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The Revolution Left at the Starting Gate in Week One

January 26, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 128 Comments
Remembering Robert Hegyes
Rosie Revamps

Based on the lackluster overnights, it was a given new ABC talker The Revolution would not impress once the Live Plus Same ratings were released.  The Revolution opened with a mere 1.68 million viewers for the week of January 16 according to Nielsen, which is down by 37 percent from year-ago occupant One Life to Live (2.64 million for the week of 1/24/11).  Erosion was even worse among target female demos with The Revolution off from One Live to Live by 43 percent in women 25-54 (1.4 rating/8 share to 0.8/ 4), 40 percent in women 18-49 (1.0/ 6 to 0.6/ 3) and 40 percent among women 18-34 (0.5/ 3 to 0.3/ 2).  Yes, this is worse than The Chew’s debut week compared to All My Children.

As a basis of comparison, take a look at The Revolution versus recent entry The Chew, also on ABC, and The Talk on CBS, which had its largest audience since the week of January 28, 2011:

-Total Viewers:
The Chew (ABC): 2.44, The Talk (CBS): 2.39, The Revolution (ABC): 1.68

-Women 25-54:
The Talk (CBS): 1.1/ 6, The Chew (ABC): 1.0/ 6, The Revolution (ABC): 0.8/ 4

-Women 18-49:
The Talk (CBS): 0.9/ 5, The Chew (ABC): 0.7/ 5, The Revolution (ABC): 0.6/ 3

-Women 18-34:
The Chew (ABC): 0.5/ 3, The Talk (CBS): 0.4/ 3, The Revolution (ABC): 0.3/ 2

ABC’s The View stood head and should above this trio, of course, with 3.67 million viewers, a 1.4/ 8 in women 25-54 and a 1.0/ 6 among women 18-49.  The moral of the story: ABC should have left well enough alone.



Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

Remembering Robert Hegyes
Rosie Revamps

  • Kristen Howe

    I agree with Mr. Marc Berman. ABCD, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. OLTL didn’t need to be fixed or cancelled. The same for AMC with the Chew. Both shows won’t last 40+ years, even with those ratings. If you want us back, fix this mess, cancel those two shows, and bring back our soaps. Give Agnes Nixon the rights, give PP the money, or give our soaps to another network. Why do you care, when you’ve lost viewership for all your shows. And if GH goes, you’ll lose us all period. Place our shows online, shorten them, or even put them in Primetime. Just do something.

    • MBmomof3

      @Kristen Howe


      • TD2

        DITTO Squared!

    • Arielle NaMara

      Kristen…I completely agree with every word you said!! BIG mistake ABC/D…HUGE!

    • Debbie


    • http://mediainsights Denise

      Ditto! I so enjoyed copying and pasting the above ratings into a letter to Paul Lee! Crash and burn ABC/D. Give, sell, or lease the rights to AMC & OLTL to Agnes Nixon.

      • Mary


        DITTO!!!!! ABC/Disney Shame on you! Big Mistake!

    • Lynda


    • sherri

      I hope someone at ABC reads all the comments on all the articles, and I also hope they monitor FB. Like so many other former ABC fans, I am done with ABC. I have not and will not watch or record the replacement shows on ABC daytime. I no longer watch any daytme programming, if home, on any station. When I am home, I now listen to radio or read. I almost never watch ABC primetime either. I now boycott Disney completely and refuse to even wear any of my Mickey Mouse icon Jewlery. I will not forgive or forget the rudeness of Disney/ABC execs surrounding the cancellations of the soaps and the belittling of the fans. 40+ years of loyal viewers and the foundations of so much of what exists in broadcasting today, destroyed when it was so salvageable. Shame on ABC/Disney.

    • Dave

      All you retarded lunatic OLTL fans need to grow up. OLTL is dead and never coming. So get over it.

      And no, ABC should’t give the rights back to Nixon. Nixon made the choice to sell her soaps to ABC so the soaps now belong to ABC. If Nixon wanted to keep the soaps, she shouldn’t have sold them to ABC in the first place. Besides, I doubt that any other network would want to air the soaps anyway. Prospect Park tried to sell the soaps to a cable network but they all declined.

      ABC would be a total moron to give the rights back to Nixon just to accomodate a bunch of ill-behaved soap fans who are consistently swearing and yelling at them for cancelling the soaps. Even if AMC and OLTL are dead, ABC can still make money off the shows by releasing some DVDs or syndicating them internationally like Sony is doing with their soaps.

  • club425

    Glad to see that ABC knows what their patrons want. Almost feel sorry for the advertisers that blew off the soap fan base (of course I said ALMOST). The people I feel sorry for are the ABC affiliates that are NOT ABC/Disney owned that will end up losing ad revenue over this colossal debacle created by ABC. Wonder if Mr. Frons still thinks he can train viewers like dogs? Wonder if Mr. Iger is remembering his soap roots at ABC these days? Got him to a $30million a year job. Might have been nice to remember that and the loyal fans that have served that paycheck over the years, rather than discarding them in favor of GARBAGE programming.



    • Troy

      We tried to warn you this wouldnt work, but you know what? What galls me most of all is that you’ve REFUSED to deal with us since 4/14. Why is that, ABC? Is it because you know you’ve ticked off the wrong people here? Believe it or not, we are still here-and will not go away until this is rectified, and GH is safe as well…

    • Lynda

      AMEN and AMEN! Well said!

  • AVMasala

    Leaving well enough alone would have required intelligence. Something in short supply at abc/Disney. They didn’t pay attention to te viewers, and now they have no viewers left. I call that justice! Bring back #oltl!

  • Jason

    I agree that ABC should had just kept what they had, which was AMC and OLTL. Hopefully soon they will realize that. And then they can put everything back to the way it was. And maybe even issue an apology to their fans. (Not certain that last thing will really happen.)

    • Debbie

      And now they want to cancel GH to put Katie Couric on for a talk show starting this fall….WTH are they thinking ???

  • carolc

    The writing was on the wall when both replacement shows were announced. Why Disney/ABC thought that soap viewers would accept anything but their shows baffles me. We have been watching All My Children and One Life To Live for so many years that it’s inconceivable that any other programs could take their place. It’s time the television executives started thinking with their brains instead of their wallets. Lots of advertising dollars are draining away – how is that saving money?

