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General Hospital Scores in New Time Period

September 13, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 47 Comments
The Voice Beats The X Factor
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In the midst of the new syndicated daytime talk show premieres was the relocation of veteran ABC serialized drama General Hospital to 2 p.m. ET. Based on the 56-metered (overnight) markets, General Hospital is averaging a 2.3 rating/8 share in households this week (through Wednesday). And that, comparably, is up by 15 percent from the lead-in average (2.0/ 6) and 10 percent from One Life to Live in September 2011. Results among key women 25-54 (1.8/11) have increased by a hefty 80 percent from the lead-in (1.0/ 7) and 20 percent from One Life to Live in September 2011.

The prognosis: So far so very good for General Hospital at 2 p.m. ET.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

The Voice Beats The X Factor
TLC Renews Randy to the Rescue

  • yankeesrj12

    So the lineup of The Chew, General Hospital, Katie (in most markets) seems to be a solid one.

    • SpinsVixenella

      Thanks so much for this info Marc! From the initial numbers we have been seeing all week, I would not say Chew, GH, Katie is by any means a solid line-up. Based on the last Chew #s we saw in he 18-49 demo, they were down more than 30% vs. All My Children, and Katie has barely retained & in some cases has lost the solid lead-in GH has been providing, and I don’t think that bodes well for Katie whose cost is TWICE that of One Life to Live.

      • Richard_G

        Spins, No one knows how much Katie truly costs. We have the words of a competitor and not the words of ABC, Disney or ABC World as to what Katie actually costs. We know that he said that it was costing $80 million to launch — that includes production and promotion. But we don’t even know that for sure since it never came from Katie headquarters but from a person at the competing company. You go back and look at the articles that were the original source of the info. They came from someone in the production of The Jeff Probst Show.

        And although I am a big fan of GH in the past — not the current regime produced by the Cartooni clan — remember that last year GH couldn’t hold on to the solid lead in provided by One Life To Live. As OLTL fans often reminded us GH fans.

        Plus also remember that Katie does not follow GH in every market — not even in all of the 56 metered markets. Katie airs an hour later in some markets and not even on ABC in others — like here where it airs on our NBC affiliate an hour after Days of Our Lives.

        • CTwildheart

          Richard I don’t know that I would believe whatever came from Katie’s camp OR ABC/D anyway. But I do think what we were told is plausible.
          I don’t understand why you would like the past regime, they were slowly killing everything good about General Hospital. I have been watching since 1974 or so and the amount of time I would FF through the show was over 50% before this regime took over. I now rarely FF because it has been that good.
          It doesn’t matter to me where Katie airs…it is owned by ABC/D.

        • SpinsVixenella

          We have the words of a competitor which ABC has allowed to remain unchallenged for several weeks now on the cost of Couric’s show. Don’t you think if the competitor was wrong or lying, ABC would have refuted it by now especially considering all the flack ABC is taking for the exorbitant cost of Katie and the hefty syndication fees they are charging affiliates & other networks for her show?

          • Richard_G

            No I don’t. I mean where has ABC been this week. They have had wonderful things to brag about from the overnight ratings with Katie doing great and GH up in the new timeslot. CBS and other networks have been bragging all over the place. ABC has been quiet.

            ABC doesn’t respond on everything — and until they do we really don’t know any different. Even if you believe the number you still don’t know how much is actual production and how much is initial promotion. The initial promotion will definitely go down. We also don’t know what the licensing fee is. And the guy did say it was a lot higher than affiliates are having to pay for Jeff Probst.

  • Debbie Joyce

    Go General Hospital! Maybe this will teach ABC it is not about the time slot a show is in, but about the show itself. Soap fans are loyal and will follow their show wherever it goes.

  • Jeff

    GO GH! Imagine if ABC had just put this type of promotion into their former soap line-up, and actually put good writers and sharp producers in for each show years ago. Oh and of course fired fat-ass, worthless Brian Frons about 5 years ago. Their shows could have been ruling the roost and still making ABC tons of cash!

  • Troy Turner


    Thanks for the positive news on GH. Don’t get us wrong, we want AMC/OLTL back as well-but this is indeed positive news

  • Richard_G

    Mr. Berman, You still never answered my other question over in the other thread. So I will ask it again. Are these the final numbers for GH so far for the week or are they subject to change. In other words are the metered numbers the final numbers or could adjustments be made to them?

