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The Revolution: Depressed Results in Week One

January 23, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 87 Comments
Two Year High for Lifetime
On The Agenda at NATPE 2012

First week total viewer results for new ABC daytime talker The Revolution should be available later in the week.  But based on the week one metered market (overnight) results (Jan. 16-20), The Revolution was stalled at the gate with a 1.5 rating/5 share, according to Nielsen.  Comparably, that dipped by 25 percent from the lead-in average (2.0/ 6).  The lead-out time period average popped right back up to a 2.0/ 6.  And One Life to Live in January 2011 was considerably stronger at a 2.3/ 6.  Percent-wise, The Revolution in week one dropped by 35 percent from One Life to Live in the overnights.

Friday, January 20 overnight results for The Revolution was a 1.4/ 4 out of a 2.0/ 6 for the lead-in.

As a basis for comparison, the first five days of The Chew averaged a 1.8/ 6 for the week of Sept. 26.  The lead-in average was 2.8/ 9, and All My Children in the year-ago time period was a 2.1/ 7.

Next up at TVMI: The week one total viewer results for The Revolution.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

Two Year High for Lifetime
On The Agenda at NATPE 2012

  • cathy

    Still don’t get Nielsen ratings. What if it was watched by zero audience what would the rating be? I just ABC so bad and when I look at the Revulsion or The Spew I just want to cry! Iger got richer by getting rid of our wonderful soaps!

    • Jennifer

      I agree…I hope both shows ratings get lower & lower every week!

  • marcberman

    If there was no audience, there would be no rating. I will have the total viewer results later in the week, which is easier to understand.

    • http://mediainsights Denise

      Marc, is it possible to post total viewer results for the chew and the revolution side by side – so we can see the total overall result of our boycott?

    • Chrisann D

      Hi Marc, Will you include The Chew and GH also?

  • Michele Carlin

    It is said the revulsion is cheaper to produce, but Frank Valentini always brought OLTL in way under budget. ABC/Disney no longer wants to be in the soap business. They should release the rights. There are people who do. I am a proud SWAN. I Stand With Agnes Nixon!:)

    • http://mediainsights Denise


      • Nancy Landers

        DITTO from me as well…those two shows “THE CHEW” and “THE REVOLUTION” are a waste of everyones time and so there viewership will just go down and down and pretty soon no one will be watching ABC!!

    • Rosalie Bertero


    • Tonja

      It would be wise to rethink ways to bring back the shows that a million more people loved…

  • http://Facebook Paula

    Have watched soaps in the afternoon for YEARS!!!Change is NOT always a good thing.Bring back the soaps.Will not watch “the chew” or “the revolution”

  • Dawn Atherton

    Come on ABC, admit that you made a mistake, put the soaps back on and we will all be happy.

  • nancy fields

    Bring the soaps back.

  • Sue Shirley

    Not Suprised, Miss my soaps & WANT THEM BACK!

  • Mary

    Shame on ABC they made such a hugh mistake. Cancelling ABC daytime was bad judgement on there part. They still can fix it before it two late. A. Put the show back on and get there viewers back or B. Give the Rights back to Agnes Nixon where they belong so she can more forward

  • carolc

    How many “experiments” is Disney going to try before they admit they have no clue what the viewers want? The money they are spending on promoting both this show and The Chew could have been put to much better use…….promoting and retaining All My Children and One Life To Live. I do not want Disney/ABC to have anything to do with our soaps. Please release the rights back to Agnes Nixon. She will find a new home for them where they will be respected. Millions of soap fans are waiting………….

  • http://facebook Camille

    So tired of ABC and their reality show…… The soaps are what millions of us want…… Waiting for the day that ABC goes bankrupt and Disney refuses to bail them out….

  • Margo

    ABCD, you must have known that this was going to happen. Taking off a long running, popular show like OLTL with millions of followers & try to shove yet another reality type of show down our collective throats! Why don’t you fess up & admit you have made the hugest mistake that a network has ever made? There is still time to bring back our beloved shows. We are heartbroken, & angry, but we are a forgiving bunch. If you would give us OLTL, & AMC back, put them back on air, or surrender the rights back to Agnes Nixon, we would be forever grateful, & stop boycotting your station. Please consider the masses!!

    • http://mediainsights Denise

      Well written!