  • robin grunzweig

    Will the numbers help you see the errors of your way, ABC? Hear us, the viewers who watched your channel for over FORTY YEARS! Bring back AMC and OLTL, that’s what we want! If you want out of the soap opera business, fine, just sell the rights so another channel can bring them back (and we fans will follow)……

  • sue shirley

    because I am boycotting ABC & Disney for canceling One Life to Live and All My Children. I don’t know if it matters to ABC, or Disney but they have lost a life long, loyal viewer and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. why don’t they care about the viewing audence?

    • Arielle NaMara

      Sue…absolutely! I’ve been a lifelong fan of ABC (literally life-long…my mom worked for the network while pregnant with me 53 years ago) but I will NEVER forgive my former favorite network for this horrible blunder! And I wish that they would come to the understanding that this was a huge mistake and BACK OFF their plans to replace SoapNet (which is the only way that my 77 year old mother is able to cope with the killing of her friends in Pine Valley) with yet ANOTHER damn “kids only” channel (cuz Lord knows there aren’t already ENOUGH “kids” channels), and also back off their plan to kill General Hospital (which I don’t even watch, so I’m begging for someone else to keep THEIR beloved show…this isn’t about me)… But I HIGHLY doubt that ABC/Disney is listening. Why would they start NOW, eh?

    • Debbie

      I too am boycotting ABC..except for GH…which I hear will be cancelled to give Katie Couric a talk show…then ABC is dead to me !!!

  • colleen

    I am not sure WHY ABC thought the Soap fans would watch this garbage! Even non fans will not watch. I can’t even watch any of Abc anymore because every other commercial is “the Revolution” being shuved down my throat! It is like nails on a chalk bord! Please fix this Abc.
    Also, give poor Agnes Nixon back the rights to her stories!

  • slj730

    ABC should indeed, have left well enough, alone. What astounds me is that they offer no comment or seem to be aiming to fix this continued decline in ratings. My demographic is the 18-49. Specifically in the 18-34 —> young people clearly do not want this type of show and were tuning in more with scripted serial drama One Life to Live. And One Life to Live was not marketed as this show was yet still had the draw. I wonder what affiliates and sponsors are thinking. Yes the show is cheaper to make but if the advertising for it still cannot draw in the viewers, will there really be a savings? And so many millions of fans of not just One Life to Live, but also All My Children, are tuning OUT of other ABC programming. There is a much larger fallout from these “replacement shows” than even the ratings decline can show. The decision to stubbornly continue with these two shows may have a permanent negative impact on the network in daytime hours, but also nighttime. Once the word of SoapNet being pulled for Disney Jr. reaches the masses, ratings may decline even more prominently.

  • Lisa

    Look what is staring you right in the face..Bring back OUR SOAPS

  • Joe

    What no one gets is these talk shows cost extremely less than the soaps. Comparing ratings between these soaps and talk shows is stupid. Granted, The Revolution ratings suck, but they will replace it with another talker next year and still save money. The Chew is in talk world is semi successful. But again, even if they keep producing new talk shows that rate mildly to the soaps, they still win out financially. And if they do get a hit in the next few years, even more of a reason to stop the soaps. I get it that all you soap fans are pissed that they aren’t airing your 40+year shows. But this is all economics. So get that straight before you complain. You should be mad at how much the actors make and how long it takes to shoot a scene before getting pissed at ABC.

  • Flo DiBona

    Thank you for your article Mr Berman. “Yes, this is worse than The Chew’s debut week compared to All My Children.” Now there’s a benchmark! Disney/ABC has gravely miscalculated what the daytime audience wants. Cheap, interchangeable, disposal, we-know-what-is-best-for-you programming is a transparent means to fatten bottom-line profits at the expense of what the audience deserves – quality programming an audience can invest themselves in.

  • Joanna

    WOW! Whoever makes these decisions for ABC should be in a different line of work. They took a show off the air that averaged a million more viewers than the replacement show, they angered a huge group of fans, and insulted woman in the process. Even if this show is slightly cheaper to produce, the millions the spents in promoting this show negates that, plus how many company’s will want to buy ad space on a show with such a low number of viewers.

  • Gina

    Please sell the rigth back agnues Nixon so we can enjoy our soaps. Im stay at home mom i would rather nick jr then the crap you got on there. The soap fans are watching daytime tv. Not colleagues student there in school. You could have figure out way to keep our you could have cut them to 30 minutes. Just please sell the rights so we enjoy them again!!!!

  • Sandi Taylor

    I believe this article to say what many viewers are thinking, serial daytime drama fans are finding other networks to support, other scripted shows to watch etc. to fill the void of All My Children and One Life To Live.
    The executives of the network would have been wiser to have reconsidered their choices and not cancelled EITHER of these shows for the reality, self improvement, diet, cooking etc. We as viewers cannot be trained to watch shows that many feel replaced programming that was our escape, was our families that visited our homes 5 days a week.
    I do not feel bad for the network with their lack of ratings, I do however remain saddened and angered by their lack of integrity and respect for a genre that has touched the lives of many people. If they want to correct what many have stated was an irresponsible decision… they need to bring the shows back to the network OR leave soapnet as is and broadcast them there.

  • kerryg

    i know the suts abc just think we are just a bunch of moo moo wearing bon bon eating suckers that can be trained to like any garbage they call tv, well score one for the bon bons cause they were dead wrong and im hoping the adverisers well start to feel it to caasue after all we know it comes down to the benjamins and if they start to feel it maybe abc will have to answere for this terrible diecision. it cant always vcome down to the money cause what good is cheap programming if no one is wathing and then we will end up will a carousel of bad programs instead of the storied scriopted soap.i dont care how it gets done i ust want this rectfied assap

  • barbara t

    why does abc kept saying they are number 1 in daytime ?I dont believe it ,abc will never be watched in my home ,I will watch general hospital but thats it.the shows they replaced the soaps with are cheep ,there nothing Im interested in,abc insulted me ,and Im not alone ,how could they take 2 shows of such rich history and replace them with shows that insult me ,I want to watch scripted shows not garbage self help stuff.if I need that kind of help I will improve myself ,not listen to a bunch of air heads,katie couric has to be the luckest person going ,every network gets rid of her and what does abc do ,hire her to kill general hospital ,where is the logic in that?abc you are done in my home unless you reverse what you have done ,I know you wont because your to busy lining your pockets with cash,abc was once a great network ,now your cheep and tinny like all the others,you dont stand out anymore,and the biggest mistake you made was underestimating the soap fans.and thats what I am.