  • camille

    Thank you Marc for this excellent news. Just goes to prove once again daytime vieweres love their soaps and there is no way getting around that nor the ratings…

  • Richard_G

    Mr. Berman, Are these only GH numbers now or is it still based on the lead-in numbers released in the Katie posts?

    So much has been reported and cited on different sites — just trying to get the info straight.

    I mean one site was saying that YOU said the numbers in the Katie posts were only for GH. But then when I asked you, you said it was for any show that aired before Katie.

    Just wanted to make clear these are just GH numbers now.

    If it is it is good for GH that it is doing that well in all those markets. And the GH fan in me is so happy it is outperforming OLTL after so many OLTL fans said that GH should have been cancelled instead of OLTL.

    • marcberman

      This is GH at 2 p.m. It has nothing to do with Katie. And this is VERY GOOD news!

      • Richard_G

        It is good news for GH as a show. It is not good news for most GH fans though. It just means that we will never get true GH back. We will continue to get the mashed up OLTL/GH mess and continue to get the awful stuff that RonC./FrankV continue to produce. The true GH will never be back if these ratings hold.

        For GH fans who hated OLTL and hate them on GH it is sad news.

        And it is sad because it just proves that Frons was basically right in everything he did at ABC. He, Phelps, and Guza are the ones who brought in stunts and plot writing, and Cartooni have just continued that trend.

        We will never see a return to good day to day writing. We will just now see more of these stupid stunts by Cartooni — same as we saw from Guza and Phelps.

        So I personally don’t consider that good news.

        • Troy Turner


          It’s fans like you that are the reason that I’m losing patience with GH fans in general. Some of you can be the most ungrateful people. If it weren’t for the job that Team Cartini is doing, we’d be playing Taps on Port Charles right now, but the sense of entitlement that some fans have toward “their GH” is baffling-and I say this as someone who has watched in stretches since 1974. If you didn’t like OLTL, that’s your business-but they are now helming the GH that exsists today-so fans like yourself that “claim” to love GH will just have to learn to adjust and watch the show. Trust us-it’s for your own good.

          • Richard_G

            No it is not for my own good. Why in the world should any GH fan who doesn’t like what Cartooni are bringing sit back and watch it just to keep the show on the air.

            Viewers of any show don’t owe that show any loyalty. We are consumers and not co-partners. It is the responsibility of the show’s producers and writers to deliver a show that that we as a consumer want to see.

            It is not my responsibility to just watch GH just so that it can stay on the air. It is Cartooni’s responsibility to produce and write a show that the fans want to watch.

            And so what if you are fed up with GH fans — as if I am supposed to care. I got fed up with OLTL fans last year acting as if their show was the only one to ever be cancelled. And tell GH fans that it was our show that should have been cancelled. Well it wasn’t. But so what. But in the end it doesn’t really matter anyway since Cartooni are turning GH into a hybid mix of OLTL and GH. I was never a fan of OLTL and I never wanted to watch it. So why in the world would I want to watch it now.

            If GH gets cancelled, it will not be my fault that it got cancelled. And I will never feel any remorse for that as it is not my responsibility. Cartooni have made it clear over and over and over that they care more about OLTL than they do GH. I was loyal to GH not just in stretches as you were but in completely loyalty — never missed a show for over 30 years until this year. No one ever made me tune out and not care until Cartooni.

            And if that bothers you then so what. That is not my problem. I and other GH fans are just as entitled to our feelings about our show as any other fan of any show. And no we should not shut up and just take it because other fans afraid of losing GH say so.

          • Richard_G

            Oh and Troy there is no more sense of entitlement to “our GH” than there was for the fans of OLTL for “their OLTL”.

            Believe me if the situations were reversed and OLTL was the one still on and Guza and Phelps came aboard and brought GH characters like Sonny and Jason….you can believe that the OLTL fans would be singing a totally different tune.

            GH fans want no more than any other fan wants. We have had issues with the way our show was run for years. And we asked for changes. The same type of changes that OLTL fans were often asking for when Dena Higley was on board. We didn’t get our show fixed. We got our show taken over.

