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The Revolution Loses Steam in Week Two

February 2, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 42 Comments
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The news is not positive for new ABC daytime talker The Revolution.  Based on the Live Plus Same Day ratings for the week of January 23, week two of The Revolution dipped to 1.53 million viewers, which dropped by nine percent from its already abysmal opening week (1.68 million for Jan. 23-27), according to Nielsen.  Compared to year-ago occupant One Life to Live, The Revolution dropped by 39 percent in total viewers (2.51 to 1.53 million), 46 percent in women 25-54 (1.3 rating/8 share to 0.7/ 4), 44 percent in women 18-49 (0.9/ 6 to 0.5/ 3) and 40 percent among women 18-34 (0.5/ 3 to 0.3/ 2).  Erosion for The Chew versus All My Children was not as significant in week two.

Week-to-week, The Revolution, in addition, dropped by 13 percent in women 25-54 (0.8/ 4 to 0.7/ 4) and 17 percent in women 18-49 (0.6/ 3 to 0.5/ 3), with no change among women 18-34.  Here is The Revolution versus One Life to Live.

One Life to Live – Week of 1/24/11
Viewers: 2.51 million, Women 25-54: 1.3/ 8, Women 18-49: 0.9/ 6, Women 18-34: 0.5/ 3

The Revolution – Week of 1/23/12
Viewers: 1.53 million, Women 25-54: 0.7/ 4, Women 18-49: 0.5/ 3, Women 18-34: 0.3/ 2

The View on ABC, of course, led the quartet of network daytime talkers, with 3.73 million viewers, a 1.5 rating/10 share in women 25-54, and a 1.1/ 7 in women 18-49.  The Talk on CBS held the distant No. 2 spot, followed by The Chew and The Revolution as follows:

-Total Viewers:
The Talk (CBS): 2.45 million, The Chew (ABC): 2.34, The Revolution (ABC): 1.53

-Women 25-54:
The Talk (CBS): 1.1/ 7, The Chew (ABC): 1.0/ 6, The Revolution (ABC): 0.7/ 4

-Women 18-49:
The Talk (CBS): 0.9/ 6, The Chew (ABC): 0.7/ 4, The Revolution (ABC): 0.6/ 3

-Women 18-34:
The Talk (CBS): 0.6/ 4, The Chew (ABC): 0.4/ 3, The Revolution (ABC): 0.3/ 2

The Chew, meanwhile, is still not matching former time period occupant All My Children with a loss this week of six percent in total viewers (2.51 to 2.34 million), 23 percent in women 25-54 (1.3/ 7 to 1.0/ 6), and 22 percent in women 18-49 (0.9/ 5 to 0.7/ 4).  Results among women 18-34 are flat.

The moral of the story: you should always put the needs of the audience first.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

TV Land Picks Up Season Two of The Exes
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  • Jessa

    But ABC knows what their daytime audience wants right? I think not! The audience had no desire to watch anymore talk/reality shows we wanted our escapism and when ABC/D cancelled it, well we found something other than them to watch..Days.Y&R, & B&B all get my viewership now. I will never watch the Spew or the Revulsion

  • Debbie Joyce

    ABC wanted to go with cheaper programming despite the soap fans outcry. The audience is not tuning in and ABC’s and their affiliates ad rates will be suffering after the sweeps. Sorry ABC, you made your bed…

  • soapaddict12

    It is Feb 2, and I am sure with Feb sweeps ABC/D is really taking a nose dive, and CBS and NBC are really soaring and loving it. My TV has been on CBS and NBC all morning. Not only did ABC slap their viewers in the face with the cancellations of AMC and OLTL, but right on top of it they cancel soap net also for another Disney channel at that…..another worthless cable channel!!!!!!!! Hopefully some other network with a GOOD business sense will recreate a soap channel. ABC you should have listened to your viewers 10 months ago when this all started!

  • MaryAnne

    Loving this !!! ABC/Disney thought they knew what the audience wanted, WRONG !! Your audience wants their daytime dramas !! Your new shows are doing badly, So what does that tell you ?? I will never watch your replacement shows or will I watch ABC/Disney any more. I’m done with ABC/Disney & if you think I will watch your new show Katie that will replace General Hospital, Guess What ? WRONG again !!

