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The Revolution Remains a Colossal Miss

February 16, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 30 Comments
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ABC’s The View in a Class of its Own

The View on ABC stood well above the other network talkers, of course, with 3.66 million viewers, a 1.5 rating among women 25-54, and a 1.1 in women 18-49 for the week of Feb. 6.  The Chew, also on ABC, has narrowed the gap versus year-ago occupant All My Children, with a four-week high in women 25-54.  But recent alphabet net entry The Revolution remains a colossal miss.

Based on the Live Plus Same Day ratings, week four of The Revolution averaged 1.52 million viewers (versus 1.44 million one week earlier), which dipped by 43 percent compared to year-ago occupant One Life to Live.  Erosion demographically was as much as 50 percent as follows:

One Life to Live – Week of 2/07/11
Viewers: 2.69 million, Women 25-54: 1.4/ 8, Women 18-49: 1.0/ 6, Women 18-34: 0.5/ 4

The Revolution – Week of 2/06/12
Viewers: 1.52 million, Women 25-54: 0.7/ 4, Women 18-49: 0.5/ 3, Women 18-34: 0.4/ 2

Percent Change – The Revolution vs. One Life to Live
Viewers: -43, Women 25-54: -70, Women 18-49: -50, Women 18-34: -20

Mirroring weeks one through three, The Revolution trailed CBS’ The Talk and recent entry The Chew on ABC by significant proportions.  Take a look:

-Total Viewers:
The Chew (ABC): 2.38 million, The Talk (CBS): 2.18, The Revolution (ABC): 1.52

-Women 25-54:
The Talk (CBS): 1.1/ 7, The Chew (ABC): 1.1/ 6, The Revolution (ABC): 0.7/ 4

-Women 18-49:
The Talk (CBS): 0.9/ 5, The Chew (ABC): 0.7/ 5, The Revolution (ABC): 0.5/ 3

-Women 18-34:
The Chew (ABC) and The Talk (CBS): 0.5/ 3 each, The Revolution (ABC): 0.4/ 2

As for The Chew compared to All My Children, losses this week were seven percent in total viewers (2.57 to 2.38 million), eight percent in women 25-54 (1.2/ 7 to 1.1/ 6) and 13 percent in women 18-49 (0.8/ 5 to 0.7/ 5).  Results were equal among women 18-34.  While ABC can justify the performance for The Chew versus All My Children, the network needs to address The Revolution.  And it should do it soon.


Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

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  • Debbie Joyce

    The Revolution is so terrible that they can’t even find people willing to get paid $30 to sit in the audience! Epic fail ABC and Disney. Now, will Anne Sweeney keep her word that the show with the worst rating be canceled?

  • club425

    The words EPIC FAIL come to mind. It would seem that ABC doesn’t have any idea what it’s viewers want. We now have the opportunity to see if ABC/Disney and Anne Sweeney keep their words about “eyeballs”. The eyeballs are CLEARLY not on the Revolution. However they are on General Hospital. It would seem that if ABC/Disney and Ms. Sweeney are to be trusted, General Hospital will celebrate it’s GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY on ABC next year.

  • carolc

    Although I’ve never watched either The Chew or The Revolution, just seeing their promos turns me off. Neither show holds a candle to the soaps they replaced – All My Children and One Life To Live. I’d love to know what Disney is spending to keep The Revolution afloat, since they have to pay audience members to attend. When Katie Couric premieres in September, I hope Anne Sweeney will be a woman of her word. She said that the lowest rated show would be cancelled to make room for Ms. Couric. That show is The Revolution and General Hospital fans (as well as ALL soap fans) are watching to see what decision she makes.

  • FloDiBona

    When a network is already talking about a show failing before it ever airs it does not bode well for the show… or the network. Now, after throwing millions of dollars at it, after putting hundreds out of work for it to replace OLTL, it is still the failure they knew it was before its debut. But it is cheap, and cheap is the criteria Disney/ABC uses for all its decisions. You get what you pay for. You also do not get what you do not pay for – the millions of viewers who you were so disinterested in when AMC and OLTL were on the air. Surely after weeks of desperately having to solicit audience members by paying them someone at Disney/ABC has the business sense to pull the plug!