  • moshane58

    Still can’t believe that many watch the chew.I can’t find anyone who hasn’t said once was enough,Have a relative that loves cooking show abd she said it was a cooking show it was a grossed out mouth full big mouths ruining cooking.

  • http://Facebook Angela

    ABC/Disney made a huge mistake replacing our favorite soap’s.And on top of that insulting soap fan’s on top of it.To me it sound’s like discrimination against woman since from the beginning it use to be just woman who started watching them.But for year’s men and woman have been great fan’s of soap’s.Sooner or later you will see what a huge mistake it is messing with soap fan’s.Million’s of us grew up watching them with our mothers and grand mothers.They mean so much more to all of us than you think.And if you had to add more garbage to tv why couldn’t have been another station?To me it seems like with the insulting remark’s toward’s soap fan’s you hate people who love watching them.So that would be complete prejudice or just plain hateful and or greedy as he** for money.I plan to get rid of cable if some thing isn’t done about getting our soap’s back.The Revolution/the Chew are nothing but garbage and I think ABC/Disney know it too they just refuse to admit it.I will definitely never watch some so stupid and boring none of the talk show’s that are put on.That goes for the stupid reality show’s they keep loading up on several station’s either nothing but garbage!!!!!!!!!!

  •!/groups/200709853303867/ Debbie

    Who were the subjects of Frons’ survey that said they wanted this type of programming? They must be the only ones watching. I would go out of my way to be sure to watch One Life to Live either live or online. I certainly will not bother to watch the Revolution. I can certainly do without hearing about Tim Gunn’s lack of a sex life.

  • Barb Coleman

    Well, well,well – if it ain’t broken don’t fix it; but if it is broken fix it! ABC made the mistake and they need to fix it and give us back our Soaps! It is ABC’s fault! We let them know way before the cancellations took place yet they chose to ignore us. We understand the need to cut-back, but not to replace! I too, have a hard time believing that The Chew has that many viewers. Just give us back our Soaps! Thank you!

  • Beatrice bruzzese

    Happy day….abc is going down the toilet…they are a bunch of maroons…really was it worth replacing two wonderful soaps for two idiotic shows….karma is a b… deserves this for ruining the actors lives and the millions of soap fans….guess we cannot be programmed to watch new tv…you idiot frons….

  • Michele Carlin

    OLTL consistently came in under budget, so this garbage isn’t that much less to produce. I am not a math expert, but loosing 40% of the coveted 18 to 49 does not look good for ABC/Disney. They did nothing to promote AMC and OLTL and systematically tried to destroy them. ABC/D wants out of the soap business. Release the rights to AMC and OLTL, return them to Agnes Nixon. I am a proud SWAN, I Stand With Agnes Nixon!:)

  • Julia

    How did ABC think that fans of 2 shows with a 40 plus year following would watch this crappy self improvement programming? ABC you have not gained anything from this. You have lost viewers and you have lost the loyalty I once had to your television line up. NBC and CBS look great these days.

  • Mary

    I think ABC should reconsider what they did like today and put the soaps back on. The rating show that we don’t want these types of show on daytime tv. That we want our soaps! Wake Up ABC!

  • Lettie

    Still watching ABC online for GH…..but I no longer watch any other shows on ABC day or night. Neither does anyone else in my house, that channel is blocked on all tv’s.

  • Jamie

    if it aint broke don’t fix it!!!





  • vicki

    I think it’s a shame how ABC took away 2 of the most loved soaps and replaced them with the GARBAGE they have on now!!!! I haven’t watched the SPEW or THE REVULSION and I’m never going to watch them either. I turn ABC/D on at 3:00 for GH and after that it never gets turned on for anything else!!!! Since DISNEY doesn’t respect the soap fans, why should we respect them? If you don’t want to put the soaps back on, give them back to the wonderful MS.Agnes…. That’s right , I’m a S.W.A.N.!!!!!!

  • Christina

    ABC you’re done!

  • Tammy

    ABC should bring back AMC and OLTL, these other shows are of no interest to me! Fix it and get your viewers back!!

  • Netty

    I use to watch ABC from morning threw night, I would even watch Jimmy Kimmel and Nighline and sometimes I would wake up and watch the News in the middle of the night, on ABC. BUT NOW…. I will not watch anything on ABC, I don’t care how much I love the shows and believe me, I love Private Practice and I love Grey’s Anatomy but I love One Live to Live and All My Children even more! I still watch General Hospital, but anything before and after, my TV stays on USA, FOX, WGN, TRAVEL, and a few other channels, but USA in now the main channel I watch all day and all night now. ABC you messed up because I was one of the faithful viewers you had. But since you took my favorate soaps off air, I am at war with you also. Mr. Fronz, I am not one of your puppets, you cannot control me, you can’t make me watch something you feel is fit for myself and the rest the country. If you like cooking shows and self help shows, then maybe you need to watch those, because if you don’t realize, the people of this country don’t all have the same views, likes and dislikes as you. We are not a bunch of robots and you are not God. You can’t make people change the way they feel about something just because you run a certain company. You do not have the power to control what we watch, WE DO! The people, the fans, control you. If we don’t like something, you will know, then ABC will know, your sponcors will know, and then everyone knows, before you know it, ABC is loosing ratings, and then everyone is loosing money. Look at State Farm, word got out that they sponcer ABC and once the fans found out, fans started taking their business elsewhere, and now State Farm is loosing money. Before you know it, other sponcors are going to back away, because they will not want to loose money also. ABC you really messed up. You see what the power of the fans can do? Now, all you have to do is release the rights back to Agnese Nixon, or allow PP to get our two favorats soaps back. Then everyone should be happy. By the way ABC I hate the chew and I hate the revolotion. But I do love Tye Pennington, but please let Tye know, no hard feelings, I love him, just hate that ABC took our soaps from us.

  • Vicky

    ABC You really messed up. Once you cancel General Hospital you will have no viewer’s. Do you think these shows can last as long as soaps? I think not. Please do some to fix this. We reached out to advertiser’s atc and they all just blew us of, so I do not buy ANYTHING that is advertised on ABC. YOU KNOW YOU CAN MAKE THIS RIGHT!

