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Weak Start for The Revolution on ABC

January 17, 2012 by Marc Berman in Highlights with 297 Comments
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One day of metered market (overnight) data does not a hit or miss make, of course.  But based on the initial Monday results from Nielsen, The Revolution on ABC was left at the starting gate.  According to weighted results for the 56 metered markets on January 16, new talker The Revolution, hosted by Ty Pennington, Tim Gunn, Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, Dr. Jennifer Ashton and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, opened with a sluggish 1.9 rating/5 share.  Comparably, that declined from the lead-in average (2.4/ 6) by 21 percent in rating, and year-ago time period occupant One Live to Live (2.3/ 6) by 17 percent.

With so many talk shows flooding the daytime airwaves (including recent ABC entry The Chew), did we really need The Revolution?  And should ABC have canceled long-running One Life to Live?

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman is the Editor in Chief for TV Media Insights, the online destination for television and media. Berman has appeared on camera for “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “The CBS Evening News,” CNN, and more; and was the author of 2014 desk calendar, “This Day in TV History.”

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  • JeffL

    Unless there is some miracle in the ratings for the new talk shows, I do think General Hospital will survive and whichever show (Chew or Revolution) does worse will get canceled to make way for Katie Couric.

    • Mary Lou M.

      music to my ears..I won’t watch it..ever..or the Shrew..chew..nope, not gonna do it..

      • Caroline Perry

        Amen!!! I was make sure my TV is not tuned to channel 6 so that show does not get any ratings from my box .. I record all my shows and watch them later. I am so angry they cancelled OLTL!!

    • landview lover

      Fans of oltl & amc will make abc LAST in the ratings am and pm.

  • Lisa

    If it aint broke dont fix it! Stupid move to cancel OLTL. real dumb! they threw away over 3 mil eyeballs just so they could have more money in their pockets… smart move ABCDisney. Bring back the Stories of Agnes Nixon. Im positive ratings will once again go up if you do. If you dont want them, give them back to Agnes! She wants them and so do we! Dont hold them hostage! Give them back to the American audience that loves them and wants ENTERTAINMENT! Not cheap talk shows that are done a million times over! Ridiculous!

    • http://none Rosemary

      Lisa, Love your passionTotally agree! Have you joined any of the Facebook groups that are still working round the clock to a) get Agnes Nixon the “rights” back to her stories (do a search on facebook for SWAN) & b) while on Facebook, also do a search with these two words I WOULD and a list will appear & click on the one at the top. That page will show you all the ways fans are helping & how you can channel some of that passion into helping to get out the word to fans they we are fighting for OLTL & AMC too & seeking alternative networks to pick up OLTL & continue it!! Check these out & tell your friends, etc. Thanks!

    • Alicia Gritz

      ITA 100%

    • Vanessa

      I can’t imagine these new “shows” going very far. ABC seems to be going down the tube. (pun intended) I don’t even watch ABC anymore except for General Hospital. When that is gone there will be no more ABC for me. It seems that the “talk” shows are all that ABC wants to show these days. I haven’t heard anyone yet say “Oh I need to get home so I can watch the Chew”

      • kcc

        I DVR the chew I love it but I do miss AMC.

    • http://mediainsights Denise

      Please write and call ABC in Burbank, CA to request the return of the OLTL/rights to Agnes Nixon. I made my call this morning to the soap comment line to tell them that I am now watching their competitor’s show, “The Young and Restless”. Ha! Take that ABC. Yesterday I sent a thank you letter to Hoover to thank them for pulling their sponsorship from ABC in ALL time slots.

      Remember, our viewing habits and the channels we visit are tracked and reported. Tune in to any channel but ABC during the time slots that should be airing AMC & OLTL. There is news that an “interested” party is tracking how many people watch GH and visit the GH web site – AND other sites that offer spoilers. Go to the ABC daytime website and click here and there, let the full episode play GH episodes. Someone is counting the hits.

      Join one of the Save our Soaps groups on Facebook: SWAN: Stand with Agnes Nixon or Boycott ABC Across America & others. And men, let ABC know that they entirely missed you as viewers. The number of men commenting is surprising. Thank you TV Media Insights for giving us a place to vent.

      • Lisa

        Just need a phone number and I will call daily.

    • http://ABC Tobi

      ABC should have listened to its longtime fans of OLTL.We will not watch any of their new shows .They are overdone on every channel,and we are sick of them! You should bring back OLTL with John and Natelie with the biggest wedding since Luke and Laura!

    • Caroline Perry

      YEAH!! I think they left the ending open the way they did to keep people guessing and to open it up if they decided top reopen the show whether it is on-air or online!

  • TV-aholic

    Yes on cancelling OLTL, but another talk program may have not been the correct direction to take. But, like THE CHEW, it may take a few months for viewers to start warming up to the new program.

    • Kathy

      I disagree on YES to cancelling OLTL. Good ratings, good storylines & fun to watch. I am sick of reality television & talk shows. I hope the new show fails & viewers send ABC a message saying leave our stories alone. ABC daytime once had a great lineup and an antiquated ratings system & people watching on the internet or dvr’ing their shows is the reason for the cancellation. There are a lot more people watching the soaps then are being counted.

      • http://mediainsights Denise

        ABC absolutely missed a percentage of viewers. There are so many options for recording now & watching later: HULU, VCR, DVR, TiVo, and the full episode player on the ABC website. Smart phones offer owners t.v. on the go. The YMCA offers treadmills & seated peddlers that receive televised shows. As long as you have a pair of ear buds, you are good to go. So much for Brian Frons saying we are fat couch potatoes.

    • Neptune

      Yes on shutting your mouth.

    • Yolanda Arenas

      No OLTL viewer in their right mind will ever warm up to a talk/lifestyle show. We want our stories, not reality TV. Send the replacement to cable where it belongs and send Katie packing because I will not be watching her either. Bring back OLTL, it’s the only smart decision.

    • Rhonda

      The Chew’s ratings aren’t any better. ABC thought they were slick, and had it run 1 minute past the hour so when we soap fans turned on OLTL they could grab a rating for the Chew. Let’s see what happens to their ratings now.

      • http://mediainsights Denise

        The sponsors would be very interested to know about that trick of eliminating the commercial at the end of the Chew. It caused OLTL’s good ratings to bolster the Chew’s low ratings; it was deceptive. Boycott Chew and Revolution. Once their pitiful ratings plummet even more the sponsors will begin to pull advertising dollars from ABC. ABC does not care about what the viewer wants, they care about $$$ brought in by sponsors.

      • Jeff

        It did not run 1 minute past the hour. oltl came on at 2pm eastern, at the same time ANDERSON was coming on the NBC affill. THE PHEWS highest rating has been 2.77 million the lowest about 1.7 million.
        The monday rating for the Phew about 2.3 or 2.4 which was an increase over the previous week. THE DEVOLUTION debut was 1.9 million. which means people who want to get fat at 1pm don’t want to exercise at 2pm. THE DEVOLUTION has gone down to 1.5 million. That more likely will be the one to go.

    • one lifer

      Not understanding why you said yes on the cancellation… you really do not watch soaps if your saying that… well there is no way that I am warming up to any of these new programs that ABC has listed up for soap viewers to watch. We have WAY to many talk shows, and we have a network for cooking, why more??? For you to agree to the cancellation, I can understand that your not a fan of theses shows, but millions of others are.

    • Gussie

      NO, to cancelling OLTL. It was doing well in the ratings. The only reason it was cancelled was because it was more expensive than talk shows are. Who needs 2 more talk shows. I and so many others are so bored and tired of talk shows. They are usually very dull and boring; and there are so many of them that most of us don’t care about missing daytime programs while at work anymore. I always recorded AMC and OLTL along with GH which I am still doing. Now there’s nothing much interesting to watch. TV is getting more and more boring. They want us to pay for any show that’s really interesting now. That’s why they have cable and satellite television, so you have to pay extra to get any shows that are worth watching. Too bad ABC made a bad move. They have now lost so many devoted watchers of their station. I for one would always watch ABC, but no more. GH is the only show I watch on ABC unless they bring back OLTL and AMC.

    • http://ABC Tobi

      BOO to the chew and shame on you TV -aholic,OLTL was an awesome show and had higher ratings. No newbies are going to start watching their new reality shows ,remember” Reality Bites”.

  • Jon Jensen

    I will never watch this show and will influence everyone I know to never watch it either. ABC made a huge mistake to cancel One Life to Live after 43 years. Generations of families have watched One Life to Live and were loyal to abc daytime not only through the day but night as well. I am done with abc daytime.

  • Crystal Berger

    Warm up to the Chew? Have you watched it? And I watched part of the Revolution, boring, boring, boring. One Life to Live was well loved by the audience. Greed took One Life to Live down. The Revolution is a dud, ratings won’t get better.

    • diane

      diane january 18 2012 at 1200 pm i miss one life to live and all my children ABC disney their new shows will not last nothing against the people on these shows but they are not what i want to watch give me my soaps ABC/ disney got greedy in the long run they will loose god does not like greed so keep the faith we want our soaps

  • moshane58

    Hope ABC crash and burn.Want a laugh Marc.Go to Chelsea Lately January 16th show and watch the beginning where she shows a clip of The Chew.It is so embassing its funny.Just remenber we lost AMC for these idiots.

    • Kathy

      I disagree on YES to cancelling OLTL. Good ratings, good storylines & fun to watch. I am sick of reality television & talk shows. I hope the new show fails & viewers send ABC a message saying leave our stories alone.

    • Kathy

      I disagree on YES to cancelling OLTL. Good ratings, good storylines & fun to watch. I am sick of reality television & talk shows. I hope the new show fails & viewers send ABC a message saying leave our stories alone

  • janice

    As for me and my household, at the moment ABC decided to ax AMC, I decided then and there that I would ONLY watch OLTL and GH and then absolutely no more abc. Now, I’m down to just GH. I refuse to even watch my local evening news on ABC. I’m now watching CBS’s Y&L and B&B and then a break, waiting until 3pm when GH comes on. Stupid move ABC….I hope both of those ‘replacement’ shows TANK

    • http://TVMediaInsights GariAnne

      Did the same thing. Relented a little to watch Castle. After all, Nathan Fillion is a OLTL alum. Switched to TNT though for daytime, until GH comes on. Watched OLTL for 42 years. How long did Desperate Housewives last? 8 years? Primetime soaps have no staying power. Not one would last 43 years. Boo to ABC execs trying to con viewers by “licensing” the rights to a former employee with no means to transmit any show, much less the ones they sold him. Such a fraud. I agree that the rights should be returned to Agnes Nixon. When she was running the show the storylines were really good, and held everyone’s interest. Hope the Spew and Revulsion fail. DisneyCheap is no way to run a network. You really do get what you pay for.

  • alex graham

    As a faithful fan of One Life To Live for over 3 decades, I am disgusted with ABC / Disney. You have exterminated two wonderful soaps spanning 40+ yrs. of entertainment a piece for reality rubbish. I wouldn’t watch The Chew unless they were literally cooking Brian Frons! On the plus side, we saved a fortune by cancelling our Disney trip we booked right before you announced the death of AMC / OLTL. I wouldn’t buy a Mickey Mouse sippy cup from you! Your sponsors are boycott in this house too. You have broken the hearts of millions of fans. You have put so many fantastic actors and crew out of work. Karma is a… well, you know. ABC may as well just call itself (Another Bad Channel). Disney… pffffft! We want our soaps back!

  •!/groups/200709853303867/ Amanda G

    Honestly you can only have so much talk before your burned out on it. Cancelling soaps for talk is almost a sure thing you are going to lose viewers that have turned into your network year after year. Good luck getting that loyalty from talk show fans!!! I’m glad to see that the ratings was low, I hope they continue to be.

  • marcberman

    The bottom line: there is just too much talk in daytime.

  • Jason

    the thing they need to do is scrap the two talk shows, and also the one that they are planning on bringing, and pu OLTL and AMC back on.

    • Brandy

      i agree they should take off the Chew and the revolution and put AMC and OLTL Back on Just to many talk shows on only an idiot wants to be told what to wear, eat and how your house should look or what to think

  • Kate

    I will never watch this show….especially since I heard Ty Pennington’s remark about women being on the hamster wheel of life …that we are stuck….he is an idiot

    • http://google Joe DeVitto

      cant believe he would say that …

    • Shari

      I’m so sick of makeover shows, reality shows and especially Ty Pennington. All he ever does is scream and yell. I wouldn’t watch the home makeover show and I won’t watch this one either. The reality shows spend more time rehashing what’s already happened when they return from the breaks than they do with the actual show. UGH! I have to get a DVR! Anyway, I’m done with ABC too. Talk shows drive me insane partly because they are boring, but mostly because the people constantly talk over one another. It’s rude and annoying. I scheduled my lunch hour late in the day just so that I could watch OLTL. Now, I’m changing my lunch hour and watching whatever scripted show may be playing on any other channel instead.

