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April 26, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 33 Comments
The Week the Women Went on Lifetime
Survivor Review: “Never Say Die”


Based on the Live Plus Same Day ratings from Nielsen for the week of April 16, The View on ABC stood well above the quartet, as always, with 3.33 million viewers, a 1.3 rating/9 share among women 25-54 and a 1.0/ 7 in women 18-49. Revamped The Talk on CBS, meanwhile, posted minor growth from the year-ago week in total viewers (2.15 million: + 5 percent) and women 25-54 (1.0/ 6: +11).

Elsewhere, canceled The Revolution on ABC (1.16 million: down 58 percent from year-ago occupant One Life to Life) aired a week of repeats, while The Chew, also on the alphabet net, dipped from year-ago occupant All My Children by 16 percent in total viewers and as high as 25 percent among women 18-49 as follows:

All My Children – Week of 4/18/11
Viewers: 2.52 million, Women 25-54: 1.1/ 7, Women 18-49: 0.8/ 5, Women 18-34: 0.4/ 3

The Chew – Week of 4/16/12
Viewers: 2.12 million, Women 25-54: 1.0/ 6, Women 18-49: 0.6/ 4, Women 18-34: 0.4/ 3

Percent Change – The Chew vs. All My Children

Viewers: -16, Women 25-54: – 9, Women 18-49: -25, Women 18-34: no change

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

The Week the Women Went on Lifetime
Survivor Review: “Never Say Die”

  • Debbie Joyce

    The ratings continue to demonstate what an epic fail it was on ABC’s part to cancel the soaps.

  • carolc

    Marc, your title says it all. Yes, we still miss our soaps and will continue to fight until they are put back into production. The Chew will never surpass All My Children’s ratings and we have seen how the Revolution was a total failure having replaced One Life To Live.

  • Jason

    And the ratings for the replacements keep going down the hole. Hopefully soon ABC will see that people want their stories, and not just stupid talk shows.

  • Kris

    I will never forgive ABC for taking away Bianca Montgomery. I don’t wish bad things or failure but it was a colossal mistake for them to cancel the soaps! Oprah should have bought the soaps then maybe her network wouldn’t have failed either. I just wish All My Children and One Life to Live would come back to ABC. I haven’t watched anything that replaced them and I won’t.

  • KristenH

    Marc, like the Queen song, we want it all and we want it now. We want AMC and OLTL back and the Chew to be the next one canceled ASAP.

  • bcoleman13

    We want the Chew cancelled and will not settle for anything except our Soaps! Get it ABC! Bring back our soaps!

  • bozena

    I hope that this Chew falls to the bottom just as it made a Revolution.ABC, wake up and admit defeat.We can now laugh in your face.Who was right, that these crappy programs do not substitute our beloved soaps?

  • Carol Carrington-Chandler

    I hope that all of ABC/Disney daytime programming tanks (except GH) ! I refuse to watch this network that does not value it’s viewers or feels that their viewers needs to be trained to watch this mindless drivel they call talk shows. I want my scripted programming put back on the air. I loved All My Children And One Life to Live. Until they are put back on the air I will not be watching ABC !!!!! I sincerely hope that others are not watching this network and that GMA, The View, and the rest of the garbage that they have on. Let’s show ABC that we mean business and this crappy show has to go as well! I want my love in the afternoon back I don’t want the SPEW ! Bring BACK OUR SOAPS !!! LONG LIVE THE SOAPS !!!!!

  • Edna Barefoot

    Do you think ABC has got IT yet? They have lost the Revolution. The Chew is next. Do they really think GNA in the afternoon & Katie will work? As more people realize what ABC is all about–MONEY–& not people The View will suffer too. All they have to do is admit they made a mistake cancelling OLTL & AMC & bring them back We the viewers will return. Til then we boycott anything ABC/D. We are millions UNTRAINABLE!!

  • sjmarcipan

    Good to hear the “Spew” is failing. Never understood why anyone would watch that show. At least anyone who was a soap fan. Doubt ABC/Disney will ever get it but as long as we do its all good. I will continue to boycott all ABC/Disney ventures (except GH) unless they bring back OLTL and AMC.

  • snb1997


  • divastyle

    My, My, My, so The Chew continues to plumment huh? I knew it was only a matter of time before it started to go downhill as well. ABC needs to admit they were wrong and bring back AMC & OLTL, we will NEVER watch this kind of mindless drivel in place of our soaps!

  • ShannonB

    Here’s a message to ABC/D: “The reason your cheap, insulting talk/reality shows are failing is because there is nothing to build a fan base on…viewers can only take so much of watching people stuff food in their mouths, making idiotic faces or yet another way to cook pasta before switching the set off–Do you get that now ABC?” Yes, we still miss AMC and OLTL more than ever. I am beyond thrilled that GH has been saved & the Revulsion cancelled and am continuing the fight to see that this redundant replacement for AMC gets the same sentence as the Revulsion.

