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March 8, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 25 Comments
CBS Wins Thursday; Awake on NBC Loses Steam
Four Month High for General Hospital on ABC


Based on the Live Plus Same Day ratings for the week of February 27, recently introduced talker The Revolution on ABC picked up steam, with its second most-watched week to-date in total viewers (1.62 million) and women 25-54 (871,000). But compared to year-ago occupant One Life to Live (using demographic ratings), this was still a loss of 23 percent in total viewers and as much as 40 percent in the three key female demos. Here is the comparison:

One Life to Live – Week of 2/28/11
Viewers: 2.39 million, Women 25-54: 1.1/ 7, Women 18-49: 0.8/ 6, Women 18-34: 0.5/ 4

The Revolution – Week of 2/27/12
Viewers: 1.62 million, Women 25-54: 0.8/ 5, Women 18-49: 0.5/ 3, Women 18-34: 0.3/ 2

Percent Change – The Revolution vs. One Life to Live
Viewers: -23 percent, Women 25-54: -27, Women 18-49: -38, Women 18-34: 0.3/ 2 (-40)

ABC’s The Chew was also above average, rising to a seven-week high in total viewers (2.49 million) and building from All My Children from one year earlier by 11 percent in total viewers and 10 percent in women 25-54 as follows:

All My Children – Week of 2/28/11
Viewers: 2.25 million, Women 25-54: 1.0/ 6, Women 18-49: 0.7/ 5, Women 18-34: 0.4/ 3

The Chew – Week of 2/27/12
Viewers: 2.49 million, Women 25-54: 1.1/ 6, Women 18-49: 0.7/ 5, Women 18-34: 0.4/ 3

Percent Change – The Chew vs. All My Children
Viewers: +11 percent, Women 25-54: +10, Women 18-49: no change, Women 18-34: no change

The Talk on CBS, which was just renewed for a third season with the current rotation of co-hosts intact, increased from one year earlier by 13 percent in total viewers (2.06 to 2.33 million), 20 percent in women 25-54 (1.0/ 6 to 1.2/ 7) and 13 percent in women 18-49 (0.9/ 6). Tops, as always, was ABC’s The View at 3.27 million.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

CBS Wins Thursday; Awake on NBC Loses Steam
Four Month High for General Hospital on ABC

  • Debbie Joyce

    The Revolution continues to pull in poor ratings especially in the key demos. It should be the show cancelled over General Hospital who is showing a surge in it’s ratings. Remember, Anne Sweeney stated the show with the least “eyeballs” on it will be pulled.

  • michelec8916

    ABC/Disney must know by now what a HUGE mistake they made by cancelling One Life To Live. Hopefully they LEARN from their mistake, and keep General Hospital, as it has more “eyeballs” than the Revolution. Anne Sweeney said bottom line, that’s what it came down to, the “eyeballs”. We will see if she holds true to her word. Thank you Marc for reporting!:)

  • Deb

    I completely agree with Debbie Joyce! Keep your word Anne Sweeney!!!

  • MaryAnne

    I agree with everyone that commented so far !! Keep your WORD Anne Sweeney !!!! If not, You think ABC/Disney is bad now just you wait and see, they might just go down the toliet !!

  • susanmz

    The Revolution needs to be put out of its misery. So, the ratings rose a nanodegree. It still needs to be euthanized.

  • dzzdee

    No body is really watching the Chew; The only reason, anyone would tune in to the program is that they forgot to change the channel. Listen ABC! there are no person willing to sit for an hour….. to listen to condescending hostess. Bring back Day time Soaps. (((((OLTL))))) Believe it or not….. There are too many Fan still hidden They’re coming out to boycott Chew! ABC-D. Every Soap Fans are Watching General Hospital then block we’re all blocking ABC channels.

  • Jason

    Glad its still doing poorly, but it shouldn’t be going up. It should still be going down more and more into the hole.

  • carolc

    ABC/Disney, you totally destroyed your daytime line-up except for General Hospital. You’ve lost millions of fans and will lose those who view GH if you cancel it. Katie Couric needs a good lead-in program and that program is GH. We are watching to see if you keep your word and cancel the show with the “least eyeballs”.

  • Camk1959

    Take it off The Revolution is a mistake, it is most likely a small increase because people are putting the TV on a little before GH and thats why the small increase..The show is a snooze fest, If you take GH off too your daytime is surely over ABC, and down goes your network too….GH is rocking now… Save GH and put OLTL back too..

  • soapaddict12

    Is ABC paying people $30.00 a episode to watch this junk?….They have to pay people to be in the audience.

  • OwensboroSteve

    Anne Sweeney, take note. The “eyeballs” were firmly fixed on One Life to Live and are currently fixed on General Hospital, whose ratings are continuing to climb and should be moving The Revolution toward cancellation. ABC, do the right thing for a change and support GH!

  • cottle

    Time to euthanize! Get rid of this junk and put GH in that spot!

  • SSW71

    I agree Debbie Joyce…… It is about Sweeney’s word “EYEBALLS”.!