  • Martha

    Hearing that The Revolution opened poorly is no surprise to any OLTL fan. Bring back the soaps.

  • ksvonkin

    Uggg another talk show. I am bored with all of them! Bring back OLTL and AMC!

  • http://Twitter Cathleen kennedy

    The two shows taking over the soaps are a horrible. They don’t know how to produce a cooking show. They talk over each other, they don’t measure anything. The chew shows you what to eat and then the next show tells you not to eat things and diet. Wtf

  • http://iwillpaytowatchsoaps dianne blackmon

    i am so angry and i will never watch abc again. i dont wnt some cooking show. the revolution i hated! no thanks ABC

    • http://google Joe DeVitto

      I know exactly how you feel ….

  • Patty

    the people at ABC will be sorry!! They need to give back the rights of
    OLTL and AMC to its creator, Agnes Nixon so she can find a home for these shows. The CHEW and REVOLUTION are a JOKE, and wont last
    4 months let alone 43 YEARS.

  • http://facebook Camille

    It serves ABC right for cancelling the # 3 Rated Soap in Daytime with over 3,000,000 viewers… The Revolution will never make it. ABC should never have been so greedy in the first place and considered the long standing fans who were still supporting them Now they are left with egg on their face and wondering how to fix this… I will tell you Bring Back Our Soaps

  • Mollydolly

    I’ll not watch The Revolution at all or anything else on ABC since they chose to cancel OLTL. I think most people are sick and tired of cheap talk/reality shows. They are everywhere. Soap fans wanted to be entertained, they wanted escape. We are tired of the same old crap. ABC/Disney has sought to kill the entire genre and that is a shame. It is a shame to lose this wonderful form of entertainment. It is also tiresome to categorize all soap watchers as a bunch of uneducated, lazy slouches. Some of us even graduated from universities. We know these stories are silly and fanciful. That is the whole point. It is an hour away from the hard realities we face in our daily lives What is so wrong with that?

  • Jamie

    rating would stay higher if they left oltl in place if they put it back there will be better ratings we don’t need more talk shows

  • Marie Kruse

    Huge mistake ABC. I will never watch THE CHEW or THE REVOLUTION. Way too many of these types of shows. Bring back AMC and OLTL and I will be back on board ABC. If you think Katie Kouric is going to save ABC, think again.

  • Mary

    I will never watch this show. I want OLTL back. Won’t be watching the CHEW either.

    • Andy

      I am so sorry to see my favorite ABCshows end…. OLTL & All my Children
      I will NOT watch replacements Chews & Revolutions….
      ABC lost me for sure!!!!!!
      CBS… meet your newest fan! Thanks for keeping them going!!!!!!

  • Nathan Brookshire

    I will NOT be watching the crapolution ever nor the Spew. They need to be combined into Spewolution and flushed down the toilet with all the other crap ABC keeps putting on TV lately. Bring back ABC daytime as we know it, or ABC will be going right along with crap down the toilet. ABC you screwed up and you know it, why not admit it. We at Boycott ABC Across America (facebook)will be Boycotting all of ABC programming until you come to your senses,

  • angie taylor

    What you have done to us by cancelling the shows ( AMC & OLTL) is coming back to haunt you!! The Chew and The Revolution will not survive one year. Katie’s upcoming new show will have the same outcome as the first two. You ask why; I will tell you. It is because you don’t what the viewers want and have supported for years!!

  • Michelle

    ABC has an 200 episode commitment to this show. I for one hope that ABC realized that Maybe there belief that no one wants daytime drama was a mistake. How long will ABC risk losing money before they admit cancelling the One Life to Live was a mistake? I also wonder how long The Chews rating will stay up without the One Life to Live following for I as one noticed how the chew would be end late and run into OLTL opening.

    • Tommy lynn Moore

      GOLTL back on pronto!!!! my wife was so mad, and guess what so am IIIIIII.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tommy lynn Moore

        I mean Get OLTL back on!!! PRONTO!! right now the only thing that i’m doing is the internet at this time, and reading the bible, but i would tape it on my dvr, and we would watch it later. But that mess that you got on now, oooohhh wellll.

  • Debbie

    Educated women are looking for entertainment that allows them to escape from the stress of their workday. One Life To Live provided that escape. I have no interest in watching a panel of faux experts tell me how to improve myself. If I want advice, there are several stations available where I can find it.

  • http://facebook Leah

    I will never wathch the spew or the crapolution no thanks ABC, you made a very big mistake by cancelling the shows of millions of loyal viewers.

  • http://FACEBOOK LISA


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  • Angie

    OLTL FANS will not watch this Revulsion crap or Spew “Cooking For Dummies” they are an insult to daytime viewers. We want the escapism of our soaps not more tv talk. ABC is all talk now except for GH if they have any sense they will keep it & bring others back in meantime I will watch Y & R B & B and Days if they want viewers back they better bring soaps back in some form

    • http://google Joe DeVitto

      Im with you on this all the waY .. we want our soaps ………..

  • Michelle

    Just posted this on my page after sharing the article and here are some of the comments that I received mind you in less then a half an hour can you say the fans are not happy with ABC Dominique DoMo Morris Lmao ABC is going to have big regrets taking these soaps off
    22 minutes ago · Like · 5

    Michael Burke get one life to live back on the air
    21 minutes ago · Like · 7

    Kristen Marie Crash and burn!! No mercy here…Bring back our soaps!
    20 minutes ago · Like · 7

    Kristen Marie Who says there isn’t a large soap fanbase now?
    20 minutes ago · Like · 5

    Denise Ferrari bring back our soaps, we don’t need more idiots telling us how to live our lives…….they should do background checks on these hosts to see how well they have lived their lives, so called experts my @$$. ABC if i wanted to be educated I would go back to school, I want ENTERTAINMENT !!!!!!!!
    17 minutes ago · Like · 2

    Justine Glassford Even though I am not home I have all 6 of my TV’s on every channel but ABC…EXCEPT 3:00 when GH starts
    16 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Colleen Britt i agree worst decision ever!!!!
    15 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Tonia Alsept haha that’s what they get for taking our soaps off the air. they need to get the picture that we don’t want those 2 shows we just want amc and oltl back. they are going to crash and burn. let’s all say We Told You ABC
    15 minutes ago · Like · 2

    Lisa Kirschenbaum Kandrach Boycotting ABC’s new shows is part of our therapy along with contributing and participating in this fabulous fan page! how dare they decide I don’t want my soaps? I have been watching since high school and I am 52 now. Hope they are banging their heads now. No dis to Tim Gunn ♥
    12 minutes ago · Like · 2
    Save ABC Soaps Petition Central Please post a comment after reading the article if you get a chance let them know we are still out there
    4 minutes ago · Like

    Rosalind Shannon having withdrawl’s lost with out my soaps
    4 minutes ago · Like

    Ev Lupien-Leone I hope ABC is dealing with an EPIC FAIL for what they did to us loyal viewers….Lets give them a *Revolution* with poor ratings..CHEW on that !!
    a few seconds ago · Like

  • Cindy B

    We do not need anymore talk/reality shows! People are sick of them. ABC made a huge mistake canceling AMC and OLTL when they once had millions of loyal viewers. These loyal viewers are now boycotting ABC and continue to unite to fight to save the soaps and find them a new home. The Revolution is just another cheap reality show and people are sick of being told what to do. Cancel The Revolution and bring back OLTL!

  • Lisa

    To answer your questions: No, ABC shouldn’t have canceled One Life To Live; it was quality programming and was trending well in the ratings. And No, television does not need more talk. We’ve been force-fed talk and reality, and we’re sick of it. Give us intelligent, scripted television. It’s insulting for that hopped up nutball Ty Pennington to insinuate that women who like soaps are dumb or brainwashed. I have a PhD, am a working professional, and at night like to come home to my stories. I will dearly miss One Life To Live!

    • http://mediainsights Denise

      Amen. When I used to watch my taped episode of OLTL after work I did step aerobics and did NOT run on a hamster wheel.

      • http://TVMediaInsights GariAnne

        Am retired now, but would claim Sunday while still working. Would read paper, then sit with popcorn and soda and watch OLTL and GH. What a way to destress!! Went from VCR tapes to DVDs. Still have some of the more memorable episodes. Miss OLTL alot.

  • Michelle

    It’s still not to late for abc to fix their big mistake. Bring back OLTL and the fans will forgive and come back as well

  • Cyber

    I’ve read this is a cheap show to produce & that is one reason why Disney killed soaps but I’m growing rather tired of reality Tv. I honestly have no interest in this show…

  • Michele Lauer

    There is nothing new and different about this show. All ABC has done is take aspects of other shows ( The Biggest Loser, What Not to Wear, The Doctors) to make this show, why would anyone watch a cheap imitation when they can watch the shows that were the originators? You have a food show that has whole shows dedicated to fried foods airing at 1:00 and then a weight loss/makeover show following it, that makes no sense. All My children and One Life to Live were canceled so we can get food shoved in our faces for an hour then we can feel guilty about it for the next hour?

  • Darlene

    This 2 new shows will never last 40+ years as OLTL and AMC. Bring back our soaps. I will watch TVLand and MeTV before I watch The Chew and The revolution.

  • LYNN

    ABC going to pay the price for this stupidity! They have now LOST a huge fan base of soap opera fans. Wake up ABC-soap fans are not going to be Placated with cooking & self-improvement shows!!!!!!

  • http://nowebsite Ginger Rocco

    It was a big mistake to take OLTL off the air, what was
    ABC thinking, really. Really another talk show how many do they think we will watch, I refuse to watch the Chew and definitely refuse to watch Revolution, cannot stand anyone on either of those shows. Hello…they have a cooking network for such shows as the Chew, stupid name. And another talk show, The Revolution we do not need. Bring back our beloved soaps and get rid of talk tv.
    Another network could resurrect our soaps and all the fans will be forever grateful.

  • Debbie G

    Maybe ABC will get a clue that the same people who watched the soaps all afternoon are not going to tune into all this self help crap. Isnt that what networks like Food Network/Discovery Health are for. So the ratings for the Revol whatever its called is low and The Chew is not to hot and Live with Kelly is going down the drain…. ABC=Failure! I have 7 people in my home with 6 TVS and ABC/Disney is banned until they fix this!

  • Wanda

    Hell no they should’ve canceled it!!!!!! Bring back the soaps!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Good I’m glad the ratings for the show stink. Hopefully this show will get canned like the Chew two worthless shows replacing two popular soaps makes me sick. ABC Daytime have lost their minds putting these shows on that NO one is watching!

  • Julie

    It seems like ABC couldn’t figure out a way to include all the people who DVR’d the soaps into their ratings numbers so basically, just said “Tough luck everybody”. I can’t believe there wasn’t a way to make money off all those viewers. Maybe then we would still have our soaps. I know it sounds nuts but maybe they should have tried one in prime time. Most of that programming is basically soap opera anyway-Desperate Housewives, Grey’s, Private Practice…Then all their viewers wouldn’t have to DVR, they could watch in real time.

  • Betsy

    Are you kidding me? They replaced OLTL with this? Who is running things at ABC? Sorry but I am a lot more intelligent than this show. For me, I will never watch any day time show on ABC until you bring OLTL back.

  • Judy B

    HUGE mistake in cancelling One Life To Live. Fans are devastated and will NOT watch the Chew or the Revolution. We want our One Life To Live back or for it to be allowed to find a new home. These garbage shows ABC is shoving down our throats will never make it and even if they survive their first year….they will NEVER have the longevity of the soaps. ABC…WAKE UP!!! BAD MOVE!! Will NOT watch your new daytime shows EVER!

  • Mary Lou M.

    music to my ears..I won’t watch it..ever..or the Shrew..chew..nope, not gonna do it..ever

  • http://google mandy

    i want OLTL to come back on air i miss the show i will never watch revolution please

  • Trapper

    That they would put a food show on, followed by a show whose very premise is that we eat too much and we’re not good enough as we are, just shows how out of touch ABC/Disney are with their viewers. The whole idea of the replacement for OLTL is that we simply are not good enough. We’re not pretty enough, thin enough or fashionable enough. They couldn’t be more wrong. We have busy, hectic lives, juggling work and family, while trying to get by in this lousy economy. We need escape, not criticism. The last thing anyone needs is to watch these idiotic “lifestyle” shows. They prey on the insecurities that the media has invented to keep us buying things, whether it’s shoes, makeup or a diet plan. They show 5 months of work for one of their victims, coalesced into 5 days. There’s no way we can possibly measure up, even if we were independently wealthy, so we could afford 5 months with a personal trainer, gym and dietician. So in reality, all these shows do is encourage despair.