  • Babbs

    Im not surprised that ABC lost over a million viewers…Im one of those people.. I tune in to watch GH and that is it! Im still amazed that ABC cancelled our soaps and that they are even thinking about going further and cancelling General Hospital. They should have left well enough alone. We haven’t heard a peep from ABC and what they are planning to do on bringing back our soaps and why is it that they are not giving the rights to Agnes? If they felt that these soaps were not profitable enough then why should they care ? Either start calling back all the actors and start taping again or sell the rights back to Agnes so she can proceed and bring our soaps back ! They took away generations of families watching these soaps for 40 plus years .. Why ? ABC I hope your listening to all the fans and you do something about it !

  • sissy02468

    it’s a shame ABC felt the need to spoon feed the daytime viewers with shows no one wants!! reality tv will not survive another year!! we are over the fad of reality tv!! scripted shows work and have worked for 4 decades!! wake up ABC cheaper doesnt mean better!!!

  • Kay Turner

    GIVE US BACK OUR SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://facebook Lynda

    Please bring back OLTL!! These “replacement” shows could never replace OLTL!! They don’t and never will have the ratings nor as many LOYAL fans as OLTL!!! The writing is on the wall, and the time is now to ammend this enormous mistake. Return OLTL or give the rights back to Agnes Nixon and maybe, just maybe all will be forgiven!

  • iluvssw

    I can’t figure out what made ABC/Disney think this crap is “what the viewers want”. Where did they get their information? Who are the people in those so called focus groups? Why can’t they just say they made a mistake and work out a deal to bring AMC and OLTL back with the right people who care to oversee it. I could forgive them for all the hell they have put all of us through if they would just do the right thing. I know it probably won’t ever happen, but a girl can dream, at least that’s what Walt Disney taught me to believe.

  • Lori

    When the cancellation of AMC & OLTL were announced, soap fans everywhere took to the internet to voice their anger & Disney Execs, laughed at us & said that such a small few of us would have no bearing on the success of their new programming. Well, Disney/ABC are you still laughing at us?
    I am only one woman, but the only show I watch on ABC now besides General Hospital, is Castle…..a scripted show. I may only be one woman, but this one woman, is also boycotting the sponsers that advertise on ABC during ABC’s replacement programming, & Disney has been replaced with Nik & Nik Jr. for my grandsons. I have appealed to my daughters & my mother, as well as my sister and all of my closest friends, to all boycott ABC/Disney also, & they have all agreed.
    Suck it up ABC/Disney, eat a nice helping of crow & admit that you were wrong. This junk you are trying to convince us to watch is not what we want to see. We want our soaps back, if not on your network, then on another network, or the internet. Until I am watching my shows again, I will watch other channels or just turn off the tv & turn up the music…. and no, it will not be Disney radio!

  • Mollydolly

    Well, well, well ABC/Disney, you made your bed. How do you like us now? You took away a treasured program, OLTL, from its very loyal fans and now it is payback time! Let OLTL go so it can be produced elsewhere, online or on another channel. The Revolution is never going to work, no matter how hard you try. I hope your sponsors drop you as fast as the OLTL fans did. You’ve made a huge miscalculation, haven’t you? Thank you for writing this article.

  • Yvette

    You’re right – ABC/Disney should have left well enough alone. I won’t watch this show, and frankly I don’t think I’m missing anything. It looks beyond dull. In fact, I can’t bring myself to watch anything on ABC, and I’m fine with that – there are so many other networks offering good programming.

  • Stephen Parker

    Expecting THE REVOLUTION to equal or surpass the ratings of ONE LIFE TO LIVE is like taking a classic hit 45 RPM tune (on vinyl) and playing it at 16 RPM (revolutions per minute)….result? Incomprehensible funeral dirge drone. Additionally, one would have to ask the executives responsible for the cancellation of a bonafide hit TV series with consistently high ratings why they thought replacing it with paltry drivel would succeed with viewing audiences? I guess the inmates are running the asylum at ABC.

  • nadine

    I do not feel badly for the terrible decisions which now have reflected in terrible ratings . Should have left AMC and OLTL. Poor decision making has led to this debacle. Too bad so sad bye bye Revolution.

  • Sean


  • Diane Visage

    Yep, all the above comments say it all,,,, We are fighting, we are being heard and what we are doin is affecting ABC?d It will continue and it will spread, to sponsors , shareholders,,, how many people are affected by this decission??? tons,,, wow,,, let the voices be heard,,,, give us back our soaps,, we are not dogs, but we will bite,,,,,,,

  • maria martinez

    wow i guess ABC really did know what the audience wanted!! congratulations on the success of your shows! NOT!! i am boycotting ABC i had been watching OLTL for the past 30 years! bring them back! you want an audience?? bring the soaps back!

  • Mary Jo Maltbey

    How sad Disney/ABC was years ago, when their plan to be rid of soaps began. (Frons, train viewers like dogs??….Disney still Your Puppet Master Mr. Frons?) They have caused so much destruction as they proceeded with the soap killings. To actually take a few years to plan, and then to destroy the best viewing shows in history??? Now knowing what a mistake they made, they won’t give Agnes Nixon the rights back, or even SELL them!!! I can’t stand the word Disney or ABC anymore. I am a SWAN…not a dog, not a puppet….a SWAN!!! (Stand With Agnes Nixon)

  • Jill

    I have given up ABC entirely (even Once Upon a Time) and I am very careful not to even tune in to the network for a second, other than DVR’ing GH or watching GH online. I will not be watching The Revolution, The Chew or any other daytime or nighttime programming on ABC. Thankfully 90% of the shows I watched, aside from OLTL and GH, were on other channels anyway. ABC Daytime, if you want out of the scripted programming business that’s fine, but if you do not release the rights to these shows back to Agnes Nixon you are in for a PR nightmare. You are bleeding viewers right now. You have alienated viewers that you deemed unimportant, and now you have failing shows with ratings that are dropping fast. Do the right thing.

  • Mary Stevens

    Duh???We told ABC we didn’t want this crap,but did they listen?We want our soaps back!Might I say”I told you so!”I am expecting Katie to fail,also.Hell hath no fury like a soap fan scorned!

