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Updated Results in Network Daytime Talk

March 15, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 34 Comments
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First things first: veteran The View on ABC remains in a class of its own with 3.60 million viewers for the week of March 5, according to Nielsen. But all is not well on the alphabet network in daytime talk, with week eight of The Revolution dipping to a series-low 1.40 million viewers – 40 percent below year-ago occupant One Life to Live. Erosion in the three key female demos from the beloved soap ranged from 44 to 50 percent. The Chew, meanwhile, finished close to year-ago levels compared to All My Children, which is now the traditional pattern.

Take a look at The Chew and The Revolution versus All My Children and One Life to Live:

All My Children – Week of 3/07/11
Viewers: 2.32 million, Women 25-54: 1.0 rating/ 6 share, Women 18-49: 0.7/ 4, Women 18-34: 0.4/ 3

The Chew – Week of 3/05/12
Viewers: 2.23 million, Women 25-54: 0.9/ 6, Women 18-49: 0.7/ 4, Women 18-34: 0.5/ 3

Percent Change – The Chew vs. All My Children
Viewers: – 4, Women 25-54: -10, Women 18-49: no change, Women 18-34: +25


One Life to Live – Week of 3/07/11
Viewers: 2.35 million, Women 25-54: 1.1/ 7, Women 18-49: 0.9/ 6, Women 18-34: 0.6/ 4

The Revolution – Week of 3/05/12
Viewers: 1.40 million, Women 25-54: 0.6/ 4, Women 18-49: 0.5/ 3, Women 18-34: 0.3/ 2

Percent Change – The Revolution vs. One Life to Live
Viewers: – 40, Women 25-54: -45, Women 18-49: -44, Women 18-34: -50

Over at CBS, The Talk, which was recently picked up for a third season, finished third among the four network daytime talkers with 2.15 million viewers. Results among women 25-54 (1.0/ 6), women 18-49 (0.8/ 5) and women 18-34 (0.4/ 3) were similar to The Chew.

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

TV Land Announces Awards Show Honorees
The Hub Beefs Up Off-Net Slate

  • Heavenly

    Just goes to show you what happens when you take off quality programming and replace it with stuff that people frankly don’t want to see.

  • slj730

    The title says it all, the show is clearly a disaster. A failure. Now, it has lost well over 1/2 of the viewers that One Life to Live had. I am not sure that the excuse that this show is just getting started, which is what Mr. Iger said during the Disney Shareholder meeting this week, is going to hold weight with sponsors and affiliates. Not to mention Katie Couric. The show has been on the air 8 weeks and dips to an all-time low. I’ve said this before; this is not what your audience wants during daytime ABC.

    • cbarbie

      Amen! I wonder how many are still smirking at us at ABC now?

  • carolc

    While I still do not understand the viewers’ attraction to the Chew, it’s crystal clear to me that the Revolution will never be a “hit”. This disaster of a show replaced an iconic soap – One Life To Live – and soap fans will never forgive Disney/ABC for their horrible decision to cancel it. Please, Disney, release the rights to both cancelled soaps – All My Children and One Life To Live. Let someone who appreciates this genre bring them to life again.

    • cbarbie

      I can’t understand it either? But, then I won’t watch so I’ll never find out!

  • FloDiBona

    Marc, thank you for this article. What I find humorous is how good the Spew’s ratings look up against The Revoltion’s (which should be re-dubbed the Titanic of Daytime programming). In reality, the Spew’s rating are being compared to a program, All My Children, that received zero, zip, nil, zilch, nada, NO marketing or promotion. By contrast, the Spew has been marketed, promoted, and cross-promoted to death to get any ratings.

  • Frenchy

    Bring back OLTL!!!!!!!!

  • Edna Barefoot

    I think it is time ABCDisney admits Frons was wrong. Sweeney & Iger should get rid of The Revolution. I don’t know why The Chew is doing good but AMC was better. Some people won’t admit they were wrong no matter what. I will continue to BOYCUTT ABC until someone there comes to their senses & brings OLTL back. I love that show & it staff. I want MY OLTL BACK.