    Scripted drama, on the other hand, doesn’t talk down and doesn’t assume that you’re anything other than an intelligent person who can follow a story. We get an hour to either kick back with a cup of coffee and do a reset on our day, or it’s on in the background while we’re working. It’s perfect.

    I’m sorry that ABC/Disney can’t seem to get it right, but they’ve lost me as a viewer. Thank you, I’ll be patronizing networks that value me and don’t think I’m a mindless idiot that will watch any kind of drivel.

    • angeladir

      Well said!!!

      • http://fansunited pam stephens

        ABC sucks………..they will totally regret what they have done.Bring the soaps back, We wont forget what you have done.We will not go away except from your network.I am gone with the soaps.

    • Bev

      Trapper, this is probably one of THE BEST comments I’ve ever read on this subject. I’m still so upset over the loss of my favorite show ever, OLTL.

    • Nette

      Thank you Trapper,
      I really couldn’t have said it better, myself.
      I too, have and will continue to avoid ‘lifestyle’ shows. I will choose networks who provide the kind of scripted drama I prefer, and who treat my viewership with value and respect.
      It is very sad as I can remember the days when I would turn ABC on first thing in the morning and turn it off when I went to bed.
      Those days are long, long gone. Perhaps 10-15 years?
      I used to feel that ABC was ‘my network’, showing ‘my shows’. Now, with the exception of General Hospital which I will watch until its last day, I make a point to avoid ABC/Disney and take my entertainment dollar elsewhere.

      • Gussie

        I totally agree. I used to watch all ABC shows. They WERE great, but not anymore. I will never watch ABC or Disney Channels unless they bring back our shows or at least give the rights back to AMC and OLTL creator Agnes Nixon, so she can find another network for our beloved shows. BIG MISTAKE… BOYCOTT ABC and DISNEY!!!

  • Annette

    Unfortunately for the Rev. One Life to Live was exceedingly popular. According to the Nielsen’s it reached the 3 million viewer mark, which is a milestone for any show, nonetheless a soap. It was well written, superbly acterd, and directed. ABC cancelled it because reality cost less to produce, NOT because anyone wanted another reality show, esp. on daytime.
    The only solution for ABC is either to bring back OLTL, or sell it to another network or cable show. The 3 million OLTL fans are boycotting ABC so selling OLTL or putting it on again might help them out in terms of getting viewers for some of their shows.
    Although I hear the Revolution is just not a very good show at all.

    • Rhonda

      Putting our shows AMC, and OLTL back on is the only hope ABC has to remain in business. As indiviuals we have no power, but as you stated we are 3 million united, and strong. 3 million viewers saying no more ABC in my home period. You can bet the sponsors are hearing us. The question now is how long before the mighty ABC crashes, and burns. Unless they put our soaps back on; it’s only a matter of time till we bring them down. 3 million viewers totally boycotting a network in their home speaks volume’s.

      • http://mediainsights Denise

        Yes, crash and burn ABC. As I’ve been saying the sponsors will pull advertising dollars from ABC once they realize that the viewers “have left the building.” The sponsors will not continue to fund a black hole. Watch CBS during the Y&R, take note of their sponsors. Then write to them and request that they pull advertising from ABC and advertise with CBS and NBC (because ABC is being boycotted). I started with General Mills.

  • Judy B

    Makes NO sense to cancel One Life To Live when it had good ratings and was produced UNDER budget!!!! we want our OLTL BACK ABC!!

  • Nancy Melman

    ABC is going down thanks to the support of all of us. Dear ABC SCREW YOU!!!!!

  • dp

    Abc should of left day time alone. Not to late to rethink and return what people are asking for, is it not the public you have to win over? Or win back? It’s obviously what your viewing audience wants.

  • Jen H

    Please ABC, do the right thing and either bring back One Life to Live or give up the rights to it so it has a chance to air elsewhere. Maybe then millions of angry viewers will end their boycott of anything ABC/Disney.

  • Ronie Downing

    Other then upporting GH, ABC and I have parted WAYS!

  • Jeana

    ABC sucks, I hope the ratings stay down until they bring our soaps back. The only time I turn the channel to ABC is when General Hospital is on now and it will stay that way.

    • Gussie

      I totally agree… ABC and DISNEY SUCK!!! I will not watch any show on ABC except GH until it’s last day. Do the smart thing ABC and give us back our shows OLTL and AMC.

  • danelle

    What a bunch of IDIOTS at abc! You seriously murdered my families in order to teach us how to be bulimic? First a show on how to binge followed by a show on how to purge. DISGUSTING! I will NEVER support abc again and I’m sad I spent my whole life trusting your company! I can only hope abc does one thing right and gives Agnes the rights back to my Llanview and Pine Valley families so our stories can go on….and leave GH alone. We don’t want stupid talk shows! We want OUR stories and OUR families back!

  • Karen

    I hope the ratings continue to tank! Maybe then ABC will get a clue that the soap fans have more power then they think. We can shut you off ABC, just like a light bulb….and that is just what we did!!! Maybe now you will have more respect for us???? You think???

  • Breeze

    I have not watched ABC since they took amc and oltl off the air the shows that they have replaced these with , I think will not have the following that our soaps have had, and therefore will not b on the air long , it would take a show better than these talk/cooking shows tp draw ABC fans back!

  • AngusTCat

    Please bring back All My Children and One Life to Live! Why did they get cancelled – so ABC could replace them with reality shows no one watches?

  • moshane58

    When Agnes Nixon got to come back and finish amc and Frons out of the picture AMC was over 3 million.That’s not counting soapnet,dvr.and online to other countries.tell me they ain’t sniffing fairy dust at abc.Who could even watch these idiot shows.Its like they went threw every networks throw away trash and used it for ideas for new shows.Where are the big stockholders at abc?In a coma?This is just a total slap in the face to years of loyal veiwers.ABC can go up in flames and I wouldn’t give them the water to put it out.Embassing!!!!!

  • Lori

    Its no wonder we are becoming a nation of people that have to depend on anti depressant medication!!!! ABC has now added 2 more shows that insult our intelligence and tell us how fat, poorly dressed & unhealthy we are! If anyone were to raise a child and constantly tell them how bad they are that child grows to have a complex & this is what is going on with these cheap shows that have replaced AMC & OLTL! I dont want to be told what to do or how to act by these IDIOTS!!!! I need a daytime “escape to fantasy land” (Pine Valley & Llanview) Screw ABC/Disney!!!!! I’m out!

  • theresa

    I will no watch ABC except for GH,they need to put OLTL back on or sell them to someone there are millions of soap fans who want there shows back,we will continue to BOYCOTT ABC. Until we get them back…AMC and OLTL need a new home

  • Lisa

    Bring back OLTL. There is far to many talk shows on Tv steady who cares to watch anymore

  • Tima

    Looks like ABC bit off more than they could chew (no pun intended), with out OLTL The Chew’s ratings may start dropping too, (Turns out ABC had The Chew pushing into the OLTL 2pm time slot and if you know how Neilson’s ratings work you’ll know that means that the last part of The Chew was being counted in the 2pm slot thanks to their 15 minute checks.)

    While I don’t believe GH would be given the 1pm or 2pm time slots no matter how bad these replacement shows are, I will continue to watch GH and show my support for it. Hopefully ABC/Disney’s shareholders start asking the tough questions because the fact that the soaps were canned to start with shows that something is majorly wrong over there.

  • TARA


  • Magda Laskiewicz

    I still cannot figure out what ABC is thinking. How could another talk show help ratings, not in my household cause now I don’t watch ABC at that time slot. Please bring back OLTL it was such an amazing finale and should be allowed to continue.

  • Andrea Dawson

    Never going to watch The Chew or The Revolution. I will watch GH online until it too is cancelled. If this is how little the people at ABC think of the public whom have been loyal for all these years, then I am done with them.

  • Brandi

    Very stupid of ABC to cancel One Life To Live, even thou im only 19 i LOVED OLTL and desperately wish they will bring it back, ever since last friday when the last episode of OLTL aired, i have not watched abc at all…and all i have to say is Good Riddance! this article has made my day lol, and regarding all the other Ridiculous Replacement shows abc has put on in place of our soaps, well lets just say i will not view, i will not chew and i certainly wont be seeing any revolution any time soon!

  • Bertye

    I am not sure why the network still tries to force feed us more self-help shows. ABC you are not getting the picture, people are fed up with these type of shows, t hey maybe cheaper to produce but do you risk that by alienating your core audience? I guess the answer is yes, because that is just what you have done. I haven’t watch more than a couple of hours on ABC since All My Children was taken off and as I can see I haven’t missed a thing.

  • el

    I will never watch anything on abc again until my soaps are brought back!!!
    I am sick to death of reality shows, cooking shows, and shows telling me what to do how to dress and act…

    I want my Tad and Dixie , I want my Jonh and Natalie…I want to know who JR shot and How Allison Perkins got Victor!!!

  • Eileen Steff

    Seriously a huge mistake along with the chew … way to many of these kind of shows = BORING. I miss the Soaps that I watched for years. ABC wake up even GMA in the morning is starting to take on the reality show mentality. I have not and will not tune into either the Chew or the Revolution and I hope they both tank . Bring back the SOAPS .

  • http://Revolution Kim

    Hahaha did u really think we would watch , what a joke we will never watch , the only thing were gonna watch is u crash an burn

  • BB

    Any soap fan could have told you the Revolting would tank; no one is going to warm up to it and no one is warming up to the Spew either. As much as I love my Good Morning America, after the last OLTL episode aired on Friday, that was the end of ABC daytime shows for me with the exception of General Hospital. Sure, I miss Josh, Robin, George, etc., but I miss my soaps even more and it’s the principle of the thing. I also used to be a fan of Clinton Kelly, Tim Gunn and Ty Pennington, but not any more. Nothing (except the return of All My Children and One Life to Live)would make me happier than to see ABC Daytime crash and burn.

  • Ryan

    Good! This is what ABC deserves after cancelling AMC and OLTL. I hope the ratings for their replacements shows continue to fail.

  • Jennifer

    I will NEVER watch ABC/Disney or any of it’s affiliates again. I have blocked ABC/any and all Disney Channels/ESPN/Lifetime on my cable box. Never thought I would be using my parental control to block those channels, but I am. Thinking of cancelling my Comcast cable as well. As for Ty Pennington, I wouldn’t watch him if he showed up at my front door to inform me that I won an Extreme Home Makeover.

  • Janice Ashton

    ABC, this is what happens when you replace a popular and beloved daytime drama with such condescending drivel. The viewers go away. The pseudo-reality talk show format is tired and lame. Most of us have had enough. No ones’s watching The Revolution? No one is watching The Chew? That’s because you have underestimated the intelligence of your daytime audience. Wake up. Stop parading this crap in front of us, and return entertainment to our afternoons. If you can’t do that. ABC, we will find our entertainment elsewhere. NBC and CBS are good places to start looking for it…

  • Julie

    I think ABC was stupid for canceling OLTL and AMC. These new shows Are pointless. I am a OLTL fan I have been watching it since I was little girl, it’s a stab in the back to the viewers who have been watching these beloved shows for many many years! I hope these new shows bomb and they bring back our shows!!!

  • Cg

    The revolution and chew are not welcome in my home! If abc doesn’t care about our desires why should we help them with their ratings? Bring back what you took away from you ex-3 million viewers then we will come back to you. Until then I am really getting into young and the restless and bold and the beautiful!

  • BOYCOTT!!!

    Do you miss All my children?Are you grieving the loss of OLTL? Are you not happy with their replacements????? join me!!!! let your voice be heard, join our boycott!!!!! Tell your mom, tell your dad, tell your friends, grandchildren, daughters, sons, cats! let everyone know! We’re starting our OWN revolution VIVA LA SOAP OPERA REVOLUTION!!!!

  • Clara Atha

    Plain and simple bring All My Children and One Life to Live back. This is ridiculous the 5 min of The Revolution was like watching reruns from the 90’s on TLC.

  • Colleen

    I predict that this will be ABC’s version of “The new Coke”. This show will fail and ABC will go back to a formula that WAS ALREADY WORKING!!! How many freaking talk shows can there be?

  • Linda Sinchak

    Just another poorly done reality show! Even their evening shows are turning into poorly done reality shows. Does ABC think we really need all this reality? If they would just listen to all the viewers that are complaining, they would be the top network again. I keep my tv off from 12:30-3:00 when it’s time for General Hospital, watch my local news and then turn on the other networks. STOP insulting our intelligence and GIVE US BACK OUR SOAPS!!