      Prior to OLTL’s last air date, 1-13-12, ABC/D and their sponsors probably did not believe that we would boycott. After all, according to Frons we can be trained… The proof is in ratings.

  • Lisa

    Who watches TV in the afternoon? Soap fans. What do we want to do? Escape reality. Reality Tv= no escape= angry soap viewers

  • Jim

    ABC most foolish folly to date: Dumping One Life to Live for this crap.

  • michelle

    they canceled a leading daytime show for this? if you check abc line up for the whole week they only have scripted tv shows 1 hour to four hours in a 24 hour day depending on the day. fridays is only 1 hour scripted tv with that being GH. its a shame what tv has come too this. how many actors are out of work now with very few shows to audition for.

  • danielle

    Change is not always good. Lord knows that Bob Iger with his 20+million dollar annual salary does not need to cut back on costs. Don’t they know the customer is always right? And the customers (viewers) have spoken this week…just look at the ratings! Give us back our stories!!!

  • Sharon

    MORE TALK SHOWS!! Please enough is enough already. I liked Lisa’s comment. Soaps are the one-hour vacation in the afternoon when the kids are napping or before the get home from school. If I want news or articles, I’ll read some. Their the romance novels that we view instead of read. They are just a nice way to relax and get away from all the day-to-day hustle and bustle. Agnes Nixon helped us with that. We need our soaps back. Listen to your viewers and do so!! I haven’t watch ABC since OLTL’s last episode. Sorry GH.

  • Dewoyne

    C’mon ABC, admit that you made a HUGE mistake in cancelling OLTL and give it back to us along with AMC and cancel this drivel!

  • krogers

    I love it! Couldn’t be happier. I never watched talk shows and cooking shows during the day when am home. Can’t be bothered with them. Always waited for the soaps to come on and I watched my ABC Soaps. I certainly NEVER had the desire to record them to watch later.
    Now I am watching/recording soaps on CBS The Young and Restless and the Bold and the beautiful. Still watching GH and recording Days of Our Lives. I would love for ABC/Disney to step up do the right thing and give the rights to these two show back to Agnes Nixon and LEAVE GH alone! ABC./Disney are lying greedy bastards and are no longer welcome in my home.

  • moshane58

    Looks like ABC most need a big tax right off.The lost of viewers doesn’t seem to bother them.By your earlier report all 4 big networks is adding talk shows.I guess none of them want any veiwers.If this is the new tv then I’m going to the movie channel Katie in waiting has already flopped on NBC.Daytime tv sucks.

  • Soap fan

    ABC/Disney has got to be the worst networks in the world! All we want is is our soaps back. The ratings on your new shows says it all!!!!!!

  • Stephen Parker

    Yes, I admit that I do wish for THE REVOLUTION to fizzle altogether. It is unfortunate that this show was chosen as a replacement for a classic serial and bonafide hit (ONE LIFE TO LIVE) but I cannot have much empathy for the cast as they (and that of THE CHEW) have demonstrated extreme arrogance in their comments and presentation. Hopefully the poor ratings for this show will underscore the fact that the trend toward phony self-help and irritating talk shows is waning. Kate Couric beware the wrath of ratings!

  • Fred Titcomb

    What if you they held a REVOLUTION and nobody came? ABC… your tree is falling and nobody is in the woods!

  • Sara Marcipan

    Seriously???? Haven’t even watched either of the ABC new daytime disasters….Can’t wait for Katie Couric to bomb too. Shame on you ABC/Disney you guys blew it.

  • Jessica

    ABC Daytime has no idea what it’s doing. When executives live in a bubble, are surrounded by paid consultants and sycophantic underlings, are afraid of innovation and are pressured from all sides to focus on profit over product, it ‘s inevitable that they wind up with confused messes that look and feel ( and probably WERE) put together by committee. When you try to please the greatest possible number of people you lose any potential point of view.

  • juanita

    cant wait for them to leave they stink it is just more reality crap and if i want to watch a show like that i will watch the biggest loser not these idiots who think they know it all give me back my soaps as to abc and disney i no longer watch them nor do i purchase the products sponsoring this reality crap that replaced my beloved soaps so if money was the issue i hope you go bankrupt for your total disregard for your dedicated viewers of which i no longer belong

  • Barbara Schuima

    Surprised,I’m not. ABC/DISNEY has the worst programming of all the the networks.Bring back our soaps. We want thoughtful scripted TV.ABC/DISNEY IS BANNED IN OUR HOME UNTIL THEY EITHER SELL THE RIGHTS OR BRING BACK OUR SOAPS.
    Their nightime line-up is sad. That’s NOT REALITY….It’s TRASH !!!