  • gurpreetk

    i don’t care how many ratings either of these shows have whether high or low, i will not watch them and i want one life to live and all my children back on t.v. whether its on abc or a different channel, it needs to return.

  • Debbie Joyce

    Primetime shows with ratings like this get cancelled after only a few shows. Why is daytime so different? The ratings prove that The Revolution deserves to do away and General Hospital needs to move to their time slot.

  • moshane58

    I really don’t believe Neilsen on the spew ratings.There facebook has exclude anyone that doesn’t like them.All over the ne people say its terrible.What non soap fans I know even dislike it.I’m just amazed with its ratings.Really hard to believe unless 25,000 Neilsen people hate soaps and likes cooking shows.So since they like it I guess we do to by them.What do you think Marc?

  • cottle

    I just wonder how long it will be before the bigwigs at ABC admit they were wrong? I am committed to boycott ABC except for GH for as long as it takes.

    • cbarbie

      I’m in for the long haul too!!!

  • michelec8916

    The Revolution seems to be going from bad to worse. ABC/Disney should have NEVER cancelled All My Children or One Life To Live. They should move General Hospital to The Revolution’s timeslot so Katie Couric can have a good lead in. They should also release the rights to AMC and OLTL as other companies want them.

  • HowlingWolfLeather

    I hope that the ABC network will realize as they look at these numbers that they made a HUGE mistake in taking scripted daytime drama off of our TV’s If you don’t give viewers what they want they are no longer viewers. Sure wish they would bring back OLTL and AMC and certainly hope that they will not take General Hospital off the air.

  • susanmz

    The writing on the wall for the Revolution is clear as day: It’s a bomb (not to be confused with *the* bomb). ABC execs need to admit they were wrong. I hope their egos cost them their jobs.

    Thanks for keeping us current, Marc Berman.

  • Colleen1770

    Let’s talk facts and solutions: ABC/Disney has made huge mistakes in daytime programming, that is a fact. Here is a solution: Go on the View and publicly apologize to the Soap Fans for misunderstanding them. Let them know that OLTL is back in production. The Chew can stay at 1pm est, followed by OLTL and then GH to Katie Couric’s new show. It may not be the perfect solution, but it is an idea. If ABC/Disney no longer wants to be in the daytime business then release the rights and let someone else produce the shows!!

    • Troy Turner

      You know, Colleen, that’s not a bad idea. We still want AMC and OLTL back in production, but if the C MUST stay-that would be a way to save face. Of course, if GH leaves-all bets are off…

  • KristenH

    Marc, you’re awesome. ABCD, you suck. I just wanted to tell you ABCD, you suck. You lied at the shareholders meeting on Tuesday, saying ABC Daytime is over and GH’s fate will be predicted next month (from what I’m hearing). Face the facts, ABCD. The Revolution won’t be renewed come May. The Chew might. But look at the ratings. It can’t compete with us soap fans. It’ll be six months since AMC ended tomorrow and 2 months for OLTL next week. We want our soaps back. You’ve taken away our Soapnet this month too. Give PP the rights to the vintage episodes right now. If you cancel GH, we’re going to say goodbye to you and your advertisers. You’re just getting started? Liar liar pants on fire. Place KC in 2 PM and keep GH safe, if you want to save your network…

  • Duncey

    EMBARRASSING ONLY 1.4 million damn viewers?

    Get rid of that show now!

    Move GH to 2pm as soon as possible like Katie said.

  • Jason

    Love that OLTL’s replacement is failing fast, but the topic should be showing that both shows are disasters THey need to get rid of them now, and ABC needs to realize what they did wrong.

    • cbarbie

      Can’t see ABC admitting they were wrong and we were right but miracles do happen!

  • MaryAnne

    The Revolution needs to be CANCELED !!! Period the END !! Put GH in it’s time slot !!!