  • Margie


  • Darford

    ABCDisney, what if you threw a “Revolution” and nobody came …?

    Muah hahahaha HA!!!

  • Brett Bradley-Howarth

    I can’t see ABC bringing back OLTL and AMC as much as I wish they would. I’m also suspicious about the alleged plans to move GH into primetime in the summer only, I think this is a ploy to kill the show softly, ie, show it in the summer once then not bother bringing it back the next year. I’m shocked that GH has had its ratings drop, I thought the OLTL fans would’ve started watching in preparation for the crossover characters. I now watch the 4 remaining soaps but fear it is only a matter of time until there are none left, I think BB has the best chance of survival because of the revenue it brings in from overseas.

    It is really upsetting that soapnet is going off the air, there is the potential for it to be a BRILLIANT channel for the soap fans. There are tens of thousands of episodes of soaps just gathering dust that could be repeated on soapnet in a 24 hour day (reruns), imagine a daily schedule like this:

    9:00am Sunset Beach
    10:00 Port Charles
    11:00 Passions
    12:00pm As The World Turns
    1:00 Guiding Light
    2:00 Another World
    3:00 Search for Tomorrow
    4:00 One Life To Live
    5:00 All My Children
    6:00 Generations
    7:00 General Hospital (new)
    8:00 Young and the Restless (new)
    9:00 Bold and the Beautiful (new)
    9:30 Days of Our Lives (new)
    10:30 Dynasty
    11:30 Falcon Crest
    12:30am Dallas
    1:30 Knots Landing
    2:30 Ryans Hope
    3:30 Dark Shadows
    4:30 The Colbys
    5:30 Bold and the Beautiful (repeated from evening before)
    6:00 Young and the Restless (repeated from evening before)
    7:00 General Hospital (repeated from evening before)
    8:00 Days of Our Lives (repeated from evening before)

    • cathy

      Many years ago Soapnet did air 24 hour soaps. But since then Disney took over the network.

      • Bonnie

        Disney has owned the network since the beginning, they just stopped caring!

    • Bonnie

      This sounds like a great line-up for a “New” Soap Channel! Hey NBC, TV Land, Bravo, USA, Hallmark, Lifetime, all others, give us this and you will not be sorry!

  • Joe

    Wah Wah Wah. All you soap fans are a bunch of babies. Your soaps cost too much to produce. Even with the bad ratings from The Revolution, it doesn’t matter. They will take The Revolution off the air and then produce another talk show. They will continue to do this until they get a hit. Even if it is two or three years from now, in the long run it will be a better business decision than keeping the soaps on the air. There is a small group of you that are crying but pretend like your a huge group. The ratings for all your soaps prove it. If there were so many of you our there that wanted it to stay on the air, then more of you should have been watching. And case and point is that Soap channel going off the air. Soaps are a dying breed of tv. Hate to break it to you but its just reality. ABC made the right decision. The Chew has so so numbers, but in this day and age, they aren’t that bad. Especially if you factor in how much it costs vs a soap to make. And Michelle you said that OLTL came under budget every year… Well if that is true, which I’m not sure it is, the budget was still through the roof. Bottom line, give up on getting your soaps back on. Talk is cheaper and the way all these networks are going. Look at the 2012 and 2013 lineups. All the new shows are talk. Like sands in the hourglass, so are your soaps. Going down… Wah Wah Wah

  • Nate

    My favorite prime time shows are CBS’s “Big Bang Theory” and NBC’s “The Office”. Last week I got some really good news from a co-worker of mine at DISH that told me DISH Networks Hopper can record your four major networks (CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX in HD) during prime time hours everyday! The Hopper has a separate storage space for these recordings so that it does not take away from your 250 hours of HD recording space. The feature is called PrimeTime Anytime and customers can record six shows at once when this feature is active. I can’t wait to get this DVR.

  • MBmomof3

    Thank you Marc Berman for this article. I personally contacted via phone and email all TPTB at ABC/Disney as well as the programming manager of my local ABC affilliate to let them know my family and friends are in full-boycott mode of ALL things ABC/Disney; advertising sponsors, channels, programs, products, movies, themeparks, etc. The only one who seemed to take me somewhat seriously was the local affilliate programming manager. His advice was, “Don’t bother, it won’t do any good. You’ll just be hurting local businesses”. I apologized for that, but said that my love for OLTL was too strong to standby and do nothing. It seems WE DO HAVE A VOICE. By doing “nothing” but tuning out ABC/D and their ilk, we have spoken!

    The numbers who tuned into ABC soaps via SOAPnet, online or DVR/VCR were never counted. Who on earth would watch this replacement $#!% online or DVR? No one. Also, these heavily hyped replacement shows were everywhere. I don’t recall ever seeing ABC soaps marketed in primetime, on other channels or anytime other than during daytime soaps! While I realize these disposable replacement shows may cost fractions to produce, my understanding was OLTL was often underbudget. Also, did ABC/Disney ever make any well-planned decisions on how to produce these iconic existing shows in a more cost effective way? Doubtful. I think ABC wanted out of the soap business and GH is on it’s way to cancellation and they brought in “Cartini” to write them off in a way they think soap fans will live with.

    Keep fighting the good fight and boycott ABC/Disney and their soponsors. Soap Nation must be heard!

  • TD2

    ABC is definitely clueless. Considering the number of people who canceled their cable the last few years HERE was your opportunity to hire top notched soap writers and make ABC the station to watch again. Here’s another fact you lost when you were thinking GREED, with the economy in the can, people want something that will take them away. Soaps do that like nothing else on TV! Not another show telling them what is wrong in their life and how to correct it. Instead you decided to follow EVERYONE else and create another failing set of talk shows (Note: Katie Couric’s show WILL also fail.) Someone pointed out on this thread that these soaps have been around 40 plus years. There is NOT one talk show you can bring on today that will ever do that.

    ABCD if you’re reading this, you had better make changes fast. Because once you loose this fan base to other channels that’s your ass.

    There are other shows on ABCD that I would be watching but I am so jilted that I refuse to watch them. Other fans feel the same way so watch closely as those numbers start to go downhill as well. With the exception of General Hospital, I REFUSE to watch anything on your station.

    Learn a lesson from BOA, Netflix, GoDaddy & Verizon and give your viewers what they want before it too late!

