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Sluggish Good Afternoon America Opener on ABC

July 10, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 32 Comments
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Yesterday marked the debut of newsmagazine Good Afternoon America, which is initially slated on ABC in the weekday 2 p.m. ET hour for nine weeks. Anchored by Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott, initial interest from the audience will determine, of course, if this extension of Good Morning America will continue past the summer. As it stands, veteran serial General Hospital will move into the 2 p.m. hour in the fall, leading into new Disney-ABC talker Katie, hosted by Katie Couric.

One day of metered market data does not a hit or miss make, of course. But based on the weighted Nielsen averages in the 56-metered markets for Monday, July 9, Good Afternoon America disappointed with a 1.7 rating/5 share in households. Comparably, the lead-in average was a 1.8/ 5 and the July 2011 time period was a 2.0/ 6. Good Afternoon America also lost steam from both benchmarks in two of the three key demos…women 25-54 and women 18-34…as follows:

Women 18-49:
July 2011: 1.0/ 7, Lead-in: 0.7/ 5, Good Afternoon America: 0.7/ 5

Women 25-54:
July 2011: 1.2/ 8, Lead-in: 0.9/ 6, Good Afternoon America: 0.8/ 6

Women 18-34:
July 2011: 0.6/ 4, Lead-in: 0.6/ 4, Good Afternoon America: 0.5/ 4

Stay tuned for more overnight results this week.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

Monday Scorecard
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  • OwensboroSteve

    The low ratings for GAA are certainly no surprise to me. Until ABC puts One Life to Live and All My Children back on the air, there will be no improvement in their afternoon daytime ratings. I know that I am not watching any show in that time period that is not a soap. In September, I will watch General Hospital when it moves to this time slot and will not be watching Katie as she will also be airing in a time period that should belong to a daytime drama.

    Thank you, Marc, for keeping us all informed!

    • iluvssw

      You know what is becoming harder for me is finding new ways to make my point to ABC/Disney. All I can say is, “WE” the loyal daytime audience, aka “Soap Fans”, keep telling you what we want and you keep doing exactly the opposite, short of keeping #GH on the air. Give us back #AMC and #OLTL!!!

      Once again, I would like to thank Marc for keep us posted and as @OwensboroSteve said, informed!

  • Mindachsiefan

    Serves ABC right for cancelling All My Children and One Life to Live!!!The only show I now watch that is on Disney/ABC is General Hospital. I stopped watching GMA, The View, Local news, and all their primetime shows April 11, 2011. Love to see my former AMC stars on Y&R. And B&B ! Hope another network picks up our soaps. There is already too much talk, reality, and lifestyle on air!

  • momachu

    Good. Boycotting ALL things ABC and Disney! No Soaps = No ABC/Disney. No Mouse in MY House! Period.

  • FloDiBona

    Marc, thank you for continuously keeping us informed on ratings numbers, it is greatly appreciated!

    GAA is in the exact same place as the Revolution and the Chew are in – time slots viewers have no interest in watching them in. For a company that is only interested in the bottom line, it sure is taking Disney/ABC a long time and millions of dollars to figure out what viewers have been loudly and clearly telling them for over a year – they are not interested in reality programming in the afternoon. They want their soaps! How long will sponsors and affiliates be able to continue losing revenue while Disney/ABC chooses to ignore what its customers want? RIP GAA – you will become the latest casualty in this reality war on daytime programming.

  • Jason

    Hopefully ABC will soon learn that what they did with the soaps was the wrong thing to do.

  • okicarol

    The only thing we watch on ABC is General Hospital — I am not missing ABC network –but I am missing watching All My Children and One Life to Live

  • SpinsVixenella

    THANKS Marc! Until Disney/ABC does right by AMC, OLTL, & GH nothing they put on in the afternoon will succeed. When will ABC get the message that fewer viewers in Daytime inevitably means fewer viewers in their Primetime too because we are no longer watching during the day to even see their Primetime promos. Advertisers & the ABC Affiliates who have been lured into paying for the expensive syndicated Katie Show should take note. Her fate will be no better. No Disney Mouse has been in my house since 4/14/11.

  • slj730

    Thank you once again Marc for taking the time to analyze the debut of this new talker. Once again, a talker is not garnering for ABC Daytime the type of ratings and viewers that “Love in the Afternoon” brought with OLTL and AMC. I suspect this show will follow the way of The Revolution.

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  • Seahawkmom

    Thank you Marc for giving us the truth we can’t believe anything that ABC/D says. I will not watch anything on ABC but GH. I just want my soaps back.

  • camille

    Thank you Marc once again for making me smile. Honestly, what did ABC expect after watching the ratings for the Revolution and the Chew both take nose dives…… Wake Up ABC, come out of your Coma.

  • carolc

    Thanks, again, Marc, for keeping us informed on the ratings. I don’t think ABC/Disney “gets it”. They just keep throwing programs against the wall and hope one of them sticks. It’s not going to happen. No new show will ever replace our beloved soaps.
    I realize this was just the first show of the series, but usually, a new debut gets lots of attention – curiosity, if nothing else. GAA didn’t even get that much. I predict it’s doomed for failure, just like the Revolution and, hopefully, the Chew.

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  • oldsoaper

    Thank you Mark for keeping us updated on these shows that ABC/Disney are trying to replace our soaps with. Talk and reality shows are out of control, everybody and their brother has one. GAA will fail as did The Revolution, hopefuly The Chew is seeing it’s last days too! The soap fans are letting themselves be heard loud and clear..just give us back our soaps!

  • divastyle

    Serves ABC right for cancelling AMC & OLTL, I certainly will NOT be watching anything on their daytime line up except GH!