            And sorry to completely disagree with you about Team Cartini saving GH. That was The Revolution. If The REvolution had not tanked as bad as it did — there is no way the ratings that Cartini were getting in their first 4 to 5 months at GH would have saved it.

            GH got lucky. Cartini have only been getting better ratings than Wolfe basically got last year in the last 2 to 3 weeks. The first 6 months they lost over 110,000 viewers in the key demo. They still haven’t gained all them back. Unless they have done it this week. So sorry to burst your bubble but Team Cartini got a save from The Rev — not due to any thing great they have done.

  • OwensboroSteve

    Soap fans have united as we see that no matter where ABC moves its one remaining soap, the fans are going to stand with General Hospital. I hope ABC knows that now OUR “eyeballs” are surely watching what the network does and will act to keep GH on the air!

  • Pattyan

    It doesn’t really matter what time GH is on!! WE WILL WATCH!!!! But that’s the ONLY thing on ABC I’ll watch!!! I hurry to change the channel right after GH to watch another channel. No Chew, No Katie! Please….I want OLTL and AMC back! Happy GH is doing so well! The show’s storyline has moved at a rapid pace with twists and turns though out!! Great writing & directing!!!!!! Thank you!!

  • Stephen Parker

    GH has been revived and indeed is a very compelling program right now. It still stinks to high heavens that all this shuffling and salvaging and nonsense with the food show, the phony self-help show, and the blah blah bore show cost OLTL and AMC fans their shows. I long for the day when all the artificial talk and tattle trash bites the dust and we have a FULL return of scripted drama on daytime television. The only ones saying this is impossible are the corporate greedbags who want to make a fast, cheap buck and the brainwashed viewers who lack critical thinking and discernment.

  • Troy Turner


    It’s sad that I know more about the situation than you do-I understand The Big Picture, and you do not. All we are doing is trying to save GH fans from themselves, but you’re too stupid to realize this. Yes, you do owe GH loyalty-I shouldn’t have to explain to you why. And, yes, we are co-partners in this, whether you like it or not. All networks rely on co-partnerships with viewers, or there would be no industry. Your opinions don’t matter right now-we don’t have time for this. Quit acting like a 3 year old on a tantrum, show Team Cartini the respect they deserve, and watch GH like a good little boy

    • Richard_G

      Oh wow what a brilliant little soap opera soldier you are. The last time I looked ABC, Frank V., Ron C., etc. don’t pay me a dime to watch their show. I am not a partner in anything. I am a consumer. I watch their show and I buy the products the advertisers choose to advertise on their show if I so choose. I don’t owe GH or Team Cartooni anything — they are the ones who have to get me to watch. And they are not doing it. I will give them respect when they actually do something to earn that respect. With their reputations in the business I doubt they ever will.

      You can preach your doctrine to whoever you want and I am sure you will get some to drink the Kool Aid. But many of us are still in control of our brains.

      Soaps are where they are today because the people behind them did it. Not because of viewers. If they gave viewers something to tune in for everyday then many of them would still be on the air.

      No fan should ever feel bad for tuning out when the stuff served up is not worthy of watching. TV is supposed to be entertainment and right now what Team Cartooni are serving up is not entertaining.

      And yes I understand the Big Picture. If TEam Cartooni don’t start doing something to keep viewers tuning in everyday — then GH is bye bye. And that won’t be viewers fault. That will be the fault of Team Cartini. As you said they are now the ones in charge. And it is their responsibility to make viewers want to watch. It is not a viewers responsibility to keep their job. Now if they want to pay to come sit and watch their dribble then I’ll gladly accept just like the many that ABC paid to come sit and watch the awful stuff they dished out with The Revolution.

      That’s the big picture and it is about Team Cartooni realized it.

      • CTwildheart

        Richard, I wish you would just stop watching GH now and then you would not need to bother with any of this. Bye.

        • Richard_G

          Such a rosy fellow aren’t we. Sorry if you can’t handle hearing an opposite opinion. You know every one has one and every one is entitled to voice them. If you can’t handle reading them — then don’t.