  • Jamie

    wow lol can’t wait to see what next week brings



  • Kathy

    Bring back the soaps. These new shows are awful. If ABC doesn’t want the soaps they should let someone who wants to and “can” do the soaps have them. Abc/ Disney could improve their image just by “acting” like they care about the millions of very sad soap fans. ABCDISNEY needs to realize that their over inflated paychecks are not the only things that should be important to them.

  • AVMasala

    Anyone at abc/Disney paying attention? Viewers don’t want your “trash in the afternoon.” And apparently abc/Disney doesn’t care if they have viewers!

  • kerryg

    so how long will it take the sponsers to realize that no one can see the products they are advertising on abc cause a vast number of consumers are no longer watching abc? how long is abc willing to throw good money after bad in this failed experiment, they may not think this but they need us more than we need them we have so many other alternatives for tv viewing, so abc do the right yhink and put amc/oltl back or give them back to agnes nixon and you will see how grateful we can be, other wise we will continue this fight till the end.

  • Bonnie

    Gee, and this is a surprise??? Give us our soaps back or at least release them to a channel that wants them!!

  • Misty

    I refuse to turn ABC on until One Life to Live is back on. These new shows are not what the majority wanted, I think we have made this obvious. Bring back our soaps and get better ratings.

  • Peggy thomas

    Bring back the soaps an then we’ll watch ABC daytime again, but only then

  • Brandi

    Bring Back One Life To Live! its obvious NOBODY wants to watch this garbage

    • Susan M.

      I agree 100%

  • pieyra

    Really upset about you taking oltl off they need to put it back on soon

  • dr don

    ABC and The Disney Company are “dead” to our family and friends now since on Friday. January 13, 2012, ABC having aired what is ostensibly the final episode of “One Life to Live.” Disney’s Robert Iger and ABC’s Anne Sweeney and Brian Frons have a long overdue appointment with KARMA in having decimated through their wrecking operations, one of the finest, most talented dramatic ensembles that contemporary American television and the combined genius of Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati ever assembled, daytime, prime time, anytime; that of the cast, writers, and crew of Agnes Nixon’s “One Life to Live.” Long Live One Life to Live! Love Live All My Children! Death to The Spew and The Revulsion! God don’t like ugly…

  • daalryke

    I have trouble believing these numbers. 5 hosts, their family and friends should only equal .01.

    Bring Back Soaps!

  • Dawn

    I hope people don’t stop boycotting. Sometimes people get tired and give in….I really miss The View myself, but the last time that I watched was Jan. 13’s tribute to OLTL. I’m sooo sad. Find myself watching the reruns at 3:00 AM.

  • Colleen

    Come on ABC/Disney get your heads out of the sand. Bring back our soaps and show us you want your viewers back!!!!! Let’s go!!! What a waste of time the revolution is. Add that show to your already brutal primetime line up and let’s put the soaps back !!!

  • Deby smith

    I want my soaps back, plain & simple. So until they are returned to TV, I am withholding any and all watching of ABCD. I am holding my own viewership hostage from including anything from the RAT HOLE in my TV line up. You will not garner any viewership points from my home, my friends/family homes or anywhere!! Until ABCD releases my soaps to live again, we are holding our viewership hostage!! We will not patronize local businesses who advertise with my local affiliate either. My wish is to choke the RAT into submission by hitting their pocket hard and hurting their revenue!! NO SPEW & NO REVULSION!!! WE ARE ONLY WATCHING GH AND ONCE THAT GOES NO MORE RAT’S NEST FOR THIS CHICK!!!

  • Tammy

    Yeah! Rah!!! There are a few million of us out here that are thrilled that it tanked!!! Is is time for us to say we told U so!!! However, we are also a very forgiving lot, give us back AMC and OLTL and we will watch ABC again. If not, goodbye and good riddance!!! We need more reality/talk show programming like we need holes in our heads. I Love Ty Pennington, but I will never ever watch him on this channel in this time slot, nor anyone else for that matter!!!

