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No Improvement for Lackluster The Revolution on ABC

January 19, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 31 Comments
Bellum Entertainment, Tribune Broadcasting Announce Two New Half-Hours
Seacrest Could Be Out

The scenario continues to worsen.  Based on the weighted overnight household averages from Nielsen Media Research, day three of new ABC daytime talker The Revolution averaged a mere 1.5 rating/ 5 share in the 56 metered markets.  Comparably, that was down by 25 percent from its lead-in average, and a more severe 35 percent from former time period occupant One Life to Live in January 2011.  While The Revolution did equal its Tuesday overnight average (which was adjusted down from a 1.6 to a 1.5), the retention from the lead-in slipped.

The moral of the story: No one ever said replacing an institution like One Life to Live would be easy…or necessary.  Here is the three-day overnight breakdown:

January 2011 time period average: 2.3/ 6

Monday 1/16/12
Lead-in: 2.3/ 6
The Revolution: 1.9/ 5

Tuesday 1/17/12
Lead-in: 1.9/ 6
The Revolution: 1.5/ 5

Wednesday 1/18/12
Lead-in: 2.0/ 6
The Revolution: 1.5/ 5

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

Bellum Entertainment, Tribune Broadcasting Announce Two New Half-Hours
Seacrest Could Be Out

  • moshane58

    Celebrating!!!!!! Anyway you can get the Chew ratings since oltl is gone.Maybe we’ll see a dip in it to since they can’t run it right inyo oltl to get ratings.

  • WiseMocha

    Unfortunately, ABC never said the replacements would be better; they just said they would be CHEAPER. I guess we have to wait and see if the sponsors are concerned about the numbers.

  • marcberman

    The Chew is only slightly better than The Revolution and there has been little to no growth.

  • kerryg

    lmao what a way to start my day,yes its true abc didnt say thiese would be hits but nontheless i love seein that they were so wrong.ccant wait to see how low they can go and in the process the spew is seeing a drop to,mucix to my ears cause if nothing else we are proving soaps do matter and the suits underestamated our resolve to turn them off. they should”ve kept us as alies instead of enemies they are finding we didnt go away but getting stronger by the day.

  • Katie

    But isn’t this what Brian Frons said people wanted to watch 😉

    The shows may be cheaper but they won’t make money off of them because low viewership means no money from advertising.

    • http://mediainsights Denise

      Yes! Go Boycott Team! Write to the sponsors with the ratings. Ask them if they are going to continue funding ABC with advertising $$$ going to a black hole.

      Cheaper shows won’t be looking so good to ABC execs without sponsors to back them up financially.

      • http://mediainsights Denise

        The sponsors might not have believed us before the last day of OLTL and its 2.4/5 rating, but I bet they will have great concern over the ratings of its replacement, The Revolution.

  • Jameson

    I don’t think the soaps or The Chew ever hit a 1.5 so this might be some kind of a all-time low record for ABC Daytime.

    ABC might be better off just going on ahead and cancelling this and keeping GH until they find something better.

  • Crystal Berger

    The “cattle” Brian Frons referred to seem to be having their own “Revolution”!!!!

  • http://mediainsights Denise

    I just copied and pasted the above ratings in an e-mail to Dummer, Lee, and Iger. Keep up the boycott, it’s having a statistical impact.

  • Jenna

    Keep up the Boycott of BOTH shows, but especially this latest piece of mind-numbing crap, The Revolution.

    I read we should make sure to DEPROGRAM those hours from our TiVO AND DVR’s because cable providers keep aggregate track of what we record (and for TiVO users – they track what TiVO’d shows we watch later and when we watch it). NEVER fast forward through commericals recorded via TiVO.

    ONLY record or watch ABC daytime during General Hospital! Nothing else. Also do not tune in to GH or begin recording until just a few seconds before it starts. Any overlap will give The Revolution some undeserved ratings credit. Watch your TiVO recording of GH the same day (best) or within 3 days at most. ALWAYS switch channels when GH is over if watching live. Rinse and Repeat Forever.

    This is the ONLY tool we have for letting the network know what we WILL and WILL NOT watch.

    • david

      Boycott? The Chew and The Revolution are repulsive. Who in their right mind has to think about intentionally avoiding either or the rest of the garbage ABC thinks is programming? People didn’t boycott the primetime comedy Work It. It crashed and burned. The Chew and The Revolution are headed to the same graveyard. And Brian Frons claimed to be proud of their creation. Can you imagine claiming to be proud of these two pathetic embarrassments? That makes as much sense as thinking people can be trained to want garbage.