  • krogers

    I couldn’t be happier! Go GH! I consider myself a true GH fan. I used to always record AMC, OLTL and GH. I aways watched them backwards..GH, OLTL then AMC because GH was always my favorite and that was the order in which I like each show. The past few years of GH was getting quite boring but I continued to watch because I am a fan and that is what fans do. I love the changes at GH it hasn’t been this good in a long time!

    • Richard_G

      Krogers, That is fine because that is what you choose to do. And I have no problem with that. You enjoy the show and that is fine.

      I don’t enjoy the show and I don’t always watch it.

      No one should ever be told they are a true fan or not a true fan just because of what they choose to support and what they choose not to support. I am so tired of folks who think they can dictate who sees the Big Picture, who is a true fan, who isn’t a true fan — spout off names like hater.

      So many folks these days think so highly of themselves that they can dictate what others should and shouldn’t do. And esp. if you don’t bow down to the wonderful and all powerful Cartini then you are just a hater.

      I watch TV to be entertained. That is my soul purpose for watching TV unless I am watching an educational show and then it is to be educated. It is the same reason I read a book. If that book fails to serve that purpose then I don’t read it. If a TV show fails to entertain me then I quit watching it.

      I quit watching GH this year for the first time in over 30 years. At other times even when it got bad I still had faith the writers would turn things around or that they were committed to GH. Under Cartini I don’t feel they are committed to GH. I have gone back and try to catch on You Tube everything I missed but I still have to disagree with everyone. I still don’t see all this greatness that GH is supposed to be.

      I agree with so many others out there the writing is atrocious. The stunts last week esp. by the John McBain character were so laughable even The Soup poked fun at them. As someone else put if you ignored the plot to this stupid water story then 2 days of action were great TV.

      This story was nothing more than any of the stunts that Guza pulled. It was another stunt.

      For those who enjoy it –great — keep on. But don’t try to tell me or any other fan we don’t get the big picture or we aren’t true fans just because we don’t drink the Cartooni Kool Aid and fall down and worship at their feet. And esp. don’t try to guilt me into watching by saying I am disloyal. Remember folks it is just a TV show. It is not one of my children or even my friend.

      And remember too anything — even a TV show — has to earn loyalty.

      • CTwildheart

        Richard! Wow. I am not telling you (or anyone else) that they are not true fans. I am not worshiping Team Cartini. I am not saying you’re disloyal. I AM saying that I feel I am a loyal viewer – because I stuck with them even when I thought it was sucky. I AM saying that if you don’t like it STOP watching and STOP reading these articles! If you’re not going to watch or have anything constructive to say, then why are you even here?

        • Richard_G

          I did have things constructive to say. I said exactly what Cartini are doing wrong over and over. And have told ABC and Cartini themselves as well as post it in other places.

          You can shoose to watch what is sucky if you want, but as long as ratings are good then guess what things will stay sucky. Why do think Frons lastted as long as he did and Guza and Phelps. Because the ratings were good and everyone kept watching.

      • Troy Turner


        You are so transperently disingenous it’s laughable. You are calling for an apparent truce, but yet you can’t resist taking potshots on your way out the door. I still contend that you (along with other fans) would love to see GH cancelled out of spite, because you’re not getting your way-than to fight and keep it on the air. The Big Picture is to not only keep GH on the air-but to keep daytime as we know it together. If GH gets the ax, because of its position on the American cultural landscape, then it truly sends the signal that daytime as we’ve known it is dead, then EVERYONE loses. But this will probably go over your head as well…

        • Richard_G

          And you sir don’t see anything but your way and everything else goes over your head. See your BIG PICTURE and mine are two totally different things.

          And since you were so rude to me I’ll return tit for tat. But see your way of thinking if exactly what is wrong with daytime now. Just as long as it stays on the air then that’s fine. Who cares if it is craptastic?

          See I prefer quality. I am so tired of the Guza/Frons/Phelps way of things and the crappy production values and writing. I started a few years ago writing the producers and sponsors and all about the crap they have been serving up. And several of us do this. We are fighting for daytime just as much as you guys are but we are fighting for quality. Better writing and better production. That is our big picture.

          Sadly we will never get it because just like this week Cartooni can serve up a bunch of crap and the ratings go up. Guess what nothing has changed. Guza did that too. He served up these big stunts, and ratings went up. Who cares about the characters and the quality of the show or the long term affects on the show. Lets just move from one stinky plot to another. Just as long as it stays on the air.

