Jobs that cannot be Automated Completely

We see the technology been used widely in everything we do today. Machines, laptops, mobile phones, there is a big list of devices and applications we use every day to perform various activities. The technology is proving to be very helpful but there are some negatives to it as well. People are sometimes misusing these technologies to scam others, like the various automated trading robots available in the market. Not all of them are working as expected, check the Gatesway review to understand why this system cannot be trusted and how it has failed to provide expected returns. Luckily there are still some jobs that cannot be automated completely, check the list below.

1) Teaching: The education system has benefited a lot from the technology advancement, but still we need someone to teach us the basics. We need teachers to provide us instructions, guidelines, answer our questions, and test our skills. We find many online tutoring options, but still, there is someone who makes these videos online for us. Teaching is one job that cannot be completely automated as it needs human interactions.

2) Creative Jobs: Technology is definitely helping the creative jobs with its modern tools, but it needs someone to put their ideas and creativity in it. Technology can analyze complex patterns and algorithms, but it still hasn’t yet advanced to create custom logos or writing literature on its own.

3) Counselors and Social Workers: We all face difficult times every now and then, sometimes we are not able to overcome these difficulties on our own and need some help. We need someone to understand our emotions and help us through it. The machines are totally helpless here as they cannot understand human emotions, we need other humans who can listen to our problems and guide us, like the counselors and the social workers.

4) Lawyers: Being a lawyer requires you to understand your client’s emotions and dispute on their behalf to get justice. Imagine yourself stuck in a legal hassle and having a robot or a machine to defend you. It doesn’t sound right, does it? You need a human being who understands all the complex emotions, laws and regulations involved and try his best to get you out of this situation.

5) Doctors and healthcare workers: Doctors and nurses are the persons who take care of us when we are not physically fit. Though they make use of various modern tools for fast and safe recoveries, we still need someone who can analyze our health situation by talking to us instead of feeding data to a machine.