  • slj730

    The ratings reflect that ABC does not understand what a large majority of their “daytime” viewers want. The ratings decline is not only soap opera fans that are angry and refusing to watch, but these shows are not of any interest to those that were not soap opera fans, and they are joining with soap fans and changing the channel. I truly hope that ABC will learn from the failure that is this show. As a fan of not only One Life to Live, but the genre itself, I will continue to fight to prove ABC has made 2 fatal errors in these cancellations. ABC could earn viewers back and some respect if they would allow someone else to buy both All My Children and One Life to Live. If they want to produce these cheap shows and not care about the ratings because of the cheapness, well that is their decision, albeit not the brightest.

  • Randi London

    because what we WANT is OLTL!! don’t you get it?

  • Karen

    I want to know what rock that slime packed ball of scum Brian Frons is hiding under. How’s that focus group thing workin for you freak? What a total joke. ABC – aren’t you tired of being the laughing stock? Oh yea – Hey Oprah – how’s that OWN network going? Wanna tell us again how there is no audience or money in soaps? Bet you’d kill for half the soap audience to be watching that crap on OWN. And oh yes – ABC Disney…if soaps are such a dead genre – why is Nickelodeon ordering a BRAND NEW 80 episode, 5 night a week soap novela?? Assclowns. Total freakin assclowns.

  • Chrisann D

    I personally can’t say The Chew and The Revolution are terrible….I have not watched ABC since OLTL has been yenked form the airwaves. But it looks like the people have spoke. What happened to Quality programs. What happened to valueing wiewership. ABC can take off any show they choose. We can just not watch. Couldn’t ABC put on a 60 second spot telling AMC and OLTL fans they value us as viewers and would like to thank us for watching for 40+ years. The truth is I don’t think ABC cares at all about its viewers. I will watch GH and have been but that is honestly the only ABC program that is on in my home. After that ABC is dead to me. I hope all that are BOYCOTTING will not give up. Lets make ABC an example of what happens when you stop valueing its viewers and only care about how much more money they can make.

  • Jen H

    The low ratings for these shows is not surprising. If ABC wants out of the soap business, that’s fine. They are completely within their right to run their business as they wish. But then please sell the rights to a network that does want to air the soaps again.

    Only then will ABC begin to repair their image and get millions of fans to end their boycott.

  • Andrea

    I have enough reality in my life ABC! I have switched the channel. Sell the rights to these shows so they can live on.

  • cpierce

    OMG!!! Just one more show with a constantly clapping audience. and the “stars” Yikes1 Blah, blah blah blah blah (that is ty pennington talking). This show sucks! all they do is talk, talk, talk, is ty pennington really a “life coach”… he is out of his elements. not to be mean, but listening to his lisping abrasive voice is maddening. The only person interesting on the show is Mr. Gunn. This show offers absolutely nothing new. Just one more show with a ramped up audience being encouraged to hoot and holler at the drop of a hat. The “Applause sign” will burn out. so far the audience has gone wild at ty ironing a table, at the mention of a workout ball. Ridculous. ABC you can dump this show. It fits into the realm of that awful show, The Talk on ABC I like The Chew… the camaraderie with the hosts seems genuine and the audience isn’t clapping all the time. Thanks for the opportunity to vent.
    p.s. I was not a soap opera watcher, but did not see anything wrong with them. the view who commented that one wants to get away was right. Give ty back his bullhorn and get him out of the studio (oh, i hate that show too…he is obnoxious. does he have a real talent?

  • Janice

    ABC please release the rights to the soaps to someone who will value this type of entertainment. I just retired and was finally looking forward to having a time to watch my programs. I watched a little of both The Chew and The Revolution and they truly are terrible. Let us have our soaps, our diversion from the daily grind. We are TIRED of reality. If you want to save money, don’t program anything in these time sequences and turn over the rights. I have lost respect for ABC. You can program anything you want and we can watch anything we want. Katy Couric? No way. CBS didn’t want her.

  • Janice

    Bring back the soaps

  • Cindi P

    Even though the chew and revoltion cost less than the soaps won’t it end
    up costing more after they replace one failing replacement show after the
    other? All the start up costs and everything?