  • Lisa Rexrode

    And is abc/d supposed to feel surprised by this? The viewers have spoken for what we want and reality tv is NOT on our agenda.

  • iluvssw

    Wake Up ABC/Disney, cheaper doesn’t always mean more money at the end of the day!!!!!

  • club425

    It would seem that ABC is not “in tune” to it’s viewers. It is a shame that 43 years of traditions, and families, and legacies, were so cavalierly tossed aside for corporate greed.

  • klombardo6

    I hope that ABC is shocked by this because they thought they knew what everyone wanted. Well surprise the only reason that I watch ABC is for General Hospital and if they take that off I will no longer watch that network. I have been watching All My Children and One Life to Live and General Hospital almost all my 43 years of my life. Its an escape that many of us out there need . If I want a cooking show I flip to the foodnetwork if I want style I go over to the learning channel if I want fitness I can find that too. Please ABC get your heads out of the sand and please bring back the shows you took off

  • Valerie

    That’s what ABC gets for taking off our soaps!!!! They want to take away our loved “One Life to Live”, we’ll TAKE AWAY THEIR RATINGS!!!!

  • slj730

    I love the last sentence of this article. The moral of this epic failure on daytime TV is that the audience indeeds needs to be considered when making a lineup change this drastic. The needs and wants are imperative for keeping a stable lineup in daytime television. As I commented in yesterday’s article, there is no need for these shows. There is and remains a clear need, desire, and demand for scripted drama during daytime hours. One Life to Live and All My Children should have never been canceled, and these ratings are proof in the pudding as to why.

  • Christina G.

    It’s obvious to me that these shows that were put in place of our beloved soaps are failing terribly. I’m doing a happy dance about that. These shows are very boring talk/reality shows and I haven’t even watch them and won’t ever watch them. ABC/Disney has failed badly. So, now I watch NBC’s Days Of Our Lives now because they canceled OLTL. So I’m sure NBC is enjoying a boost in their ratings!!

  • Tim H

    This comes as no surprise. SOAP fans are no longer watching ABC/D. We already have enough reality TV and a really good Food Network. We don’t like these shows and refuse to watch them. If ABC wants to raise their ratings, they need to take back the rights to one Life to Live and All My Children and give them to Agnes Nixon. Please let our shows be produced by another network or cable channel and ABC ratings will return. Of course, you need to cancel the Chew and Revolution which will never make it.

  • Colleen1770

    ABC/Disney made huge mistakes taking off AMC and One Life to Live, announcing that Soapnet is off in March and possibly replacing GH with Katie Couric…I would hope Ms. Couric is smart enough to read the writing on the ABC wall. We want our Soaps back!!!!! No more copycat wannabe recycling nonsense shows!!!! We want an escape from reality to good stories with families we love. Wait til they see the ratings for DWTS. Who do you think watches that show???

  • Seahawkmom

    ABC I dont know how you thought that the millions of soap fans of AMC and OLTL would have ever watch any shows that replaced our beloved Icons of over 40 years. Karma comes to bite.

  • alex graham

    No One Life To Live = No ABC! Your sponsors boycott! Disney boycott! Your station now stands for (Another Bad Channel). You have destroyed over 80 years of tv history between OLTL / AMC and put so many fantastic people out of work. I wouldn’t watch The Spew unless they were literally cooking Brian Frons! The Revolution, well that belongs to us! We ARE the revolution determined to get our soaps back. Be known for doing something good for your once loyal fanbase. As it stands right now, you and going down in the same way the Titanic did. May as well stop pushing this reality crap on us like drug pushers because no one cares or is watching! These “shows” (use the term loosely) are bitter bad! And NO , I will not be watching GH just because you’re bringing the Mannings and John McBain on (for rating purposes obviously). I have no use for that gangsta show and our OLTL actors belong in Llanview! I’ve already made and given out over 100 bumper stickers to boycott your station and will continue to do so until everyone that wants one gets one! You have crossed the line!

