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Turner Networks Open TCA

January 5, 2013 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 0 Comments
A&E Announces Debut Date for Bates Motel


A session with the cast of sitcom Cougar Town (which officially launches on TBS on Monday) kicked-off the two day cable portion of Winter TCA with the promise to deliver the same sitcom that aired on ABC for three seasons. “It feels like we’re a brand new show that hasn’t changed,” said Cougar Town star Courtney Cox. “You know what I mean? It feels like we’re out there and I feel like it just started and yet we’ve been doing it and we feel so comfortable.”

“I think unless you’re lucky enough to be a hit today, your goal in network television and off-net television, specifically, is just to stay alive,” added Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence. “And I think that we’ve done so partially because the show’s good, but partially because of the effort of all these guys and the writing staff.”

Next at Turner’s portion at TCA was a session on unscripted shows on TBS and TNT including representatives from upcoming King of the Nerds on TBS; and The Hero, Boston’s Finest and 72 Hours on TNT. Of note was the re-pairing of Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong from classic 1984 theatrical Revenge of the Nerds, who are co-hosting and co-producing King of the Nerds. Said Curtis Armstrong about their classic movie:

“I think the Revenge of the Nerds movie, if you remember particularly how it ends, it’s a celebration of the nerd. And that is a great deal of what we’re talking about with this show. It’s the same idea. The idea is not to put down nerds, to make fun of nerds, to get actual nerds to look stupid or anything like that. It’s the idea is to celebrate nerd culture, and that’s what we’ve done in all of the nerd movies, really.”

King of the Nerds launches on Thursday, January 17 at 10 p.m. ET.

The third, and final session at Turner was for new David E. Kelley medical drama Monday Mornings, which is based on the book by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

“At first I had a reservation of the project itself because I had done a medical show before. I met with Sanjay. He told me about the book. It sounded great, but the terrain sounded a little familiar with Chicago Hope. Then I read the book and saw that it was completely different. The characters were different. The stories were different, and the staple of this book was the weekly meetings. It felt like fertile storytelling ground, and I probably was drawn to it because it was different.”

Monday Mornings debuts on Monday February 4 at 10 p.m. following Dallas.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

A&E Announces Debut Date for Bates Motel

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