  • lmbrown

    Stop destroying soaps in the name of mindless talk shows….There are already plenty of talk shows, why more….its stupid. There is a tradition of soaps that go way beyond what any talk shows ever have brought…so why ruin it? Ratings? money? IS upsetting so many people really worth it? Keep the rare treasures that have gone back generations….PLEASE!

  • Casey Costello

    When a show on a major network’s best week is the week it gets 1.62 million viewers, that is pretty pathetic. The Revolution may have “increased” last week, but when juxtaposed with ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s ratings for any given week ever, The Revolution seems anything but revolutionary.

    (And, incidentally, I have great, great pity for those few poor souls who did tune in. Short of a lobotomy, I can’t fathom how anyone could possibly sit through it)!

  • PaulaKate

    The Revolution, amounts to nothing more than absolute “tripe” that is a travesty which is and has been driving away viewers in droves.

    Currently on ABC Daytime, all “eyeballs” are on General Hospital.

    Under the incredible team of Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati who brought some of the OLTL characters to the fictional town of Port Charles, have the ratings skyrocketing as “new life” is breathed into General Hospital through new direction and great, great scripted story.

    And because General Hospital is so good that we just can’t wait for the next day’s episode, one can only feel that the great Gloria Monty must be smiling down from heaven.

    Believe it or not, Television networks and Broadcasters are in the people business, as their viewers are the people who generate millions of dollars monthly in sponsor product support and so… anyone would think that Networks and Broadcasters like ABC would care about the programming their audience want to invest their time in.
    So far, ABC seems to have looked away when it come to that, yet I am sure that they are not looking the other way at the ad revenue losses that have ensued since January 16, 2012 when with the exception of the hour that General Hospital airs, a massive tune out against ABC commenced.

    ABC should remember that Soap Viewers have represented the bulk of their daytime audience for nearly fifty years and if ABC wants its Daytime audience back, give us what we want to watch; Our soaps.

  • LindseyH

    I am boycotting ABC/D except for the General Hospital hour.

  • slj730

    One Life to Live provided viable competition during the 2pm time slot against CBS’s talker. ABC really miscalculated its audience “desires” with the replacement show. The loss in viewers is so tremendous that one would think ABC did not do its “homework” and realize that serialized dramas are still in demand, even during the daytime hours. I hope for the sake of its one remaining “soap” General Hospital, that ABC smartens up and sees the value of something perhaps while the network may not want, its audience sure does.

  • moshane58

    I still wanna know how they come up with that many watching The Chew.Between people on the net and critics its a flop.Are these 25.000 neilsen people soap haters and cooks?I still donot believe tht many people watch it.I have talk to non soap fans who say The Chew is ridiculous and can’t stand it.I waan see neilsen explain this.Marc can you help us confused people?

  • numb3rs

    These ratings continue to be embarrassing for The Revolution. More affiliates continue to pull the show every week. There’s no way its airing in more than 75-80% of the country right now.

    This show should definitely be getting cancelled real soon and GH should move up to 2pm at least so ABC can save face for their mistake.

  • camille

    I also totally agree with Debbie Joyce the Revolution will never surpass General Hospital and it constantly holding the lowest ratings on ABC Daytime therefore according to Sweeney’s quote “Its all about Eyeballs” this is the show that should be pulled. There is no doubt about facts are facts and if Sweeney is not a hypocrite she will pull it when the time comes.

  • club425

    and the REVULSION will always remain way below OLTL. This is because ABC didn’t do their “homework” when they decided to cut costs and line executives pockets with the money they were saving. Mr. Frons was seriously mistaken when he chose to tell the press that he could “train” the daytime viewer. I am 37 and I will not be trained by anyone. I like what I like and that is my soaps. I will not watch subpar, condescending, D list celebrities tell me what is good for me. That is why I have a doctor and personal healthcare.

  • Edna Barefoot

    The Revolution will never have the viewers that OLTL had. We will continue to BOYCOTT ABC as long as they Hold Mrs. Nixon’s rights to her soaps. I think ABC holds on to them because they know they made a mistake in canceling OLTL & AMC & if they let another station have them WE the fans would go to that station.

  • Amanda83347

    The Revolution is a waste of air space. I think they are finding out despite them trying to shove these shows down our throats with the commercial time they dedicated to these shows, it didn’t work. Soap fans have no interests in these shows and they lost the bulk of their audience. I will only tune into General Hospital and if ABC doesn’t stick to it’s word about the best show winning I will be done with ABC. This 28 year old is only interested in watching soaps when it comes to daytime television.

  • ShannonB

    Number can be reported pretty much anyway the reporters want–so the revulsion “picked up steam?” All that means to me is that 2 people instead of 1 are watching; ABC is paying audience members to sit in the studio and are probably paying people to watch it at home as well. Between this show and the Eeww, ABC has left the viewers with 2 shows that are useless, redundant, irrelevant and at times, degrading and insulting to the viewers. Even Katie Couric has seen that retention of the Revulsion will completely tank the already small chance she has to succeed on her third network. Wake up & smell the real revolution, ABC..cut your losses and keep General Hospital so your new “star” has at least 6 months before she’s cancelled too.

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