Thursday Final Nationals: Fox Still Prevails with ‘American Idol’

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Despite a diluted “American Idol“, Fox earned its second consecutive Thursday night victory among total viewers and almost all key demographics.

CBS’s “Mom” held up well as it led out of a “Big Bang Theory” rerun.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015
ABC PROGRAM HH/SHR VWRS(000) A18-34 A18-49 A25-54
8:00 The Taste 2.2/4 3281 0.5/2 0.9/3 1.2/3
10:00 How to Get Away with Murder (r) 1.8/3 2621 0.5/2 0.7/2 0.9/3
CBS PROGRAM HH/SHR VWRS(000) A18-34 A18-49 A25-54
8:00 Big Bang Theory (r) 7.3/12 12104 1.6/7 2.5/8 3.8/11
8:31 Mom 6.5/10 10844 1.3/5 2.4/8 3.6/10
9:01 Two and a Half Men 5.9/10 9375 1.1/4 2.1/6 3.1/8
9:30 The McCarthys 4.4/7 6955 0.7/3 1.5/5 2.2/6
10:00 Elementary 5.2/9 8090 0.7/3 1.3/4 2.0/6
NBC PROGRAM HH/SHR VWRS(000) A18-34 A18-49 A25-54
8:00 The Biggest Loser 2.8/5 4228 0.6/3 1.1/4 1.5/4
9:00 Bad Judge 1.8/3 2713 0.4/1 0.7/2 0.9/2
9:30 A to Z 1.2/2 1725 0.3/1 0.5/2 0.6/2
10:00 Parenthood 2.8/5 4117 0.8/3 1.2/4 1.4/4
FOX PROGRAM HH/SHR VWRS(000) A18-34 A18-49 A25-54
8:00 American Idol XIV 6.2/10 10422 1.7/7 2.6/8 3.4/9
CW PROGRAM HH/SHR VWRS(000) A18-34 A18-49 A25-54
8:00 World Dog Awards 1.3/2 1968 0.4/1 0.5/1 0.5/1
UNI PROGRAM HH/SHR VWRS(000) A18-34 A18-49 A25-54
7:00 La Gata 1.3/2 2500 0.9/4
8:00 Mi Corazon es Tuyo 1.9/3 3670 1.4/5
8:59 Hasta el Fin del Mundo 1.8/3 3493 1.4/4
9:59 La Malquerida 1.8/3 3445 1.4/5

Source: Nielsen Media Research