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No Improvement for The Revolution on ABC

February 24, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 43 Comments
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Based on the Live Plus Same Day ratings for the week of Feb. 13, struggling ABC daytime talker The Revolution has not picked up any steam, according to Nielsen. Results were flat from one week earlier at a mere 1.53 million viewers, with erosion from year-ago occupant One Life to Live of 820,000 viewers and as much as 44 percent in the three surveyed female demos as follows:

One Life to Live – Week of 2/14/11
Viewers: 2.35 million, Women 25-54: 1.2/ 8, Women 18-49: 0.9/ 6, Women 18-34: 0.5/ 4

The Revolution – Week of 2/13/12
Viewers: 1.53 million, Women 25-54: 0.7/ 4, Women 18-49: 0.5/ 3, Women 18-34: 0.3/ 2

Percent Change – The Revolution vs. One Life to Live
Viewers: -35, Women 25-54: -42, Women 18-49: -44, Women 18-34: -40

The View on ABC, of course, led the pack of network talkers with 3.78 million viewers this week (and as high as a 1.5 rating among target women 25-54), and the results are only likely to get better given the recent Star Jones brouhaha. In the very distant No. 2 spot was The Talk on CBS, followed by The Chew and dismal The Revolution as follows:

-Total Viewers:
The Talk (CBS): 2.35 million, The Chew (ABC): 2.30 million, The Revolution (ABC): 1.53

-Women 25-54:
The Talk (CBS): 1.1/ 7, The Chew (ABC): 1.0/ 6, The Revolution (ABC): 0.7/ 4

-Women 18-49:
The Talk (CBS): 0.9/ 6, The Chew (ABC): 0.7/ 4, The Revolution (ABC): 0.5/ 3

-Women 18-34:
The Talk (CBS): 0.5/ 3, The Chew (ABC): 0.4/ 3 each, The Revolution (ABC): 0.3/ 2

As for The Chew compared to All My Children, losses this week were two percent in total viewers (2.35 to 2.30 million), nine percent in women 25-54 (1.1/ 7 to 1.0/ 6) and 13 percent in women 18-49 (0.8/ 5 to 0.7/ 4). Results were equal among women 18-34. While The Chew has managed to narrow the gap compared to All My Children, The Revolution pales in comparison to One Life to Live.

The lesson to be learned: never forget who your audience is. And do not…and I repeat do not…cancel General Hospital.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

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  • wmzraz

    If ABC cancels General Hospital they are in for a rude awakening. AMC, OLTL, and GH fans have been rallying together and we will not go down without a fight. These SOAPS are more than just TV programming. They are literally like family to MILLIONS of us. I suspect MILLIONS will not tune in to Katie(no disrespect to her) to make a point to ABC. The new team at GH are already make changes to bring GH back to it’s former glory. If ABC is that greedy for even more millions of dollars(It’s always about money)and stupid enough to let go of a genre that has been part of America for over 50 years than I hope someone else, some other network, some other genius swoops in crushes ABC daytime ratings.

  • Zedman2

    As ABC must surrender an hour of programming for Katy Couric’s show this fall, they should just switch General Hospital’s timeshot with The Revoulutions. In this way, ABC get try to get viewers accustomed to General Hospital’s new timeslot and The Revolution can be cancelled as part of ABC agreed changes with their affiliates.

  • cottle

    I don’t believe anybody watches the Revulsion. Ratings must be graded on a curve. In other words, the numbers started here. I am watching GH to see the folks from Llanview. I don’t have too much faith in the TPTB doing the right thing. Execs don’t think with commonsense.

  • KristenH

    I agree with Marc’s sentiments. If you cancel GH ABC, you’re done with me and thousands of former ABC soap fans. We don’t want dribble. To win us back, bring our soaps back to the network and cancel our cheap lousy replacement shows, which won’t last another year on your network.

  • MaryAnne

    I agree with you 100% Marc !!! ABC cancels GH they are DONE !!! PERIOD THE END !! I hear rumors going around that Katie Courie is alittle nervous about her time slot. Hmmm ???? I wonder why ??? Look at the REVOLUTION and its ratings. OLTL fans aren’t going to watch that show. Do you really think GH fans will watch Katie ???

  • Natasha Prisk

    It is blatantly obvious that soap fans are NOT going to watch anything that replaces daytime soaps. ABC/Disney would be wise to cut their losses and hold Sweeny true to her word…that the show with the LOWEST ratings would be the one to be cancelled to make room for yet another future failure, Katie Couric. That LOWEST rated show is and will continue to be The Revolution. The demographic that ABC is trying to appeal to with these daytime reality/talk shows has spoken with their cable boxes…we are NOT interested.