  • Tracy

    We need to stop looking at the View too for a while. That is where they took the survey from to come up with this switch. Until then I am only watching GH. Days of Lives is ok to keep you from giving in to the CHEW.

  • Ricky

    I wont watch either program even if you paid me. ABC, penny wise and pound foolish. Stop the blood letting, it won’t get any better. As they say, you don’t miss the water til the well runs dry. Take your heads out of your asses and bring back the soaps !!!

  • Susan Manning

    Bring back our soaps!!!!! AMC and OLTL

  • Lucy

    Sadly, I think the ratings need to go even lower than this to make any change. Hopefully this will keep GH on the roster when they bring Katie Couric’s show in.

  • Landa flower

    Loving this! Abc has no place in my home. I rather read a novel and keep my t.v on another channel. My favorite network has now become my most hated channel. You’ve made an enemy abc. I will forever remember our good times, but now that one OLTL is gone so should you :)

  • http://mediainsights Denise

    Today during the time that OLTL would have been on I wrote six letters to sponsors to request that they stop advertising with ABC. Like my e-mails to Dummer, Lee, and Iger, there was a copy and paste of the 3-day span of ratings from the top of this page. Living proof that viewers are leaving ABC.

  • Dawn

    I taped ABC for26 years and for the first time, my recording devices are OFF!!!!

  • Peggy thomas

    ABCD is so stupid for canceling OLTL. We will never watch any of the replacement shows for ABC soaps.

  • Christine

    Will ABC never learn – Penny wise and dollar foolish. Replacing soaps with this dreck is not doing them any good.

    I have stopped watching ABC all together – daytime and primetime. I record GH off Soapnet. (Which is also supposed to be going away – thanks again to the ABC/Disney Machine) Bring back the soaps and stop telling us what we want to watch – you obviously have no clue!

  • Tima

    They might be cheaper to produce, but if these replacement shows continue on this path hopefully the shareholders and advertisers start asking questions. If you ask me when you factor in all of the advertising that has been done for this show they may just be more in the hole then they claimed to be with the soaps.

  • Chrisann D

    What I want to know is who is this 1.5 people in the ratings? I bet they are relatives of the hosts of the show. Like I always say “You get what you pay for” I promise you I have not watched one second not one nano second of either of these replacement shows. I change to ABC 40 seconds to a minute after I know the Revolution is over just to be sure I don’t give them any boost is their ratings. I don’t watch any primetime programming on ABC either. ABC we aren’t buying your product and I hope they rot on the shelf.

  • Chrisann D

    Marc Berman Thank you sooo much for this information! It makes so many happy to know their boycotting is making a huge impact!

    • http://mediainsights Denise

      Perhaps ABC/D, their stockholders, and sponsors will develop a new found respect for the soap viewers.

  • Kathy

    I am an AMC fan. My heart goes out to the OLTL fans. I know how you feel. Your wonderful show has been replaced by an info commercial. I watched the end of OLTL and enjoyed it. I will do the same for GH. Other than GH, there is no ABC in our house. The young children in my family receive no Disney gifts…they don’t like Disney things anyway. I don’t understand how they get anyone to watch these shows.

  • Jim Houton

    I will never watch The Revolution.I have written my local station and told them I have stopped watching and recording their station from 1pm to3pm and have no intention of watching again.

  • Colleen

    If I were ABC I would be calling all soap stars back to work ASAP and get things moving quickly. We will NEVER watch the Chew or the Revolution!! This is great news!!!!

  • Patti

    I refuse to watch either show!! Thank you for the info of not taping GH until the “other show” is over so that they do not get the ratings. Please let me know whom to email or where to send letters.I think we have a shot at getting our shows back!! I am a very educated woman, a mother of three and make a good living those shows were my escape. It was my time to relax and destress!!!

  • andrea

    screw this show

  • Kara

    It makes me SO happy that The Revolution is tanking:) I refuse to watch the shows replacing the soaps that I have watched since I was 11 or 12. I will not watch anything on ABC, including the shows on primetime. ABC was always my favorite channel and now I can’t stand it since they canceled my soaps. I really want my soaps back!!!! Is it too late? Can they bring them back or is it too late?

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