  • MistyV76

    Mr. Iger has chosen to take the soap fans voice away from them and put his fingers in his ears. He is not listening. If he chooses to cancel GH then daytime ratings will be absolutely nothing. Shows that bring in horrible ratings usually do get cancelled after a few weeks. They are pumping more money in advertisements for their awful daytime programming than it would take to actually produce One Life to Live and bring up their ratings instantly. Here’s a thought, if every doctors office and hospital would turn off their 24/7 waiting room tv’s the ratings would be down further than they are now. No one wants reality tv during the day, we want our scripted daytime dramas back or give Agnes Nixon the rights back to them and let her decide how deal with them. What are you afraid of Mr. Iger? That Ms. Nixon will show you how to get ratings when all you know how to do is throw money at the situation that is failing?

  • Anne

    Revulsion is a failure? We, the soap fans, could have told you that before it went on the air. Oh, wait a minute, we did! Both Frons and Sweeney have said that Daytime TV is a consumer driven business. One Life to Live had more consumers than Revulsion has. General Hospital has more consumers than the new daytime lineup. MORE CONSUMERS. By ABC/D logic, since One Life to Live and General Hospital are drawing in more consumers than the Spew and Revulsion, One Life to Live and General Hospital deserve to be on the ABC/D; and the other two do not. Or is Sweeney a liar? … “the one with the most eyeballs” …remember?
    How about it Mr. Iger, how many more consumers can ABC/Disney afford to lose to cable?

  • LindseyH

    This is great! The Revulsion is showing the public what ABC/D would rather invest in than One Life To Live. Way to go, ABC! Soap viewers love when you show your great business practices!

  • TikiBarb

    KATIE CORIC will fail just like the Revolution. Listen to your viewers ABC !!! Bob Inger will lead your network to slaughter !!! ABC/DISNEY it is not just your daytime ratings but also your prime time ratings are taking a big hit. Soon Desperate Housewives will end and so will your Sunday audience and when Grey’s Anatomy goes so does your Thursday. CBS is by far the best network with the best scripted programs.NBC has a great daytime lineup. ABC USED TO HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH !!! If General Hospital leaves the daytime line-up I will never watch your network again. Do the right thing and and give Agnes Nixon the rights to AMC and OLTL and leave General Hospital alone. WE ARE A LOYAL GROUP and will never watch any replacement program !!!!

  • a123890

    I hate ABC for what they have done i miss my AMC and OLTL they messed up bad even CBS said so.Keep GH on Thats all you have left of me as a viewer after that so long.So sad I am 37 and have loved your network for years i feel like you stabbed me in the back.Linde Bally

  • club425

    Disaster is putting it mildly. How about catastrophic waste of time and money. For the amount of money they have to pay the audiences, the amount that they pay for promos, and the amount that they are going to spend to replace this show, we could have had another season of OLTL with better ratings, and better sponsor revenue.

  • Sweetmama

    I will never understand why abc wont do the right thing .let another nerwork have these shows they are everything to so many people. I will never watch those replacement shows.the spew just from.there promoting they seems all crack out.just awful.want our soaps back now.

  • camille

    Thank you once again for an honest article. ABC Daytime has been on a downward sprilal since they cancelled the two beloved Soaps and put on The Chew and The Revolution but come on now….really their ratings are both in the basement if anyone really would do a fair comparison based on DVRS, watching on line etc they would see that OLTL and AMC put them to shame. Point in fact just recently and I believe on purpose during a sweeps week they blocked out dvr taping of GH so why should we believe that The Chew is almost as good as AMC or that The Revolution is picking up steam that is what ABC is trying to put out to the public Shame on you ABC you lost all your daytime viewers and the only thing we are watching is General Hospital

  • auntjane

    Marc, by your stats it is obvious that The Chew and The Revolution need to be canned. ABC will NEVER find more loyal viewers than they had for OLTL and AMC. Sadly, it’s just a matter of time before General Hospital follows their path. SoapNet I think will soon be gone. And less daytime viewers will translate to less prime time viewers. Bye bye, ABC!!!!!!

  • tinafg

    Are you ready yet, Disney? Are you ready to give in and admit you screwed up really bad? Are you ready to release All My Children and One Life to Live to Agnes Nixon? You will continue to tank. We will make sure of it!

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