Bruce Jenner ’20/20′ Interview Rises to Over 20-Million Viewers

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Including three days of DVR playback, ABC’s “20/20: Bruce Jenner – The Interview” on Friday, April 24 gained an additional 3.6 million viewers, pushing its tally to 20.7 million total viewers. Results based on Live + Same Day was 17.1 million. In addition, this edition of “20/20” picked up an additional 1.6 rating points among adults 18-49 in the L+3 numbers to deliver a 6.8 (from a 5.2 in L+SD) and 1.7 rating points among adults 25-54 to post an 8.3 (from a 6.5 in L+SD).

Comparably, Friday’s “20/20” now stands as television’s highest-ever rated newsmagazine telecast among adults 18-49 (6.8) and adults 25-54 (8.3) in the L+3 numbers. Note: Nielsen began reporting Live +3 Day playback numbers in January 2007.