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Network Daytime Talk Show Scorecard

June 21, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 20 Comments
Bieber Has No “Fever” on NBC
CBS Knocks ABC With Dancing With the Stars Spoof


Genre leader The View on ABC remained on the downside, with 3.10 million viewers (-11 percent from one year earlier) and key demo losses of as much as 14 percent among women 25-54, according to Nielsen. Growing The Talk on CBS (2.26 million) posted minor gains, besting The Chew on ABC (2.13 million) in total viewers, women 25-54 and women 18-49. Erosion for The Chew from year-ago occupant All My Children this week was 19 percent in both women 18-49 and women 25-54. And canceled The Revolution on ABC, meanwhile, averaged 1.36 million viewers — 46 percent below One Life to Live (2.50 million) in the year-ago week.

Here are the results for the surviving trio:

The View (ABC) – 11 a.m. ET
Viewers: 3.10 million (- 7 percent), W18-49: 573,000 (-10), W25-54: 736,000 (-14), W18-34: 201,000 (- 6)

The Talk (CBS) – 2 p.m. ET
Viewers: 2.26 million (+14), W18-49: 467,000 (+ 6), W25-54: 606,000 (+ 4), W18-34: 149,000 (+ 2)

The Chew (ABC)
– 1 p.m. ET
Viewers: 2.13 million (- 8), W18-49: 406,000 (-19), W25-54: 538,000 (-19), W18-34: 165,000 (+ 2)

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

Bieber Has No “Fever” on NBC
CBS Knocks ABC With Dancing With the Stars Spoof

  • Debbie Joyce

    ABC’s daytime line up is a complete failure that is now having an affect on The View. I wonder how low the numbers have to go before panic sets in.

  • camille

    Thank you Marc once again. All I can think of is if Barbara Walters misses her ex-friends of AMC & OLTL yet? (you should have stuck with what worked Ms Walters.. you backed the wrong horse!

  • Jason

    Keep on going down the trash bin, AMC’s replacement. And hopefully GAA and Katie’s show will do the same thing.

  • slj730

    ABC’s ratings would not continue to trend downward if they had kept “Love in the Afternoon” alive with One Life to Live and All My Children. The cable channels are over-saturated with talk and reality TV. What is in demand is what is rare: serialized dramas during daytime hours.

  • Rob

    Even if The Chew’s ratings are lower than All My Children, the ratings of The Chew are too close to All My Children. Unless The Chew starts getting numbers like The Revolution, ABC will never cancel it.

    I hope to see the day where The Chew finally gets the ax. But this ain’t going to happen, not as long as The Chew keep getting those 2+ million viewers.

    • Troy Turner

      Rob, did you even bother to read the article-there’s a 19 and 46 percent DROP in viewership. I’m getting tired of having to fight the propaganda being spewed by soap haters/Chew lovers like you…

      • Rob

        Troy, have you taken your medication today?

        And in case you do know how to read, the 46 drop concerns The Revolution, not The Chew. Loser

        • Troy Turner


          My reading comprehension skills are just fine, unlike yours. What color is the sky in your world that you seriously believe a 19 percent drop in viewership between The Chew/AMC is “close”? People have been trying to foist this propaganda on us ever since The Chew’s first episode, and it’s just not remotely true. Quit buying what ABC is trying to feed you…

          • Rob

            The bottom line is that The Chew’s ratings have been in that same 2.0 – 2.2 millions range ever since it’s been on the air. As low as these ratings may look like, it’s going to take a lot more than that to have it cancelled.

            Shows like The Chew and The Talk were created so that the networks don’t have to worry anymore about ratings, and unless they do as miserably as The Revolution, they’re not going to get cancelled.

            So you can continue to live in your own little imaginary world thinking that you’re going to “take down” The Chew as you keep repeating over and over. But I’d rather live on this thing they call planet Earth.

            Time to grow up, Troy. You give soap opera fans a bad name.

  • carolc

    Cable stations offer so much more to the viewers than the Networks do. We have been saying for a long time that the talk/reality shows are boring and there needs to be a variety of shows from which to choose. General Hospital is ABC’s last remaining soap and if/when it gets cancelled, ABC will lose its remaining daytime viewers. What is the advantage of saving money on a show if the viewers are not there? The Chew may not “qualify” for cancellation yet, but if the numbers continue to drop, that may be ABC’s only choice.

  • ShannonB

    Note to ABC: It’s a shame that the Board of Directors let a couple people decimate your network. Didn’t think The View could lose out, did you? It is. Thought soap viewers would just go away, right? We haven’t. We have the capability of tuning out The Chew and The Revolution and tuning IN to #GH. We are staying true to the mantra of “Only #GH” and not watching anything on ABC but that show. Daytime viewers were dismissed, without acknowledging that these viewers were the core of your network and primetime programming. Bye, bye ABC

  • dragonfly

    All your promos for new primetime tv ABC? They all will fail!!! Continue boycott until we get our soaps back! Oh and I see the Disney movies are doing dismally!! Tsk Tsk! Diss soap fans and you get payback!!

  • Troy Turner


    I’d actually appreciate it if you would answer a question I asked: What color is the sky in your world that you actually believe that a 19 percent drop in viewership between AMC/The Chew is “close”? That’s nothing but ABC propaganda you’re spewing if you believe that-when we in the real world know differently. We took down the Revolution, and we will take down the Chew, GAA, or anything else ABC throws at us until AMC/OLTL are back in production-whether you like it or not…

  • Rob

    Regardless whether 19% is close or not, that’s not the point of the discussion.

    The point is The Chew still has the same 2 million viewers that it had when it started in September. So unless you can convince a third of these 2 millions souls to stop watching The Chew, you’re pretty much stuck with that show in your face.

    And I don’t want to burst your bubble, but AMC and OLTL are never going back in production even if The Chew, Katie and GAA gets cancelled. The Revolution got cancelled and it still didn’t brought back OLTL.

    You miss AMC and OLTL that much? Then watch their reruns on You Tube.

    • Troy Turner

      Once again, Rob, you’re ducking the question. Of course, the point of this discussion is the 19 percent drop between The Chew/AMC, and your blindly accepting that 19 percent is close. In any legitimate manufacturing job-which is what TV is on a more sophisticated level-any drop that steep would get any CEO fired. And we WILL succeed in getting AMC/OLTL back into production, whether you like it or not…

      • Rob


        Did you know that CBS is saving 100 million per year for dumping ATWT for The Talk despite that The Talk has 20 percent less viewers than ATWT. So I’m pretty sure that the situation is the same with AMC and The Chew. So what that The Chew has 20% less viewers than AMC when The Chew earns more money to ABC than AMC does. Like I said before, unless you do miserably like The Revolution, a talk show will always be a win situation for a network over a soap opera.

        And good luck with your quest to revive AMC/OLTL. You’ll need it. Who knows, maybe if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get AMC/OLTL back into production in 300 years from now.

        • Troy Turner


          The fallacy in that statement is that CBS hasn’t foot the bill for a soap since the fading days of The Secret Storm in the early 70s when Wyeth/American Home Products asked them to take over production. So 100k may be inexpensive, but cheaper isn’t better when less people see it

  • Troy Turner

    That’s network propaganda used as a CYA maneuver. We know the truth

  • Rob

    Poor Troy. It’s must be hard being sad in life over a cancelled TV show. LOL

    But seriously, why should I let a TV show ruined my existence? After all, I only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

    • Troy Turner

      How droll, how very very droll

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