  • Joe

    Good luck Soap Nation, you have NO chance of getting your shows back. Give up and stop hurting local businesses like the man you talk to at your local affiliate said. Soap Nation is as lame as Occupy Wallstreet. 99% of us think your lame.

  • cathy

    ABC/D wants out of the soap business and they don’t care what the ratings say. So if ABC would release the rights to AMC and OLTL then our soaps could go on. It is not fair that Iger doesn’t want the soaps but doesn’t want another network to be successful. I will never watch any replacement shows for my wonderful soaps.

  • Jon

    No one wins

  • Cindy

    LOL! Not at all surprised. Who wants to watch that crap?! United are the soap fans who will bring these shows down. One way or another.

  • dr don

    Long live “One Life to Live.” Long Live “All My Children.” Boycott “The Spew” and “The Revulsion” and All Things ABC/Disney! Disney’s Robert Iger and ABC’s Anne Sweeney and Brian Frons have a long overdue appointment with KARMA! For these horrendous decisions, these thee individuals have disgraced the entertainment and broadcasting industries by further demeaning the debasing of the contemporary American television medium through these Bain Company-like wrecking operations of these iconic shows, while concurrently replacing them with schlock junk programming, having lost nearly half their customers/viewers base in the process. There is, moreover, a difference between a viewer and a loyal viewer; a noteworthy distinction that apparently continues to elude the suits at ABC./D to this very day. They STILL seemingly either don’t get it or don’t care…go figure!

  • nancy fields

    They should of left our soaps alone. We want our soaps back. Ratings will not get better. Give up abc and give us our shows back!

  • Maura

    It’s Friday night and I had a tough week at work this week.I wish that i had my cliffhanger to look forward to tonight…..I want OLTL back!!!!!

  • http://facebook JENNIFER TAYLOR

    Because I am boycotting ABC & Disney for canceling One Life to Live and All My Children. I don’t know if it matters to ABC, or Disney but they have lost a life long, loyal viewer and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. why don’t they care about the viewing audence?WHEN ARE YOU PEOPLE GOING TO GET WE DO NOT OUR WILL NOT WATCH THESE SHOW’S PERIOD……..WHY WOULD YOU GET RID OF SOMETHING THAT WORKED FOR 43 YEARS HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAKE’S NO SENSE…DID YOU BANG YOUR HEADS PEOPLE PUT OUR SHOWS BACK ON COMBINE ALL 3 AND MAKE A SUPER SOAP W/OLTL WRITERS IT COULD BE A GREAT THING AND GET YOU PEOPLE OUT OF THE HOLE U DUG………………….

  • Richard

    ABC made a huge mistake letting go of One Life to Live. I doubt they really did any polls to find out what people want to see.

    The Revolution may be cheap to produce, but you get what you pay for. I will never watch The Chew or The Revolution. I’m a college educated viewer with expendable income. I don’t want to watch lifestyle shows. I don’t want to watch reality shows. I don’t want to watch talk shows. When I watch television, I want to watch scripted programs.

    I have not watched ABC since One Life to Live ended on January 13, 2012. I have no intention of ever allowing ABC or Disney items in my home again.

  • Tim

    This comes as no surprise. The OLTL fans are no longer watching ABC. The ratings will continue to deteriorate until ABC brings back the SOAPS or give over the rights to Agnes Nixon so she can get the shows broadcasted on another cable channel or network that wants good ratings.

  • Richard

    Oh, and don’t forget that ABC has someone watching the Facebook pages for The Chew and The Revolution, so it only appears all the comments are positive. Any comment that has not been in favor of The Chew or The Revolution has been deleted, and the user is blocked from posting.

    ABC is attempting to put a spin on these shows that is not a true presentation of feedback from viewers.

  • Barbara Schuima

    Thank You Marc Berman for your article. WE WILL NEVER WATCH THIS REPLACEMENT GARBAGE !!! We want to be entertained with thoughtful scripted programming. A self improvement program===ABC/DISNEY NEEDS THE IMPROVEMENT !!!! START WITH LISTENING TO YOUR VIEWERS (ie: your bread and butter). YOU CANNOT TRAIN US !!!! ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES. BRING BACK OLTL and GH or SELL THE RIGHTS TO SOMEONE WHO WILL PRODUCE THEM and not another sham as with Prospect Park !!! ABC/DISNEY BANNED IN MY HOME WITH THE EXCEPTION OF GENERAL HOSPITAL !!!!

  • Misty

    And when can we expect our beloved One Life to Live to be back into production? This non sense of replacing our soaps with horrible programming that no one asked for is ridiculous. Give us back our soaps!!!

  • Kathy

    I am not going to watch my soaps online. I believe the ratings say it all – please put AMC and OLTL back on television where they belong. I still watch GH, but it is just not the same without my 3 soaps (love in the afternoon).

    I really do not believe that ABC executives realized how much of an emotional family connection viewers have with the Soaps. I am a baby boomer and have yet to talk to anyone who does not have a special story to tell that connects the viewing of soaps with their parents, friends or other relatives with whom they would watch these shows. It is more than soap opera programming, it is part of our culture.

    With all due respect, we all make mistakes in our businesses and daily lives, but the only fair thing to do is own up to those mistakes. Please do the right thing for viewers and return AMC and OLTL to daytime television.

    Thank you!

  • Diane

    ABC is truly clueless about who its audience is and why it is watching. They thought that they had a captive audience that would watch whatever they chose to show because they had nothing better to do at that time of the day. I did not watch One Life to Life and All My Children for 35+ years because they were on at convenient times. I recorded them or watched them on SoapNet or on the computer after a long day at work. I have a graduate degree and I am in their target audience. I have a sizable, disposable income. And they have totally misjudged what I am willing to watch. The soaps were not watched by mindless Stepford wives. We are intelligent, discriminating viewers and we will NOT watch the Chew or the Revolution.

  • Randi London

    OLTL was consistently entertaining and featured amazing actors. can’t be replaced.

  • Lanii Rosas

    You’ve made a huge mistake!! Bring back OLTL!!!

  • Anna

    I have been a loyal viewer of ABC for years. Not anymore, Put my soaps back on the air. We don’t need another talk show. We need our SOAPS!!