    • TikiBarb


  • cottle

    I just love this. ABC pulls the best and puts on the worst. How stupid does ABC look? Very. Are the other networks laughing? Yes But ABC could get the press away from them if the greedy execs would give the creator the rights of the 2 iconic soaps AMC and OLTL. I am Standing With Agnes Nixon!

  • divastyle

    ABC should have listened to it’s loyal viewers, in their own arrogance they chose not to and now they are reaping what they have sown.

    Since OLTL was cancelled, I have switched to CBS and their soaps Y&R and B&B. I will NEVER watch mindless drivel like The Chew or The Revolution, I only watch ABC for GH nowand if/when that’s gone, so am I!

  • heidi482

    I am glad! I hope you fall flat on your faces!!!!! SOAP OPERA’S -MY ONE LIFE TO LIVE & GENERAL HOSPITAL should have stayed if you wanted ratings!! Many people work so they DVR & record the soaps & shows they like now that should count as ratings also. There are to many talk shows that bore us to death as it is & cooking shows. Soaps give us some hope to believe in, along with stress relief & another place to go in our minds to relax. They where part of our families, BRING THEM BACK & YOUR RATINGS MIGHT COME BACK ALSO!!! I WILL FOREVER STAND BY AGNES NIXON!!!!

  • Moondog

    ABC, I hope you understand your mistake now. Put OLTL back on the air or release the rights so someone else can produce it. You may get some viewers back if you at least do that much. We fans of OLTL aren’t giving up on it being produced again, but we’ve given up on you for taking it away.

  • alex graham

    Would just like to add that what you have done to the beautiful Agnes Nixon is deplorable. These “reality” might have stood a chance had you chosen ANY other time slot. You had millions of viewers through AMC / OLTL. These people were family to generations of people. These people touched people of all genres. These people saved lives through their stories, literally! I’ll never forget watching the Billy Douglas homophobia story in ’92. I was in his exact situation and was his age! We have seen wonderful grow up on screen. We have also seen them pass on, often in real life. When they cried we cried. You will NEVER have another show that will last a decade, much less 43 years! And now you want to add insult to injury by pimping two new night-time soaps?!? Are you “trying” to be the most hated station on television? What you have done to your loyal viewers is just cruel. Don’t just fix this disaster for the wonderful people you put out of work. Respect your loyal viewers!

  • Stephen Parker

    ABC is experiencing a simple truth: All this destructive, wasted energy was unnecessary. And now the pigeons have come home to roost and the name tags on their legs all say One Life to Live and All My Children. Greed and tyranny are ugly, especially when they are promoted as self-help cure-alls to dupe the public. The solution? Give the rights to the two deposed soap operas back to their creator Agnes Nixon and allow competent producers to step in and restart these iconic shows.

  • soapfan78

    View and Chew didn’t do good at first either. I think ABC needs to give it a chance. It is only 2 weeks and all shows have to tweak things. Besides it costs less than the soaps and it is obvious ABC is out of the soap business.

    • TikiBarb

      soap fan ……YEAH RIGHT !!!

  • pam

    Boycotting all things Disney/ABC and SPONSORS. Bring back our Soaps. If I need self improvement I read a book. They new shows are regurgitating old info.

  • jory1601

    lol the revolution has to go the subject matter is old and over done

  • KristenH

    Well, we told you so ABCD. Both reality shows are going down in flames. Hmm. Since we’re at February Sweeps, let the ratings drop like flies.

  • 1_bammom

    I think we all see that ABC did a big mistake taking AMC and OLTL off air. They need to fix this and give back these very beloved shows. Enough, Enough, of what they are offering.

  • farmgirl3460

    I’m not sure I understand why ABC would think anyone would want yet another reality based show? If we want food etc there are entire networks devoted to this. We wanted relationships, history and escapism. It’s not too late. It can all be undone – take a page from Dallas – make it all go away! Put them back on the air!

  • Christina G.

    I’m glad that this show is doing bad. Serves ABC/Disney right for taking off our soaps!!