  • brenda

    I hope the ratings continue to tank. I personally will not watch the new shows … is the only thing I will watch on abc/ Disney …….BRING OUR SOAPS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://google Susan

    How Ironic!…AMC was replaced by yet another cooking show and OLTL is replaced by a show on how to make our lives healthier and better…Turning on the t.v. in the daytime is NOT worth it….everyone is talking AT us..telling us how to eat, decorate, exercise..stop this, start that…it is crazy RIDICULOUS………I want entertainment back!!! I want my SOAPS!~!! I hope you crash and burn ABC……..for u have made a HUGE error THIS time!!!

  • Lori

    Seriously? Does ABC really think that it’s daytime viewers who are mostly women, are so in the dark ages that they really want another show telling them how to dress, what to eat, how to decorate their homes & where to go on vacation? Do they seriously think women can’t think for themselves, & need a constant influx of instructions on how to get through their day?
    You think far too much of yourselves ABC, & I want no part of your new trash tv shows, and I haven’t spoken to even one friend of family member who is even remotely interested in what you are trying to force feed us.
    We were much happier with the soaps, for at least they were entertaining.

  • Petra

    Only time will tell . Only time will tell….. When you have a new toy you play with it for a while than get bored with it … i have not turn them buggers on and so many Soap fans don’t watch them so i don’t get that there are saying .. in that one day there had a higher rating than OLTL .. THERE ARE NUTS

  • Kay

    No TVs on in this house during the two hours of mindless rot otherwise known as The Chew and The Revolution. Daytime TV has long been a brief break from the reality and routine of daily life. Forcing reality down the throats of Americans when they’ve long shown a desire to escape it is an undeserved punishment!

  • PP

    abc is going no where but down. Cancelling the soaps is the stupidest business decision they have ever made and their behavior since has shown that they have no ethics, no family orientated values and an all around loss of decency. All of their precious corporation of disney and abc are going to notice the huge abandonment of viewers and supporters. We, the viewers, make them, we decide what we want to consume or watch, we make them a success or failure. They have taken upon themselves the assumption that they should and can tell us how to live, eat, think, and in general follow their teachings because they are the great know it all…and they actually think that we the consumers will blindly follow them and do and be as they say. Wrong, we have the intelligence enough to know what we want and it is NOT some pretenders and idiots it is our soaps. Millions have spoken but abc is too arrogant and full of self importance to listen. So it is up to we the viewers to exercise our rights…most of us watched All My Children and One Life ti Live for decades over multiple generations, in the past and now we will have nothing to do with abc or disney for decades and multiple generations in the future. We have rights and a voice. Let’s use it and send abc a clear message..they should follow us not the other way around. We tell them not the other way around…we want our soaps back or at least relinquishment of the rights to their real owner, Agnes Nixon. abc you are going down and you have no one to blame but yourselves and your underestimation of your consumers or your former consumers!

    • Rhonda


  • Eileen

    The Revolution is condescending to women. As if I need someone to tell me to shop at Macy’s and replace my jeans with a skirt and heels complete with a fresh hairdo and professional makeup to look and feel good. yeah right. WAY TOO MANY TALK/CHEW/SPEW SHOWS! I MISS MY SOAPS!!

  • John Henderson

    Come Back,Shane, come back with One Life To Live.

  • Kay VanHauen

    I will NEVER watch the Chew or the Revolution! Nor will anyone in my family be watching an ABC show again whether it is daytime or nightime television. That is, not until OLTL is brought back. So, for now, I will watch old tapings of OLTL or tune into USA network for my afternoon viewing. Wish ABC would get it together and admit ordering 200 episodes of the Revolution was an idiotic idea.

  • http://google Joe DeVitto

    They should of left our Soaps on and put these shows on at night when more people are home that watch this kind of thing … in the day time all of us that are at home watch the soaps .. and now we are not watching the new shows.. so who is really watch them ?? with millions of soap fans out here they are not getting the viewers they need for the new shows as they need ….. we want our stories to watch in the day time hours……..

  • CharlieSheen

    This is not a good start at all especially considering this was a holiday Monday where there’s usually spikes in the ratings for daytime programs. Soaps have always had huge jumps on MLK usually. The fact that this show wasn’t sampled well at all initially on a day like that is trouble. The drop from the lead-in was not good at all neither.

    ABC made a really bad mistake in cancelling OLTL as that show was hot in the ratings and should’ve stayed on for a bit more time.

    At this point ABC better had learned their lesson and keep GH on the air for as long as possible or their going to lose another 3 million viewers right there making Katie Couric DOA for the affiliates.

  • http://Google Daniel

    Done with ABS at lunch hour. OLTL was terrific fun because it was a continuing story, and kept me on the network when I got home. Have no interest in these two weak imitations of the thousand hour talk shows. Maybe they will revive them because I heard they already fired the dumbass who made the decision.

  • Valerie

    Even my 7 year old is mad because they took off the soaps!! I will NEVER watch ABC daytime again!! The Spew and Restitution are ridiculous!!!

  • Suzanne

    One Life to Live should not have been cancelled. We don’t need anymore talk shows or cooking shows or shows telling us how to lose weight or how to dress etc. We want to be entertained and we want to escape into another world. That’s what our soaps do for us. Bring OLTL back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • char shelsky

    ABC Sucks now except for General Hosp. Enough with talk shows and reality cheap TV. You have one show with a fat Italian telling you to eat pasta which is bad for you and another one cooking with lard. A anorexic woman who can’t cook anything and one health nut And A guy with no style in clothes telling you how to decorate. Then the next show telling you how bad it is to follow everything on the show before. We don’t need this I looked forward to an escape. Not someone telling me how to live. ABC you just made FOX news have a better daytime rating. Congratulations!!!

  • Landa flower

    This new show will not be getting any airtime in my home, nor will ABC. This was the worst move replacing my OLTL with this boring show. No one in my home will ever be watching ABC again. That’s a promise!

  • Rhonda D

    HaHa…I am sooooo happy that the ratings for this show is tanking and its only the 2nd day!!! We want ABC to listen to what WE THE VIEWERS want!!!! We want our soaps back!!!

  • MBmomof3

    As a long-time, loyal viewer of ABC Daytime (and Disney, ABC Family, Soapnet, etc.) I am in FULL BOYCOTT mode of all ABC/Disney programming, products and advertisers. My kids aren’t too happy with me, but I pay the cable bill. Either bring back OLTL or sell the rights to a REAL production company (or Agnes Nixon) who can do this iconic program justice. The same goes for AMC and GH ( since I know you will eventually cancel GH for more “talk” #%&*. DO THE RIGHT THING or lose the buying power of these loyal viewers and their families!

  • Elena

    This showed should fail along with The Chew. I refuse to watch either! I had nothing to watch today at 2PM EST. Bring back our soaps! Enough with these dumb talk shows already! We don’t need them nor do we want them!

  • Mary M

    Glad to hear it. ABC lost millions of viewers when they cancelled these 40+ year soaps and replaced them with hyped up talk shows. If people want a new recipe, they can tune into The Food Network or look online. If they want to better themselves, they can join a gym or simply eat healthier. No one needs a show for that! Wake up, ABC! Either put our soaps back on the air or give the rights back to Agnes Nixon. These are HER shows NOT yours! Holding them hostage like this is only proving everyone’s point, that you are a bunch of greedy, overpaid idiots!

  • Tracey

    I have watched AMC and OLTL all my life; over 30 years. I cannot begin to say how empty my afternoons are, now that they are gone. I feel rather lost, my afternoon routine virtually torn in half. I do not like talk shows, I would not watch the Chew and Revolution, even if they were not in the time slots they are. The airwaves are choked with cheap reality/talk shows and there is fewer and fewer decent things to watch. I no longer watch ABC at all (other than GH) and to be honest, with the garbage they are showing more and more……I don’t really miss it a bit. I have also stopped supporting anything Disney, and I make sure that everyone I know is informed of just what kind of company they really are. ABC and Disney have made their bed and now we soap fans are going to make sure they lie in it. It shouldn’t be a problem for them, since they are such accomplished liars anyway.

  • Laurie

    I will BOYCOTT ABC until I get OLTL back!!!!!

  • Mwoda

    Ratings will probably never be higher than Day #1, when people might have been curious and willing to give it a chance. I turned it on without volume today (while making phone calls) as a placeholder to make sure I didn’t miss the start of GH. Nothing I saw even tempted me to listen. During that hour yesterday, I watched Y&R recorded earlier on the DVR. I’ll probably do that most days… or GH from the day before, depending how busy any given day may be.

  • David

    It was a huge mistake canceling One Life to Live! The show’s rating were picking up and now ABC is all talk and that truly gets boring after a while! How hard would it be to start up a new soap, combining characters from One Life to Live and All my Children?

  • Shirley

    I refuse to watch anything on ABC except for GH and that is only when John and Mannings go on the show. STUPID MOVE ABC for taking our soaps off the air. Bring them back and you MIGHT get your ratings up.

  • http://Facebook Mahalla

    ABC sucks for taking away OLTL and AMC! I will not be watching anything on ABC anymore. Bring back OLTL and AMC! We, the viewers don’t care about The Chew or The Revolution and don’t care to hear what they have to say on their stupid food shows. We want our soaps back!

  • Morenike Bee

    As much as this news pleases me, my worry is, what if the Revulsion’s ratings miraculously rise when the OLTL peeps crossover to GH? I’ve heard of The Spew cutting into the first minute of OLTL for ratings purposes, wouldn’t the same thing happen with this situation and GH? The Rat needs justification to their advertisers for cancelling the soaps afterall. :-/

  • http://Facebook Mahalla

    I agree with el up above. I want to know all that too. I want my stars back and want the storyline to continue!!! Bring our soaps back!!!

  • Amber

    I think ABC made a huge mistake, I have watched AMC, OLTL, and GH since I was a child with my mom. My daughter was so bummed out (6) because we watch our shows together while folding laundry, or arts and crafts in the evenings after i get off of work. These new shows suck! Maybe they could place the soaps on prime time. Well I now tune in to B&B, and Y&R. I’m glad to see my favorite actors/ actresses find new roles elsewhere. ABC made a terrible mistake taking these shows off the air. They ruined story lines to make ratings go down, then they justified it by taking them off. AMC had a horrible ending, at least we got a good one from OLTL…. I hate to see my soaps go!

  • Sue Zielke

    Will NEVER watch the crap ABC has replaced AMC and OLTL with. Give the rights to the shows BACK to Agnes Nixon where they belong. She will find a place for them and they will once again be loved by the fans!!! What’s a matter ABC can’t handle that they will be successful some where else?

  • Angelly

    Call (818) 460-7477 and hit 663. Leave message saying you’re unhappy with crap new show and want #OLTL back. Let do this every day!
    If you would like to complain about The Revolution call that exact number and hit 738.

  • emtk

    ABC started its own destruction when it cancelled One Life To Live and All My Children. They’re going for cheap programming, not quality – and their ratings show it! Revive One Life To Live and see your ratings soar!

  • Amanda

    Bring back OLTL!!! No one wants a stupid show about how to improve yourself, they want drama! How much sense does it make to put a cooking show in place of AMC, followed by a show telling you that you aren’t good enough that replaced OLTL? ABC needs to start making better decisions regarding their programming before their channel dies a death that can’t be undone. OLTL forever!!! S.O.S.! I will NOT watch ABC until OLTL is back on air–I will watch GH maybe, just to keep it’s ratings up (I love GH too, but OLTL was my soap), but nothing else. No Disney owned channel (including ESPN) will be watched in my house! I already cancelled my membership to the Disney Movie Club, I have no problem boycotting ABC/Disney until we get what we want! Soaps take forever to play out a storyline, but that’s okay, because it taught me patience. If I can wait years to see John and Natalie finally get together, I can wait for OLTL to be revived! Over the Christmas week, OLTL hit just over 3 million viewers (which is not a common feat), and that means that according to these numbers, ABC has lost approximately half of it’s OLTL time slot viewership. NO REVOLUTION!!! BRING BACK OLTL!!! #OLTL #dotherightthing #shameonyou #Disney #ABC


      100% AGREE WITH YOU

  • Dori

    ABC/D does not really care about programming, only money. D is in charge and ABC just tags along. They only interests are kids programming, Disney products and their other assets. Forget ABC

  • Ree

    We don’t need nor want another talk show… I won’t be watching and the other 3 million loyal Soap viewers will not either, We will continue to BOYCOTT The Chew and The Revolution and laugh as they continue to drop in ratings. WE WANT OUR STORIES BACK! VIVA AMC & OLTL!!!! BRING THEM BACK AND THERE WON’T BE ANY HARD FEELINGS.

