers that were tuning in until the final air date of OLTL on 1/13/12 has alerted ABC and Disney that there is clearly more of a demand for serialized daytime dramas and less of a demand for these cheap reality shows. The cable market is over-saturated with these types of shows so the way to reel in viewers is to have something unique. A show like One Life to Live was very unique. It was not just a soap opera, it was a daytime drama that could have firmly planted roots in primetime. That is why there is such a steep drop in viewers now. And the viewers are not just sad that the show has left the network, they are savvy and showing ABC that they want quality or they are switching the channel.

  • scorpioinaustin

    We want our Soaps back, release any and all rights to the rightful owner AGNES NIXON.

  • jayjay0516

    Just not a fan of either of these shows. I will turn the channel to watch just about anything else. I miss the days when you could turn on your soap opera in the afternoon. Guess I will need to watch a station other than ABC to do that.

  • MaryAnne

    I will not watch the revolution or the chew !! ABC/Disney made a BIG mistake taking off our shows. They thought they knew what we wanted to watch. WRONG !!! They had no clue !! We want our daytime dramas on to watch. PERIOD the END !! ABC/Disney do the right thing and give/sell the rights back to Agnes Nixon for AMC & OLTL !! They need to move on and live on somewhere else !!

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