  • Jason

    And as soon as The Revulsion gows away, it can take the Spew right wirh it. Two stupid shows that need to go.

  • divastyle

    I’m more convinced than ever that ABC hasn’t got a clue as to what viewers want, did they really think The Revolution was gonna be a hit and OLTL fans were just gonna watch whatever they put on our TV screens?? Neither The Chew or The Revolution will last as long as the soaps it replaced, I suspect The Revolution will soon be ending.

    I wouldn’t trust ABC as far as I could throw them but I am interested in seeing if Anne Sweeney is a woman of her word, GH should be moved into the 2pm time slot based on the horrible ratings of The Revolution.

  • vroyyoung

    I’ll admit to being biased, I’m a 25 year fan of ABC soaps, but let me tell you what I think anyway. I am the demographic that advertisers want, and used to tune in daily to AMC and OLTL. Since they’ve gone off the air I checked out each replacement show. The Chew has some potential, though I don’t see what makes it different from anything on the cooking network. The hosts yell over each other but the recipes looked good. Of course when I went online to print them, often they were missing ingredients of measurements. I tuned in for one week and haven’t tuned back in. Not “must see” television and I have better things to do than watch The Chew. I don’t expect that I’ll tune in again. As for the Revolution, I watched once and found it painful. It seems like the executives decided to take One Life To Live off before properly developing a quality show. The Revolution is a hodgepodge of information that jumps subject to subject. After tuning in once, I can guarantee that I’ll never watch again. Not only has ABC lost me as a daytime viewer, but since I’m not seeing their ads for their prime time lineup, I’m not sampling their new shows. Since the end of AMC and OLTL, I’ve started watching more NBC, CBS, and FOX. It’s a domino effect, no daytime soaps, I don’t watch your night time shows either. I just hope that ABC cuts their losses and eliminates The Revolution from their lineup and keeps General Hospital around for a long time.

  • Marji

    How sad that the key demo of 18-49 is down 50% over the same time as OLTL a year ago. Now, if this translates to 50% of the ad dollars, it seems to me that they are losing 10% more of their profits than they would have had they kept OLTL.

    Ad that to the fact they are struggling to get an audience. Having to PAY people to get butts in the seats is a very bad sign.

    • camille

      Very well put Marji and in a language ABC understands (Money &Greed) Now hopefully Sweeney will keep her word and cancel The Revolution and keep General Hospital where it belongs

  • CTwildheart

    The exec’s at ABC/D just don’t listen to their viewers. The majority of us don’t want shows like Revolution OR the Chew! I think the numbers for The Chew were inflated by OLTL viewers tuning in early….I find it hard to believe they are still getting good numbers. But what do I know…I also think millions of people still enjoy scripted drama in daytime and primetime! :)

  • DJ

    Is there anyone, any station, any producer– ANYONE– who will step up and resume the OLTL soap. Please. We all promise we will devoted viewers.

  • PaulaKate

    The licensing agreement with PP notwithstanding just for this comment:
    It is a mystery to me why ABC doesn’t just get One Life To Live back into production immediately and back on the air in its regular slot.

    With the Rev’s ratings numbers the audience has spoken..

    I mean the Rev can’t even find upscale people to pay to be in their audience!

    It’s clear that the people want One Life To Live back.

    If ABC wants their audience back they need to get One Life To Live back on pronto.. I am sure their advertisers would appreciate it too…and personally it wouldn’t bother me in the least to sit through re-runs of One Life To Live for the time it took to get new episodes back on the air.”

  • cottle

    ABC/D does not care what the viewers think. Now they are blocking us from posting on ABC sites. We want our soaps back not stupid garbage like the Spew and Revulsion. But ABC doesn’t want the soaps but they won’t let anyone else have them either. Right now at 2 pm on Thursday my tv is off. I watch Days from NBC at 1 pm and I get my drama from TNT.

  • iluvssw

    I just can’t find anymore creative ways to say this to ABC/Disney, “Cheaper doesn’t always mean more money for your greedy, deep pockets.

  • jay

    It looks like “The Talk” had their worst week of original episodes since late December. Maybe that uptick it had the past two weeks was because know-it-all-loudmouth Sharon Osbourne wasn’t on.