  • SoapFan00053

    Why am I not the least bit surprised! Work so hard to save a dime, and end up losing more! IMO, ABC needs to RECLAIM the 4pm slot that Doprah used to be on & was consumed with yet another redundant hour of local/state news (5-630pm is plenty of time to report & repeat), and put Katie Couric’s new show in that time slot, bring us back AMC & OLTL in their prospective slots, leave GH as it is!

  • TikiBarb

    The Revolution WILL NEVER WORK !!!! ABC/DISNEY needs to go back to what worked for 40 plus years. Entertainment is what we want !!!! We live “reality” UNLIKE ABC/DISNEY exec’s !!!!!

  • Jason

    I say get rid of the Spew and Revulsion and put our shows back on.

  • carolc

    No amount of spin in the world can make viewers believe that The Revolution has a better rating than General Hospital (unless, maybe, you’re David Copperfield) Katie Couric wants/needs a strong lead-in program to entice viewers to watch her show. That lead-in is GH, not the Revolution. ABC/Disney has to stop their ridiculous decisions on which shows to cancel before their reputation is totally trashed. They don’t have far to go.

  • okicarol

    marc berman
    I love your statement

    The lesson to be learned: never forget who your audience is. And do not…and I repeat do not…cancel General Hospital. LOL I hope ABC takes your advise !!!

  • bringbackoltl

    Keep up the fight everyone! We are all excited to see some OLTL cast on GH this week but we cannot forget our ultimate goal to save our soaps and bring back OLTL if we can. Keep spreading the word – share the pages liberally. Participate in the campaign tasks they are doing (see our “likes” list). We will not give up until they bring our soaps back! Please sign our peition at

  • okicarol

    I think Katie Courics show is doomed before it even starts. Since ABC has lost so many of their daytime viewers after they cancelled AMC and OLTL.

    If ABC thinks Katie Couric is going to bring back their daytime viewers– they are sadly mistaken. And how much are they paying her ??????

  • Pam P

    I had no doubt in my mind that The Revulsion would fail! ABC/D needs to admit failure & think about what will happen if they do the same thing with General Hospital. No soaper with a brain cell will watch the replacement shows. I think we’ve proved that. Thanks Marc for your support & articles. It’s very appreciated by all us soap viewers!

  • club425

    It would seem that Katie Couric may have to flex her muscle or she is going to have one heck of a disaster as her lead in.
    I can assure you that I won’t be watching Katie if it cancels GH.
    ABC has cancelled AMC and OLTL and their daytime ad revenue in the process!
    Shareholders take note and write or attend the shareholders meeting in Kansas City, MO this March and ask them why they are destroying what once used to be a cash cow? Is that how they make shareholders money?

  • OwensboroSteve

    ABC should look at its data closely as we can all see that The Chew and General Hospital have tremendously better ratings than those of The Revolution. Judging by the facts, it is obvious that The Revolution must be canceled and General Hospital must remain on the air AS IT IS. If ABC unceremoniously removes General Hospital, then we, its viewers, will not hesitate to no longer watch any show on ABC. If I were the ABC executives, I would be thinking about the damage they have caused by canceling One Life to Live and All My Children and would by all means keep General Hospital and its millions (yes, plural millions) of viewers in the ABC fold. The Revolution cannot claim to have even two million viewers, so cancel it, ABC.

  • divastyle

    If ABC cancels GH which I hear they plan on doing regardless of how bad The Revolution’s ratings are, then they are bigger fools that what I thought they were. Katie SHOULD be nervous, if she thinks soap fans are going to watch her show that is doomed to fail. I don’t understand why ABC is paying her millions when she has already failed on both NBC & CBS, what makes them think she’ll do any better on their network?? Anne Sweeney should be forced to honor her word, the Revolution should be cancelled ASAP and AMC & OLTL should be brought back!

  • mary22

    Thanks Mark another great article.. I wonder what it is going to take ABC to realize what a huge mistake they made by cancelling the soaps. I sure in time there wallet will feel the wrath of the scorn daytime fans. They should just admit to being wrong and cancel the two shows and bring back the soaps!

  • piazzagirl

    I never use the phrase “I told you so” to anyone but in ABC’s case I will make an exception, however I will phrase it for all the heartbroken AMC and OLTL fans, “WE TOLD YOU SO!” We said we wouldn’t watch these cheap low quality programs and we said we are boycotting your station, so now there should not be any surprise when you see ratings like this.

  • Deb

    ABC/Disney underestimated the AMC & OLTL viewership by leaps and bounds. We Fans are not going away and Soaps are NOT a dying breed by any stretch of the imagination. So don’t make the same mistake with GH. If you think we were upset and still are over the loss of those two, cancel GH and wait for the wrath to hit the fan!