  • BLT

    There are millions of us out there who will no longer be watching the ABC Daytime Lineup due to the cancellation of All My Children and One Life To Live.

  • Jerri Clorley

    The Revolution has told us that Tim Gunn hasn’t had sex in 29 years and yesterday he tackled his fear of driving. This is the type of ground breaking information that ABC thinks I would watch over my beloved soaps. I will never watch The Chew, they make disgusting looking food and eat like pigs. The Revolution is the same show on ten different network. I watched my soaps for 30 plus years and will never accept the replacement shows. ABC is off my television. I will not watch any new ABC programming. ABC has made a major mistake and I love checking out the ratings every day for a good laugh!

  • cheryl

    abc/disney really underestimated the power of soap fans ,we told them we would not watch new shows in our stories timeslot and unlike PP we do what we say we are going to do

  • Colleen Kaleta

    The Revolution looked boring even on the commercials they shoved down our throats during the last weeks of OLTL, I could never replace my favorite soap with that..Id rather take a nap for that one hour than turn on something that would bore me.. ABC has lost its programming adventure.. it gave up on its loyal viewers and kicked us to the curb..Karma is strong..sorry ABC your not number one in this house anymore.. and you once were..

  • Randy

    Thank you for posting the Revolution’s ratings, it is interesting to compare the Revolution, the Chew. theView and OLTL. Please post the ratings going forward, ABC is promoting big time the Revolution, the Chew and the View. It will be interesting to see if ABC’s promotional efforts can save the Revolution by increasing its ratings to a level near the Chew. It appears to me that the Chew was helped by Thanksgiving and Christmas themes in November and December together a change in strategy to highlight special guests from TV and movies vs. how to put place settings on your dining room table. Two weeks ago the Chew got better ratings–just wondering even tho the Chew was the lead in to OLTL, if OLTL’s strong ratings over the last 6 months helped the Chew and with OLTL gone will the Chew suffer. Time will tell.

    • http://facebook Tanya

      I am almost positive the loyal soap fans of OLTL helped the Chew out. I know it was on the beginning of all of my recordings. Now that my TV doesn’t go to that channel and Thousands of others doesn’t i bet their ratings have gone down too.

  • michelle

    i wish abc would man up and admit their mistake and put the soaps back on. OLTL ,GH and the veiw were their highest rated daytime shows so why not cancel the ones that weren’t instead of the ones people want to watch. abc you will be a thing of the past if you do not air what the fans are wanting to see. you are losing viewers and you will be at the bottom so soon.

  • http://facebook Tanya

    I am not surprised by these ratings if anything i am surprised they are even THAT high! ABC if you want your viewers back give us back OLTL and AMC. I don’t know why you thought that your loyal viewers would stay loyal when you completely ignored the outcry that went up when you announced the plans to cancel these shows. I know you aren’t really listening to us but heres to hoping that you are!!! Bring Back our SOAPS!!!!

  • WiseMocha

    It’s been two weeks since OLTL has been off the air, and I can say that I really feel the void of it not being on everyday. I try to support the remaining soaps, but it’s just not the same without OLTL or AMC. ABC has treated it’s Soap Operas like a super model out of her “prime”: first, they have used the success of those shows to invest in their prime time programming, and since now their prime time shows are the new, hot, young thing on the catwalk, they’re throwing the source of their sustained success out on the street… they don’t need “her” anymore.

    Well, if ABC thinks it will get the kind of revenue from the replacements that it got from the soaps, they’re drunk off of cough syrup. They’re investing WAY too much in advertising for the shows, and the money they are getting from sponsors will only cover those exuberant costs for promoting those dead weight shows.

  • ann

    I’m not a fan of the ‘me too’s’, but I am in complete agreement with the assessement that ABC has screwed up. They have alienated a very loyal segment of their viewing population by cancelling AMC and OLTL…. hold the threat of GH canellation over our heads. I, for one, am returning the favor. I am only able to watch GH on soapnet so I don’t even have to tune into the ABC network at all. I am very disappointed, to say the least.

    • Tina Gray

      Ann – What will you do in March when SoapNet leaves the air?

  • http://facebook JENNIFER TAYLOR


  • Sean


  • Kathy

    I will never watch ABC daytime again! I will watch GH to the end and then ABC will never be on in my house. I am watching the remaining soaps on NBC and CBS. I do not like reality, game, or talk shows. I am still missing AMC!!! Somebody please bring back AMC!!!!

  • Tina Gray

    REALLY ABC/DISNEY????? You still don’t get it after this story? You have alienated the majority of your audience and you are in last place. You will continue to fail until you release AMC and OLTL to Agnes Nixon and allow GH to find a new home. I can’t wait until you have to explain yourselves to your shareholders!!!!!!!

  • http://TakeitishAMCMyWay Takeitish

    ABC/Disney has completely ruined Daytime TV with their short sighted decision to Cancel 2 legacy shows that have bought so much joy to millions over the past 40+ years. I will not watch, buy or support anything ABC/Disney until OLTL and AMC are back in production and on the air where they belong!

  • JoAnn

    I want to relax and enjoy a little love and drama in the afternoon when I watch TV in the afternoon. I am not watching either of the new ABC Shows. I do not want to or need to watch shows that tell me how to cook, what to eat….what not to eat, how to dress or how I should feel. I feel just fine about myself and am happy with my family and my life. Just keep General Hospital and return All My Children and One Life to Live to my afternoons that is all I want AND then I will return to ABC in the afternoon.

  • Tammy

    I’m not surprised. The Revolution does not look like a good show at all. I wish they would bring One life to live back.

  • Valerie

    That’s what they get for taking off “One Life To Live”!!!!

  • Sally Moran

    I stopped watching ABC Sept 23. I have boycotted everything on ABC since April 14 except All My Children. Give the rights back to Agnes Nixon for her scripted dramas. To hell with your reality shows. It’s not what we want.

  • Laurie

    ABC is so far off course with their new afternoon line up, I doubt they’ll be able to recover. Honestly if they HAD listened to the fans their ratings would have tanked! In my home ABC/Disney is banned. I watch GH online, but is the extent of my ABC viewing. Until they bring back AMC and OLTL or give Agnes Nixon the rights to her creations so they can continue on another channel, then all ABC/Disney programming shall continue to be blacked out in my home! Wake up ABC/Disney and bring back Love in the Afternoon!