  • Helen Moran

    ABC has made a huge mistake with The Chew and The Revolution. I now use those 2 hours for reading, doing the wash, shopping or talking on the phone. Brian Fronz is a moron, and they promoted him for it. Disney owns ABC and it shows. Execs get high salaries and bonuses and we get programming we don’t want and didn’t ask for. The shows titles alone, are obnoxious. ANd stupid. The Chew? Which moron came up with that? The Revolution? What’s it mean? Nothing to us. Sorry, ABC, but you deserve to see your afternoon ratings tank. Be back at 3pm for General Hospital.

  • Susan M.

    I agree

  • Susan M.

    We still want to watch our stories.. that has not changed!!! I refuse to watch The Revolution… It insults a person’s intellegence!! It’s a retarded show..This show wants to show you how to make wallpaper from chidren’s art!!! Give me a BREAK!!!!!!!!! Get rid of this nonsense already!!!!!!!!I can’t believe that ABC replaced OLTL with GARBAGE!!! The Revolution does not belong on daytime programming!!!!!!!!! And DON’T WANT Katie Couric Either..We will boycott her ALSO!!!!!!! Loyal soap fans will not watch this BOLNEY!!!! And they aren’t watching The Revolution .. And the revolution rating are down already… Cancel this CRAP already!!!!!!!!!!!!! These reality shows are all wrong for daytime programming!!! WE WANT OUR STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shirl

    Didn’t ABC sell the rights to Prospect Park? I heard they had to go to Prospect Park and ask for the actors and actresses from OLTL to appear in General Hospital. So does ABC own Prospect Park? I just want our shows back.

  • Starr

    I’m in agreement with all these poster and want to add only that I hope all who are boycotting ABC will take a 1 hr reprieve and watch GH. It’s all we have left to show them what we want.

  • renee

    YOU realize in the end the revolution will not be televised!!!

  • Angie

    ABC is getting what they deserve they don’t care what viewers want. We want soaps back otherwise will watch other networks soaps. If you cancel GH will be done with ABC.

  • al

    Paint Me Surprised…. Not!

  • Robin Humphrey

    I will never watch the Chew or the Revolution. It is a shame that we lost AMC and OLTL. I am so hurt and angry. I was a 40 yr viewer. Then they cut another feel good show Extreme Home Makeover so they could use Ty Pennington to draw viewers to the Revolution. I love Ty and under any other circumstance I would have followed him to any other show, but I will never watch the Revolution. I have been getting my AMC and OLTL fix by watching reruns from 2007 on Soapnet. I am enjoying seeing some of the old characters. So I am still watching my soaps everyday. But I hear Soapnet is going off the air in March. Another f’d up blow to viewers from ABC/Disney.

  • Amy

    Boycott The Chew and The Revolution! ABC canceled our soaps so they can make MORE money! Since ABC has no regard for soap fans, they no longer deserve to have any soap fans as viewers! I am now an avid CBS viewer!

  • Vicki

    So done with ABC if they cancel GH. I hope their executive producers eat crap!!!

  • Vicki

    ABC has made a horrible mistake. I don’t get why they think that people want information, rather than entertainment. We are getting information up our ying yang and all day long, and it’s the last thing we need. ABC could have done a lot to keep these shows alive, and they could have taken steps to make them less expensive, but they simply just spit on the fans and walked away! I’m sure glad that Y&R is still around! TO me, CBS knows how to do a soap, and I sure hope they stick around a while.

  • Amanda

    While I absolutely LOVED OLTV and AMC, and will probably never watch anything that’s on ABC in that 1-3p slot (unless they decide to move GH there), ABC is still making more money showing The Chew and The Revolution because they’re simply cheaper to produce! The only way we’ll get our soaps back is if they start losing sponsors. With these ratings, that may soon follow!! *fingers crossed*

  • Jill

    Bring back OLTL! I will never watch The Revolution!

  • Nancy Landers

    I hope that the sponsors, the advertisers start pulling the plug on ABC and ask us the millions of viewers what channels we are watching during the time our beloved soaps were on and you can go and put your money where it will be watched. Clearly it isn’t ABC in the afternoon, except for GH. I can’t wait for 2013 to come when the chew will be chewed away and the revolution will have lost that war!! Get real ABC and admit that you have made a GRAVE mistake and error in your judgment and put our soaps back on the air, or let Agnes Nixon have the rights to the shows. It takes an ethical company to admit they made a mistake, not confess to it, or like many have already said you will be toast in the next couple of years. Your evening new shows aren’t all doing that well either…PAN AM, ONCE IN A… and you’re taking off Desperate Housewives and where is Greys Antomy and The Practice, why aren’t they one each week instead of having reruns in the middle of the year??? TIC TOC-TIC TOC

  • club425

    Absolutely LOVE to see this info. It was one thing when they cancelled AMC and cried money and budget. OLTL was consistently under budget and lately ABC’s highest rated soap. Canceling it was the step of imbeciles looking to line their pockets with the money that they would be saving…except you can’t make money if no one is watching!