  • Karen Severino

    I am all for burning Brian Frons at the stake on The Spew….that could improve their ratings for one day only, unless they want to do Anne Sweeney on the next day! It amazes me how ABC Disney and their daytime executives think they know what is good for the public, and therefore try to forcefeed their crap thinking we are too dumb to know better. Mr. Frons and his hatred for the soap genre is the catalyst for his determination to save money, cut expenses and personnel, and put on reality shows that he expected the viewers to accept.
    “Soaps,” he said, “is a dying genre!” Well then, ABC, how do you explain your drop in ratings with your new shows? Here’s hoping your new shows continue to tank….because ABC you are too dumb to know the difference as to what the people really want….and right now ABC, WE DON’T WANT YOU!!!!

  • petebegley

    Not surprised. This show looks so boring, just like AMC’s replacement The Chew. I do not watch ABC anymore because I will not support a network that thinks so little of their viewers. It is NBC and CBS for me!

  • Rachel C

    It’s not too late to give the viewers what they want. Viewers want scripted SOAPY drama not pseudo self help reality. Time to bring back AMC and OLTL

  • Mistyvcm

    I miss AMC and OLTL so much. I don’t, and won’t, watch GH. I refuse to watch ABC in the afternoons at all now because they took those shows away from the amazing number of life-long fans! Girls need some steamy fun drama with characters we feel we know and love, especially when kids and hubbies are gone. There are way too many reality/cooking/weightloss/better-yourself shows on tv. I don’t like them. You took away our “family” and I will never forgive ABC for doing that.

  • nakima57

    As I predicted – they LOST their viewing audience and FAILED to pick up a new one !! SUK IT ABC!!

  • TikiBarb

    ABC/DISNEY seriously miscalculated this one. Soap Opera audiences are LOYAL unlike ABC/DISNEY… General Hospital is the ONLY proream I will watch on ABC !!!! I miss the news and some primetime dramas (which are soap operas). BOYCOTT ABC/DISNEY !!!!!!!!!! WE WILL NEVER WATCH A REPLACEMENT PROGRAM and WE WILL NOT GO AWAY !!!

  • mary22

    Shame on ABC! What a huge mistake they made. I will never watch any of the shows that replaced AMC and OLTL! I want my soaps back. ABC should just own up to there mistake and fix it.

  • faddiegirl

    AS AMC and OLTL supporters we must continue to Boycott ABC’s Shows, I am so disappointed to hear that they also plan on getting rid of general Hospital also. ABC could have moved these shows to another time like even 1am or later in the morning we still would have found a way to watch our soaps and we know that noone is watching TV that late but that wasn’t even an offer- shame on them for breaking our hearts now let’s break theirs continue the fight and hope that they will bring back our shows- at least one of them and KEEP GH! Continue to Support GH!

  • susanmz

    Bwahahahaha. Good to see The Chew losing viewers, too.
    Die, ABC, die!

  • purrfect1969

    Interesting, ABC thought they could train daytime fans into watching what they wanted them to watch. Seems like the fans decided to tune out instead. I bet, CBS is enjoying the ratings. Wonder if ABC is missing the soaps, now. Just think, if they would have worked with the soapers, they could have made money via merchandising. They may have even seen their ratings go up. I personally, don’t feel sorry for the. I also didn’t know ratings numbers could go that lower. I can’t wait to see if they can go lower!

  • piazzagirl

    Can’t say ABC/Disney was not warned, they knew we wouldnt watch this trash. Guess they underestimated our loyalty and I guess they will understand how loyal we are now.

  • Casey Costello

    Thank you, Mr. Berman, for the articles keeping us apprised of “The Revolution’s” ratings…please keep the articles coming! I am waiting with bated breath to hear how “The Revolution” does in week three…but given the fact that ABC cannot get 100 people in Manhattan to come see the show without offering $30 to “play” an audience member certainly does not bode well for ABC’s pitiful “Revolution”.

    This is what they get for unjustly cancelling ONE LIFE TO LIVE. You know what they say about karma…

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