  • LeAnna

    I have been educating myself on the holdings of ABC/DISNEY. They are an all consuming GREEDY conglomerate! There is no way two talk shows will EVER have the following that AMC & OLTL had. I watch Y&R on CBS. Then I switch and watch a movie or whatever isn’t on any station owned by Disney. I come back to GENERAL HOSPITAL then I go to CBS or NBC and watch either Dr. OZ or Dr. Phil. I will NEVER WATCH ABC again. Put my soaps back on and I will watch them again!

  • Carrolyn

    I would like to know how ABC feels after making the biggest mistake in their network’s history. Your station is going to crash and burn. I have totally stopped watching ABC. When they cancelled OLTL, they had a complete disregard for what the viewers want, or how they feel. ABC has brought shame to the name of Walt Disney. Anything Disney owned or affiliated is not permitted in my house. My husband no longer watches ESPN, I no longer watch Lifetime channels, and ABSOLUTELY NO ABC!!! When I have grandchildren, they will be raised on non-Disney movies–WB and Universal only. Harry Potter teaches kids about good overcoming evil, and that’s all that will be in my house. I have watched OLTL since I was eleven years old–when it started–and by canceling this show, ABC showed no mercy, no caring, no empathy for the viewers and fans.

  • Joe

    ABC has made the most asinine decision in the history of television which could not be FARTHER from what their (former) fans want if they tried. ONE LIFE was the 3rd highest rated soap … sometimes close to 2nd… and it gets axed for THIS??!!?? Furthermore, At the end of AMC’s run, it was picking up enough steam and viewers to not warrant ITS cancellation for that insipid food show. Do they HONESTLY THINK we’ll watch an hour of disgusting food shoved down out throats only to follow that up with how we should all feel awful about ourselves because of it?? Brilliant move, ABC – you’ve succeeded in losing a ton of viewers.

  • carol c

    When will the Disney execs act with their common sense instead of their wallets? Millions of soap opera fans have been telling them we will NOT watch their replacement shows for All My Children and One Life To Live. They choose not to listen to us, the viewing public, so they will get what they deserve….poor ratings. Disney, do the right thing. Give the rights to the two cancelled soaps back to their creator, Agnes Nixon, and let her legacy live on by restoring our shows.

  • Tear

    Well duh, did abc really expect to just cancel soaps and the show they put on would do well? How stupid was that? abc has less and less shows I watch any more.


    ABCDisney has lost a viewer. I will watch GH as long as it is on, but there is nothing else on ABC that I want to watch. I hate Reality Shows, Cooking shows are a dime a dozen and talk shows are much better late night. I used to watch ABC news daily, but that is no longer something I will watch. I can get local and world news on many other stations. I miss AMC and OLTL and can’t believe someone has the nerve to tell me what I want to watch.

  • jessica

    Im glad oltl fans are sticking together and boycotting abs new shows. They really messed up cancelling our shows!!!i seen the chew once and it was the stupidest show i ever seen. I will never watch that or any other show that replaces the soaps. Bring bck the soaps we need our soaps

  • Sam

    Why does ABC that everybody wants to watch stupid talk shows all day long. One Life to Live and All My Children should never been cancelled. If they had any brains they would get rid of the revolution and bring back All My Children and One Life to Live as soon as possible. I for one will never watch the Chew or the Revloution, in fact I will not watch another ABC show as all the want to air is reality crap. I will watch General Hospital and they better not cancel it.

  • Lori

    No, ABC should NOT have canceled either AMC or OLTL, and NO we most certainly do NOT need these stupid “lifestyle” shows. There are already too many talk shows, reality shows, and cooking shows. Who are they to tell us what they think we, as viewers, should be watching? I sure as hell won’t watch the garbage that they put on the air in place of All My Children and One Life To Live. I have boycotted ABC (with the exception of General Hospital) I will not watch anything else on ABC or any networks that are affiliated with ABC. I hope both the spew and the revulsion both tank, and hope that they will soon be canceled. Instead of watching the crap that ABC wants to shove down their viewers throats (literally!) I will instead watch Y&R, DAYS, and B&B, as well as GH. I sincerely hope that one day, OLTL and AMC are both back on the air.

  • Jeanne

    I’m sick to death of tv reality shows and talk shows. I want my OLTL and AMC back. ABC how could you and shame on you. How could you cancel these two shows that have been on for years. I know that the fan base is huge for the two soaps. Please give these back to Agnes Nixon so that she can have them aired on another network or satalite network. I will pay to have the two shows back and to be able to have my hour of peace a day and wonder with anticipation of what is going to happen next. All I can say to ABC and Disney is that you have lost lots and lots of viewers over this one.

  • Ben from Baltimore

    I have been taping Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos in place of AMC/The Chew and OLTL/The Revolution to watch after work along with my usual taping of Anderson Cooper’s new daytime talk show (Anderson is on at the same time as OLTL/The Revolution on the local Baltimore NBC affiliate WBAL-HD 11). They are on my Dish Network DVR when I get home. It didn’t help the shows any when they announced that they were going to bribe people with home viewer giveaways. #fireannesweeny #firebobiger #dotherightthing #Disney #ABC #soaprevolution

  • Alicia Gritz

    I have never been a fan of OLTL… However I am here to say I feel it was very dumb of ABC to cancel both AMC and OLTL. I’ll be just as ticked off if GH got cancled, as my friends are of theirs that was canceled. Aside from Generel Hospital (GH) I no longer watch ABC, which was once upon a time was my favorote tv station back in the 70’s and 80’s! I am a LONG TIME FAN of both GH and CBS’s Y&R (Since 1978) and I will remain loyal to them because they are my favorite SOAPS! It took waaaay too long for Brian Frons to leave… I believe had he left/been fired a long time ago, ABC’s soap would STILL be alive and well. WHY do I say this? Because Brian Frons did NOT care about the soaps OR how the fans felt! That’s Why!! I for one Am NOT intersted in The Chew or The Revolution. I hope their rating remain low because at this point ABC DESERVES it!!

  • Cathy

    With our busy lives, OLTL was a good escape.
    I am boycotting ABC from noon to 2 pm. I am tired of being told what to eat, what not to wear… I certainly won’t watch Katie Kouric because she is boring. No more talk shows, get rid of the Chew and the so called Revolution. Get real!
    The key is: are the bureaucrats from ABC ready to recognize they made huge mistakes?

  • Sue

    I too refuse to ever watch The Chew and the Revolution..Dont we have enough reality tv shows and talk shows on…ABC must have underestimated how many soap lovers there are that are loyal to All my Children and One Life to Live..We have been watching these shows for decades and look forward to finding out what happens next…We have grown up with these people..They are such fine actors…I dont know if they will ever admit they made the biggest mistake of all taking these shows off but we can only hope that they will leave General Hospital alone..Poor decision..The fact is they are greedy and wanted to save money….Shame on Them…..

  • Sharon

    I feel the same as most people who posted calling for ABC to bring back OLTL and AMC. I have never watched the Chew and will not watch the Revolution either. Not interested at all – boring shows! Like many I watched the soaps growing up and generations of our family. We have very busy lives and the soaps allowed us to take some time out and just relax! Watch with friends and family, have a cup of coffee, and just watch a good story. It’s crazy to me that ABC made this change when there are so many viewers unhappy. Many are boycotting ABC totally, and for sure the times the soaps ran. I watch GH and recently Revenge as a new movie similar to a soap in the evening – that’s it! I’m really hoping both the Chew and Revolution bomb out and get cancelled due to low viewership – no interest. Bring back our soaps! Listen to your customers! I’ve read so many sites and comments over this bad decision. There is still time to change back and maybe viewers will come back to ABC, be smart!

  • Lisa

    The Chew comes on after The View..wonder why they didn’t name the Rev. something like Diets for You…at least it’d rhyme. We didn’t need another cooking show, and we didn’t need another fitness/health show. They WON’T last over FOUR DECADES like our soaps did—they probably won’t last 4 months. We want our Daytime Dramas back!! (AMC and OLTL). ABC/Disney/ESPN are banned in my home except for General Hospital. If it goes too, you’ve lost a couple of decades-long viewers. But we don’t matter—we’re not in that ‘magic” 18-49 age range, you know—mostly the ones who have to work all the time to half-way support themselves, and barely can live paycheck=to=paycheck? The older generations are the ones you need to cater to—we have the $$ to spend on your adverstisers’ merchandise. Or NOT, as many of us are boycotting all sponsors of the Chew and Revolution. Chew on THAT, ABC, and I hope you choke. Give Agnes Nixon her ‘babies’ back—she’ll find a place to air our shows!

  • maria

    i will never watch this show or the chew. it’s just not what i want to watch. i love the stories that have a history that you can track back. shame on you ABC and Disney, rot in your misery.

  • Mary Lou

    I think there are way too many talk shows flooding the airwaves, and they’re pretty boring. I have no interest in watching The Revolution. I think ABC made a big mistake cancelling One Life to Live.

  • Donna

    We told you so!!! Bring back OLTL and AMC!!! The only show I’ll watch on the Rat Network is GH!!!

  • carol

    I am sad that all my children and one life to live were cancelled. I taped them so I could watch them. I am not interested in more talk shows that tell me what is wrong with my life and how to fix it. I have been watching soaps for 40 years and enjoyed introducing my kids to them (they are now in their 20’s) I looked forward to one day introducing my grandchildren to them.I will not tape the two new shows on abc. I will see what other soaps are like and tape them. This way I can excape when I get home from work and enjoy myself

  • dg

    Of course abc was stupid to cancel OLTL! Bring our show back! Before all this cancellation crap I thought abc was smart for not not doing talk shows all day like other channels. People want an escape not another talk show no matter how inspirational and OLTL provided that and so much more! Shame on you abc! Do what is right and give the people what they want: One Life to Live!

  • Maura

    I hope that ABC will come to their senses and bring back OLTL…It’s not too late….their audience is waiting!!!!!

  • Mary

    ABC has really gone down the tubes. Soaps were entertaining and fun, these new shows are a dime a dozen and stink.

  • http://ABC Crystal

    They need to put the soaps back on that is what daytime is for not all this BS,realities,weightloss, cooking show! DAYTIME WAS MADE FOR SOAP OPERAS AND GAME SHOWS~! That is a way for women to forget about what is going on in their own lives to live on with their soap operas! Give the soaps back to Agnes Nixon or put them back on! If u dont want them I am sure someone else does!

  • Barbara Schuima

    They were foolish cancelling OLTL. We watch TV for entertainment.The ONLY program I will watch on ABC/DISNEY is General Hospital.It’s not that hard boycotting ABC/DISNEY. Tonight Celebrity Wife SLOP !!!!

  • Kay Turner

    Maybe with these ratings, ABC will get the message. They should not dismiss the soap fans. I will miss my OLTL family. The show was my on personal down time everyday. I could put all my own problems aside and just be absorbed by this show. I will never forgive ABC for the way we have been dismissed as being of no importance to them. I have invited this network into my home for 43 years. Now I feel like I have had a rat in my house. NOW THE MOUSE HAS GOT TO GO! BOYCOTT ABC/DISNEY. We want our shows back. We need to start a revolution against the Revolution” and all shows like them. Let’s let all the networks know “WE DO NOT WANT 24/7 INFORMATION WE SIMPLY WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED”

  • Ronda lee

    Soaps should of never been took off the air. Put that in your pipe and smoke it ABC

  • Stephany

    ABC should never have cancelled OLTL.. I loved that show, mainly because of Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva.. I will NEVER watch The Chew or The Revolution, and neither will anyone that I know. None of them. Bring back OLTL!

  • Jefferson Vickers

    After my brain tumor I lost time (and still do), but I could sit down with my DVD of an old episode and remember and more important feel the memories I was living at that time of that episode. I feel very blessed to have had a trigger in my life for so many years that otherwise could have been lost forever, what sometimes was a fog can be clear just closing my eyes and listening to an episodes monologue. This show was not just a show, it was a path to memories from the past, it is my salvation… This has been a truly hard week watching this all come to a close.

    A weight loss show after a cooking show, wow who’s brain child was that?!

    If everyone did not walk into Disneyland for one day, it would cost them more then OLTL did.

  • sarah

    If you notice, not only abc is suffering. Cbs ratings tanked for “The Talk” after As The World Turns was cancelled. These networks are NOT paying attention to what is truly the heartbeat of AMERICA. Although we are all in the workforce as opposed to the early days of the 50’s and 60’s, I guarantee men and women alike are dvring there soaps. So they do not have to watch the mundane primetime reality shows. Good call guys…….I can only hope that you get what is coming to you in form low ratings and cancellations. Soap fans are extremely loyal.