    Get rid of The Chew & The Revolution! They are awful shows and day time viewers are sick of reality, talk and cooking shows! That’s not what we tune in for. I only watch ABC now for GH and that’s all! Canceling Soapnet is another huge mistake! ABC/Disney could have turned it into a ‘real’ Soap Channel by taking AMC & OLTL there and bringing back other cancelled Soaps from other channels and been an even bigger success. Too bad they won’t listen to us viewers about such matters.

  • Johanna

    Well, uforunately, the Spew isn’t doing as bad as we wanted but either way the 2 shows that have the best #s are/were OLTL–GH so get/keep them going then if/when Katie fails bring back AMC. Again either way ABC needs to help or release them to someone who will treat the shows with respect like their creator Agnes Nixon! SWAN!

  • tinafg

    Where are the shareholders????????????? DO YOU PEOPLE NOT SEE WHAT DISNEY HAS DONE??????

  • tutsmom

    ABC lost me when they cancelled AMC and OLTL. Their refusal to listen to fans only added to the aggravation. The hubris and pomposity of ABC/Disney and Bozo Brian Frons demonstrated further their low regard for its audience when they presented as replacements The Loo and Whaddajokulution. For such egregious behavior and lack of judgment, they all deserve to fail and–knowing the reason–to lose their loyal viewers. Goodbye ABC/Disney. Hello to the network smart enough to restore these soaps.

  • maddi

    The networks haven’t cancelled the soaps, not because of the numbers alone, but because of the profit. Soaps are expensive compared with these unscripted shows and so may be more profitable even with far fewer viewers.

  • michelec8916

    The Revolution is still hiring actors at $30.00 to “act” as interested audience members. ABC/Disney needs to release the rights to AMC and OLTL. They don’t want them, someone else does. I am a SWAN, I Stand With Agnes Nixon.

  • Kollene

    I wouldn’t want to be Katie …… getting put in place of a long time soap?? Give her the Spew or Revulsion time slot, no one is watching anyway.

  • Casey Costello

    The ONLY people surprised by “The Revolution’s” abysmal performance are those at ABC itself. They are simply so egotistical that they were convinced that the audience would watch whatever crap was peddled to them, even if it was at the expense of OLTL, one of the longest running, most beloved scripted drama shows of all time. Well, ABC was wrong. And if they cancel GH, they will just keep digging themselves into a bigger and bigger whole. They would be wise to acknowledge that they made a mistake, and realize that people still want to be ENTERTAINED.

  • ShannonB

    A very wise person once said, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Seems no one at ABC has heard this before. Everything was just fine with AMC & OLTL (and GH of course). Nothing on this planet could get me to watch any of the drivel currently being shown in the place of the wonderful stories I used to watch and if the executives think Katie Couric will lure me back, they are sadly mistaken. She has failed on two other networks for a reason. There is only one thing ABCD can do to fix this mess–we know it and they know it: Bring back OLTL and AMC, and do not cancel GH.

  • Debbie Joyce

    Since the ratings continue to prove the show is an epic fail, ABC should move GH to the Revolution’s time slot. Hopefully Katie can pressure them to give her the strongest lead in possible. Look at what GH as a lead in did for Oprah!

  • Tzeitel

    If I were Katie Couric I would think long and hard about this new venture. Oprah did well due to the soap lead in and without that, Katie is pretty doomed to lousy numbers. Maybe not fail, as she is a good journalist, but she will not pull in the numbers her bosses expect.
    It amazes me to no end that with all the noise we have made, ABC/D is still myopically focused on their own agenda. The first thing any good marketer is taught is to know what his customers want. I suppose this company’s marketers simply do not care about us, their loyal customers for years, as they are going to be busy growing new viewers from birth.
    However, I doubt very much that any one program that they put on the air will last 4 decades to keep those same viewers. No long term plans….it will cost them dearly.

  • MistyV76

    We want scripted daytime drama, not cheap improve yourself reality talk shows. I think there is enough reality shoved down our throats while we are at work and our in the real world. We just want an escape when we come home from working and All My Children and One Life to Live along with the other cancelled daytime dramas provided that for us. This horrible garbage that replaced our shows will continue to fail because we didn’t not ask for this type of programming. It was an executive decision to save money, even though OLTL always came in under budget, and it was senseless to replace a show that was getting such high ratings. If GH goes then ABC will lose any kind of respect that we soap viewers still have for them. If they think their ratings are bad now, go ahead and try to shove another reality program or talk show down our throats, we will not be watching. Good luck trying to train viewers that aren’t there.

