Saturday Final Nationals: Heisman Trophy Presentation Declines by Double-Digits Year-to-Year

The truth about binary options

The first thing you need to realize is that HBSwiss is the real deal. The Internet is full of stories that binary options trade is a hoax and that people have lost all their money. This is only partly true because they have lost all their money, but it is not a hoax. The reason why they have lost all their money is that they were stubborn and they didn’t follow certain rules, or they didn’t read the articles that were provided. The same thing goes for video material. They thought it was enough and they didn’t even look at their texts which explain the simple rules that everyone should follow if they want to succeed in their binary options trading. The only problem is that some of them thought that they could outsmart the system or bypass it. In the end, they lost all their money.

It is not a hoax

And of course, when they lost all their money, they started to yell that it is a scam and that these programs will take all your money. This is not true. In the beginning however, everyone loses some amount of money. It is a normal thing since you don’t have any experience in this job. The most important thing in this job is an experience. When you gain enough of that, you will be unstoppable. The most important thing is that binary options trading is a gamble of some sort, so it is important for you to understand that everything could change in a minute. Your experience will tell you when to back down and when to push forward. Experience is key, and the only thing that can backfire is the fact that if you are too greedy, you could end up losing everything.


A binary options trading is the most profitable business in today’s world. If you want to earn quick and easy money, you should choose this option because it will offer the best possible experience with the best possible earnings. Just follow the rules and remember to take it slow. You may lose a couple of times but be patient. Soon enough, you will understand how these things work, and soon, you will be up and running. So keep calm and make your way to the top. The important thing is that you can earn a lot of money if you know when to strike.

For the entire week of December 8-14, 2014 in Total Day (8 p.m. to 5:59 a.m.), Adult Swim is up 1 percent in total viewership (1.167 million vs. 1.158 million) and up 1 percent among Adults 18-49 (650,000 vs. 642,000) from one week earlier; the network is also down 3 percent in total viewership (1.167 million vs. 1.198 million) and down 3 percent among Adults 18-49 (650,000 vs. 670,000) from the same week one year ago (December 9-15, 2013). (

Net    Time Dur  Program                  HH              A1849   (000)
ADSM   8:00  30  SIT DOWN, SHUT UP        0.4             0.1        625
ADSM   8:30  30  KING OF THE HILL         0.5             0.2        692
ADSM   9:00  30  KING OF THE HILL         0.6             0.4        854
ADSM   9:30  30  AMERICAN DAD             0.7             0.4      1,089
ADSM  10:00  30  THE BOONDOCKS            0.5             0.3        787
ADSM  10:30  30  BLACK DYNAMITE           0.5             0.3        760
ADSM  11:00  30  FAMILY GUY (R)           0.8             0.5      1,202


                                                          A1849    Viewers  A1849
Net   Time Dur  Program                    HH               rtg     (000)   (000)
ADSM 11:30  30  ATTACK ON TITAN            0.6              0.3       873     428
ADSM 12:00a 90  HELLSING ULTIMATE          0.4              0.2       591     289
ADSM 1:30a 150  FULLMETAL/STAR OF MILOS    0.4              0.2       469     210
ADSM  4:00a 30  FULLMETAL: BROTHERHOOD     0.3              0.2       452     213
ADSM  4:30a 30  GHOST IN SHELL: 2ND GIG    0.3              0.2       485     204
ADSM  5:00a 30  BIG O/AN                   0.3              0.2       504     206
ADSM  5:30a 30  SAMURAI JACK               0.4              0.2       542     266

Source: Nielsen Media Research