  • kanderzak

    Dear ABC/D ~
    All My Children – 42 Years.
    One Life To Live – 44 Years.
    General Hospital – 49+ Years.
    The Chew – On Life Support.
    The Revolution – D.O.A.
    Hmmmm…YOU do the math.

  • Amy

    ABC you should have listened to your viewers!!! We don’t want what you are offering…Hope ALL your daytime shows fail and I’m sure they ALL will. You should have left well enough alone. Like daddy alway said, If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Try to Fix It…I have not been an ABCD viewer since the last day’s of AMC & OLTL. Now I will only watch GH..Believe me if you’re putting on a GMA in the afternoon, that will FAIL as well…
    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ABC-ABCD

  • susanmz

    Wake up, ABC!!!

    Thanks, Marc, for reporting it like it is.

  • Troy Turner

    I can’t really add anything to what’s already been said, but the numbers 16 and 58 speak volumes. The Revolution is no longer a concern, since it’s already been axed-but we WILL take out anything else ABC throws at us. As always, Marc, thanks for having our back

  • Seahawkmom

    You would think that ABC would get now nobody wants the chew we want are soaps back. I will continue to boycott ABC/D and will only watch GH

  • camille

    Marc as per you are so correct when you say “Viewers Miss Their Daytime Drama” This has been proven over and over again since ABC had a Brainstorm to cancel Our Shows. Now it has turned into a Nightmare for them. Thank you once again Marc

  • ladynin

    ABC has made a huge mistake and I hope they suffer just as much as us soap fans have over this last year. Make it right ABC and put our soaps back on..

  • shari1074

    It can not be said enough so ill say it again We want our soaps not these replacement shows And ratings show it ! I’ll continue to fight / boycott until I see OLTL And AMC again ,

  • cassiehicks89

    I’m a little amazed, but thrilled that “The Chew” didn’t get too much fanfare, like the stars there have hoped. I’m worried that it will be picked up for another year.:(

    • Troy Turner

      The Chew’s already been picked up, Cassie-they were renewed at the same time GH was. But, we’ll eventually take them down, too

  • marcberman

    I know this item is ABC, but what a shame. Didn’t Delta Burke start out on a daytime drama?

  • Casey Costello

    “The Revolution,” which has now mercifully cancelled, is now down 58% in total viewers from where OLTL was a year ago. Even ABC’s glorified “The Chew” is down 25% in women 18-49 from AMC. Need I say more?

  • Anne

    Thanks Marc, for keeping us all up to date.

    ABC/Disney: We, the loyal viewers of ABC soaps, who you gave the finger to a year ago, are now returning the favor. We took down the Revolution, and now we will concentrate on the Chew. We will continue to boycott all ABC programming except General Hospital. I am one of Several Hundred Thousand viewers that want All My Children and One Life to Live back on the air. Katie Couric, if I were you, I’d ask for another time slot. We are very unforgiving.

  • SSW71

    Thank you Marc ,ABC/D we want our soaps back !!!

  • TikiBarb

    ABC/DISNEY doesn’t have any respect for women.Look how they portray women on TV. GCB really “B” or how about The ‘B’ in apt 23…..really “B” again.Look at the Bachelor and the Bachelorette…Women are portrayed as devious whores who will do ANYTHING to get whay they want. ABC/DISNEY views women as B***ches and whores. Walt Disney must be rolling in his grave. It is no wonder they treat the daytime viewers as chattle.IT IS WHAT THEY BELIEVE !!! Well we are fighting for our soaps and will NOT support shows that debase women or tell them how to fix what’s WRONG with them.Thanks Marc Berman for keeping us up to date.Katie Couric will not make it unless they bring us back our soaps.She would have been great in Oprah’s timeslot.WE WILL NOT support ANY replacement show. Cancelled our Disney vacation last month.We are now looking forward to Virginia Beach !!!

  • slj730

    I wish ABC would realize that even The Chew is not what daytime viewers want. Now its ratings are starting to consistently trend lower than what All My Children accomplished for the network. Thank you as always Marc for your thorough analysis of the daytime ratings saga. If ABC would only realize ratings would go up with a solid “Love in the Afternoon” lineup…

  • cottle

    ABC doesn’t care what the viewers think and all they care about is their bottom dollar. But I guess they don’t realize that without viewers that their bottom line is moot.

  • oltlalltheway

    No. I have not watched ABC daytime since January 13, 2012 I do support GH from 3p until 4p I give ABC one hour a day.ABC/Disney
    Bring back our soaps.

  • shana3659

    Ditto Mark on everything you said, the numbers speak for themselves but ABC/D is hell bent on destroying the soaps and everything they touch yet they won’t release them back to it’s rightful owner Agnes Nixon. Why do you think that is if they don’t care that the soap community will prove them wrong and they think we will watch anything they put on there station ?

  • Barbara

    Yes we still miss our Soaps and we will continue to fight. I just wish they would give up the rights to these shows, and let someone else viable produce them.

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