  • cheryl

    the revolution took over an iconic show [as did the chew] time with a very vocal fan base. putting them in a situation where the fans who would be watching abc at this time are tuning out since abc wants to put on mind numbing drivel by the head driveler Brian Frons[ may he find a job at his local Mcdonalds ].

  • http://facebook lucille mason

    abc seems to forget we handle the money so is we don’t support the sponsers they can’t pay the bills,now they want to screw angnes nixon over so we can’t get our soaps on other stations. well we don’t need abc

  • Katie

    I use to watch Abc from 5am-4pm everyday and then go to work come home and watch it until I went to sleep,now that they cancelled my favorite soap oltl it’s goodbye ABC and hello CBS at least they care about their viewers feelings.

  • Barb

    This is the email I sent to each group listed below: Please feel free to use if you don’t want to create your own–Please always keep in mind it is important to be respectful and not overly dramatic when you are requesting something like this. Having them think you to be crude or a crack-pot isn’t going to help our cause of bring OLTL back on the air. **If you use my email, remember to change the name of the Network in the two places I list it. You can copy and paste everything else, but change the name of the network in the beginning and end where I list their individual network by name in order to personalize it their network when you send to the list of executives by group.

    PLEASE HELP US GIVE OLTL A NEW HOME by simply copying and pasting this email and sending 6 group emails to the network addresses below– just change the name of the network in the beginning and end so it is personalized to their own network. Thanks Barb

    Good Morning!

    I am writing to ask that you put One LIfe to Live on your network and actively fight to get the rights to do so.

    Bravo is compiled of many entertaining shows and OLTL would go right along with your programming and be a sucessful assett to your line up. ABC said the reason that these afternoon drama’s were taken off their station was that people no longer want to be entertained, they just want information…. that is the understatement of the decade—people ALWAYS want to be entertained (look at sports, movies and Broadway etc..) Entertainment takes us away, if only for a few hours, and gives everyone a break from their daily lives—For a few sweet moments we get caught up in something else that takes our thoughts from our daily cares. Entertainment is a vital part of our lives.

    Many people across the United States love One Life to Live and watched that show daily. Don’t be fooled that people aren’t home during the day and must not be watching…….Anyone who is out of their home during the timeframe of 2pm-3pm DVR’d or recorded from their VCR back in the day- Millions of fans have done this ever since the technology to do so came out. WE DID NOT MISS ONE EPISODE just if we were away at the time the show was broadcast. This is no different then viewers record their favorite current Bravo show. The same would be happening if you were the smart network and took on OLTL in your line up.

    Thank you and I hope you will consider what I have asked and act upon it immediately,








  • Rebecca

    Can you imagine the excitement if they came to their senses and brought OLTL back! The viewers would go nuts! All we can do is hope. But I love the uproar. Will never watch the garbage on between 1 and 3.

  • Ricky

    Abc, this is not temporary. We hate your crappy, cheap, garbage talk shows. We were and stayed tuned in to soaps because we didn’t want to watch the stuff on the other channels. Bring back the soaps or we switch the channel. Simple as that. Remember, daytime viewers are nighttime viewers. Why do you think all your new shows are tanking. Stop the blood letting before its too late. I’m starting to like y&r and b&b. If u don’t do it quick, I may not come back even if you do bring back the shows. At the very least, release the rights back to Agnes Nixon. If you do the right thing, viewers will unblock abc and start watching your shows. Don’t and we won’t.

    Get your heads out of your ass.

  • darlene

    abc you should put back oltl & amc we will not watch revolution that is so dumb it’s meant to be seen everyday that kind of maybe one day but then again show is so dumb and boring, abc if you want your 3 milliom viewers back please please I beg of you put back oltl & amc no chew or revolution to many talk shows no katie no katie rather watch grass grow katie is so boring she didn’t work out for nbc & cbs she won’t out for work you please please put back oltl & amc on the air again the best thing you could do!!!!!

  • al

    Hope They Sink in to the Abyss!!

  • Wendy Feathers

    I will never watch the Revulsion or The Spew. ABC was stupid to cancel One Life to Live and All My Children. The network clearly does not care about the millions of soap fans. I am sick of these suits telling us that these are the kinds of shows women want to watch and noone has time to invest an hour or two a day in daytime drama. I work full time and my soaps are my escape. I love to read and the soaps have always been like a never ending novel. Please ABC give the rights back to Agnes Nixon, quit holding our soaps hostage to your own greed. The only time I have ABC on, oh wait , never, I watch General Hospital on SoapNet.

    • Dave Sutton

      Unforch, SoapNet is ALSO owned by ABC/Disney. AND they’re planning on doing away with it soon, too . . .

  • christopher

    bring back our soaps with some miracle abc and reap the rewards of 43 years of great entertainment,cancel the chew and revolution,show the fans of all those years some respect!!!!!!

  • Dee Duran

    We live in Reality everyday! We are tired of Reality. We don’t want to watch the Reality/talk bullshit. You’ve seen success and copied our soaps to prime time. Now your holding our Daytime Soaps as hostage! Give them back to the American audience, We can not be bought with cheap talk. No Soaps, No ABC audience!

  • http://mediainsights Denise Bryden

    Fellow Soap Viewers, have you written your letters to Mr. Paul Lee, President, ABC Entertainment Group, 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521? Put your anger and frustration to effective use and request ABC release the rights to Agnes Nixon so someone who sees the value in these shows can continue production. Explain that you can get information from the internet, want entertainment, and that we will re-train ourselves to watch other programs on other networks and cable, if our needs as viewers are not met. Brian Frons must have received his MBA from a correspondence school.

    Boycott ABC, ABC Family, Disney, and ESPN. I used my remote to delete the channels in my area that carry this programming. Write to the sponsors who are buying air time during this time slot and tell them that you will boycott their products. Once the sponsors realize that the “viewers have left the building” they will pull advertising. Advertising=$$$millions in revenue. ABC does not respect our wants, but they will respond to loss of revenue.

  • http://mediainsights Denise Bryden

    Ha! Did you see the ratings for the debut of The Revolution? A pitiful 1.9 (with massive pre-debut advertising). OLTL’s ratings were 2.4/6 without advertising. Keep your television sets turned off, or on another channel, during The Revolution and The Chew.

  • Karen Pipp

    Well, what did The ABC Disney people think was going to happen. For those who don’t care for soaps its their business not to watch. But why try brain washing us people into thinking what they want us to think.? Is IRENE behind all this? If I want to watch talk shows all day. I’d watch them but I’m not. I don’t understand why they think a dumb talk show is going to make it. They last maybe 10 years. Okay Oprah had a 25 but that can not compare to the dedication that soap fans have had for 43 years. We do not sit in the home at 1 pm 2 pm or even 3 pm. Yes women of today work. But with the creation of Video Tapes, DVR and TiVo we have learned to be patient, and we actually learned how to operate these products so there fore we TAPE them you dumb bunnies. Oprah said that no one is watching the shows in the day time. NO REALLY? Well Oprah I taped you too. I liked watching a relazing show at my time when the kids are sleeping and I have quiet time. Bring back our AMC/OLTL this is stupid. I find it insulting that you put on tv another weight loss, feel better show then just before that you throw in a show that we see people sitting at a table wiping their faces to food. I got tired of Biggest Loser and Food Channel has their own network, put the Chew on there for those who wish to watch it. and you have the STYLE channel to have the revolution. Why don’t you just put our soaps on the SOAP NET channel. Ratings. Are you kidding. Place them all on the Soap Net Channel and the channel will boom. I found it really stupid to take us dedicated viewers and throw us to the curb. I have gone to Super Soap Weekends in Florida and in case you 6 digit executives did not go you missed a sight. A sea of people who spent hundreds of dollars to go to the Disney Park, Buy Disney Food, Rented a stay at a Disney Hotel. Bought memorabilia in your Disney Park to celebrate our day in Disney with our stars and this is how you pay us back and say your not making enough money to cover the costs? Then we will pay for Soap Net another Disney Company. Walt and Roy Disney would be ashamed of you all. Do not touch our shows. We want to watch our Days, B &B, OLTL, and GH . Give us back our Show, we are stronger than you think.

  • paula

    I am so tired of being told to lose weight, fix my hair, scupt my eyebrows, where clothes that flatter your shape, don’t eat or drink this or that, put makeup on to look younger, how to find a man, go for a makeover, and that other shit. I like me…… can’t I have a little frivolous soap opera to take my mind off my everyday problems? You guys are a bunch of idiots…let’s face it, you guys are a bunch of money hungry self-centered people. Glad you are not my neighbors.

  • Chris E.

    I used to watch GMA but stopped when it was announced that All My Children was being cancelled. I missed Regis’ last show because I stopped watching ABC. I miss watching some of the shows that I used to…my tv had been tuned into ABC almost 100% of the time. Now, well, I find other networks. It was a very sad day last Friday. ABC is eliminating a genre that fills a need for a lot of people. I will watch GH. I will watch the soaps on the other networks. ABC is not on at my house. Disney channel(s) are not on at my house. I will not support anything Disney. The Spew and the Revoltion will never be seen at my house. ABC can and should do the right thing. Give Agnes Dixon her rights back so she can go to another network that really cares about their viewers.

  • V Rose

    First time I walked into mom’s and the tv was off. We have watched both soaps for as long as I can remember. We will not watch The Chew or Revolution.

  • WiseMocha

    1.9 rating? I’m surprised it wasn’t a lot lower. I’m sick about OLTL being cancelled, but unfortunately, ABC may not care about the lower ratings in the 1pm/2pm time slot as long as they feel they are saving on production costs. The only way to get ABC’s attention is to boycott ALL of their programming, day and night, with the exception of GH, and to generate negative publicity for them by continuing to voice all thoughts and feelings about losing the soaps. Now, if the Revulsion had gotten a 0.9 rating, then that would be a different story.

  • Traz

    I am sick of talk shows. These soaps survived for decades & you cancel them for another talk show. Won’t be watching The Chew or Revolution. I will throw a movie in the Bluray/DVD player first.

  • http://mediainsights Denise Bryden

    Stay in the soap cancellation loop. Join one or more of these Facebook groups: SWAN: Standing with Agnes Nixon, Boycott ABC Across America, I Would Pay a Network/Cable/Satellite Provider to Save My Soaps.

  • kerryg

    hey abc i guess this proves cheaper is not better, what a genious idea t get rid of a show that was on 4 43 yrs and had an avg of 2.5 mill viewers what good isa cheaper program if no one is watching. 2 hrs of crap tv is not what im looking for, you would think your netoworkds would want loyal viewers behind your programs but instead we will wathc other networks where thier are shows that we want to see, i would say good luckk but that would be a lie i hope your new shows fail misrably.

  • Cathy

    Most of the OLTL veiwers have been watching for years. We obviously love the fact that in the afternoon we can sit down and watch a good story. We are slapped with reality from the time we get up in the morning when the news is on. Then the Today show, CNBC, MSNBC , the talk, the veiw, even Dr Phill all morning long. That short period in the afternoon before the kids get home or the husband. After we’ve cleaned, did laundry and took care of the bills, before we have to start cooking dinner and doing homework, we want to escape the reality of life for awhile. What don’t you seem to understand about that? REALLY?

  • Dawn

    Goodbye ABC

  • Lynne

    It makes no darn sense to have cancelled the best soap opera’s ever and put these lousy shows on, well I hope the sink and go belly flop!!!!!!!!!

  • JJ

    The fallout from the soap fans will spill over into every area of ABC programming. They’ve taken decades of loyal viewership and dismissed the viewers as if they didn’t exist. Well, now they don’t. Does anyone even notice when one of the zillion talk shows is cancelled? Cancelling AMC and OLTL was just a boneheaded move, sure hope somebody at ABC will have the guts and common sense to admit it and fix it. Better late than never.

  • rebecca

    A former fan of AMC and OLTL here who wants to chime in that I will NOT be watching The Chew or The Revolution.

  • John oliver
  • Barbara Amaral

    I have so much angst in me at the loss of my beloved soap operas One Life to Live and All My Children! I absolutely refuse to watch the replacement shows, The Chew aka The Phew and Revolution aka Revulsion! I will continue to watch General Hospital as I have done from the beginning, but unless ABC/Disney returns the rights for All My Children and One Life To Live to their creator, Agnes Nixon I will Boycott ABC and Disney and their sponsors! You have angered a lot of Soap Opera fans and in the process, have lost a lot of viewers!

  • Lisa

    I will NEVER watch any replacement show ABC puts on in the time slot of AMC or OLTL!! TV is filled with reality TV & talk shows & it’s getting out of control. Now they go and take off shows that have 40+ years of followers & actually say this is what we want?? Thanks for thinking for us but the ratings will show ABC just how WRONG they were!