          Well that right there is why daytime is in the shape that it is in. Why do you think people tuned out in droves over the years. It is the crappy writing and production values. People are tired of it. Well things will never change unless people voice their opinions and let it be known.

          My last comment on it. You will never see anyone’s big picture but your own. You probably don’t even know what quality means.

          • Troy Turner

            You doth protest too much, Richard. Sir, it is so-called fans like yourself that are the problem with daytime today-not the ones that are fighting the fight to keep these shows on the air. You (and fans like you) need to quit acting like you’re the products of a “romantic interlude” between Agnes Nixon. Roy Winsor, and Irma Phillips. I have never panned a storyline, primarily because I have the humility to know that I don’t have the talent that soap writers do. Where do you and fans like you EVER get off thinking that you know more than they do?

      • krogers

        I never said ANYONE was or wasn’t a true fan. I SAID I consider MYSELF a true fan. My husband is a big sports fan. His favorite baseball and hockey team consistantly lose every year. He says all the time, “You have to support your team even when they lose. That’s a fan” So I guess you can say I (meaning me, just me not referring to anyone else) am a true fan. I support GH even when I (again me) thought they were “losing”

  • slj730

    Thank you Marc for this article. Love in the afternoon seems the focus of daytime viewers and time slots do not really matter. It is the content of the show that brings the viewers.

  • CTwildheart

    I am very happy to hear this! Every little bit helps and I’ll take what I can get. Unlike some others, I am happy with how GH has been lately. Between the action, the actors and the storylines, I rarely ff like I used to!
    Thanks for keeping us informed Marc – looking forward to hearing MORE positive news! :)

  • amron

    As a 30+ year viewer of GH, I love what Ron & Frank have done to the show. I was also an occasional OLTL viewer, so I haven’t minded the influx of OLTL people in. I always thought that all of the ABC shows should have had more crossovers anyway.
    I also find the GH fans to be extremely frustrating, but please know that for every fan complaining, there are just as many (and likely more) fans who are thrilled with the direction the show has taken. We’re no longer tied to Guza’s Sonny & Jason show, thank goodness, and the whole canvas is being used. This is the show that I loved so much in the 80’s and early 90’s.
    It’s not perfect, of course, but it’s by far the best soap on tv right now.

  • Pat

    Yes, considering where it came from, this is a fairly good start for GH in its new time slot. But for GH to have a real chance to survive past its 50th anniversary, these numbers will almost certainly have to consistently and sharply grow in the weeks ahead to justify its roughly $50 million annual price tag. The show has to sustain most of these people as everyday viewers, not those who just pop in and out here and there for special stunts. None of us know what ABC’s benchmark level is that GH needs to reach (if they have one), but being up one week and then down the next week or two will almost certainly not cut it at this point. Stay tuned.

    • Troy Turner

      You make valid points, Pat. I’ll admit right off that I’ve only been following numbers since January, but I can almost promise you that GH will finish above 2.0 for the week-2.2 yesterday-for the first time in a while. And as Marc is teaching us, it only matters in comparison to where numbers were previously; re Rev/GAA, not GH globally

      • Richard_G

        Troy Turner, You are wrong again Troy Turner. ABC owns GH and at any point they could cancel it if they feel that the profit margin to numbers ratio is not enough. It will not matter if it is up from what GAA and The Rev did.

        ABC could simply decide they don’t even want to schedule that hour anymore and pull another thing with the 2:00 p.m. hour that they did with the 3:00 p.m. hour. They could cancel GH and offer to give the hour to the affiliates if they agree to air one of their syndicated programs. It’s a win-win situation for them as they get to charge a licensing fee to their affiliates and they are free from the production costs of GH.

        And there are even rumors on the Internet that ABC is thinking of syndicating The View and The Chew and giving all their daytime lineup after GMA to the affiliates. Not saying that it is going to be done, but that rumor is out there.


        And as to your comment above about where we get off on telling the writers how to write. We are not telling them how to write — we are telling them what we like.

        Remember we are the consumer, and those writers have to sell their product to us.

