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All My Children and One Life to Live to Return Online

January 8, 2013 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 11 Comments
2012-13 Cancellation Clock Contest Update
The Winter Press Tour – Day 2


It’s official! After months of speculation, production company Prospect Park has confirmed it will launch new episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live online on a new platform called Online Network. The two veteran former ABC daytime serials will serve as the anchors. Prospect Park signed agreements with SAG-AFTRA, the actors union, and DGA, the Directors Guild of America, clearing a hurdle in getting the soaps back into production.

“We thank the loyal audience and new generation of fans of both shows who have demonstrated that passion and exciting story lines are not just reserved for traditional television,” Prospect Park said in a statement. “Their enduring support encouraged us to move forward each and every day.”

Production on both All My Children and One Life to Live will begin in February, with more casting news and specific return dates to be announced in the near future. Agnes Nixon, the creator of both programs, will be actively involved in a consulting capacity on the Web versions.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

2012-13 Cancellation Clock Contest Update
The Winter Press Tour – Day 2

  • tinafg

    Thank you so much for supporting us, Marc. This is as much your win as ours!

    • Troy Turner


      I wholeheartedly agree with you on this. Marc, THANK YOU for sticking by us, especially when things got rough on here. I have my own reservations about this deal, but I hope you keep reporting on this as developments warrant-and hold folks feet to the fire if/when things go south

  • carolc

    Marc, you have always supported us in our fight to get All My Children and One Life To Live back into production and, for that, I will be truly grateful. We never gave up, realizing that our shows could not be replaced, especially by the “reality” programs that seemed to never go away. It took awhile, but the execs must have seen what a huge mistake they made and I’m just thankful that they are reversing their horrible cancellation decisions.

  • Pattyan

    This is HUGE!!! It goes to show if you fight for what you want, good things can happen!! And thanks to you Marc for all your help and support!! This is a dream come true for all the fans that worked so hard to get these Soaps back! The emails, the phone calls, the boycotts……it was all worth it. I was just missing Father Clarence from Pine Valley, wondering what his Christmas Miracle would’ve been this year………….now I know!!

  • marcberman

    And thanks to YOU for proving that the fans do count. You should all be commended!

  • slj730

    This is tremendous news. This mountain was moved because of the work of many, including you Marc. Thank you for your coverage over the past year the fans will not forget!

  • CTwildheart

    I am FINALLY excited! Thanks to everyone who has written, emailed, called, tweeted, posted, commented and/or attended a rally! Yes, WE did it!
    While I will take a little bit and revel in our victory, I am also aware that this is just one battle. Granted, a BIG battle, but we still have some work to do to help save this genre – it wasn’t about just one or two shows.

  • FloDiBona

    As a card-carrying member of the bon-bon eating, mumu-wearing brigade, going home to Pine Valley and Llanview is a dream come true for me and for millions of fans. … and yes, we have all fought not just for what WE lost, but for the millions of fans who could not raise their voices in protest. This movement has been a phenomenon no one expected, not even the people involved in it. It drives home just how powerful and viable soap operas really are and in the process it knitted together a community of fans who have bonded forever. … and Marc you have been an important part of that community and voice for it throughout. What a remarkable David and Goliath story – the soap fans have spoken! … and it was said that soaps were dead – fans have shown that they are very much alive and viable! Congratulations Soapers!

  • camille

    Marc thank you for all your support and wonderful articles for nearly 2 years. You have brought us the truth and let us have a place where All Soap Fans can share their thoughts. We have all scored a major victory and somewhere on this internet they will see us having one gigantic party!

  • Luvbooks

    This is great news!! I hope it all works out!! Thanks to you Marc for all your great articles!!

  • sjmarcipan

    Marc, you rock thanks for all the help and exposure you’ve given to this cause.

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