  • Lisa Nolan

    ABC – Always Bet on Cancellations! I am very disgusted with the decision to cancel my shows! ABC has taken away my stress relief. I used to keep the channel on ABC for over 20 years now, day and night. But no more ABC for me. I will watch anything else. To All My Children and One Life to Live – you will be missed greatly and I will mourn your loss for the rest of my life.

  • Diane W.

    I want to say that replacing All My Children and One life to Life with talk shows is a mistake. I will NEVER watch anything on daytime television unless they bring back the soaps. I hope the soap opera television watchers do not cave in and watch the shows that replaced them. I hope these shows crash and like I said bring back the soaps.

  • Gail

    I will never watch the Chew nor the Revolution!! It just seems like there is too much talk, talk, talk on daytime now. I miss my soaps! Getting rid of my favorite soaps and replacing them with these two horrible shows has just about killed any desire I have for all reality shows. By turning off ABC during the day, I won’t have to see those disgusting political advertisements either. I hope ABC daytime crashes and burns.

  • Dotty

    Give us back our stories one way or another. I have not watched the spew from day one and will not watch the revolting revolution. I need my “escape” from daily reality and neither one of those two shows are going to cut it. How long is it going to take before you realized you made a mistake? BRING THEM BACK ASAP

  • Diane D.

    I hope and Pray that this new Show keeps getting bad Ratings and goes under. I hope they get message and cancel that stupid Katie Couric show before it even begins next fall. And Bring back the soaps!! Especially One Life to Live. They Did a HORRIBLE thing canceling an American Pop Culture Icons Like One Life to Live and All My Children. And until they Realize what they did. And bring back our Beloved soaps. I hope their ratings continue to drop!!

  • Mary

    Let’s see, oh yeah, it’s Tuesday and The Revolution came on Monday. I am still watching the last two and half taped episodes of OLTL. I’ve cruised the news, health, and beauty hints on AOL / The Huffington Post. Why tape a TV show that is the same fodder as on the Internet? Last week I saw a cardiologist and a urologist. My doc has me scheduled for more blood tests in a couple of months to see if the prescibed meds and diet are helping to lower my trigycerides and bad cholesteral levels. I have docs out the ying yang, why would I want to waste time watching them on daytime TV? My son is a personal trainer that works at Results Fitness up near Capitol Hill. His stories are better than anything ABC can come up with. I have absolutely no need to watch another boring talk show on ABC. I like the same kind of drama and excitement that I find in novels. Reality TV, game shows, and talk shows are not my idea of fun entertainment. Taking our 5 cats out on the hunt in the woods would be more productive than watching a bunch of so-called specialists try to convince a female-viewing audience that they should all be lumped into one big lot. ABC is rather clueless about women. Ty Pennington? What in hell are they thinking? Seriously! Other than taping General Hospital, our TV will probably stay tuned to CNN unless I get hooked on some reruns of good drama on USA.

  • Joe

    The cheap is always expensive. Talking heads ARE a much cheaper production than daytime dramas, but the loss of the viewing audience is an expensive loss. Dumb move and fiscally irresponsible.

  • Viola St. C

    I have no interest in another reality show and I certainly don’t need anyone on ABC telling me how to improve myself – they have done the opposite for their own network by cancelling All My Children and One Life To Live despite a huge and loyal following. The plans to drop General Hospital will put the final nail to the coffin that was ABC daytime.

  • RMC

    ABC Killed my families that I have watched for 37 years my TV is now tuned into NBC CBS or FOX I will not support a network that took away the people I grew up with that after 43 years ran strong in ratings that gave me an escape from reality. WE GET so much reality crammed down our throats daytime and night time on ABC. I hope the failure of your new shows get crammed down your throat. Perhaps we should see sports removed from network or some of the crap like wipe out (really how is this show even still around) perhaps its the mindless humans that cant appreciate what it means to enter the world of fantasy. Im so over watching stupid stuff like 25 woman fighting over one man or vice versa. I was watching the View but since they removed AMC I have boycotted watching that as well. The mere fact that ABC plans on holding the rights to these soaps hostage from the creator Agnes Nixon is proof that they are greedy. Dont want to bring back our soaps ABC give up rights back to the woman who created them.

  • kat

    Well, good. Glad to hear The Revulsion had a weak start. May it continue!! I’ve watched soaps for years and years, and OLTL was by far one of the very best – if not the best. A fun mix of daytime drama and humor. Very well written and brilliantly acted. Even my hubby watched with me. We are both angry with ABC for making such a STUPID decision. Bring back OLTL and our daily escape to Llanview.

  • Donna Speckman

    I for one will be watching ABC less and less. Big mistake cancelling OLTL. I say bring it back. It would be a win win situation for both ABC and soap fans.

  • Julia

    I have about as much interest in watching paint dry as i do the revolution. At this point the paint would win. ABC’s daytime line up has gone from must see to must skip. With the exception of General Hospital my TV will be tuned elsewhere.

  • marcberman

    I will keep everyone posted with the updated overnights for The Revolution every day this week.

    • Cherie

      no one cars dude, it can bomb quickly in my opinion

  • slj730

    ABC yet again does not understand the demand in daytime is for soap operas, nor do they care to listen when fans tried to tell them that the cancellation was a bad idea. One Life to Live has been on fire for years, in particular 2011, yet it is cancelled for “another” talk show. It is not unique. OLTL was unique. OLTL was a quality show. Entertainment is what the vast majority of viewers, which are also consumers, want. I hope the advertisers during this show notice that the viewers are declining in masses compared to when OLTL was on air.

  • S. Becerra

    I will not ever watch this show or “The Chew”. ABC made a big mistake to it’s loyal followers. I have now set my DVR to record anything but ABC shows.

  • Lisa

    I will never watch anything that replaced My stories. I hope your show Tanks everyday. I wish upon this show FAILURE as well as ABC

  • joanna

    I could care less about The Revolution but stop lying. OLTL has not had a 2.3 weekly rating for years. Why do you folks in the media keep lying about this stuff? To keep soap fans coming to your website? I read the ratings at SON

  • theresa

    I will never watch The Revolution! We don’t need any more self help shows. Are we really that broken that we need all these celebrity types to fix us!!!!

  • Chrisann D

    So proud of all the soap fans making these ratings happen!

  • http://ABC Kelsie

    I am so happy to hear that the Revolution’s ratings were bad, and that the Chew’s will soon follow. I noticed the same thing when I would change the channel for OLTL & the Chew was still on, giving them a rating for 1 min. really ticked me off. Then I got wised and waited the extra min. to change to ABC. What a void this past Monday at 2:00 PM, EST and not able to see the soap opera which I loved for yrs. I will not watch anything in the 1-3 time slot unless ABC brings back our soaps. I hope beyond hope that these shows bomb and any other “health” or talk shows they put on.
    I started watching Y&R and TB&B and shut the tv off at 2:00.

    You really did it this time ABC. kelsie

  • Chrisann D

    OLTL had heart,humor, a great loyal fanbase, and actors and storylines that captivated us for years. Who didn’t love Mitch Lawerance being escorted to hell! Viki and Dorian fighting but we all knew there was love there. Bo and Nora dancing down the isle.. Wow and now ABC spent tons of money promoting and telling us we need to be better. I think they are getting the message that there is nothing like a abandoned soap fan. KEEP UP THE BOYCOTTING ABC! Our time is money and who will want to pay preimium advertising dollars on ABC when few are watching? Money talks BS walks so Chew and Revolution take a walk!

  • Nancy

    ABC has grossly miscalculated what their daytime audience will watch. Until the executives rectify this situation, I will ONLY be watching GH on ABC! Our household will no longer be watching ABC, ABC Family (Pretty Little Liars), the Disney Channel and ESPN. I will Google what products are being advertised during ABC’s 1PM – 3PM EST time slot & I WILL be boycotting them. The only way to fight back effectively is to pressure their advertisers to stop buying commercial time during these new programs. Bring back AMC, OLTL, & keep GH!

  • http://soapers francesca songhurst

    I would like to take this time to say I would not wath the spew or the revolusion if it was the only thing on tv right now hell with abc and disney for taking our soaps away I will boycott them for life

  • Jen

    i have dropped ABC, won’t watch anything on it at all. was interested in “the river” but i wont watch that either. i hope the “replacements” continue to flop. “the doctors” gave us all the information we needed. we don’t need 3 different shows saying the same things. there are plenty of these resources online and there are books for that as well. i only turned my tv on for OLTL then back off afterwards now it doesnt get turned on at all. i feel as if ABC murdered half of my family, my grandmother passed at the end of december and in january OLTL died thanx a lot ABC. all there is on tv anymore is stupid reality shows and talk shows. just totally disgusted with ABC as far as i’m concerned ABC has been cancelled!!!!!

  • p”””od

    Bring Back one Life o Live it is ridiculous, that they have to put more talk shows on the air… We are talked out…i just switched to CBS daytime drama… I want to escape for 2 hours a day…One Life To Live and All my Children that I watched since I was Little, started with my Grandma and Mom…I am now 43 and My 21 yr old and 19 yr old both watched after they came home from college and work. So I am now fast forwarding to learn 2 new soaps…will not watch ABC…until they come to there senses… I am in mourning over my beloved Soaps

  • http://ABC TANISHA


  • Sarah

    OMG! Will someone PLEASE bring back OLTL…I’m already in withdrawls! I am 32 and have watched this show since I was 5, needless to say it is(or was) a big part of my life! I absolutely REFUSE to watch anything else they put on ABC at that time! I didn’t really watch All My Children, but for the same reason, I haven’t and won’t watch ABC during that time slot either. Let’s make an uproar folks!!!!!

  • kim

    I watched by AMC and OLTL since they first came on the air. Since the cancellation of OLTL I have not and WILL not watch any ABC show..period. There were a couple I liked and always watched ABC news but now am boycotting that network.

  • Sharon

    Bring back OLTL,as I will not watch another talk show.The only talk show I do watch is Doctor Phil and we all know thats another network, so CBS if you want viewers , listen up we want our soap back

  • Sonny

    How they go down in flames!

  • Juanita

    take the chew and revulsion and can them right in the trash where they belong have no intention of watching them furthermore i no longer watch abc except for GH and when that is no longer on will not watch their network for any reason

  • HERB T


  • HERB T


  • Sheila Williams

    I say yes to canceling OLTL The show may have picked up the ratings once they announced the show was being canceled, but up until then, the s/l were terrible, they got rid of the talented actors for too many newbies and they disrespected the viewers especially, the Minorities, the Gay, Lesbian and Latin/Spanish communities around the country. These groups are the majority of the viewers that supported the show, yet they were the ones, overlooked and least s/l written for. Well we see where it got them, lower ratings over all for the past few years and lost viewers by the millions, so maybe these network and the people they have running these shows will take notice the next time, they want minorities to support their shows. I guess Anges Nixon game didn’t work this time like it did when she used Ellen Holly on OLTL to draw in the AA community, then only gave her the minimum wages on her contract, while paying Ericka S. (Vickie) atleast a Million dollars for her contract. So I stopped supporting OLTL and will not support any ABC shows, they gave the AA community their rear end to kiss, now it’s time to kiss ours.

  • Natalie

    My TV will continue to be turned off from 1pm – 3pm. I will NEVER watch The Chew or The Revolution. We OLTL fans need to continue to boycott these shows and send a strong message to the execs at ABC. Bring Back Our Soaps!!!

  • Lori Lofaro

    Bring OLTL back on air!!!!! I was devastated and cried when I watched the final episode!! I’ve been watching for 30 years now from watching with my Mom when I was little to DVR when I was older and had to go to school, college and work. This show always let me relax when I would come home from a hard day at work and would just take me away. You can’t cancel a show like that when it’s still alive and getting lots of viewers!! You have to let a show die out first…. And OLTL will probaby never die out because it always kept people coming back for more!!! Not toooo smart….

  • Cherie

    I am really glad the Revolution is not getting good ratings. And NO OLTL should NOT have been cancelled. Neither should have AMC. In this day of busy people, everyone working, and DVR’s there really should be a better way of rating TV shows. I don’t watch ANY shows in real time, except the news. Ratings should include people who record the shows to watch later, which seems to be many of us. Why should we have to sit through another stupid talk show? Is this world all coming down to talk shows and reality TV? I like watching the soaps and will not stop campaigning for them to return to ABC or somewhere else. ABC hasn’t had hardly any decent shows on at night in years. Why don’t they start listening to the viewers instead of the ratings? ABC really sucks and I refuse to watch it most times. I have a few nighttime shows I like on ABC but when those are cancelled, probably when they are at their best, unless ABC returns my soaps I will never watch ABC/Disney TV again.