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  • slj730

    I’ve said this before and I will say it again: ABC clearly does not know its audience. To cancel General Hospital at this point will be the final nail in ABC Daytime’s coffin for ratings. If One Life to Live and All My Children were still on-air, ABC would be doing much better in the daytime. Production of reality shows may be cheaper, but when over 1/2 of the viewers tune out, I would imagine that any “savings” is a wash. Affiliate and sponsors I hope are taking notice and joining in the plea to keep General Hospital on the air. It is needed for ABC as a lead-in….

  • LLSinSCV

    Bring back our beloved American genre of soaps on ABC…
    How can ABC NETWORK PRESIDENT of all Divisions allow former ABC Daytime President Dennis Frons to DESTROY a winning line-up, including OUTSTANDING 43yr old, Daytime Emmy Award winning soap, “One Life To Live” and AMC which led in to OLTL for Monday thru Friday since 1968?? He threw out the baby with the bathwater to spite millions of loyal ABC Daytime TV (aka “soaps”) watching audience who’ve watched the show for generations now over 43yrs.

    Step up President of ABC and newly appointed Pres of ABC Daytime… step up and RESURRECT OUR SOAPS. The characters and towns in these soaps have become our VIRTUAL family, friends and neighborhoods over the years. Our “family & friends” who we looked forward to “visiting” with at certain hour(s), M-F, during real-time or DVR’d or on SoapNet.

    The very least that could be done is COMBINE the 2 shows, AMC & OLTL which were both set in 2 fictional PA towns (Pine Valley and Llanview, PA). Combine the 2 shows and you’ll have a BLOCKBUSTER & RESURRECTION of “daytime TV” ratings.
    Get rid of “The Revolution” which has “zero” ratings and reported studio seats populated with subsidized $$$ paid audience members to fill the ghost-town empty studio).

    Where’s the “Soap Angel” be it an individual, a corp sponsor (or another network?), who will immediately be lauded by countless millions of new loyal consumers, who will reciprocate and purchase your products.

    Step up to the plate. YOU have millions waiting for a REAL REVOLUTION at ABC to BRING BACK OUR DAYTIME TV!


  • imacasey

    I realize that some of us watchers are not important enough to quantify at our advanced age – but as a long time soap fan, the whole cancellation process has demonstrated that ABC does not give hoot about who is watching their daytime progrmming. They DO NOT value loyalty. That being the case, our TV doesn’t go to that network anymore… and I don’t mind telling friends and family why. Affiliates and sponsors should take note… I won’t watch the replacements!

  • Cris

    When will they get a clue? I realize its all about money for them but are they too stupid to see the the Revolution and the Chew are LOOSING money and viewers? As far as Katie, her time has come and gone. Who is really interested in her? If Disney had a brain they would fire Anne Sweeney who made this mess

  • mary22

    I would hope ABC would realize don’t mess with a scorned soap fan we are standing our ground and not giving up our fight to save our shows. We are not watching the replacement shows and will continue to support GH. Katie Couric should be nervous to take GH timeslot because she will go down just like the other two shows! I would think by now they should have realize what a huge mistake they made by cancelling the soaps..and not make the same mistake with GH!

  • OwensboroSteve

    I will not watch any show which has taken the place of a daytime drama on ABC. I sincerely hope ABC and Katie Couric herself will truly understand that the viewers of daytime drama will completely desert ABC if General Hospital is taken off the air. If ABC wants fewer viewers, then they will continue on this path to self-destruction. I watch nothing on ABC now except for General Hospital. Show some goodwill, ABC, and respect the fans of daytime drama.

  • TikiBarb

    How low can it go ????????????????????????? ABC/DISNEY HAS TO LOOK UP TO SEE THE GUTTER !!!!!!!

  • Camk1959

    ABC decided to got the way of cheap and this is the result , We told them to keep the ABC soaps alive they had a following ,they could have done so many things.. I agree we sometimes took our stories for granted but they were loved and we never wanted them gone., and having them taken away has only made our loyalty stronger to these stories and these actors, writers , producers ect….. Now ABC has disaters on there hands.. They tryed to make up for it by bringing our favs from OLTL to GH and although thats a small start , I think they need to do way more..Why cant they get it..They ruined something special to so many..and have destroyed any respect the daytime fans had for our once favorite network..

  • imacasey

    I feel like a broken record. When ABC starts to demonstrate that it values its viewers (by returning AMC and OLTL) I will return to their night time offerings. I only watch GH on soapnet and that’s going away shortly. Looks like I will be hunting for alternatives.

    • Candy

      ABC is so close to losing me altogether. I cannot stand the “fat show” Revolution so depressing and boring. I miss my OLTL. The Chew is also a big bore with greasy foods. One show is disgusting fattening food and the other is what the people become after watching the Chew. Only show left worthy is GH. I know go to Lifetime Movies because ABC has lost my dedication. I used to leave it on from 11AM-4PM. Sad sad sad

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