        It is the same as if I go into a restaurant and I order a dish off their menu. I might now know how to cook that dish — but I know if I like it or not. And if I don’t like or it is not cooked as I ordered it — you better believe I am going to tell them why I didn’t like it. I don’t have to know how to cook it — but I have to know if I like it or not. If I don’t you better believe I won’t try it again.

        I get off on critisizing Ron C’s stories and any other soap writers stories — the same way I get off on deciding if I like a movie or a TV show. If I don’t then yes I am going to say why. And guess what the writer and producer of any movie has got to worry about whether the public likes his movie or not — because guess what if they don’t then they are not going to buy tickets.

        Ron C. and Frank V. have to worry about if fans like their version of GH or not. Because guess what — if they don’t they aren’t going to watch. And guess what Frank V. and Ron C. either will get fired or GH will get cancelled. Either way they won’t have a job if they can’t please the public.

        And the biggest thing they have to worry about is just like Pat said — keeping those daily numbers up every day. And esp. the 18-49 female numbers. Right now they are still down over 100,000 from last year and last year was the year they took a big hit in that demo. Cartooni have done nothing to increase that number. At one point since they took over they had lost over 140,000 in that demo alone from the end of May 2012.

        Last year GH got a cut in their ad rates due to that drop. If they can’t get them up and keep them up, you can guarantee they will get another this year.

        • SpinsVixenella

          Do you have some authority you can site for GH having its ad rate cut last year, and can you tell us what other ABC shows might have similarly experienced cuts? The information in the Disney Quarterly Financial Statements available on the Disney corporate website says ABC raised its ad rates last year, so if you have something that contradicts that, I would like a link. Thanks

          • Richard_G

            Spins, It was posted on one of the sites I visit from time to time. I think it was SON but I am not sure. If I can find it again I will come back and link it. It was posted inside an article about 4 or 5 months ago.

            I think I remember it being brought up too in connection with some rumors about Jill Phelps being angry with ABC over the budget cuts that were limiting the job she could do as producer. Shortly after all that it was announced she was being fired.

          • Richard_G

            Oh and Spins no I cannot tell you if any other shows got similar cuts. I have never seen any referenced or really looked. I don’t really follow any other shows on ABC except GH. The only other thing on ABC I have watched in over 2 to 3 years was GMA and Wipeout.

          • Richard_G

            Oh and from the way the article read it was not ABC that cut their ad rates, it was the advertisers. The ratings a show gets are what sets the ad rates. Even if ABC wants higher rates, the advertisers use the ratings to set what they will pay based on what the ratings are. The article said the advertisers cut the rates they were willing to pay not ABC or Disney.

  • susanmz

    Richard G. is a plant for Katie. Don’t bother arguing with his trollery.

    Thanks, Marc. Very good news indeed.

    • Richard_G

      Oh wow aren’t we a brilliant one. When you have nothing intelligent to add or say just pull out the old 3rd grade playground excuse of them having to work for Katie or being a troll.

      How mature and adult of you.

      I guess you left to go get your pay check from GH or Cartooni. Now go back and report to them that once again you have tried to defend them but couldn’t think of anything brilliant to say. Oh wait maybe they wrote your script — sounds like something Carlavati would write — he has just that little talent.

    • Troy Turner

      I have to agree with you Susan. Richard just gave himself away by admitting he hasn’t watched an ABC show in 3 years since GMA or Wipeout. Why should he even care what GH is doing now if that is the case. Bye, troll

      • Richard_G

        Troy you prove what an idiot you are. If you had bothered to read the whole post you would have noticed that it said I still follow GH. It is the only show on ABC that I still watch. I do not watch all of it each day as I tend to fast forward through a lot of it now.

        If ABC had other shows I cared to watch I would watch them, but they don’t. I also don’t watch anything on CBS. In fact out of the 4 big networks I only watch Law & Order SVU and General Hospital. The rest of the shows I follow are all on cable. The networks just don’t offer anything that I care to watch much these days.

        I will always care about GH in some way. I just don’t care as much as I once did. There was a time when I would have been saddened to even thing GH might be cancelled but thanks to Brian Frons, Jill Farren Phelps, Bob Guza, Garin Wolfe, Frank Valentini and Ron Carlavati I won’t be anymore because together they have all ruined the show I once loved. The difference is that under Phelps/Guza I still cared about some of the characters. Cartooni have made me not even care about them.

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