  • Nicki

    AMC went off the air so I quit watching ABC news. Then I weaned myself off of every other ABC program except OLTL but when that finished up on Friday the 13th. I blocked ABC & DISNEY on the television sets at my house. Bring back my stories and I will welcome back at my place again.

  • Lisa Fehn

    Awesome………….Stupid show I have boycotted ABC all together….Big mistake cancelling OLTL………One of the best soaps out there…………….It had great stories, ABC wake up bring it back and do not cancel GH Katie Couric show really it will also fail. Not watching your channel and i know tens of thousands that have boycotted………………………..Real smart move.

  • Elena

    Good for ABC, I hope all your new shows crash and burn. The Spew and The Revolution! We don’t need it. Why a show that makes us eat followed by a show that tells us we are too fat. We need a place to escape our realities and that was our Soaps. They should give Agnes back the rights to her stories. ABC just ignored all of it’s viewers and it will cost them in the long run. During the day I make sure I watch the other networks and I encourage everyone I know to do the same. We just switch back for GH. Bring the soaps back and undo your terrible mistake ABC.

  • Kathy

    I want the soaps back! These cheap shows are ridiculous! I knew the numbers would drop for the chew when OLTL went off the air. Guess what is going to happen when GH goes off the air?

  • Chrisann D

    I went on this website called tvbythe numbers. It is a site that shows ratings. There was a post on there that said that we need to ACCEPT the fact that soaps have run their course. He also said we should be GRATEFUL that ABC “LET” us have our soaps for 43+ years. We should be grateful???? It is us viewers that made ABC # one in daytime for alot of years. The executives got rich off the sponsers we supported. I am sure they were still making money off AMC and OLTL just not as much as they wanted. ABC is greedy! They own the soapnet along with Disney and ESPN. I would love to watch Soapnet as they are showing older shows of AMC and OLTL but I will not give them a minute of my time or a penny of my spending dollars. Ok not true I will watch GH but will make sure I wait 40 seconds into the show so I don’t give The Revolution any help in the ratings. ABC, money talks BS walks…..So Revolution and Chew start walking.

  • Katrina

    Words can not express how pissed off i am…. Just know ABC/Disney, you no longer have my support and i have started venturing off the path i have followed for so long. I am starting to see that there are some other good shows out there that are NOT on your network. I have even banned the Disney Channel for my children… Soon you will see, just how dedicated we are to our Soaps… and i hope by then its not too late for you. If you were smart, you will bring back the shows we love so dear…

  • Beverly

    It has been said that ABC canceled the soaps because they were to expensive to produce. The news shows are suppose to be cheaper – but you will never convince me that the cost for the new talk show with Katie Couric will come cheap.
    ABC showed what it thought of daytime viewers by promoting the new shows during the soaps they were replacing.

  • Donna

    I stopped watching ABC from 1 to 2 pm when AMC was cancelled. Stopped watching ABC from 2 to 3pm when OLTL was cancelled. Will only watch ABC from 3 to 4pm as long as GH is still on. I will never be watching The Chew or The Revolution to boycott ABC. CBS soaps and The Talk will have my viewership from here on. Totally agree with everyone on our outrage of the cancellations.

  • Penny S.

    I totally agree with everyone. What a HUGE mistake they made by canceling the soaps. What can we do to bring them back? I wish someone had an answer. I’ve taped and watched these soaps forever. I would look forward to watching these programs. It took me out of my world for a while. Got my mind off my problems. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK…..

  • Cindy

    I tivod and watched daily! My tv also used to stay on abc …. But now I have no reason. Count me in…. Im boycotting abc for sure during the 1200-2 pm time slot and quite possibly altogether ! Give Agnes the rights so we can watch put shows somehow someway!!

  • Lori Arbogast

    I TOTALLY AGREE >>> BOYCOTT ABC Network and fight to keep OLTL and AMC on air . Also, release the rights back to Agnes Nixion. I have been boycotting ABC when AMC when off the air. I caught how “The Chew” went right up to 2:00 pm before OLTL came on. I think we still nee to keep up the” fight”. Put them on the spot…we have a gobal network to work our cause!

  • Julie

    I am so upset that ABC/Disney wrongfully felt that soaps are no longer relevant. I cannot, and will not, watch any show that replaces my favorite show(s). In fact, I will not watch any show on ABC or Disney, nor purchase any of their sponsors products. If they are not going to air the shows, then rights need to be returned to their creator.

  • NotHappyWithABCtv

    Hi fans, … Have a look at this link, regarding all our favorite soaps news. … … …. …. …. To quickly summarize what the linked site says about the soaps we love … You may as well stop begging ABC to return our soaps … All or most of the actors have moved-on to other jobs already, back in November 2011, when the last episode of OLTL was recorded. … So, the hopes of having ABC bring back any of the actors for AMC and OLTL are not possible any longer. … It’s REALLY over people. … Nothing is going to save our soaps. !!! :-( … … … Posting here, now, is worthless! … … :-(

  • Debs W

    Those of us who were loyal AMC and OLTL viewers refer to the hours between 1-3pm on ABC as, “The Dead Zone!” I predict The Chew and The Revolution will be cancelled before the summer due to plummeting ratings.

  • Thea Sheridan

    Sorry ABC/Disney but this isn’t a situation where you can force ANYone to watch ANYthing they don’t want to. How about REtraining yourselves into being a company where what the PEOPLE want counts more that how fat your wallets are. Walt understood that, and I’ll bet you dimes to donuts he’s doing cartwheels in his grave right now. Shame on you ABC/Disney. Shame on your greed. Shame on your ‘Big Brother’ attitude. WE ARE NOT SHEEP. We will NOT jump off the cliff just because you think… THINK we can be trained to do so. — Thanks to your stupidity I no longer watch ANYthing on ABC other than General Hospital. Not GMA. Not World News now. Not one talk show/Doctor show/game show/nighttime drama.. I won’t even watch my local news program. You really blew it ABC/Disney.

  • Kathy

    If ABC ran The Chew into One Life to Live’s time slot in order to boost ratings, what makes us think that they won’t do the same with The Revolution. I think all the fans who are watching General Hospital should make a point not to tune in to GH until at least two or three minutes after it is supposed to begin so that The Revolution will not have a ratings boost from the GH fans.

  • marion

    They need to give back the rights of
    OLTL and AMC to its creator, Agnes Nixon so she can find a home for these shows. The CHEW and REVOLUTION are a JOKE, and wont last
    4 months let alone 43 YEARS.

  • Sherry

    These two new shows are a joke. Watched bits and pieces of each one so far, and all I can say is The Chew makes me want to throw up, and The Revolution is good for crap. All the same BS. People spewing off at the mouth, trying to act cute and funny, and in turn they are just making soap fans like us miss our beloved stories even more. My tv now goes off between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm central time, and comes back on at 2:00 pm for General Hospital. ABC you suck big time. You should go crawling with your tail between your legs and beg all the wonderful actors, crew, writers, etc. of the two magnificent soap operas you removed to come back.

  • Linda

    I will not watch the revolution. We do not need another talk show. One Life to Live should not have been cancelled. It was doing well. Just bring it back. ABC can do that. Plus the man who cancelled is leaving the network. You have so many people missing it just do the right thing for the people.

  • Sheila

    I never heard anything about the arrival of The Revolution and happened upon it accidentally. I am so glad I did. I love the new show as well as The Chew. Bravo ABC. I think I would throw my TV away if another “reality” show had aired. Thank you so much. Please keep these shows, I truly enjoy both.

  • Sheila

    I never heard anything about the arrival of The Revolution and happened upon it accidentally. I am so glad I did. I love the new show as well as The Chew. Bravo ABC. I think I would throw my TV away if another “reality” show had aired. Thank you so much. Please keep these shows, I truly enjoy both.

  • Chrisann D

    Well now that the Revolution keeps sinking ABC should be worried. Please everyone keep coming back here and posting. You have to know someone at ABC is looking. They are waiting for us to forget and just accept it. Please be persistant. Post Post Post EVERY DAY. Go to other sites and even if you just say goodbye ABC and sign it OLTL fan….or GH fan///or AMC fan. They will know.

  • Lynn

    I passed the ranting and raving of total disbelief I initially felt when ABC/Disney originally cancelled the soaps sometime back. I just don’t watch ABC daytime any longer except for General Hospital. The Revolution and The Chew are just recycled version of the junk that has inundated our airwaves. Cheap shows with cheap content. Possibly the fact that I was dedicated 5 days a week for 30 plus years to only one channel during daytime TV was a bit nuts but ABC has cured me of that bad habit.

  • http://tvmediainsights pam black

    these 2 stupid shows, chew and revolution are the silliest concepts ever. anyone who was involved in this fiasco should get a pink slip now….get lost abc…..

  • sharon zimmerman

    will boycott ABC until they realize the idtiotic mistake the made by cancelling AMC and OLTl. Does 40 plus years of loyalty from fans count for nothing??!!!

    To say I am upset by the cancellation of these shows is an understatement. They have been part of my life and I even got my daughters watching. They were not just soap operas, but a huge piece of Americana transferred from generation to generation. And it has been destroyed. Thanks, ABC.
    this may mean nothing to you, but it was part of a bond that moms created with their kids, and it was fun! You took that from us.
    I will NEVER watch the replacement shows, and I hope you realize many people feel the same way. Perhaps you will come to your senses (or read the comments AND ratings), and bring us back our Pine Valley/Llanview families!!

  • LF

    I do not watch soaps or daytime tv, because it is usually mindless drivel. Well today I watched a few minutes of the Revolution – the worst show ever. It all seemed so scripted, fake, and confusing. Even the audience seemed fake like an infomercial audience. So many hosts awkardly sitting and standing around – I felt so uncomfortable watching this show. And why was Ty Pennington there in every shot- he did not seem to have a role, other than to take up space smile and wring his hands; very starange. Will not watch again. It will definitely be cancelled.

  • Angele

    My New Year Resolution is not to watch the show “RESOLUTION’
    Bring back OLTL

  • DJ

    I am completely boycotting ABC except for local 1/2 hr news and Judge Judy. The local news in on for an hour but I am only giving them half. Other than that, no ABC. I loved OLTL.

  • Maureen

    I was an AVID ABC fan, always believing and preferring all shows on ABC, wipeout, whatever.. it didn’t matter what was on 2 or 5, seriously, just preferred channel 7 — well,… that has certainly changed…
    I have turned off the daytime tv… use to watch from oprah to gh.. into the evening… that is no longer… I watch GH on soapnet and will watch anything BUT ABC… those execs should be fired….horrible decision making and I hope you “chew” on that…. good riddance… (bring back our AMC and OLTL) and I’ll consider turning your channel back on. until then… nada

  • angie

    Bring back All My Children and One Life Too Live!!!!!

  • Robin Humphrey

    I love Ty Pennington and I am sorry he signed on to a sinking ship. I would have watched any show he went to under different circumstances, but not in place of a show, OLTL, that I have watched since the Karen Wolack days. I have watched AMC since Phil Brent left for the Vietnam War. ABC/Disney what were you thinking. Where is your loyalty to your viewers. I am hurt and bitter. I will NEVER watch anything you put in the time slots of my soaps. You might not be loyal… But I am.

  • Patty

    ABC certainly made a huge mistake cancelling these 2 great shows. I still cannot believe how they show their thanks for decades of loyal watching? Now it is our turn to show ABC that we have no use for them anymore, by not watching their station. Bring back our soaps!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    I agree with all the comments made in regards to ABC’s mistake cancelling two major soaps for two B— Sh– talk shows. As it is I’ve already stopped watching alot of show on that network because you’ve been doing that alot. Taking off shows that people want to watch that is. I purposely punch in the digit on my remote control to skip by channel 7 between 12pm-2pm to avoid your new talk shows. Bring back AMC and OLTL and all will be forgiven.

  • Marie

    Maybe ABC will now realize that people still want to watch soaps and not all of these ridiculous talk shows they keep coming out with. They should’ve kept OLTL and I hope the shows flop and they realize they made a mistake. Never to late to revive OLTL they kind of left it open anyways…..

  • debbiecone

    I hope The Revolution fails and quickly. I hope the ratings remain flat. I hope ABC realizes what they have done. I also hope that The CHEW fails. Look at the advertising ABC is missing out on. MONEY TALKS when our voices will not be heard by ABC (A BUNCH of CROOKS).

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  • wallcrys

    My hubby used to watch the chew, but he said it was like watching the food network. So now he doesn’t watch it. I’m so glad. I have never warched the Revaluation and have no desire to. I hope every show they put in those time slots never ever make it. And if they put Katie on that will never make it either. ABC must be really stupid, if a show has lasted 30+ years it is your anchor to the daytime slots.

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