  • Skyzalex

    I could only imagine that the people getting paid to be in the audience, is having their friends watch, to see them on TV. I wish that ABC/Disney would just bring back OLTL! I will come back to ABC/Disney and their sponsors, if they did and they wouldn’t have to pay me.
    The replacement shows are not what Soap fans want, nor will they be watched by Soap fans.

  • mary22

    Words can not describe how disappointed I am with ABC/Disney I can not believe that they cancelled to shows with such a history to put on two shows that are doing so bad. ABC needs to wake up and rgealize that they made such a huge mistake and fix it. I haven’t watch ABC since OLTL last show the only show that I will continue to support on that channel is GH. I have given up many of favorite show on ABC due to them being greedy and money hungry. Shame on you!

  • KristenH

    ABCD better face the facts. It’s a sinking ship. No one’s watching the Revolution. I think they better deliver some pink slips in the coming weeks for both the Chew and the Revolution–mainly the Revolution. Get the big picture. The viewers don’t want cheap and crappy reality shows. We want our soaps, drama and entertainment. Save your network by dumping your replacements shows ABCD and sell the rights.

  • auntjane

    ABC made such a horrible mistake canceling OLTL and AMC. The replacement shows are horrible and their ratings are dismal. The only show I watch is GH. ABC daytime is on its way out.

  • The Rock

    The Revolution should just get the ax ABC would be wise to replace with Katie’s talker. GH will stay since Revolution isn’t doing good.

  • Natasha Prisk

    It is clearly showing in the ratings that cancelling One Life To Live amidst fan outrage was a poor business decision. We can only hope that ABC will make the right business decision this fall, and stay true to their word. The lowest rated show, which will undoubtedly continue to be “The Revolution” should be given the axe. If ABC cancels General Hospital, they can expect ratings for their remaining daytime programming to plummet even further. The fans have spoken numerous times, but will the network listen?

  • Anne

    With both the Chew and Revolution such dismal failures in the core demographic, both should be cancelled. I know several people who turn on ABC at lunchtime because Good Morning America was on at breakfast time. The Chew is “just background noise.” If you’re only “background noise,” you’re just not interesting enough to watch. As has been demonstrated by the many fan groups protesting the cancellation of AMC and OLTL, both of those shows were being watched.

  • slj730

    I hope that sponsors that are advertising during this show, and local ABC affiliates, realize that they have lost 50% of their viewing audience thanks to ABC’s decision to cancel the higher rated One Life to Live for this show. It is clear by the millions that have tuned out that ABC’s audience cannot be force fed reality television.

  • TikiBarb

    ABC/DISNEY MADE A BIG MISTAKE !!! In the next 5 to 15 years there will be the largest influx of retirees in history.They do not want reality based “cheap” garbage programming. They want WELL WRITTED SCRIPTED programs. This is also the the group with the MOST discretionary income which the sponcers should use to their advantage !!! VERY SHORT SIGHTED ABC/DISNEY !!!!!!

  • Skyzalex

    I can not believe, there are actually people watching The Chew!! Maybe Nielsen is paying people to watch that; maybe ABC/Disney is doing that as well. I will not believe it otherwise.
    Both The Chew and the Revolution seem like watching a B rated movie, boring, cheap, and uninteresting.

  • Lizzie212

    Both the Chew and the Revolution should be canceled that was ABC gets for canceling One to Live and All My Children.

  • okicarol

    I still watch 3 shows on ABC. I have stopped watching ABC morning line up and I watch only GH in the afternoon. I will not watch any of the new prime time shows. : (

  • kerry

    as long as abc continues to hold agnes nixon’s legacy hostage and keep these rediculous replacement shows on i will not watch anything on this network. abcv needs to admit thier mistake and get rid of these shows and give us back our scripted shows and gain back a loyal audience if not wwe will continue to watch other networkds for our viewing habits

  • SoapfanRed5

    Oh, ABC/Disney! In case you didn’t understand us for the first 6 months, when it comes to the people of America, who know what they want, and who will continue to be heard, we never ever ever…. back down…. from a FIGHT! So you can take your new shows, chew them up, and spew them out in revultion

  • LoriM

    I will never watch their stupid replacement shows! They can try to say AMC and OLTL weren’t popular but we all know the truth. I would say the outrage is still going strong!

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