  • Patrick

    To be honest, Disney and ABC have truly screwed their viewer’s over! How could they end two of the greatest soap’s of all time, AMC & OLTL both show’s with loyal viewer’s and million’s of devoted follower’s. I watched both AMC & OLTL every day for 24 year’s and I have also watched other ABC show’s! I have been faithful to ABC but after they ended my show’s, the only thing I am now watching on ABC

  • ColeBell

    Well, I guess dancing on the (soon to be) grave of this show and screaming “SOAPERS TOLD YA SO” at the top of my lungs is out of the question, huh? When you take this into consideration with the fact that the production cost is roughly equal to that of OLTL (which was coming in WAY below soap standard at approx 650k/week) and the HUGE (we are talking over a million viewers here) loss GH has seen from the loss of the OLTL bleed over audience (bringing a couple Mannings to Port Charles isn’t gonna save it!) You have to be wondering if the folks over at Disney-ABC television group are kicking themselves collectively for cancelling the ONLY strong performer in their otherwise pathetic lineup, OLTL.

  • MaryAnne

    I will not watch that show or the show before it, Only show I will watch on ABC is General Hospital !!! That is IT !!! If it isn’t broken don’t fix it ABC/Disney !!! Give Agnes Nixon the rights back to her shows so they can live on somewhere else !!! YOU don’t want them, I know she does, So do the right thing for once !

  • Stephen Parker

    In actuality, beyond ABC’s monstrous manipulations and massacres, ONE LIFE TO LIVE has had eight lives to live and will eventually be back for its 9th life while THE REVOLUTION has NO LIFE and does not deserve to live. Period.

  • Tammy Kreiss

    IF YOU THINK FOR ONE SEC I WOULD EVER TURN ON ABC AGAIN, BESIDES GENERAL HOSPITAL, YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND!!!! You didn’t care that we wanted our shows and watched them at times convenient for us, you claimed nobody was watching daytime, and now you have the audacity to wonder what’s wrong???? Why are your ratings so low???? You lost all the daytime viewers you claimed you didn’t have. WE WANT OUR SOAPS AND WON’T BE SUPPORTING DISNEY OR ABC EVER AGAIN BESIDES OUR SOAPS!!!!!

  • barbt

    I’m not surprised at the low rating. Since I work during the day, I usually watched AMC, OLTL and GH in evening after dinner. I will not waste my time on this garbage. I’d rather watch home improvement shows. I want my shows back on the air.

  • Rose Cobbold Wade

    Still watching GH online, but none of the seven people in my home watch any other shows on ABC/D day or night. That channel is blocked on 3 of our Dish receivers! Who do they think they are that they can take shows I have been loyally watching for over 40 years, take the off the air then ORDER me to watch then replacement crap! Then to really throw salt in the wound they announce that they are going to put at least 2 soap type show in their night time line up. Why could they not just try to get some of their viewers back by putting AMC & OLTL back on even once a week. Or set aside an hour and put each one back on for 1/2 hour every day and cancel the revolution or chew. ABC/D does not care about me so I could careless about their station, shows or ratings. How they go under and someone that knows something about needing viewers to run a station to take over.

  • Jim Barnes

    I enjoy watching The Biggest Loser every Tuesday, as it is great having that once a week motivation and it is nice that NBC promotes their Daytime stars having Alison Sweeney as the host. I am also a big fan of Ty Pennington, as he is a good & genuine person with all he did on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Having said that I will still NOT WATCH any show that airs in the time slots that have belonged to All My Children and One Life To Live for so many years, unless General Hospital is forced into one of those hours. I have been a loyal viewer of ABC Daytime, back to when I was 7 years old and started watching Dark Shadows in 1969. In 1975, when I was 12 years old I began to watch All My Children & Ryan’s Hope in the summer, then One Life to Live and General Hospital in September, since they aired after school. I am appalled at how the loyal Daytime viewers of AMC, OLTL and GH who supported these qualities shows for 40+ years and with GH some for almost 49 years have been disrespected by ABD/Disney!

  • Lita Eastman

    Someone needs to step up and admit that momentary insanity clouded their judgment about replacing two valuable soap operas. Their ‘cheaper to produce’ replacements won’t last proving to be a waste of time, money and viewers. Save your backside and our shows while you still can. We promise to refrain from too many “I told you so’s.”

  • Jess

    I love the fact that ABC/D claimed no one wanted the escape of soap opera anymore and we would be thrilled with these new replacement shows….clearly these ratings tell another story. Nobody wants to watch the Revulsion and if ABC/D had any brains they would cancel it and replace it with reruns of the cancelled soaps.

  • nancy fields

    What happened to the people ages 49 and up? Do they not exist? They like to watch tv too!!! Bring back our soaps and please include the people over 49 in the ratings. How unfair to the rest of the viewers.


    Right on Marc! ABCmade dumb and greedy move canceling the soaps. We will never watch those talk shows! Pease sign our petition to Bring Back One Life to Live. Participate in as many campaigns as you can. Keep doing the tasks , sharing with your friends and spreading the word. We will not give up!

  • BonnieB

    Thank you so much Marc for this and for you other articles that shed light on this ongoing landscape change.
    I have so many questions and I know I will never get truthful answers from anyone at ABC/Disney. I understand the bottom line issue but there are better ways to accomplish that rather than ripping the jobs away from hundreds and the shows and beloved characters away from thousands.
    It is clear to me now that you do not care one wit about what we think. Or even what your employees think, for that matter. But time was, the soaps were hugely promoted at night, romance and humor were the fare of the day and instead we got no evening promotions and no romance and little humor in deference to “natural” disasters for plot driven storylines.
    By you very own prime time ad for new shows, the soap opera model is not dead. And our soaps will rise again some time, some way.

  • http://yahoo Rita

    I am very please to hear this. I have now set my DVR to make sure that no TV’s in my house switch to ABC during the day AT ALL except for GH. They need to sell the rights to these to beloved soaps back to Agnes Nixon. If they don’t want them that is fine, however they don’t have to punish us by keeping them from us. If they would sell the soaps where we could watch them i would GLADLY go back to ABC! But if they so obviously don’t care what their viewers say then I don’t care about them. Wake up ABC and listen to the outcry.

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