  • dwmckim

    “Good Afternoon America” = Goodbye Viewers = Good time to bring back OLTL (Hey, Anne Sweeney – remember your comment about the “eyeballs”? So do we and the eyeballs have spoken.)

  • dwmckim

    That’s REALLY not good news for GAA considering this was a debut episode. I was expecting good ratings for the premiere just because people tune in out of curiosity – and then for the numbers to drop over the course of the week. But to be that low right out of the gate signals disaster. Since “Katie” is cut from the same cloth, this is already a bad sign for her show’s success. Just goes to show that love is what belongs in the afternoon, not overexposed “news” hosts that are already on for hours during the rest of the day. If ABC wanted its viewers to truly have a “good afternoon”, they better be giving Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser and Agnes Nixon a call…

  • sjmarcipan

    I’m still trying to figure out WHO watches The Chew? Super glad to hear that the GAA or whatever is not an instant hit, but come on peeps. The Chew needs to fall too….Thanks Marc!

    Oh, and for the record. Not watching any ABC/Disney except GH. Not missing it much either as time flows by…………..hmmm

  • Edna Barefoot

    Thank you for the artical. It is music to my ears. ABC will learn one day that whatever they put on in place of OLTL & AMC will not be watched by soap fans. To get back on top all ABC has to do is put our soaps back on. We the viewers will return. This is a poor attempt to appease us.

  • Theresa48

    Thx to my ears. ABCD listen fans will keep boycotting you! Only GH for me!

  • LindseyH

    Thank you for keeping us informed, Marc! I will not watch this show or any other daytime shows on ABC except General Hospital. If ABC can’t give me what i want, they won’t get what they want from me.

  • Troy Turner

    Thanks Marc, as always–is there anyway you can bring back The Chew’s first numbers as a reference point…I seem to remember them being in the low 2s. Also of interest would be the numbers for GH coming out of GAA. Either way, it seems that this first test-drive for GAA is a rocky one indeed

  • kathy

    Thank you, Marc for keeping us updated. I am also one of those that have banned ABC from my home until AMC and OLTL is returned to daytime. Even if I were not a soap opera viewer, I find it hard to imagine anyone watching an entire day full of talk shows/reality shows. As a business owner, I find it hard to imagine what ABC management is thinking? They may as well take in their cash income, open a window and throw the cash out. Makes no sense to alienate such a large base of consumers/viewers.

  • OLTL4ever786

    ABC/D When are you going to get the hint? People do not want to watch the replacement shows that are cheap and boring! The 2 host of the new GAA are obnoxious and boring! They try to be funny but they are not funny! They keep saying we have 2 jobs 1 early and this one. Stupid statement when many prople are not working! We want our soaps not reality type, entertainment type cheap talk shows! GAA looks worse than the Revolution did and it was pathetic! This poor replacement show is terrible and very boring, I saw about 2 or 3 mins and that was more than enought! With the exception of GH. ABC Daytime has nothing worth watching.

  • OLTL4ever786

    ABC Take the hint! WE DO NOT WANT GAA!!! This is boring and dull as can be. We want AMC and OLTL back and we want GH to stay! Are you trying to lose viewers and put yourself out of business? That is what you are doing everyday. None of these replacement reality/talk show will ever last over 40 years like the daytime scrited dramas did! That should tell you something. Bring back the soaps or let them be obtained by someone that wants to promote them and produce them!

  • Lemon Grass

    ABC insults the daytime audience and then airs shows that are just rehashed shows that are on 200 cable stations. Shows like The Chew has entire networks devoted to similar programing and they do it better.

    I will never watch anything else ABC schedules in place of OLTL. ABC can thank Brian Frons for letting me know that my viewership isn’t wanted or appreciated.

  • KristenH

    Marc, thanks for siding with soap fans for the past year. ABC, we told you so. No more reality/talk/game shows. Bring back AMC and OLTL. It’s the only way we’ll come back and raise those ratings. It won’t last past nine weeks for sure.

  • Susan Kashmanian

    Thank you Marc for keeping on top of this. Apparently ABC thought all soap fans were fa,t uneducated, computer illiterate, old ladies and not fueling the economy!!! We are anything but. We love the soaps for the escapism they offer we already have enough reality in our lives.

  • cassiehicks89

    I want to thank you, Mr. Berman, for your candor about “Good Afternoon, America”. Looks like that program won’t be in a permanent spot anyway.:)

  • Texas Krissy

    I have not watched this new news or talk show
    .I have no interest in these shows at all and refuse to watch.
    I record General Hospital (it is SO GOOD) and do not watch or allow the TV to be on any other ABC show.
    We used to enjoy a few more shows but after canceling OLTL which I had watched for 35 years I decided to boycott anything else except GH.
    I wonder when ABC is going to learn no one cares about these cooking or news shows or to lisen to chatter? We tune in to watch our fictional families and favorite characters face daily drama! We love our soaps and nothing will replace Landview and Pine Valley!!! How many viewers are you going to lose??? Keep General Hospital on another 50 years!!!! It ROCKS!!!

  • AlaskaJim

    I am an avid Ty Pennington fan from Extreme Makeover Home Edition, as he is a first class person who does alot of good for people, but that wasn’t enough for me to watch him in the show that replaced OLTL after 42+ years. I will also not watch the new show, Good Afternoon America, as the only shows I will watch in that hour will be AMC, OLTL or GH when it takes over the hour on September 10th. ABC would save more money and get better ratings if they showed reruns of AMC and/or OLTL for the nine weeks! If ABC were serious about promoting GH for September, they could also pick specific OLTL episodes about the OLTL characters now on GH or show the Anna Devane episodes from AMC when she was discovered alive, then married and had a child with Dr. David Hayward.

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