  • BLT

    There are millions of us out there who will no longer be watching the ABC Daytime Lineup due to the cancellation of All My Children and One Life To Live.

    Now General Hospital too????

    Mistake, Mistake, Mistake…..You obviously don’t know the loyalty and outspoken power of Daytime Soap Fans. Sad

  • Tina Gray

    REALLY ABC/DISNEY????? You still don’t get it after this story? You have alienated the majority of your audience and you are in last place. You will continue to fail until you release AMC and OLTL to Agnes Nixon and allow GH to find a new home. I can’t wait until you have to explain yourselves to your shareholders!!!!!!!

  • http://facebook Tanya Smith

    I must say It serves them right! Really wish this would make those exec’s at ABC to open their eyes but NO! Bring back our soaps listen to the viewers.

  • Susan

    I miss my soaps and will NEVER watch anything to do with ABC/Disney again. BRING BACK THE OLTL AND AMC! We all need to escape reality and those idiots took that away from us.

  • Kristen Howe

    LOL! We’ve told you so ABC! It’ll never last.

  • Jess

    If I were a host on this show I would just quit now, the ratings are not going to get better. Daytime fans are not going to accept this as a replacement for an iconic 40 year old show.

  • Joe

    I’m just biding my time, waiting for the news that “The DREADolution” and “The SPEW” have been cancelled… and I have a feeling it will be before this time next year! Especially in the case of the former. Couldn’t be happier!

  • Annette

    Come ABC, admit your mistake, and bring our soaps back!! Look at the ratings, and listen to your fans – we don’t want any self-help shows. We want our soaps!! While you still have time to bring the fans back, cancel these ridiculous self help shows – we don’t want to diet, or listen to suggestions on how we can eat better.we just want our soaps that we can escape to for just short while. I am so miserable without my soaps ..please rbing them back!!

  • aquarelle

    ABC is just like our Congress! They both say the things they implement are for the public’s sake, but have any of us EVER been asked what WE want? ABC, WE are tired of reality shows and were perfectly happy with our soaps. Why did you mess with perfection? You have disrupted a lot of people’s lives, but who cares, right? That’s what Congress says too!

  • josie

    I have watched GH for over 40 yrs and OLTL for over 30. I would tape them when I was still working and watch them when I got home. Don’t know what to expect with GH but doubt that AMC and OLTL will ever be returned. I have to ask the idiots that made the decisions to do this a question…if they had a special restaurant or place they really enjoyed going to and the owners of that establishment changed menus and/or features to cut cost..maybe the food wasn’t as good anymore…..WOULD YOU CONTINUE TO GO–IF THEY FOOD WASN’T THE SAME QUALITY OR THE FUN THINGS WEREN’T THERE ANYMORE…… Probably NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So because you decided to change the menu WE won’t come to your place anymore. There is now nothing there but garbage to and cds work just great. I am now retired and did very much enjoy sitting down and watching OLTL and GH but I personally have no problem finding something to do now in place of those two shows. The only reason the Spew got the ratings they did was 1. it is a cooking show and fell in over Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and 2. ABC bled it into OLTL to pick up ratings… These guys seem to forget that we as humans are creatures of habit in a lot of ways. We (the soap fans) enjoyed and got very addicted to the soaps. When they stop, we (as fans) WILL go elsewhere and soon that will become a habit… All of those fans will be lost and not necessarily for just those 2 or 3 hours a day .. but forever from ABC. You won’t get us back. I will continue to watch GH to the end (should that happen) but my news, other programming, everything will go elsewhere–somewhere other than ABC. Loyalty is a 2 way street. I hope GH stays, if it does that will be the only hour I spend on ABC, if it doesn’t..well, I guess I won’t spend any!! Sorry for your loses. You idiots have opened a can of worms that I don’t think you’ll ever come out from under and truthfully I hope you don’t, I hope you loose your tails in this mess and just know–we will all be there to watch you go down!!!!!!!

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